Hello out there in gaming land! This is AndrewK, your old lazy buddy. Believe it or not, I'm now set up with what I hope is a daily section, but because I am your lazy buddy, we'll see if this actually stays a daily section.

   Basically, we're taking a page from other IGN sites' books and making a Q&A section where readers write in and your clever and witty webmaster will reply with clever and witty answers. Unfortunately, Jay Boor doesn't work on this site, so we're a little short in the clever and witty department. At any rate, send your gaming questions to

Today, since we have no questions, I'll answer hypothetical questions regarding our new layout.

Q: Man this new layout rukes! Talk to me about it some.
   -- Timmy Jones

AK: I'm glad you asked that, Timmy. We, the webmasters, put a lot of time and energy into this new design, and we really hope you like it. The new main frame will have the latest stuff for you to check out, much as the whatsnew.html did before. Whatsnew will be in effect for files, links, and other bits, however.

Q: OKay, now that you're covering more than just Square, what other games will be the first that you cover?
    -- Adam the Rock Paper

AK: That's a good question. We're still planning the details of the expansion, but we're going to try to start with mainstream titles and series, then expand to more obscure titles after some time. Suikoden, Persona, Wild Arms, Zelda, Lunar, and Phantasy Star are just a few titles and series we'll be looking at.

Q: Will the staff be changing with the new name?
    -- Paula

AK: Yes. Our fanfic man, NichM decided that we were all way too egotistal for him, and not only that, he had a lot of school things that had to be given priority. Thus, he's left our team. We have interviewed a potential replacement, however, and we should have our new man in place in no time.

Q: Does BrianM have any pets?

AK: Not at the moment. When he was 8 he did have two cats, however. One named Megan, one named Sylvester.

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