No chocobo controversy, please

First off, a quick clarification. Yesterday, I said that Final Fantasy Pray had "a female vocalist," yet I failed to mention her name. The very talented lady is named Risa Ohki. As always, send your questions to

Q: I read in the Square FAQ on "how to pronounce Chocobo". I would like to learn the source for this information.

AK: This is a good question, one I actually had to research, much to my dismay. According to Japanese scholars, the katakana for chocobo in the Japanese games is "chi(yo)-ko-bo", with the "yo" being a "small yo". A "small yo" with a "chi" produces a "choh" sound, as in bow tie. That leaves us with the pronunciation of "CHOH ko bo".
On another note, is /-| pronounced the same as a normal, average joe "A"?

Q: Why is forty two the ultimate answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? Why not forty seven? Or 56???

AK: Because 42. Duh.

Q: What makes Andrew Kaufmann cry?

AK: Melted slurpees and missed layups.

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