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I've again had very little time to work on Q&AK today, but I'll try to get to the question that everyone seems to be asking: "Should I get SaGa Frontier?"

The answer depends on the style of game you like. I'm at a very early stage of the game, but it appears the plot is solid, and if not up to usual Square standards, it is close to them. The main deciding factor for this game is the type of RPGing you, as a gamer, prefer.

If you prefer a very tightly-knit storyline where you go from specific quest to specific quest, SaGa probably is not the game for you. Breath of Fire III would probably be more your style.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to adventure and explore for secrets while advancing the plot as you go, then you will probably enjoy SaGa. There are times where you're basically free to do whatever you want and go wherever you want, even very early on in a quest. I'm currently wandering around aimlessly looking for something, I don't remember what, and I think I'm in the wrong place. But I'm not sure.

And now, I have a question for someone out there that's had some more time to play SaGa. What is the purpose of the "System data" save file? Also, is it my imagination or is it every time I want to switch to another character without finishing the first character I was working on, I have to use up another two save slots?

On another subject, I apparently biffed up on the 1/12 soldier bit. There are indeed 12 soldiers, each on a 1/35 scale, not a 1/12 scale (As several people pointed out, a 1/12 scale would be a large doll). One person also reported that if you get all 12, they can be put on display at Costa del Sol.

Speaking of biffing up, I also messed up in saying that Nobuo Uematsu did not work on the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. He did indeed do two songs, which two I cannot recall (even though I think one of them is the five second long "go to sleep in an inn" theme). Most of the soundtrack was done by another artist, however.

Okay! Enough corrections! Let's try to answer some more questions, but correctly this time. Maybe I should start working on this while I'm not half asleep...

Q: I know that the Final Fantasy Music had been played by Orchestras, but where might I find a CD that had only Final Fantasy VII composed music?

AK: Square hasn't released one, I'm afraid. Final Fantasy Reunion Trax has three orchestrated songs: a beautiful rendition of Aerith's theme, One Winged Angel, and another song that just isn't coming to mind right now. I'm sure I'll get a flood of email of people reminding me what it is though (that's a hint: mail me and remind me)!

Q: How come you never show who wrote a certain letter? Is it because we don't put it? My friend doesn't believe that I sent in that question about the black box. So I'll put my name here.
Dean Macaoile

AK: I usually just copy and paste the message into Notepad, leaving out anything that looks like a signature file, because I figure that it might have been put there by accident and the person doesn't want their real name posted. If it is signed, I'll usually leave it in, unless I just goof. But anyway, here you go Dean!

Below is an FFVII spoiler. Most of you know this, but just in case (yes, it's THE FFVII spoiler).

Q: Q # 1: Is there really any way to bring Aeris back in the USA version of FF7 or is that just a myth? I think it's a myth but I would like to know if you or any one you know has done it.
Q # 2: why does sour cream have an expireation date on it what will it do, go good?

AK: # 1: Total myth. Aeris is dead in the U.S. and Japanese version.
# 2: After the expiration date, eating sour cream is a bad idea (not that I enjoy eating it in the first place) in that it has a very good chance of making you sick. Not only that, the taste gets even worse, believe it or not.

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