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The Amazing Anthromorph - December 5rd '00- 8:30 Eastern Standard Time

Git that gun and shoot mah connekshun! Okay, enough of that :) My apologies this is a tad late. My first day on the job, too, tut me ;) Anyway, we'll just skip to the letters and save the intro for a day I have more time ;)

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Me too, I'm broke =^^;=

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Glitches Galore?


I want to hear from other RPGamers regarding this, from IGN-PS2:

Has anyone else out there had problems with Final Fantasy Anthology?


Paws says:
As soon as I received this letter I asked one of my friends to try out theirs on their PS2 (lucky them ;). Both intro movies ran fine and after 2 hours of gameplay on each disc, give or take, nothing seems to be wrong.
Don't forget that Sony isn't specifying what's wrong with it. For all we know, it could turn Gogo naked or something along those odd lines ;)
Oh, and for those interested, there doesn't seem to be any help to the slowdown occuring even on the PS2.

Frosted Flakes

Sup, Paws:

Welcome back. Here are some questions that I have been pondering lately.

1. Why, oh why, do computer games come in those big cereal box thingies? Wouldn't it save more room and waste if they just put it those CD jewelcases like the console games? I mean, more than once did I open up a box and there was just a CD and a two page instruction "booklet."

2. Why do people have trouble finishing RPGs? Most of my friends have some RPGs untouched since they first got them. I have seen countless people write in and talk about their stack of unfinished games. I even have a game or two that I don't really feel like polishing off right now. And I bet you have a stack or two of your own. So if so many people here say they love RPGs why can't they finish them?

How about this for a quote? "Cities are not people. But, like people, cities have their own personalities. A city is a collection of lives and buildings, and it has identity and personality...


Paws says:
Thanks. I've always been around, just not Q&A ;)
1. Your guess is as good as mine, though I'm betting it's because big fat cereal boxes stand out more than little jewel cases. More room for logos and screens and all that juicy stuff that attracts us.
2. Yeah, I have to admit, I do have a stack of games as of yet incomplete...most of which don't even belong to me. I'm the Mistress of Borrowing and/or Trading ;) I know one of my big reasons is that often, I have to give back a game before I can beat it. Other times, something else is released that is more interested. Occasionally I simply get bored of a game or I didn't like it from the start, though that doesn't happen often. There's plenty of excuses, really ;)
Interesting quote; anyone know where it comes from? I'm thinking of changing me email quote to "I'm not normal, I know it, I don't care." Anyone know what song that comes from? =^^=

Hassle? No hassle!

Hey Paws...
I don't have a question, but I wanted to mention something the readers might find interesting. One of the biggest complaints about RPGMaker is that the Playstation has no keyboard. Well, if you have a Dex Drive, you can use your computer. The file generated by RPG Maker creates an associated text file that you can open and edit on your PC. All characters are in ASCII, and general text works. You actually have to use the ASCII equivelants for special characters like the apostrophe and such, but for those RPGMakers out there who want to create an epic adventure with more text than Xenogears, this nifty little feature works wonders over keying in one character at a time with your controller. Thanks for reading...

Paws says:
Alternatively, you could chuck your PSX version and just get the RPGMaker 2000 for PC. I believe it's shareware.

Anna Banna Bo Banna

Hello Paws!
I have A question for you. Do you like being able to change character names on RPG's? I do. I can spend A long time just thinking up one name to fit my characters. So what do you think of the name Valint? I named Zidane on FF9 that.

Paws says:
I think I'll be calling him Zitan, just because I like that name better ;) I'll also likely call Freya, Freija.
I love to rename characters. Most of my friends have heard of my incredibly odd scheme for FFVI, which I'll share with you now. You may be spoiled by character names if you haven't gotten them yet; pardon me if I miss anyone.
First off, Terra. Generally, I call her Anna (heh =*^^*=), but sometimes I leave her as Terra.
Second off is Locke. He gets renamed Picke. Please, save your boos until later.
Edward becomes Elliot. Some of my friends thought this was because once upon a time I dated a guy named Elliot, however I was naming him that before I ever met the guy.
Sabin becomes Cedjl. That's pronounced "Said-gel", for those who are curious. What actually happened was that I meant to call him Cecil one time and I was half asleep. However, the goof up stuck, and I've been calling him that ever since :)
Cyan becomes Zeus. I don't really have a good reason for it, I just like the name Zeus.
Shadow becomes Darke. Yes, I told you, you should save some booing. Keep some more.
Celes becomes Ariel, or occasionally Aerial if I'm not paying attention. I think the name suits her better ;)
Gau becomes Tarzan most games. I've also named him Veldt.
Mog becomes Moggle. Yes, more boos may apply, and no, it's not a typo.
Setzer becomes Gamble. Now, you may boo =^^=
Strago either becomes Myth or Tellah, depending in what kind of a mood I'm in.
Relm becomes Sketch. I think it suits her better, thank you ;)
Gogo gets changed to Formed. I was feeling goofy at the time and again, it just stuck :)
Umaro generally stays as Umaro, though I did call him Beast a time or too.
Phew, that was long. Shows you how crazy I am, doesn't it? =^^=

Quick (and real) Questions


Just a quick question about the Pronunciation page. Why is the name "Knowles" listed on there? I'm curious :) You did a fair job of saying it, though.

-- HappyElk

It was just something someone asked for. I did almost a dozen of them one time when I guesthosted. I may do a day of pronounciations again somtime in the future =^^=

Arrgggg!!! Answer my question so that I may finally be able to sleep at night.
Are you or are you NOT a Quebecker?
Thank you. You may now continue with your regularly-scheduled Q&A column.

Insanerest of AOL

This is Canada.
This is Quebec, where I do not live.
This is Ontario, where I do live. North Bay is even on the map. Yay!

Ahh, sweet paws, let me sleep upon your soft busom...

"I forgot!"

Uh, if I say no, will you go away? No? Dang...

The quote is from Valkyrie Profile, said by a wizard when casting Celestial Star, the Big Magic form of Mystic Cross. The full quote, of course, is, "You must desire respite from thy empty existance, thou shalt have it! Celestial Star!" Woohoo! I win!

Yep, you were actually the first to email me with that l'il tidbit. Here's your kiss *smoochie*, and for the rest of you (all 17 of you), a cat face: =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^= =^^=

The Closing:

Hmm, I need to actually finish my new l'il banner thingy....hopefully by the weekend.
Oh, and on a side note, I'm contemplating having Mistress Nightshadow with me for Friday's column. Yea or nea? :)

Paws"Be back in 12 hours"

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