No Beoulve consensus

Despite many emails, there was no consensus on how to pronounce Beoulve, the last name of Final Fantasy Tactics' main character. Everyone was quite sure that my guess of "Bwelve" was incredibly wrong. Oops. The two main vote getters were "Bay-oolv" and "Bay-oolv-vay". Many French speakers offerred either of the two, but could not agree on one or the other. Maybe some day, we'll find the TRUE killer... erm, pronounciation.

Q:Allright, I was a little unsure that you guys could pull off this whole "new site" thing, but I really like the way it looks. I think it's good that it got a facelift, it helps it distinguish itself from AV's old site, which RPGamer is not. Anyway, a few questions:
1. So, can we ask you questions regarding any RPG out there? How 'bout gameplay questions?
2. What happened to AV? He flip out and go on a killing spree, or what?
3. When are those message boards coming back?
4. You guys honestly consider Zelda an RPG? I mean, I'm a huge fan of the series, but the only one that was even close to being a true RPG was the 2nd (which was also the worst, if you don't count those horrid CD-I games).
5. What is the average air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? (Sorry, couldn't think of a 5th one, but I needed one to satisfy the law of 5's...)

AK: 1) Yes, feel free to. Unfortunately, my knowledge is very limited as my brain is lacking in those groove things that supposedly make you smart, so don't be surprised if I give a stupid answer or a "Um, I don't know."
2) Of course he didn't go on a killing spree, you nitwit. Not a recent one, anyway. Rumor has it he recently confessed to being on the grassy knoll, though, and we all know he's lived in Dallas... but if you want to hear HIS side of the story, check out his statement.
3) My magic 8 ball cannot answer that question at this time.
4) RPG is defined differently in everyone's eyes. I think we will be covering it, however, as it's defined as "an action RPG."
5) I don't know what you mean. An African or European one?

Q:What is Final Fantasy Pray? I've seen it mentioned a few times (such as on RPGamer/Square Net's MIDI Jukebox, in the song Wanderer of Time) but I have not heard of it otherwise.

AK: Final Fantasy Pray is a music CD released in Japan. It's done by an orchestra and a female vocalist. You can find it in many import stores. See "Compact Discs" under the Table of Contents.

Q: Is RPGamer planning to continue to accept fan contributions such as fan art, fanfics, and music (whether authentic or remixed)? I am (or at least pretend to be) a tracker who enjoys playing with the excellent music in RPGs, and, while I would understand a decision to drop your fan-creation-archival services to concentrate on the expansion to nonSquare RPGs, it would be really cool if you kept this aspect of your excellent site.
--Shih Tzu

AK: By all means yes! Fan contributions will continue to be our main source of files. Fanfics, fanart, and music will continue to be featured.

Q: pre-question announcement:::
Q&AK is the coolest q and a name I've ever heard. impressive.
RPGamer is said to cover non-Square role-playing games now. That's neet. But, if, for example, I wanted to submit junk regarding a great non-Square RPG (such as Ultima 4), how would I know if the game in question is covered? Is there/will there be a definitive list of games or what?
Brian Kerr

AK: Thanks for the compliment, Brian. It took me an agonizing five minutes of dilligent thinking to come up with it. Your question is a good one, and is a good suggestion. We will release a list of games we are currently compiling information on shortly.

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