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Happy Friday the 13th! I hope you all had a lucky unlucky day. Keep those questions coming to!

Q: Since you are now covering RPGs outside the Square realm does that mean you will stop coverage of non-RPG Square games?
Tithor Feranus

AK: Tithor, I'm afraid that yes, we will stop covering non-RPG Square games. We thought about this a long time, and the decision wasn't one made in the blink of an eye. We looked at submissions, game popularity, and personal opinions, and it evident that the games that drew the most interest were RPGs. We decided that having good coverage of series such as Dragon Quest (Warrior), Lunar, Phantasy Star, etc. would please more people than having good Bushido Blade coverage.
   We will be keeping our old info, however, for archival purposes. Anyone is free to download the information and try to replace our old niche.
   On another note, Tithor is a REALLY cool name, and is much more believable than some of Final Fantasy Tactics' character names. I think I'll rename Dementhes, my black chocobo, Tithor...

Q:i dont know about this whole change thing. my prediction is that its gonna turn a lot of diehard visitors off from the site! hahahhahaha, it probably wont though. i still remember my predictions about major league baseball going down the tubes. oh wait it did go down the tubes, commercially. the page is screwed! i warn you ! ^_^ JacK^LantoN

AK: Jack, I hate to admit it, but hidden within your weird style is a concern that many people have. There's nothing I can say that will allay your fears, so I won't try. I will say, however, the only change from one week ago today is that we're no longer covering about 15% of Square's games (general estimate, don't quote me on that), we've changed names, and changed the main frame layout. The table of contents change was merely cosmetic, and some of the things that have been removed are probably going to come back. So don't panic. The new main was hard for some people to read, so we've made some adjustments in the hopes that everyone will be able to read it with ease. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you leave and never return, that's your choice. We'll be sad to see you go, of course, and we are working hard to please you.
... and for the record, I still love Major League Baseball. ;)

Q: Andrew...
In FF Tactics, how do you pronounce "Beoulve"?
Bryan H.

AK: That's a good question. To my untrained ear, that sounds French, so my personal guess is "Bwelv" (one syllable). Any linguists out there that could give us a somewhat-definitive answer?

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