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This is gonna be a short Q&AK, because I'm trying to have a life and get through SaGa Frontier. The questions have begun to come in for SF, and I'll get to as many as I can as soon as possible.

Q: I've heard that in FFVIII, if you collect twelve of those 1/12 Soldiers, Sephoroth will join your party. Is this true?

AK: I'll assume you meant in FFVII, since FFVIII isn't out yet. The collecting 12 soldiers thing is a hoax someone thought of to be funny. It's not true. The 1/12 thing means that the soldier is a on a one to 12 scale, not that it's one peice out of 12.

Q: Do you have information on where I can get sheet music and/or scores to Square game music? I am very interested in Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 3 (6j) because of the contrasting styles.

AK: Square doesn't release sheet music. What you can try doing, however, is getting a MIDI editor that can display notes in a staff format, and study that. They're recreations of the music, not the real thing, though, so the accuracy varies. On another note, the Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger music should be pretty different... they were made by different composers.

Q: I've heard Final Fantasy 7 was based on a story written by Square, and I'm interested in if it's possible to order that book, and also if any other books are available from Square. Thank you for your time.

AK: Square has never gone into the book publishing business... FFVII's story is original and unique to the game.

Q: Is there any real information on FFVIII, or just rumors? Can you start a Facts and Rumors page on the site about FFVIII?

AK: Sure, I'll make a quick one right here.
Rumors: Lots that people make up
Facts: None
Square has been tight-lipped on FFVIII. Nothing at all is known about the game.

Q: If a black box is made out of indestructable stuff, why don't they make the whole airplane out of that material?

AK: It has something to do with physics are architecture or something scientific. The size, thickness, and amount of hollow space and the angles that it makes contact with other things keep in tact. Sorta like how an ant can survive a fall hundreds of times its size, while a human, who is carbon based, just like an ant, cannot survive a fall of the same proportion.

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