Fixing a green goof and the number 42 creeps up again  
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Yes, yes, yes, I goofed on the Samolen Greens question. One of probably many goofs I'll make. Sorry about that. I did research, I just researched in the wrong place! Anyway, you have to feed the chocobo mimett greens, not samolen greens. Sorry!

Q: Where are all eight dragons in FF3 at. I have found seven and I can't find the last one.

AK: Mt. Zozo, Phoenix Cave, Narshe, Fanatic's Tower, Ancient Castle, Opera House, and two in Kefka's Tower.

Q: Do you think there is any chance in Hades that Final Fantasy 8 will have Cloud and the gang in it? I couldn't bear to play with all new characters. Throw some new guys in, heck, if they must get rid of Cait Sith, Yuffie, Red, but if Cloud and Tifa aren't in FF8, then there's is no Santa Claus, and I will have lost all faith in mankind.

AK: I hate to say this, but there is no Santa Claus. Not only that odds are Cloud and the gang won't be back in FFVIII. Square has said in the past that each game in the Final Fantasy series stands alone; they don't like being limited by past games. Each one is its own work. If anything, Cloud might have a brief camao as in Final Fantasy Tactics.

Q: isn't the main character's name Ryu in BOF3?

AK: That's how I've seen it spelled in every FAQ... but Capcom's official page ( says "Ru"...

Q: You think braile on ATMs is weird? Dig this. In some states, legislation requires there to be braile numbers on signs near parking spaces in lots for government run buildings. Wait... they put these bumps near parking spaces so blind people can find their cars. Hmmm.... something doesn't fit... I figured out a possible rationale. one so weird that only a Puzzle RPG Fan could think it up, I'll EM the solution later, mean while, can you or any of your patrons come up with one?
P.S. No, the solution is not, repeat, NOT 42. Ok.

AK: My guess is so that blind people can find a car they rode in (not necessarily drove) and retrieve something from it.

Q: Why isn't RABITE on an endangered species list?

AK: It's because you guys reproduce like wild! We whack rabites for hour after hour in Secret of Mana and there's no shortage of you guys!

Q: Q: Do you find it a VERY eerie coincidence that FFVI won on last weeks poll by 42 points or what? I feel chills going up and down my spine.

AK: That is eerie. That is very eerie. I am spellbound.

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