Logo contest update, more rumors, and someone you wish were a mute character

Logo contest update! First off, we'd like to thank of all you for your contribrutions. We've all enjoyed looking at your creativity. We're now in the difficult decision making process, trying to choose just one to become the RPGamer logo. We'll keep you updated!

Q: 1) You wrote in Q&AK that it was rumoured that Seiken 4 was coming out for N64. Are there any rumours about it coming out for PSX?
2) Has it been decided whether FF8 and FF9 are coming out in the US?
3) You said FF8 and FF9 are coming out on 'Sony systems.' Do you mean PSX or just whatever Sony system is available at the time that the games are released?
4) Are there any speculations as to when FF8 and FF9 are being released?
5) Are you going to let the site's visitors vote for the new logo, or does someone at RPGamer get to decide?
-Colin Stewart
6) I'm not in the mood to ask you an idiotic question . . .

AK: 1) None that I've heard, but rumors are just that: rumors. Most never materialize.
2) Although there has been no official word on a U.S. release, it has been assumed by most due to hints Square has dropped that all games in the Final Fantasy series will be brought to the U.S., especially after FFVII's success.
3) FFVIII will be released for the Playstation. There's been no word on what specific system FFIX will be released for, but a popular theory is that it will be for Sony's next game system.
4) FFVIII is expected to be released in the 4th quarter of 1998 in Japan. No word on the U.S. relase, but 4 months after the Japanese release is a safe estimate.
5) The logo will be chosen by the RPGamer staff. It won't be a hastily made decision, however! There are simply too many logos to put it to a vote among all visitors.
6) Darn, I'm in the mood to give an idiotic answer.

Q: Is FF7 PC going to have rotten lo-res backgrounds? I think it would not be too hard to remaster them from the original master CG to 640x480 res . How about menus and fonts? will they look like rubbish? -Andrew Sund

AK: I will quote Randy Nelson of UGP Online, who saw the unveiling of FFVII for the PC at the Tokyo game Show:
"All text for the menus was anti-aliased. All explosions were amazingly smooth. The summoning attacks and limit breaks were nothing short of spectacular as the high resolution 16-bit color display brought Final Fantasy VII to life in the way it must have been intended."

Q: Hello. I would like to commend your site for posting the excellent Xenogears walkthrough and FAQ. Do you have any information on when the English translation of Xenogears will be coming out?

AK: Thanks for the commendation! Be sure to also thank the the authors of the walkthroughs and FAQs, as they put much more effort into it than we did. We just try to help get it to the public. Unfortunately, there is no word on when or even if Xenogears is coming to the U.S. Hopefully Square will make an announcement soon.

Q: If you know so much answer the puzzling question of all why do hotdogs come in packs of 8 and hotdog buns come in packs of 6. Or another question is what makes hotdogs plump when you cook them.
Tiny Dustin

AK: Tiny, keep in mind that the hotdogs and the bread are made by separate companies. My guess is that the bread companies want you to buy two packages of bread, rather than just one, to be able to accomodate all the hotdogs.

Q: I know what you're about to do. Don't close this email. I know the way you work. There is a bomb in your computer. If you go below 50mph--wait, that's not right. I mean, if you close the email, your computer will blow up. I can see what you're doing, so don't do it! And, just remember, I AM THE SMART ONE! I AM SMART! I AM SMART! S-M-R-T! Err, I mean, S-M-A-R-T! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

AK: Yes, yes, you're very smart. And so are those moths that insist on flying into the light...

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