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Q: I think it would make a huge difference if the latest updates were on the *top* of the main page rather than the bottom. I keep thinking you haven't updated, but then I scroll down and see today's date. Please consider putting the new stuff on top. Thanks!

AK: Apparently our main page format has a few people confused, so I will try to ease upset minds and calm angry clickers. Basically, the main page is divided into sections: currently news, new files, make your voice heard, and contacting us. Each section will be present every day, regardless of whether or not it was updated. Each section also has a date on the right side of the title bar, and that date is the date that section was last updated. So, there might have been no news yesterday or Saturday, thus the news date remained 3.13.98, yet I updated Q&AK over the weekend, making the date for make your voice heard 3.15.98.

Q: I had a friend who sold his Chocobo Lure and needs another one. How does he get it?
Write back ASAP.

AK: 42. Oh wait, I can get a little more specific... talk to the guys on the chocobo farm, they have plenty of different lures to sell to your friend.

Q: Hey, call me a nitwit, will you!? I'll have to send some men in black to take care of you... Eh, anyway, are you archiving your Q&AK sections, 'cause I can't find them.... It might be kinda helpful, you may one day have some useful info that I might want to read (heh heh, just kidding).
Stephen Keller and the evil gnomes that live in his head

AK: Your gnomes in black don't scare me, bucko! As for Q&AK archiving, it will be a happening thing soonlike. Don't worry, we've kept each day's archived.

Q: Why do drive-up ATM's have Braille dots on the keypad? ;)

AK: I'm glad you asked that, Dave, as I have been pondering the Americans with Disabilities Act deeply of late. I don't believe that anywhere it was stated that drive-up ATMs have to be driven up to by an full sized 4 cylinder or more vehicle. A person could, for example, have a wheelchair pushed up to the ATM, and that person, if he or she were blind, could then withdraw money from their account.

Q: I thought 'because' was as the answer of 42. Since I'm on the subject of 42... if Deep Thought said the answer to the Ultimate Question to Life, the Universe, and Everything, how can we comprehend the answer without knowing the Ultimate Question to Life, the Universe, and Everything? Now, what is the Ultimate Question to Life, the Universe, and Everything? Don't answer this one with 42.
The Red Scare

AK: The Ultimate Question to Life, the Universe, and Everything is, "What do you get when you multiply six by nine?' Now bugger off before I hurl my "Q" at you.

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