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The Amazing Anthromorph - July 7 '01- 1:00 Eastern Standard Time

Wow. It's been 7 months since I've done a Q&A column. I should do these more often! But, ahh, it's good to be back *stretches and flexes and gets the comfy place again*. Oh, yeah, I got lots of letters and stuff, so we'll start on those right away. Although one quick point: I had to laugh when I went back and read an old column, because my friend Jay wrote in, asking me when I was going to visit him in PEI. The amusing part is, I did go to see him in PEI, and I am currently roommating with him in Kingston. Although I'll be glad when I move away to PEI. Right now my sleeping bag is laid out on the floor. It will be soooooo nice to have a bed again! I also found some funny hidden text dedicated to him in the column the day before, a graphic from him on the 6th, etc.

Oh, yeah, I'm also gonna be accepting pronounciations again, so send em in!

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We begin with MMORPGs

Hey there Paws. How's your day going today?

I don't really have a question, so much as a declaration of happiness. I was wary of venturing into online play with Diablo II. I've had my fill of losers and jerks bashing newbies and women alike online playing Half-Life. My attempts to defend them have caused a curse on my name with most players.

That was not the case with Diablo II. After creating my Paladin named Silamiin, I started browsing for games. I found several in the list that said for newbies and such. After picking my game, I found a level 22 Barbarian. Feeling quite meek, I made a few quick purchases of potions and scrolls. Just as I'm about to walk out of the camp, the Barbarian asks where I'm going. He apparently wishes to venture out with me.

Our adventures, along with a few others, continued i was constantly being handed weekened monsters for experience and given many of the magic and rare items. As it turned out, the Barbarian already had access to Act II and actually brought me several weapons and pieces of armor. It wasn't ENTIRELY one-sided. I gave him a few rare weapons along with some of the gems I found. He was still quite helpful though.

It's sad that not all games have this kind of community. Maybe I ran into a weird guy. I checked several games and constantly found philanthrapists in each. Oh happy day. It's nice to know that the mindset of Online RPGs are better than that of FPSs. Maybe I should go buy a few more now. Any suggestions?


Paws says:
I need to start playing D2 soon.
With MMORPGs, it is a mixed bag. I've heard plenty of horror stories of people pretending to be your friend, only to rob you of all your kills and all the treasure. Meanies. However, I've heard a lot of pleasant 'here, you take this, I don't need it' stories as well. I know when I was playing PSO a friend of a friend dumped a TON of goodies on me for free - spells, weapon upgrades, some nice armor.

For other games, may I suggest Diablo II, Phantasy Star Online, Asheron's Call, Dark Ages, Everquest? The last three you have to pay for, but especially Dark Ages is quite reasonably priced!

The Magical Disappearing Act

Paws, it really has been awhile, where ya been?

Anyway, I just wanted to know if there is even a release date set for Hoshigami RBE. I'm so stoked for it. It's been awhile since anything great in TRPG's has come our way. That's about it, see you in the future!


Paws says:
Yep, like I said above, 7 months.
Me, I've been here there everywhere. Of course I am still working on the reader reviews section Points of View, as well as stepping up as Head of New Media about a month or so ago. I've been working on a lot of video games to review as well as write some nifty guides for. I am doing a bestiary for Chocobo's Dungeon 2 (should be up in RPGuides soon), as well as a Veggie Guide for Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. I'm also thinking of working on something for FFIX, but since PlayOnline does it to death, I think it may be a waste of time, hehee.
As for Hoshigami, it is due out 08.01.01 according to our Releases Table. That's less than a month away. Nifty. I can't wait. I'm gonna go see if my EB has preorders on it yet.


Dear furry one,

I've been reading RPGamer for a while, and I wonder, how many free games have you gotten in the time you've worked there? Also what happened to the pronouction things you did?


Paws says:
Hmm. Well, depends what you mean by free
1. Actually given, no strings attatched, something like 4, incluing the Ultima Collection and Phantasy Star Online.
2. Borrowed, I have about 10. Only 4 have made it back so far. I wuv you Stom. You'll get them back, really.
3. Nagged Boss Man to send me so I can review them, about 7 or 8. I give those ones back when I go out to Seattle.

Oh, right, the pronounciations. They're now linked off of the FAQ page.

Oh, and just for Rico: Project Arcturus goes according to plan, all hail scorpius!

Even More on FF6 EXP

The guy yesterday was incorrect about experience. If you go to the dinosaur forest by the crazy old man's house, a fight with two tyranosaurs yields 17,600 experience that, when double with the Exp. egg, becomes 35,200 exp. I beleive those are the correct numbers, but I'm too lazy to actually check.

Dark Archimedes

Paws says:
And someone is going to be very darling and test this out for me, right?

Bossing Staffers Fun!

Ok, you wanted a letter...

Since I can't think of anything else to ask you, how is it being the NM head?

If you end up back in Washington again, would you promise not to kick our butts in bomberman this time?

Ed Walker

Paws says:
It gives you a squishy feeling inside. Oh, wait, maybe that's just the McNuggets I ate, tee =*^^;*= It is cool (I wish I had more people whom would understand the significance, but eh.), but kinda a lot of responsibility too. I try to lead by example, but it is hard when two of my staffers do 5 updates per week (not like I'm complaining). It's also mildly dizzifying trying to keep everything straight, and I'm lucky that the other NMers are pretty self-reliant.
But, but, I liked kicking butt in Bomber! Considering the horrible smearing I got in SSB, I deserve at least one decent game...


Hey (monks sing) PAWS Well on the FFT thing. I think it's funny how rumors go around. But I got mine a couple of years ago for US$15 new. I got a good feeling on that one. So seeing people pay 10 times as much for a used one gets me pleasure for finding a deal. I learned one big lesson. Expect all things from Florida to take weeks longer than it should since it's been nearly three weeks since I asked for an application form for college down there. Yes, I still haven't gone since I chickened out at the last minute twice. But I'm trying but my parents frown on anything I do now since they consider me not normal. Like it's a bad thing, personally I abhor mainstream life especilly boy bands. Try living with two teenybopper sisters. I want to say "you spoony bard" at those boy bands. Like you said, "I'm not normal and I don't care". My cousin and I made his cat act like Lynx once. I got plenty of gifts for you my lady: some catnip, a changed litter box, and some scratching. Isn't it true that one shouldn't have people dictate what you should like and do and to be yourself is the only way one can be happy? Imperial Mog

Paws says:
Imperial! Hey, I missed you.
I got my FFT for cheaper. Okay, only because it was a birthday present.
As I've found out, applying to college is pretty darn scary. I've applied for a college in PEI for Accounting Technology. I'm nervous about it. I mean, what if I don't get it?
Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. I so pity you. One of my female friends back home is teeny bopper to the extreme, and some days I just feel like slapping her. Thankfully, I can just go away :)
I think it would be cool to dress up a cat like Lynx. Providing the cat didn't mind too, gifts! *gobble chomp snuggle fresh bathroom break*

And now we go vertical!

How come some of the newer MMORPGs are covered by RPGamer (eg Anarchy Online), but others are not (Star Wars Galaxies)? And how about the olderones like Ultima Online and Everquest and Asheron's Call?


Okay, now your name has officially been inducted into Q&A. Yay!
Now, your question: We just started covering MMORPGs within the last 6 months or so. We're going to be putting up more retro-coverage (I'm working on 2 MMORPG media projects, Everqueer, er Everquest, as well as Dark Ages), so just be patient. Oh, and we do cover Star Wars Galaxies here. We currently cover Ultima IX and Asheron's Call 2, so be patient for the other applicable games in the series.

Yesterday, Google mentioned that there were no games where you destroy the world, well...
being the obnoxious person I am, obviously I'm gonna point this out. ^_^
In Legacy of Kain, Blood Omen, you are trying to get revenge on the world, and your choice at the end can either save or destroy it.
And in Phantasy Star II, the only way to save the planet is to plunge it back into the dark ages by destroying the computer.
And in Baldur's Gate and such games on the PC, you can be evil and kill off entire towns.
And, even though it's more of a first person shooter, in Deus Ex, you can destroy all the world's technology at the end.
IceSeraphim, the obnoxious repository of obscure videogame references....

. o O (Okay, maybe this shouldn't be a quickie, but I don't have much I can say to it really, so here it is.)

Fluent Feline Female,
Is this what it's come to with the (supposed) re-release of FFT? The inevitable green bar on the side of the box will factor whether or not we buy it now? Where have we gone awry?

*picks up a pieces of chalk* It's a very simple matter with FFT. There's simply not enough copies to go around, and since the game still kicks some magor heinie, everyone wants one. When supply is greater than demand, you get disgusting levels of inflation. So, re-releasing a hard to find game is actually advantageous to the RPG Community as a whole. Now I'm done my Economies lecture. *puts away the chalk*

ok, I just found the website. (or at least one that tells the story)
I guess that some of my info was incorrect, it was about 2-3 years ago after all. ok. But that site pretty much says it all.

Thanks to JollyGreen for finding this website for me and the several people who emailed mentioning it. This is in response to the Mother series game that didn't make it to North America.

More Giggles to Come:! It's just passing midnight now. Dang, am I good for timing or what? Okay, now send to oodles and oodles of mail and I'll make a nice big fat column for you to read on Sunday too. Seeya then! =^^=

Paws "Mreowwwwww"
Phew. I'm tired, but happy.

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