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The Amazing Anthromorph - December 9th '00- 1:00 Eastern Standard Time

I spent a nice, relaxing day Friday...working on 2 different essays, RPing, and writing some creative work on the side. Oh, and doing Q&A too. However, my email seems to have broken down as of 7:30pm EST, and I haven't received much. Let's hope it kicks in gear again partway into the column.

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Dang, this column may be small.
Felines Unite!

...No. Mistress Nightshadow should not guest host. I should guest host! Me me me! My ego demands sacrifice!

Okay, seriously, I think that Castomel should guest host. 'Course, he'll probably be gettin' gold in reviews soon, and I'm assuming that all gold reviewers get to guest host on Q $ A, so go ahead and let the Mistress have her day. Then you should let me guest host even though I have done nothing to support RPGamer. But I'm a cat too! Pleeze?

Sabin "Kittykittykittykittykitty" XIII

Paws says:
Castomel may guest host one day soon since he did join the staff as a news writer; it's one of those things, you join the staff, you get to host a day of Q&A. However, since he joined the staff, he isn't able to write any more reader reviews (because he's a staffer), so there's no telling if or when he'll go gold. Also, the prize was only for the first winner. I'm guessing the rest will just get a little showcase like Jake did or something similar.

Pink and Hungry

Hoi Pawsy

Mister Chupon, the MIA reviewer here... (almost... almost done with school crap)...

Question the first. Ya know how a while ago (2 years?) with Lunar: SSSC, for some reason they didn't have too many copies out, and by the end of last year they decided to discontinue production, and then there was a whole big mad dash to the store to find any copy available even if the cover was tattered, just because people knew that in a few months there would be NO MORE Lunar SSSC copies, blah blah blah? Well-arum, do you know if Lunar: EB will suffer the same fate (or do you foresee it at all)?

Question the second. I have a whole load of RPGs I bought but I never played, and another stack of RPGs I played but never finished. People will think I'm a moron but alas, I take time out to do OTHER things such as... live. So in effect I have a whole ton of purchases which are collecting dust. Now before you say, "The answer to your question is STOP BUYING GAMES," hear the rest of the question... then say it. Cuz I've been tellin meself that. =P My list is as forrows:

New and unplayed (or played for an hour):
Star Ocean 2
Glandular, er, Grandia
Legend of Dragoon
Saga Frontier 2
Thousand Arms

Played for awhile, but stopped for Chrono Cross, FFIX and Soul Calibur (yes i still play it =P)
Xenogears (35hrs! *gasp* that means it's only half done)
Lunar SSSC 7 hrs
Septerra Core (don't laugh... I like it)

Er but the main thing is... what do I start? And do I just stop playing FFIX and finish stuff in the second list, or should I trudge thru, or should I let my GPA drop to a 1.1 and play everything at once?

Thanks for the help,

-Mr. Chupon "Fungaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Paws says:
Austin! *pounce* Wow, long time no hear from you.
Okay, let me explain something first: games are only produced for so long before production of them stops. This makes sense, no? That way there's no 20 zillion copies left over on the shelf. The reason why it was such a big to-do with Lunar was because of all the goodies that came with it, which made is a collectible. Maybe the production period was shorter or they could make less during the same time because of the extras. But, yeah, this will likely happen with L2:EBC, so pick up a copy within the first 3 months ;)
Well, first thing's first, finish FFIX and gimme a review! =^^= Well, more seriously, I would say fnish it just so it doesn't go to the incomplete pile. Then, go through all the games you have. Pick up whatever tickles your fancy at the time. If it gets boring, switch it. Nothing says you have to play a game all in a row to enjoy it. Right now I probably have 3 or 4 games I'm in the middle of. However, if you want my two cents, I'd avoid SaGa, Thousand Arms, and Star Ocean 2 unless you have a /lot/ of patience when sitting down to play.


Oh pied piper of cats- i have a few questions

1. Have you played harvest moon 64? (opinion?) If you have, can you tell me how the hell you get the special Maria picture? I can't seem to figure it out, and I can't find it on a faq anywhere. wish i woulda waited for "back to nature"....

2. Points of View is a great section. Who's idea was it?

3. Do you like cheese? I'm in college for programming and there's a lot of cheese lovers floating about. I heard cats love cheese, but I don't know the validity.

4. Nobody that works at rpgamer seems to want to touch the subject of google's gender with a 10 foot pole. Why is that? Psychologically, people treat each other with certain regard based on their gender. When gender is questionable, people react childishly, reverting back to the name-calling stage of life (hey, watch transsexuals on jerry springer). Anyhow, I find the fact that more people view google as a guy laughable, since HE initially called himself "that slime guy" on the column he guest hosted on for Brad. So people, goog's a guy. quit fantasizing.


Paws says:
. o O (Pied piper of cats?)
1. Yes, I've play HM64, and I loved it. I was incrediby addicted to the game. Unfortunatelyu, I had to return it to the owner :/. Hmm, special Maria picture? I have to say I didn't hear anything about it in the game; maybe a reader can fill CC in.
2. Good question. I honestly don't remember. All I remember is back in February (I'd been writing news for a month), the big boss and the head of news plopped me down and said "We need a section for reviews. It's yours. Go nuts.", and I went "" and started coding.
3.Yep, I like cheese. All sorts of cheese. Except blue cheese. Sorry Tara :).
4. It's a running gag, who are the other staffers to spoil it? The readers can think what they will of Goog's gender. Do you think Goog would ever tell? ;)

FFIV Faves


What're yer fave FFIV chars? I have one I particularly like, though I like many...

Golbez. You gotsta admit, fighting him in the Dwarf Castle was a tough task, with his pet dragon. He has the best outfit, IMO, and the best character theme. (There's something about his theme that makes me like organ music.) He's a well developed villain and one that inspires fear. (He just took out my party? Ooooohhhhhhh shit!) More reasons I have to like him are his ominous hand, his legion of minions and the fact that he just won't stay dead!

Oh, and the fact that he's part Lunarian and he's related to Cecil are also pluses. (|=^)


Paws says:
Hmm, tough call. There's a lot of really good characters in FFIV....I guess I'll have to go with Lali. Since your inventory is limited, it's really nice to be able to leave your stuff with him when you leave for a dungeon. That way, you can keep those elemental'ed weapons, for later caves and keep all the non-metal weapons squirelled away for when you have to go into the gnome's cave. Plus he's so plushy and cute =^^=./font>

BWC Questions


Hey. I have three questions. The first relations to Final Fantasy. What is your thoughts on the latest from Squaresoft in comparison to, IMO, the best Final Fantasy game, being Final Fantasy II (US)

Second..where do you think they will go from here?

Third...When you coming to PEI to Visit? =)


Paws says:
I think gameplay wise some of the games have surpassed what FFIV had to offer (such as LoM or CC), though IV was pretty good. Some of the battle systems have also been breaking away, which is a nice change. Storylines have also been greatly improving though I don't think they've passed IV quite yet. IX comes close, though. Visuals of course have gotten better, but that's just technology for ya. It's kind of a mixed bag, I guess!
Round and around and around they go; where they'll stop, nobody knows. Squaresoft has been branching out into less tradition games more and more often these days, while still holding on to some of their more traditional series' (FF, SaGa). Let's just hope we like the direction they go in ;)
That's an easy one: when I get money! However, since all my savings right now are going to E3, it may not for quite a while. I'll probably see you in Kingston before I ever see you in PEI =^^=

Quick (and not real) Questions

Quikies? What about Cookies? (:.) (.:) Tastey!

"But he's so much cuter as a girl."

I don't like cookies. Well, I like the no-bake chocolate coconut ones, but that's about it. Sorry.

If you don't want people to tell you you're cute, why do you tell everybody you're a CAT? Cats = Cute. Duh...

Oh, by the way, I'm not normal either. But under the circumstances, maybe not being normal IS normal. Who knows? O_o

-Jonatan "faithful reader" L

Not all cats are cute. Have you ever seen those hairless ones? *shudder* They're not so cute.
Hmm, good plan. Everyone isn't normal. So everyone is normal. Arg, I'm taking this argument to philosphy class and out of Q&A :P

The Closing:

Well, tis my time for another swan song, I guess. Don't forget, I'm always over in PsoV and my email is always open =^^=. Bowing out gracefully now ;)

Paws "Overworked and Underpaid"
Lyin' next to me, you said to me; say it again.

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