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Q: Hi there. I got a question that's been buggin me for a while. What was the purpose in Chrono Trigger to have Crono as a mute bum??

AK: The decision to make Crono "a mute bum" was a decision made by the creators. My favorite theory behind the decision is that the creators felt it would be neat to let Crono assume the personality of the player. Whether or not you individually liked the choice (and most people I talk to say they think it was incredibly stupid), it was.. unique, to say the least.

Q: I was just wondering what FF cds to by for ecah game I swear that every time I look up square has produced another cd with FF in it. Like what is the Final Fantasy Vocals collection. Or which FF7 cd can I buy that has both the remixed and the normal ver. of the songs I really do not want to buy 2 seaperate cd sets to have all the songs(especially at $70 dollars a piece).

AK: Yeah, Square usually produces at least one CD for each game. Generally, if it says "Original Sound Version", then you're getting an upfront recording of the video game music. Other CDs usually have remixes, orchestral versions, or something along those longs. For example, the FF Vocal Collections have Final Fantasy songs performed by Risa Ohki and an orchestra. FFVII OSV has every song from FFVII, while FF Reunion Trax has some songs, and three bonus songs by an orchestra.

Q:Now that you're not just covering Square games, can we submit fanfics about non-Square games? (specifically, Wild Arms)

AK: Yes! We still depend on you, the fans, for files. Wild Arms is good, we even cover it now. And for games that are RPGs (or even detably an RPG, like Zelda), go ahead and feel free to submit, and we'll add it when we add the game.

Q: Do you say RPGamer as R-P-Gamer or R-P-G-Gamer? Or, R-P-G-Amer?
john la rusic

AK: John, it's up to you as an individual. I personally say, "Arr Pee Gamer". If you, however, prefer "Arr Pee Gee Amer" or whatever, that's your choice, as long as you get the URL right!

Q:You say that a blind bank client can be pushed in a wheelchair to the braillized keys of a drive up ATM, yet, how would said blind person read the on-screen display, which repeatedly asks you to enter numbers and press the "Enter" key. Surely, they cannot memorize a complex set of queries which vary from ATM to ATM?

AK: Well, no one says they have to go to an ATM machine alone, Dave, you silly goose. They could have a friend read the instructions, and then push the buttons themselves. This way, the blind person would not have to tell the other person their account number, or other sensitive information.

Q: Isn't that also: "1 Andrew, 1 brain; 2 Andrews, 1/2 a brain; 3 Andrews, no brain at all?"

AK: Oh so droll Cody. We Andrews r veri intelijent.

Q: Where does Mr. Writgombler live? I would like to negotiate a treaty that says if he eats my pencils, I get to blow his brains out with a weapon of mass destruction, such as the "Armageddon"weapon for Dome Wars v.1.0.5.

AK: He lives in my closet. Don't bother trying to talk to him, he'll just drool on you.

Mr. Splat

AK: Warning: if you happen to know anyone named Mr. Splat, please keep your distance and call the authorities. He hasn't taken his medicine.

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