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The Amazing Anthromorph: - 11 19 '00- 1:00am Eastern Standard Time

Why am I here, you ask? Why is Red Raven with me, you ask? Well, if you hadn't caught on yet, here's your big clue in: Red Raven is my first reader reviewer who hit review #15, which bestows upon one the honor of gold writing. Hence why we call it 'going gold' =^^=. As part of his slew of prizes, he got this cool Q&A spot with me. Rock on ;).

Red Raven: Bienvenidos, readers! I be Red Raven, from PoV, and I'll be helping Paws deliever the Q&A goodness today. If you're *still* wondering who I am, just check out my upcoming review showcase. All shall be made clear. Uh, anyway, we have plenty of great letters to review, so let's get started!

Paws again: You'll notice two format changes below. One, Raven's answers are bolded for easy seperation. Two, I decided to decline the quickie style and merely add everything as a letter. They're mixed together for the most part.

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In the Playstation:
Monster Rancher 2, Xenogears, and Suikoden
FFIX: coming soon!
Mwahahaha... did you know that there is a 5th Yggdrasil in Xenogears? It's true! All you have to do is beat wiseman in the tournament before he can run away, sell Alice's wedding dress to the weapon store in Solaris in exchange for a Dream Star, and then the Dream Star can be melted down by Franz to make a special fuel, which turns the Yggdrasil into a time machine! Then, if you import your data from Final Fantasy Anthology through use of the man that appears on the bridge, you can REVIVE GENERAL LEO! Mwahahahahahahahaha! Mwha... mwha... oh man, I'm full of crap. Save me.

-Sadres "Regard me not" Boswell

Paws says:
See, this is how naughty rumors about silly secrets get started. (Disclaimer: If you believe anything in this letter, you deserve to try...and then be shot :)
Red Raven: Shot with a bazooka maybe. Tip: if you're going to make up a rumor, keep it simple. Something like, "Ashton and Noel get together inone of the SO2 endings." Believable and extremely hard to check. I mean,hey, whose has seen all 80 of SO2's endings? Especially that one? >:)

Oo, Reviews 101
Hi Paws!
I've got a question about reviews that I think might interest other people too. You say you don't want people to review games they've played on emulators. What about games never released in English that have been translated by fan translators? For example, I'm playing FFIII these days (the one for the NES), translated to English. Will you post a review about it?

Zohar Gilboa

Paws says:
Hey, a good question to ask when Red Raven's with me. Alas, no, I don't accept EMU reviews. One, ROMs are illegal; they're backup copies made against the permission of the company publishing the game. Secondly,games that have been translated, while some are done better than the professionals, are done by the fans. There's bound to be mistakes orthings left out and it's just not the same as the real thing. If you reallywanna review FFIIIj, you'll have to import the cart and play it that way. Sorry. Hey, Raven, what do you think of the rule?
Red Raven: I can see why an "unofficial" translation might be a badbasis for a review from a story viewpoint, but I think they should be allowedfor a standpoint of an RPG's gameplay. It might be enough to get savvyRPGamers to import the originals, or something like that. Then again, I'm not theone getting shafted by people getting my games free either. :p

FFIX and Bilingualism
I'm from Canada, and picked up a copy of FFIX. When I found out it came with only a French manual, I wrote Square. They wrote me back and said nothing about a recall, but instead said that they would be shippingEnglish manuals to retailers. They said if you show your retailer your receiptor your copy of the game, they should give you a manual free of charge. So there, problem solved.

- Another Loyal Square Gamer...

Paws says:
I would like to both point and laugh as well as shake my head at eachand every Canadian who doesn't know French. Now, don't bother flaming meover it. We somehow manage to forget in the wake of the referendum of '95,that french /is/ one of the two official languages of our country. Politicians like Dueppe are bums, but why should our dislike of certain ideals heldin the country deprive us of one of our founding languages? Canadiansshould learn french and be proud they speak it.
As for me, being fluently literate in french, I will be able to read my instructions manual when my (free) copy arrives in the mail. Mwaha.
Red Raven:Heh. All my thoughts on the matter can be summed up by Wilfred Sheed, "If the French were really intelligent, they'd speak English." Mwaha! But seriously, I feel your pain. But since you *are* living in that"other North American country, learning French would be like, a good investment, no?


Bah! I missed the "welcome Chershire Catalysy day." Plus I'm overdue to make a comic. And now there are TWO cats! And I'm not drawing CC as you but without a bow. I expect CC to e-mail me right away to take care of this situation with an idea or two :)


PS- I won't be replacing Goog anytime soon, doing the column often as he does is psycho hard. Now if Goog quit, and CC was promoted to Weekday Q&A THEN maybe I might be asked to do Q&A. For now I can only hope for another Guest hosting *hint hint* :)

PSS- Hmm, if Goog quits...*re-thinks what was said above* "Get the Gun PA!"

Paws says:
Meow meow. I'm sure he'll get back to you as soon as he reads this. IMHO, it's an honor amonst the staff to have a character. I bet some of the non-'tooned staffers are jealous ;)
Oh, and please don't shoot Google. Google is much too useful, becausehe has no life outside RPGamer :)
Red Raven: Perfect solution: Me. I may not be a staffer (yet), but Ithink a red raven would give you plenty of material for your comics. C'mon, youknow you want to. Two cats + one bird = classic comedy.

It's him! :o
Hail, feline of the frigid north.

Just curious if it's been mentioned here already, but it seems that recently Square Europe had a poll about which platform people want Square to develop for. Turns out that a vast majority chose the Gamecube with the PS2 second.

So, do you think that this will effect Square's decisions in thenext-gen console wars? Or will Square continue a fine trend of ignoring polls ala FFA music CD?

Second, a hearty congrats on the huge success in the Reviews sectionhere on RPGamer. Three cheers to ya.

And finally, on the issue of yesterday's reference of Canada being like Florida, neither one camp or the other. Do you think this could bebecause so many Canucks are actually in Florida this time of year?

Well, that's all from the not so frigid wet coast.
Da Scapegoat.

Paws says:
Hail, guy we blame everything on since world war one from the not so frigid west, previously of the frigid north.
Square seems to be expanding to the point it doesn't matter what system it's on as long as they make bang on their buck. Would this hurt their rep? Maybe. Would this hurt their sales? Well, duh, no. Average Joe cannot afford 2 or more next gen systems, but if Square publishes games on multiple systems, they may not have to in order to get their Square fill....if that made sense.
Thank you! =*^^*=. A good day to say that considering the monumentwe've hit today with Red Raven. Everyone should congradulate him on being an awesome contributer not only to PsoV but other sections of the site. Just for those who are curious, I average about 2 submissions per day. I'm incredibly greatful to all my authors, whether they be one hit wonders, occasional contributors, or great writers like Red Raven. Remember, you guys are the section, and your spirit makes it the amazing place it is!
As for the FLA/Canada debate, I'll pass. I've spent an awful lot oftime in FLA during my life and I wouldn't feel very nice dissing it publically:)
Red Raven: Woohoo! It's most definitely the hard work and dedication ofthe contributors and the excellent staffers that make RPGamer the great site that it is. >/propaganda< As far as Nintendo goes, don't go betting the igloo yet, cause last I heard the big N and Square left on unfriendlyterms every since they canned the Super Nintendo CD Project (which laterbecame the PSX). It also didn't help when Nintendo executives chose thecartridge format for the N64, a move which basically said "RPGs are a waste oftime." Hey, I'd be pretty PO'ed myself. Sure, they might get a fighter or something, but don't go expecting another Nintendo FF anytime soon.

Rhetorical Questions
Hail and well met Paws...heh
So yeah....Why would French people buy FF IX with a French instruction booklet....? The GAME'S not in english...WOO HOO, now i know how to play the game I can't read...I...what? IT doesn't MAKE sense to me! It's like me, buying a Japanese game, I don't read Japanese...why would I want the game?!?! I know many who do, but those many understand Japanese...what the dil??
So anyway...I'm done on that lil rant...and I'm'ma go crash now.

~ *iL* ~ *(hi$)*~

Paws says:
Hail and well met Paws...heh So yeah....Why would French people buy FF IX with a French instruction booklet....? The GAME'S not in english...WOO HOO, now i know how toplaythe game I can't read...I...what? IT doesn't MAKE sense to me! It's likeme, buying a Japanese game, I don't read Japanese...why would I want thegame?!?! I know many who do, but those many understand Japanese...what thedil?? So anyway...I'm done on that lil rant...and I'm'ma gocrashnow. ~ *iL* ~ *(hi$)*~
Red Raven: Unless you're playing something like Xenogears, where it'shard to understand the game even when it's in a launguage you know!

Yell and scream and rave.

Paws says:
I hear they have new eps of Sailor Moon with mini-Sailor Moon. If Ionly had time to watch them ;.; Maybe I'll tape them. It's a new companymaking them (yay! DiC's gone!), so there sure to be closer to the Japaneseseries. Hey, Raven, you like Sailor Moon?
Red Raven: Most definitely. Sure, it might have cheesy "girl power"themes every now and then, but it's still ten times more entertaining than any American cartoons. Go Toonami! *cheers*

Me-yeow, baybeh. Me-yeow.
Don't you think that the Shenmue logo kinda looks like a cat?
Zane Odin Ecuintras

Paws says:
The felines are taking over RPGamer. You just wait n see. Mwahahahahaha-*hack, cough, hairball*
Red Raven: Bad timing. ^_^

Staffer popping in!
Tell me, what's the special secret which enabled you to write more reviews than that is humanly possible in that time? Just curious.

Mistress Nightshadow.

Red Raven: Well, first add equal parts free time and RPG addiction. Then mix a liberal amount of both initiative and incentive, then a dash of competitiveness. The more incentive and competition you add, the faster you get the reviews done. ^_^
But seriously, the drive to do reviews actually came from wanting to give back to RPGamer. I've came here nearly everyday for the last two years, admiring the beautiful artwork and music, and laughing in the Q&A section. I'd send in letters, but I didn't think that was enough. When the Points of View section opened up, I saw an opportunity and I took it. I guess I just started with more free time than anyone else. ^_^


Paws says: Well, just the way I received the letters it looks like the quickies all got squooshed into the end, but it's a good way to wind down anyway. Now, it's 2:30am EST, and I work tomorrow, so I'm gonna go sleep some now. I'll be back around Thursday, but I'll be where I belong in PsoV. Come visit, you'll get a chance to see Red Raven again. Aren't prizes for winning great at RPGamer or what? ;)

Red Raven: Whew, what a trip! Don't let anyone tell you Q&A is easy, cause it's, well, not. Anyway, it looks like my 15 minutes of fame is just about up. Don't fret, I'll keep submitting reviews to Points of View for sure, and you should too! And be on the lookout for my web page sometime in the future; it'll be a blast! Adios muchachos!

Paws "The original feline"
"o/~ I'm not normal, I know it, I don't care... o/~"

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