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Q: Do you, personally, like the 'bland' gritty look of FF7 or the more traditional 'anime' look of the previous final fantasy games? (This isn't a 2d vs 3d argument. It's a hand drawn vs pre rendered still argument.)
- CyberThor

AK: Oh Cyber, you sure do present an argument evenly! But in all seriousness, I thought FFVII's graphics were superb, and as long as FFVIII doesn't have those darned cinderblock hands, I'll be a happy camper, graphics-wise.

Q: Is there any news on a Chrono Trigger 2, when Parasite Eve will be releases, or if Xenogears will ever come out in the U.S.?

AK: No word on Chrono Trigger 2 or if Xenogears is coming to our happy country, but Parasite Eve will be. It will be released in Japan next week, and I'd expect a 3rd quarter release for us.

Q: You know, there's tons of talk nowadays about global warming, pollution, loss of rain forests and stuff like that. Why haven't we learned? What's scary is this, think about it:
Mako energy abuse---->Global warming, pollution, rain forest logging
Shinra---->Logging companies, coal-burning industries
Users of Mako who take things for granted---->Us
The dudes at Cosmo Canyon, Avalanche---->Tree-huggers
Sephiroth---->Saddam Hussein
I ask again: Why haven't we learned?
(Twilight Zone Theme)

AK: Deep. Very deep. Those that don't know history are doomed to repeat it...
(It's the End of the World As We Know It.. hrms, maybe that's too happy a song... ah well, it rules anyway.)

Q: You mentioned that the best thing to do for Square games is "learn Japanese and import like a madman." I am a sophomore in highschool, and my school doesn't offer Japanese. Is there anyway I can learn off of the Internet or some other method? Also, what Alphabet and language do I need to know? Can you give me any other basic info on this? Thank you for your time.
-Garret Van Burace

AK: First of all, "highschool" should be two words. *whack whack*!! What do teachers these days teach you kids anyway?!
Anyway, learning Japanese is no easy task (I've tried). I don't know of any Internet sites... they're probably out there, though, just look around. Be wary of any promising "Learn Japanese in 21 Days!" or anything along those lines, as it's a very complex and very foreign language with no similarities to English. Most RPGs are written in a combination of katakana and kanji, so you can't take any shortcuts there. You might also want to look around your local library or bookstore for some books on learning Japanese.

Q: Do you think a Final Fantasy Tactics 2 would be created and released in the US. I am a big fan of Final Fantasy Tactics and I would like a sequel to it. I understand that you are not a Square staffman. I only ask for your thoughts about what you think would come of a sequel to FFT. Thanks.

AK: I personally loved FFT, and would love to see a sequel. It sold pretty well and many people enjoyed it, so I wouldn't be surprised to learn of a sequel or another game of the same style. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Q: If the 7-11 store is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the door?
PS: Why isn't "phonetic" spelled the way it sounds?

AK: No one says 7-11s have to be open all the time... the manager may decide to close it for a few hours under special circumstances or to hide from a riot situation (not that locks would help much then).
PS: Phonetic comes from the Greek word "phonein," which means to utter sound. That about explains it there.

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