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Q: Do you think Final Fantasy music is good enough for an orchestra to play?

AK: By all means yes! In fact, it's been done many times on the various soundtracks to Square games. If you can get a hold of them, I strongly recommend Final Fantasy 1987-1994 and Final Fantasy Symphonic Suite.

Q: Hey now for a real question. Isn't "Scream" Ramza's other hidden ability? How do you get it?

AK: Not really hidden... it pops up in your ability list for Squire in chapter 3, and you can get it with job points, like any other ability. Thanks to my secret staff of answer machines for providing brains for the answer to that one.

Q: Okay, this time, I have a real question. In Final Fantasy 7, when I talk to the white chocobos in Mideel, Cloud asks the chocobo if it wants "Samolen Greens". So I feed it "Samolen Greens", and get a Contain Materia. The next time, I don't have any greens for it. So later on, I come back, and somehow have Samolen Greens (i didn't get a materia this time, but still...). My question is, what are Samolen Greens, and why do I sometimes have them and sometimes not (even though they aren't in my item list)?
Roto Densetsu

AK: Samolen greens are nothing special, you can buy them or find them from enemies. The trick to the chocobo is to scratch him the right way. Thanks again to the secret answerer.

Q: What is this I hear about a NEW Playstation and how will it effect the upcoming Square games?

AK: The new Playstation is being made, but don't expect a release anytime soon. It might not even be released until the next millinium. Nothing was known about the system until today, though, when PSMonline reported a few details. No specifics as to disc speed, whether it will be DVD or CD ROM, etc.

Q: Here's another one of those wierd things. Why do you dirve on a parkway and park on a driveway?

AK: Parkways originally were always decorated with foliage and pretty trees, making them sort of like roads through parks. You drive onto driveways, and often drive through them to get to a garage.

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