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Here's a Wild Arms tip from a kind patron to our humble site:

"1. you must have all three characters
2. you must have one of the itme you want 255 of.
3. get into battle, have rudy use a heal berry.
4. have jack switch heal berry with the item you want 255 of, then defend with him and cecilia.
5. next round have rudy do the same.
6. you will notice that the iteem you wanted is missing and you still have the same amount of heal berries, this is good.
7. have jack put the heal berries back where they were when the battle started.
8. jack and cecilia defend.
9. next round check items and you will have 255 of the itme wanted.
10. win the battle and enjoy!
this glitch works great on apples, flowers, and hard to get duplicators. but be carefull, if you get another of the item while you have 255, you will loose all of that item.

Q: In Chrono Trigger, how do you use those special accessories that enable tripple tecniques? I equiped one with all the members that could equip it in my party, and nothing happened. Also, where are all of these found?

AK: You can find the locations in the Chrono Trigger FAQs. Each rock works with only one specific party combination, so you have to make sure that the person wearing it is accompanied by the proper teammates.

Q: Greetings, AK. Had a few questions I've been dying to ask you.
1. I was looking through an old Gamefan, and it mentioned that Square was working on a shooting game called Xauvier or something like that. Did that become Einhander, or did Square drop it altogether?
2. I bought the 4-pack of figures last week. Just for fun, I compared the import Aerith I already had to the Aeris that came in the pack. The American figures and weapons are made out of a softer plastic, which means their arms don't come out as easily (^^) but the weapons bend, not good for the staff. The American figures are also missing some of the detail painting: Aeris' hairbow materia, Tifa's glove materia and hairband, and Barret's tatoo! I know recently they released the same 4-pack in Japan; I wonder if they're of a slightly lesser quality than the originals. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that they're over here, I'm just wondering if this is something they did with just the Americans. What do you think? (At least you save money this way; $25 for the 4-pack as opposed to $80 for the imports!)
3. Are you going to be covering Vandal Hearts on the page?
4. Who do you think is going to win the World Series this year? (I know you're hoping the Rangers as much as I'm hoping the Orioles. ^_^)
There was one more question, too, but I can't remember it now. Oh, well, maybe I'll send it along later.
Seeya, AK!

AK: Heya Ciara/Kate, been a while!
1. Yeah, Xauzer was once known as Einhander. From one weird name to another...
2. Hrms. I know someone else who has said the same thing. The details thing is maddening, I have no idea why they would take it out, other than to slightly reduce the price of production. The plastic quality I don't know about either way... but the price is right on the American version ;)
3. Maybe... if so, it's a bit down on the priority list.
4. The Rangers, by all means! They just won 20-4 tonight, over the White Sox (hahaha any White Sox fans out there! We're still teaching Ventura who's boss!) Take it easy Kate!

Q: I was looking threw my NGE tapes and I noticed on 0:2 that there was a little family tree type thing with some (maybe 1 but I think more) taken up by the word Sephiroth. Is that where they got the word (not the actual box, I mean the bible or whatever it is from)? and what is Sephiroth.

AK: No one can explain it better than our old friend, Andrew Vestal. Find out the meaning of Sephiroth.

Q: In the credits of Final Fantasy VII it said something like " Music From Joseph Hayden's The Creation" What is the origen of The Creation and what track is it on the CD?

AK: Hayden's The Creation was Nobuo Uematsu's inspiration for One Winged Angel.

Q: You're at a Spice Girls concert. You have a gun with four bullets. What do you do?

AK: Hey Bart, how's it going man? Anyway, I'd shoot the people that kidnapped me and carried me to the Spice Girls concert, because there's no other way on Earth I'd be at one. (Nothing personal to any Spice Power fans out there.)

Q: Is there any way I can stop my waffles from sticking to the waffle iron?
Barrie Sutcliffe

AK: I believe the temperature setting on the waffle iron is a big factor. If you set the iron temperature on a somewhat lower temperature than usual but let it cook longer, I've found that they tend to stick less. Hope this helps in making some good breakfasts!

Q: Hellow my name is vinny and i have traveled millions of miles see the wise and wonderful AK anywhoo...i have a question that has been puzzling me!!! ok why is it that you need a liscence to buy beer and other alcoholic beverages if you are not suposed to drink and drive...if you think about it..if a person has no licence then he cant drink and drive..drink and walk maybe run and drink maybe...even drink and pedal...but not drink and am i just being stupid or do i make any sence?
thanx alot wise one!

AK: No need to travel so much bud, I'm just an email away! Anyway, the driver's liscence is just for identification for age verification when buying alcohol. All states also offer just a "Identification card" that anyone can get, regardless of whether or not you can drive. Stores accept that too. If you're interested, you can get one at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (call them first to find out what you need to take with you, such as proof of social security and a birth certificate).

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