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Clarification on how to get FF music:
Many people have written in strongly recommending to get FF imported CDs, so, based on their recommendations, try Gamemusic to get some CDs. Again, we don't sponsor them, or them us, just got some recommendations.

Clarification on the orchestrated tracks on Final Fantasy Reunion Trax, from Zachary Knoles:
"Also, most people think there are three arranged tracks on Final Fantasy VII Reunion Tracks, but there are really four! There is a secret "zero" track that exists before the first one. To hear it, simply start playing the first track and rewind (by holding down the "previous" button). It's quite a surprise, and I'll leave it up to you whether or not to say what song the track is (give people more of an incentive to go buy it!)."
   For the record, we're not here to sell records... so the bonus track is One Winged Angel, but without the vocals.

Clarification on getting Huge materia and Bahamut Zero:
You can excavate many hard to get items, including these, from excavations in Bone Village.

To get Aeris' Level 4 limit break early on in the game:
1) Take thy fun buggy to costa del sol... get on the ship.
2) Go north... there should be a cave, in it is a guy who is ussually asleep. He'll wake up if the last two numbers of the number of battles you've fought are the same (i.e. 233 or 344 battles) he will periodically tell you how many battles you have. Once he wakes up he should give you Mithril or lightning ring.
3) Take the ring to the fellow who told you about the keystone (gongaga area), give him the mithril and he will let you open the 'small' or 'large' chest. Open the small one (at the top of the balcony, it's a safe) to get great gospil.
4)Have fun

Q: In Final Fantasy Tactics, I can't seem to enter Nevalska Temple, It is on the screen, and I have Worker 8, but when I go on it, It just does nothing...and what is a ten letter word for Q&AK

AK: Be sure you've done all the various requirements to get Cloud, such as buy Aeris' flower, etc. Check one of the various "how to get Cloud" guides we have. And a ten letter word for Q&AK... realspiffy?

Q: I've heard that there are seven Shadow dreams in FFVI, altogether. I can only find five. Are there two others? And, if so, does finding them affect the game in any way? Thank you.

AK: Just five, I believe. I've heard that if you get all 7, he stays alive in the ending... but that's just a rumor, I don't think it's legit. Five is all I could ever find...

Q: A few quick questions: 1) What does PHS mean?
2) How heavy do you think Cloud's sword is?
3) Why is that irritating Windows key so damn close to Alt and Ctrl?

AK: 1) Your guess is as good as mine, the game never specifies. Party honing signal? Party homing system? Particularly hopeless system?
2) Hrms.. 20 pounds?
3) Just to piss you off. And me. And everyone.

Q: I have noticed, a very disturbing trend with your surveys. In almost all of them, either FF7, or a FF7 character gets the most votes. Now myself as a FF follower who imports like crazy and has played through almost all the FF's, finds this disgusting. People shouldn't praise FF7 so much, because it wasn't the greatest FF; Don't make it out to be people! Try playing the classics, FF4j, or 6j. Now those are classics. Do you have any comments on this AK?

AK: Everyone has their opinion, and many people's is that FFVII is the best FF yet. My opinion doesn't jive, but everyone has their tastes. Also, FFVII was the most widely played FF, thus naturally it's going to be more peoples' favorite. But to each his own! Peace.

Q: 1) What happened to those message boards you promised us?
2) What do I need to do to import Japanese PSX games, like Xenogear?
3) Why don't you update the Rumors section someday. It's starting to get outdated.

AK: 1) Boards may or may not come back. We haven't decided.
2) You need a mod chip installed into your PSX or else it'll get mad at you.
3) We did update part of it the other day... we just update it as we go, when we feel stuff needs changing.

Q: Got a few questions for ya: 1.) What's your favorite FF game? (I like FFT)
2.) Which song from FF is your fav? (The Credit music from FFT)
3.) Any non-RPG games you like? (Beside Castlevania:SOTN)
4.) And do you want eggs and bacon, eggs-bacon and span, spam-eggs-sausage and spam, spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-baked beans and spam, or Lobster thruvedore ecrivets with a light bourgeonaise sauce on the side and spam? (I'll have the spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-spam-baked beans and spam; hold the baked beans)

AK: 1.) My favorite has to be the classic Final Fantasy II (IV Japan).
2.) Definetely the "main theme," often referred to as the "Prologue" or "Bridge Theme." 3.) I'm a big fan of the multiplayer fun in most any game, including Super Bomberman 2 (SNES), Super Puzzle Fighter (PSX). 4.) I'll have a burger, thanks...

Q: I've been playing RPGs since Dragon Warrior first came out on the NES here. I have conquered every RPG I have ever seriously attempted, with only one exception.
I am not a bad gamer. I am simply mystified by this one fact. For some reason or another, no matter how hard I try, I cannot beat Final Fantasy I. Why not? Do many other people have this problem? Thank you for your time.

AK: FF1 is a different type of strategy than other FFs. First off, you simply have to spend a lot of time simply going around looking for enemies to kill to get level ups. Next, your weapon and armor choice is VITAL. Be sure to always try to equip fire swords for ice areas, and vice versa, etc.

Q: Okay, here's my question: Why are apartments called apartments when they are connected?
- Aximili, AKA Vegita, Schala, and Salculd

AK: Because each unit is a separate home for a separate, or apart, family.

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