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Q: Hey I gotta FF7 question, right now Ięm in the Northern Crater, but I didnęt get the W-Item materia when I was Underneath Midgar. My question is, can I get that materia now or I must restart the game to get it? other question, where can I get the Contain materia? another question, I didnęt saved the huge materia in the rocket, so, can I get Bahamut Zero without it? if I canęt, what is the code for disabling the rocket security sistem?

AK: Yup, you're outta luck this time through. The code for the security is: O, S, X, X.

Q:What happens if you don't beat the game with Locke. Without Locke, there won't be a Locke and Celes ending, and it would probably different, cause it would be Celes alone, but I can't beat Kefka and Pals without Ultima or that sword thing-a-ma-jiggy. So can one of the paranoid people who visit and make your site answer this? -zebracow

AK: Mini spoiler warning: this is a mini-spoiler on an "alternate" FF3 ending. What happens if you don't get Locke is that Setzer will save Celes instead (since you have to get Setzer, it's not an option). Celes will reminisce about Locke's bandana.

Q: 1) Where can I order, purchase, etc. Final Fantasy music in Canada? I got Final Fantasy Tactics a month or two ago and - wow! Never before have I heard as great of music!
2) In FFT, how does Square expect us to beat the Engineer guy of the Shrine Knights in Death City? I've tried everything, but those dang Hydras kill me off way too quickly!

AK: 1) The same places the rest of us do... Japanese import stores. There are many on the west coast of the U.S. that do mail order.
2) I personally found that battle to be the toughest in the game, much harder than Velius. I got through it with major help from T.G. Cid and his ranged attacks. First things first, get rid of the chemist, so they can't cure anymore. I then very methodically killed each of the hydras one by one, making sure everyone stayed very cured (I had 2 lancers and a ninja, each using an X-Potion almost every round). Another strategy that didn't work for me, but has worked for some, is to just get to Balk as fast as possible. Try using a lot of ninjas, they have a large walking range.

Q: I'm planning on buying this, but I have some questions before that.
a) Is it worth $25.00, + delivery to Sweden?
b) Are only FF Intro, Aeris and OWA orchestrated? Are the other OSV then?
c) Is FF:Symphonic Suite impossible to get, not that it's not printed anymore? What songs are on it?

AK: a) I, personally, just my opinion, would say yes.
b) The FFVII Overworld theme (the song I couldn't remember for whatever reason, I think it's a lack of some vitamin or something), Aeris, and One Winged Angel are orchestrated. The rest are OSV.
c) I'm not sure about the availablity of FF:SS... I would check with as many stores as possible. I got my copy 2 years ago, I believe, so it's been a while. It has songs from Final Fantasy I and II, orhcestrated, including a beautiful rendition of the main Final Fantasy theme and other songs.

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