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I think I'll start making a Q&AK section and a corrections from yesterday's Q&AK, or something. Anyway, it appears that you can't display the sets at the house in Costa del Sol, but another report says you can use them at Condor Mountain. Anyone able to confirm this? (You can two dolls from Junon and any number more from the battle arena).

For those of you wondering which songs Nobuo Uematsu did for Chrono Trigger, we've got a list, courtesy of an alert leader.

"Nobuo composed the following songs:
Silent Light (track 17)
Mystery of the Past (track2)
People who threw away the will to live (track 4)
Bike Chase (track8)
Underground Sewer (track16)
Primitive Mountain (18)
Burn (21)
Tyran Castle (2)
Sealed Door (7)
He also arranged several songs that the other guy (Noriko Matsueda) composed. (one actually--disk one, track 18, "Boss Battle")"

Q: Squaresoft sucks for not developing games for the 64 or even at least for the dd. I will never play another square game again

AK: Now now, let's not be bitter. Remember, it's not the system, it's game. Square decided they could make better games on CD (Playstation) than on cartridge (Square), so they moved to the Playstation. If you were the hot dog business, and you could make better hot dogs on a grill than boiled, would you keep boiling them just because you had boiled them for years, even though your hot dog cooking specialists said that grilled tasted a lot better?

Q:Um, and one last thing, why do people always have to sit around and complain about senseless things? Such as, the translation of FFT. Sure Moogle is spelled "Mogri" when the incantation comes up, and Lich is written as Rich, but other than that, it's a darn fine script. Okay, okay, "I had a good feeling!" is cheesy, but that's not the translators' faults. In fact, FFVII wasn't that poorly translated either, just people love to nit-pick, and whine. Sheesh, why don't we use our energies for something more creative and useful?
Oh well, I guess that it's human nature to complain. Still, sometimes it's just silly and juvenile.

AK: I agree, Mogri/Moogle or Lich/Rich isn't that big a deal. But when they pile up, they can be annoying, and don't look very professional. There's a much bigger aspect to the translation thing, and for an example I'll go into a bit of an FFVII spoiler...

FFVII Spoiler warning

OKay, who all was surprised when Cait Sith suddenly announced he was Reeve? In the Japanese version of the game, it wasn't that a big of a surprise. Why? Because in the Japanese version, the script manipulated his speech patterns. Reeve used a Japanese "hick" accent of sorts, and Cait Sith used polite Japanese. At various times during his stay with your party, however, Cait Sith would slip into his more natural dialect, giving the gamer a clue that he was Reeve.
This was entirely lost in the translation.

Q: This'll probably be relegated to the 'useless trivia' section, but anyway: Where can you meet a T Rex in Final Fantasy 1? I only ask because, discounting Warmech and the fiends, it gives out the most experience points, and I was anoyed that I couldn't find any.

AK: The Mirage Desert, same place as the other dinosaurs. Unfortunately, they're very rare.

Q: Why do garbage men pick up the garbage at 5:00 AM?

AK: I'm no expert on the garbage industry, but my bet is to make sure they can get to all the houses by the end of the afternoon. There's a lot of trashy people in a city. I've seen that big magical garbage truck tooling around town as late as 5:30 P.M.

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