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The people spoke, thus I ran the URL of Gamemusic. Many people do not recommend them, however, because the CDs they sell are "SM", which generally have inferior packaging. apparently sells the NTT Publishing versions. I'm not recommending one site or the other, or those two over any other store, they're just two that people have recommended to me. If you know of other stores that sell import stuff, mail me their URL or address/phone number if they're not on the web, so we can update the merchandise links section.

PHS: Party Hensei System. Hensei means organization or formation.

Q: Why does Leg Aim work on ghosts and bombs in FF Tactics; they don't have legs?

AK: My guess is that they start laughing at your stupid attempt to stop them from moving and laugh so hard their stomachs hurt and they can't move.

Q: Why were the various "SaGa" games for the Game Boy renamed Final Fantasy Legend in the US? Was there any reason other than "stick the Final Fantasy name on and it will sell more"?

AK: Good question. As far as I know, yes, that's the only reason. Just like Mystic Quest got "Final Fantasy" tacked onto its title.

Q: I saw a previous post mentioning this topic, and it came back into my mind that I had never really found out what is true: WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE 1/35 SOLDIERS? I read somewhere that if you get all 12 then you can display them in the villa. However, either that isn't true or there is something extra I have to do that I haven't done.

AK: You can't display them at the villa. You can, however, use them in Condor Mountain battles.

Q: How do you get the 1/32 Soldier Doll at the Battle Arena??? All I got was Tissue.

AK: Speed Circle, Speed Circle. I said arena, because I'm stupid and I wasn't thinking right. Speed Circle.

Q: Maybe I'm sounding rude, and I certainly don't intend to, but why aren't you answering my questions? I've sent you maybe about 5 Q&AKs in the past few days, and I haven't gotten a reply yet. I'll understand if you are too busy working on the page, but I really need to get that information on submitting files. Else I won't be sending in the fan fiction I am working on.
All in all, I really like this page. I didn't think you could extensively cover every RPG, yet I already see it beginning to happen. Congratulations to you and all the fine members of the RPGamer staff. For the second time, I really like that logo.
And without further ado, some questions.
1) Is it true that AK is a roomy with Andrew Vestal? Or am I crazy?
2) Any intention of covering Earthbound?
3) Are you sure Kain's last name is Highwind? Where did this name come from? Is he supposed to be related with Cid Highwind? Do all the FF4 characters have last names? Is so, what are they?
4) Why is it that, in FF7, people refer to each other by first names? Calling the second president of Shinra "President Rufus" would be like saying "President Bill."
5) Am I taking advantage of Q&AK by asking so many pointless questions?

AK: Depending on what's going on, I'll get between 100 and 200 questions per day, and since I only run a handful, there are a lot that aren't going to get posted. I reply to as many as I can personally, but some just get replies just in the interest of time. Also, when things get busy, I'll get a few days behind in the mail, so it might take a few days to get a reply (if any at all). We're going to cover as many console-style RPGs as possibile. But wait, what about PC-style RPGs, you ask? Well, IGN has recently signed on another affiliate that covers those quite well, so we won't try to duplicate their work. Check out The Vault Network.
1) Vestal and I are school buds from way back, before most of yall had heard of this thing called the Internet. But we're currently split apart, while Vestal's at Stanford and I'm hangin out here in Dallas.
2) Probably at some point.
3) Yup, the names come from official Square documents. I'll have a full list compiled ASAP (actually, a friend of mine is doing it). Kain and Cid are unrelated.
4) Probably the simplicity factor.
5) Yes. Look at all the space you've taken!!

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