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The Amazing Anthromorph - July 8 '01- 1:15 Eastern Standard Time

So today I tried to do too many things at once, snapped at my roommate, didn't play any video games yet, and am still not done the media update I'm halfway through. Sigh. But now that I'm doing Q&A and me and Jay settled our differences, things are much better. After this, I'm gonna go play some more FFC.

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Going once! Going twice!....SOLD!

Hey Paws,
Welcome back to Q&A! I was wondering what kind of game to get this summer. At Software Etc. I found xenogears for $45 used. Used. They said it was because it was an old, rare games that was still popular. I'm wondering if it's worth it because I always hear that it had a good story... etc.
I also found Planetscape: Torment for $15. Is it really that good?


Paws says:
Those are excellent prices for both games, believe it or not. I'm a big buying used fan myself because they're always cheaper, and because I can generally rustle nifty package deals. Check out what Xenogears is going for on the web. To compare another used game, I saw a FFIII cart while in PEI in March, USED, no instructions or anything, and it was 80$. Refer back to yesterday's Economics lesson =^^=. Planetscape, though I haven't played it myself, gets a thumbs up from everyone I talk to. Hey, worse comes to worse you can sell it back to them for 5$.


I was going to write in with a RPG question, but I couldn't think of a good one. Course, if I was playing an RPG, rather then watching Gundam W: Endless Waltz, I suppose I could have come up with one.

Annnnnnnyway, are you going to get PSO v.2? I'm still up in the air over it. I love the game, but if I wanted to go online, I couldn't because I don't have a credit card. You can only level up your RAcast so much before you get bored (Also having your head handed to you by D. Falz on V-hard gets boring after a while too). Course, I still have yet to play with you online. ^.^

Well I'm out of things to say, so I'll go back to Endless Waltz.
- GuruClef -

Paws says:
GURU! *snuggles*
For those who feel like knowing, Guru bought me PSO, though we were never able to play with each other.
Well, no, I'm not really planning on buying v2, unless you wanna send it to me ;P I also lack two major things, those being a credit card as well as a Dreamcast. Remember, I'm still borrowing from a friend =^^=.


Hey Paws,

I enjoyed the Q&A column, so thought I'd try my hand at a drawing. What resulted was, though not intentionally, probably more of an insult than a compliment. I guess this will be the drawing to prove that it is not better to have untalented fans than none at all. Anyway, I thought I'd pass it along since I'm proud of it, though most two-year-olds exhibit far more skill.


Paws says:

The sad part is, this is better than anything I could ever aspire to draw.


<insert file="something about Paws's incredibly hot body"> Umm....hey. I just have a quick question, so hopefully you can help me out.

I'm not a big fan of hand-held systems, but now that the new Zelda games are out and everyone seems to like them, I figure it's about time to go ahead and join the bandwagon and get a new GameBoy. And since my birthday is coming up, I think it would be a good idea to bug my parents for it instead of spending some cash on it that I don't really have in the fist place.

But here's my problem: which do I ask for, GameBoy Color or Advance? I don't know all that much about either, but my guess is that GBC would probably be significantly less expensive than the GBA. HOWEVER, the GBA can play games from both the GBC and GBA. So you'd think I would just go ahead and get the GBA, right? But no, because THEN I heard that when you play GBC games on the GBA, it looks incredibly bad. Or something like that.

So, you'd think that since I'm primarily after the new Zelda games, I'd just go for the GBC, right? But NO, I can't do that either! What if some great new FANTASMIC RPGs come out for the GBA? I think that the new Lufia might be for the GBA, but I could be smoking crack on that one. I can't play those on the GBC!

See?! Isn't this hard? You'd think, "Psssh, he graduated from high school, he'll figure it out." But no, cuz I'm stoopid like that. So, keeping in mind that I REALLY don't want to get both if I don't have to, what should I do?

--heart of ice

Paws says:
Well, I'd say go for the GBA myself. There not that much more expensive (30$), and the GBA can play every GB/GBC game.
Yes, yes, I know, there's all sorts of rumors flying around certain games won't work. However, every game that's been mailed to us with issues at least one staffer has tried and has had no problems with. Remember that packs that will questionably work with the GBA are 5+ years old, so they're on their deathbeds anyways.

Ender's Daily Question

Hiya Paws, hope you're doing well today.

Well, after playing more of Diablo II I have mixed news to deliver. There are the occasional idiots who pick on the weak to get their jolies. I had all my weapons stolen, but an even stronger character stole them and gave them back to me. He wouldn't even accept a reward, to my annoyance.

I have a few questions now. As I was goofing around in a dungeon I found a rune. Not a rune sword or anything like that, but a rune that you equip into a socketed weapon or armor. I instantly became the target of all players wanting to trade items I wouldn't be able to use until like 3 months from now (level 70 required or 233 strength required). I've been told rumors that these runes can creat fantastic weapons and armor, know anything about em?

OK, I'm playing the ORIGINAL zelda for the heck of it and I'm lost again. For some reason I've run out of keys in level 9. Where's the skeleton key at. It's becoming increasingly obvious that I'm going to need it.

Finally, I'm thinking about doing a few reviews for Points of View. So here's like three questions. One, should I review the two new GBC Zelda games as one or two games? Two, do I submit them to you or something else? Are there anythings which give a review a higher quality other than spelling and basic mechanics?

Well, thank you for your time. See ya around,

Paws says:
Hiya Ender. Okay, let's do this in order
1. A Rune is akin to a Gem, except when they are in certain combinations, they become uber powerful. You can also use Runes in the Horadic cube to make crafted items. I'm sorry I can't be more helpful than this.
2. I found a handy dandy FAQ on the site which explains the correct directions to travel. It's right here, and this should help.
3.a) Two games. I actually just covered that in my booboos.
3.b) You submit them to The Reviews Email.
3.c) Clear arguments, paragraph hooks, and a sense of humor works wonders in reviews. Just think about how you would explain the game to a friend who's never played it before.

Multiple Answers

One T-rex in the dino forest is worth a total of 8800 exp.So if you have a party of 4 then it's 2200 exp each person.One person with the exp. egg gets 17600 for one dino and 35200 for 2 dinos.Fights with 2 dinos happen about a forth as much.

I love you Paws. :)


I just checked it, and killing two tyranosaurs in FFVI only makes 17600xps with Exp.Egg. The best thing to level up really fast is this: equip a character with a flame shield and have the spell Merton. Then fight near Doma Castle. Cast Merton: it kills your opponents and gives 22000xps. I've found nothing else in the game with such an amount of xps.


Hey (monks sing) PAWS
I was testing the max. exp one can get in one battle in FFVI. It is indeed 35,200 with one person battling 2 tyranosaurs with an exp. egg. Having 2 exp. eggs have no added effect.
Also, is it wrong not to go to your own brother's wedding? Even though he doesn't consider me his brother and haven't talked in three years even though living in the same house. Sound's like some odd RPG plot.
Speaking of that, what RPG cliche would you best want in the real world? I also can only play my PSX games if the machine is vertical. I also have to put tape in it to prevent the black piece from moving around causing a lens misfire.
Scariest part of my sisters being teenyboppers is that one of them is 25. I remember her 10 years ago with New Kids on the Block stuff on all the walls in her room. This would explain my odd behavior. I present to you a ball of yarn and a mouse toy.
Imperial Mog

Paws says:
There you have it for EXP building tips in FFVI. Now for Mog's comments.
It sounds like there's no obligation for you to go. If you guys are fighting or not speaking to each other over a huge fight, his wedding might be a good idea to avoid. After all, you don't want to get into an ugly argument or something.
I pity you. I remember NKOTB (I was around 11), and...well, at 25, I think your sister should maybe find a new hobby than mooing over 5 guys poseuring and singing O.O; It's one thing to like N'sync or BSB. It's another to teenybop.
Oh, hmm, the best RP cliché in life...I dunno. Probably that love/faith can solve everything >:P

How Embarassing =*^^*=

Actually I feel pretty stupid about this one. Anywho I'm playing FFIV(my god the Chronicles translation owns, better then the fan ROM translation.) and I *sheepish grin* can't seem to get past the part where Rydia comes back. Either the Calbrinas own me or Golbez owns me. My question is am I just a *censored* or are my levels too low or what? (All my chars are around lev 25)
- Galvatron

Paws says:
Well, I'm betting it is your levels. Currently I'm in the tower of Zot right before I beat the sisters and I'm at level 30. Oh, and to those that are curious, the script is excellent, the people are very realistic, and yes, it IS harder. For example, Bluster is now a death attack, and the Magnetic Cave will kill you if you're wearing metal armor instead of just paralyze.

Snip Snip

Salutations queen of the kitties,

I am one of the lucky ones that don't have to worry about a FFT re-release luckily, as I got the game when it came out. If the re-release becomes official though, my and everyone else's copy of the game will lose about a million percent of their value! =P I got some questions too, read read! They are quite varied as well!

1.) What are your thoughts on Game Boy Advance, and the upcoming Lufia game?

2.) Am I the only person that refuses to buy Final Fantasy Chronicles? I already have both games on cartridge, and if I want the good hard-type translation, I'll turn to a FFIV ROM translation pack.

3.) Will Final Fantasy X ever see a PC release? I only plan on getting a Game Cube, so a PC release would be just peachy. (snip snip)

Kamikaze "The divine wind has spoken"

Paws says:
1. I want it, and I'm not sure. I haven't been able to play the other Lufia games, so I'm more excited about stuff like the BoF re-releases and Golden Sun. Also Mario Advance.
2. I could point out the silly illegal part of the whole ROM bit, but if you read PsoV, you've heard me gripe enough. Considering the cheap price tag on the set and the fact that your cart batteries will die eventually, it would be to your advantage to pick it up now.
3. I haven't heard anything to that effect. Right now I'm not holding my breath for either FFIX or FFX for PC. (Now let's just hope I don't pull an FFC-Google!)

Wakko, Day 2

Dear Cat'o'nine tails,

I was wondering when FFT first came out it was only an american release when it came out right? (or just a north american from what I hear) If so how would it be rereleased, if it was? Would it be a worldwide or just a NA agian? That's another thing, when it says american release does that automaticlly mean a canadien one as well?


Paws says:
Considering how horrid the translation was...I think that answers the question. If it was released as a Greatest Hit, nothing would be changed. However, if it came out as a re-release, they would probably update the script and maybe throw in an FMV at the intro/end. Althought there is already some kickaft intros.
Yes, when a game is released, it is released to 'North America'. That means Canada gets it too, though we often get it a few days later because companies have to go through customs.

And now we go vertical!

Hi Paws and welcome back to Q&A,
Awhile back I tried to start a new game in Ogre Battle 64. I beat the first few missions, saved the game, and shut off my N64. A few days later when I tried to resume my game I discovered all the saves were lost (including old ones). I figured I must have done somethign wrong so I started another game and saved it asap. The save file shows up on the screen but after I turn off the system the files dissapear. So basically what I'm asking for is a way to fix this problem, a number to call, or someplace to send it to to get it fixed.
Thanks in advance,

Yes, I had a similar problem with my SNES OB cart, and when I got it checked out I found out two things. One, if the game is idle for a certain amount of time (1 year plus), the data may decay. Two, the internal battery /will/ die. It sounds like your battery has taken a premature bucket kicking. See if you can get it exchanged for a new copy is my advice.

Heya. I'm a second time writer, long time reader. Heck, your rooming with me right now ^_^ *turns around and waves to you eating pizza* teehee. I got a question for you.
Out of the current five pokemon games (R, B, Y, G, S) which IYO is the most common Pokemon to catch?

You bugger, that's what you stole the computer to do. Anyways, it is a tough call because there are different ratios in the game. I would probably say Rattatta/Raticate. It is very popular in many different areas.

Hiya, Paws!
All these people doing Q+A this summer certainly is refreshing, huh? I know I'm enjoying it. Anyhoo, on to my question. I've played Legend of Mana almost to the end, and am determined to finish it with all quests completed. But I've gotten to the one where the chicken lady (forgot her name...) in Domina wants a bunch of items, and I've got them all but something called Topple Cotton. If you or any other reader or staffer knows where I can find it, please let me know! Thanks,
Justin "Alright, men, we're going to the Olympics!" Harwood

Hmm. I'd suggest either checking around the Mana Tree, or searching for that person that sells weird stuff to build golems with in the hotel's guest rooms. If it isn't in either place, I'd try going on to another couple quests, and see if you pick it up as you go along. If anyone knows for sure, feel free to write in and tell me.

Heya Paws! I think it would be a damn shame if FFT is not made into a greatest hits title! ~Laguna

Opinion #1. Oh, hi Laguna! *snuggles* =^^=

Everyone seems to want FFT to be re-released sooo bad. Why?! The way I see it, if you really want or ever wanted to play that game, you wouldve bought it when it was released years ago.
I remember walking into an EB about a year after the game was released, and there was a whole stack of used copies of FFT just beging to be sold. No one seemed to want the game back then, so why the sudden urge to own it now?
If you want to play it, rent it or something. Its your own fault you missed it when it came out people.

Opinion #2.
In the defense of the masses, I have to say back when it was released, it wasn't well known enough for people to realize how cool it was.

More Giggles to Come:

and...cut! That's a wrap! A mind boggling 15 letters, whee. Okay, maybe not mind boggling, but more than what you normally see, so I hope you enjoyed. Write me again tomorrow and I'll try to put up another fun massive update. Seeya then!

Paws "Purr, bay-bey. Purrrrrrrrrrr"
I'm playing scrabble right now at Find me under LightfootKit.

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