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Q:Yo Drewskie K. Would you mind telling me why Sephiroth is a complete rip-off of Kefka. You know...the better and more convincing villian. Thank you.
-man in the yellow hat

AK: First off, yellow hats are ugly on you. Try a red one. Anyway, I personally don't think Sephiroth is a complete rip off of Kefka. I see the similarities, but I think they way in which they were developed and the way they were presented are quite different. Kefka was your classic insane leader out to "DESTROY DESTROY DESTROY!" while Sephiroth was a soldier who, under extreme circumstances, grew into a man trying to avenge his past. Kefka had no such motivating factors.

Q: Is there ever going to be a nother Secret of Mana in the U.S.

AK: You just never know. Seiken Denetsu 3 (the sequel to our Secret of Mana) hasn't made it to the U.S., and it seemed the sereis was meant to be a trilogy. Recent rumors have surfaced that Square is developing Seiken Denetsu 4 for the Nintendo 64, but they're only rumors at this point.

Q: Hey, KA. This isn't really a question, but what the hell. I figured out what Beoulve. You see, the problem is that it's actually an anagram that, when deciphered, spells out LOVE BUE, which is an obvious references to Gautama "Buey Buey C'mon" Buedda, the religious cult leader, now exiled from his home in Tibet.
   Roughly translated from the ancient Tibetan language, Ramza Beoulve roughly comes out as "This translation is crap". Strange, eh?
- Sebbie

AK: Whoa. That's deep. I obviously can come up with no other comment to further enlighten that piece of thinking.

Q: Oh almighty Andrew...where, exactly, DOES the missing sock go while your clothing is in the dryer?

AK: They complete disintegrate. You can find their remains, huge balls of lint, if you look in the lint trap of the dryer.

Q:Here's a question on FFT.
In chapter 4, I have learned every ability for Ramza's Squire job. However, it doesn't say master for the class. What's wrong?

AK: I'm staring at my game of Final Fantasy Tactics, and I too have learned every job for Ramza's Squire. Mine does say "Master!" however. Make sure you've learned every job, including those you can get to by hitting right on the control pad, not just the attack menu jobs.

Q: What is your name?
What is your quest?
What is your favorite color?
Bear in mind that if you answer these incorrectly, all the nuclear missiles im Montana will be targeted at Norway.
Og the Caveman

AK: My name is Andrew Kaufmann.
My quest is to find the Holy Grail and to cover RPGs.
My favorite color is blue.

Q:How do you stop the VCR from blinking 12:00?
Since Square is most likely going to become it's own publisher? Does this mean that they will be able to release things in America that they wouldn't have in previous years?

AK: To stop the VCR from blinking 12:00, do what I did and get a VCR that says "--:--". It doesn't blink it, either.
It's anyone's guess how it'll affect what games they release, but my personal guess is that it won't affect it greatly. There are usually secondary reasons behind a game not being released in America. Your best bet is still to just learn Japanese and import like a madman.

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