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To quote our secret Japanese scholar: "Also, you may want to reword your answer about the Japanese name. See, the direct Japanese transcription is "Aerisu," and Square's official products all romanize it as Aerith. It was simply their choice, just as they chose to romanize "Sefirosu" as Sephiroth. They could have as easily used Sephiros, Sefiroth, etc."

Q: Which system has the most RPG's available for it in Japan. I'd say the Super Famicom, but I've heard a lot of people say PC Engine (Japanese Turbo Grafix 16). Which one of us is right? Luke Drelick

AK: I would put my wager on the Super Famicom, but that's just a guess. Does anyone out there have any statistics on this?

Q: There's several things I want to know about Kain from FF2(FF4j).
1. What's his last name?
2. What is his age?
3. Where exactly does he live(I pretty sure I know this, but I want to make sure)
4. I also need one of his good quotes from FF2(FF4j)

AK: 1. Highwind (popular last name, eh?)
2. Not specified.
3. Baron Castle.
4. My personal favorite: "Cecil... Rosa... Forgive my absence. I must strengthen myself to be a true Dragoon before going back. Until then..."

HOW DO YOU USE THESE COSES?????????????????????


Q: I received the FF VII sound track. It's some of the best music I've ever heard on a CD. The thing is, people think that I'm strange for buying it. This comes from the same people who've spent hundreds on movie sound tracks. Why?

AK: It's all in the remaining social stigma often associated with video games (in case you haven't noticed, there's still a lingering perception that people that like video games are dorks or nerds). Spending not only time and money on the games but spending more time and more money on the music would be an accentuation on the perception.

Q: Okay, at this point, I thought about continuing this email until I reached a total of 42 smilies. This wouldn't be hard for me, since nothing I type is ever serious, and usually ends in a smilie. Then I saw I had only 7 as yet and instead decided to write until 4:15, but pay more attention to the movie, in order to shorten this message :) (smilie #8 , 4:03)
Adam Biffle

AK: Adam my man, for the sake of not clogging up the entire Internet's bandwith, I could't put up your entire letter. So I chose my personal favorite part, which had to be this paragraph. I recommend a good hobby. Stamp collecting is very relaxing I understand. Makes you sleepy.

Q:I was wondering if RPGamer has any plans to start doing full reviews of games as they are released. I had been a longtime fan of, and had always hoped they would start reviewing games, but never did. Is this going to change? anyway?

AK: This comes up from time to time, and as of yet we still haven't decided whether or not to put up reviews. There's a good argument for both sides.

Q: hmmm, how come it is only possible to get Aeris' LVL4 Limit break (Great Gospel) until after she dies. You can only get it (as far as i know) from the Weapon Seller near Gongaga. In exchange for a piece of mythril, you can open a box. The small one upstairs contains the item for her to learn Great Gospel. You can only get a piece of mythril from the Sleeping Old Man near Junon, who you can only get to using the Highwind or on a special choco, which in turn needs the Highwind to be bread. As you only get the highwind on disc 2, after Aeris dies, i was led to believe rumors about "Aeris Revival". Unfortunately, i have read an FAQ which confirms this is impossible. All I can say is hrmmmmm.......

AK: You can get to the weapon seller with the buggy. Sorry, you just can't bring Aeris back ;)

Q: Why do they sterilize lethal injection needles?

AK: If anything goes wrong during the execution process (and it has happened before), the goevernment can get in trouble for negligence if the prisoner gets an infection after surviving the injection. Or something like that. Maybe.

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