Math, music, names and disappearing writing utensils

As many of you reminded me, 6 times 9 is not 42. DUH! It's a nod to the Hitchikers' Guide to the Galaxy. Don't worry Brian, I won't be doing your taxes anytime soon (as he confessed to fretting about in email). As always, send your questions to

Q: Do you think importing the soundtrack of FF 7 worth it?

AK: The Final Fantasy VII soundtrack is very straight-forward. It's the music directly off the game, on four CDs. Each song loops twice. No suprises. Final Fantasy Reunion Trax, which is one CD, has select songs directly off the soundtrack yet the bonus three songs performed by an orchestra.

Q: What force of magic or unexplained phenomena draws people named 'Andrew' in to work with this site? Why not a much cooler name, like 'Jeremy?' -Jeremy B

AK: Jeremy, the reason is that Andrews simply have, on average, supreme intellegence, wit, and looks. That, and we blackmail more effectively (but that falls under the intellegence category). On a side note, I have a good friend named Jeremy. Hi Jeremy, if you're reading this!

Q: Forget Beouvle! How in the world do you pronounce Brian Maniscalco?

AK: To quote Brian himself, "If you think my last name is tough to pronounce, just be glad you don't know my middle name."

Q:Where do all my pens and pencils go? I have them one second, put it down, rifle through my binder, and when I look up, it's gone. This has caused me to lug around several pounds of pens and pancils in my backpack.
Bill the Mobile Pizza Chef

AK: Bill, what it comes down to is that some people are plagued by a monster known as the Writgombler. Mr. Writgombler (I'm trying to get on his good side) eats pens and pencils belonging to the unfortunates he stalks, such as you and I. I have found a solution to him, though: don't own any pens or pencils of your own. Just borrow them from classmates and friends and family members. He'll still eat the pens and pencils, but at least you won't be losing your own.

Q: Nevermind, I forgot what I was going to say. See ya.

AK: Thanks for letting me know that you've forgotten what you were going to say. Keep me updated on the situation. I'm getting excited just thinking about the many possibile questions or statements you have to share!

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