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Paws et. al - March 2 '02- Sometime in the early past.

To make up for last column being somewhat late, this column I've begun early. So, what's in store for the weekend? Well, it should be a wild and tumbly weekend, so let's get it on. It's just me along for the ride today; everyone else was out, about, or other busy.

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Feline Fun!

Hello my love,

First of all, I have to ask: why does everyone bad mouth Legend of Mana? It's quite obvious that it was done with a staff who ate some bad mushrooms. I'd like to see any of your readers make a better rpg while high. As if anyone would make Basket Fish while not under the influence of anything...

And why are you watching Final Fantasy: Unlimited? Wouldn't it be so much better to have me bounce around proclaiming the best parts of it while you stay in the dark?

You're pesterin' me to close Zack n' Mikoto, so I better ask you a real question and poof.

How long would RPGamer last if it lost the almighty Paws? I'm guessing a week, tops.

Your love kitty,
- Stray

Paws says:
You know, Stray, I really hope Cyrilla reads this, and proceeds to beat you until you're black and blue. I think she'd be very possessive. I hope your father has straigtened out the two of us now. That was quite embarassing.
Now, onto the questions. Personally, I found LoM an okay game. Played about 6 or 7 hours of it when I viisted Scar once. Did I ever buy it? Nope. Simply didn't hold my interest enough.
No, I'd prefer to watch it, because you have a bad habit of blurting out spoilers ;P. BTW, I haven't seen Maduin or Madeen show up yet, have you?
That's not a real question, and it's not one I can answer. We're a staff of around 20-25 people, and life does go on without me. Other people can always take up the slack, though I know for two of the things I do, the most obvious people to get my job(s) don't want them! =^^;=

Multiparters, a day late.

I figured I should write to my favorite kitty-themed occassional guest host*snip*.

1. I feel Imperial Mog's pain. I reserved the Arc collection last fall so I could play it when my October birthday arrived. Alas, birthday, Christmas, and who knows how many other holidays will pass before we get another beautiful Working Designs translation. The question is: are the waits Working Designs puts us through and the jerking around worth it in the end? My opinion is yes, even though I'm still bitter about the wait I endured for Lunar 2. What are your opinions?

2. What do all of you think of the current RPG music scene? I'm beginning to see a definite downward spiral in overall quality, but I hope to see definite improvement with the release of another of Mitsuda's works. You know which.

3. Have you ever gotten any of your teachers addicted to RPG music? It seems that English teachers are especially fond of the Xenogears OST.

4. Speaking of Xeno, has anyone seen my Xenogears goddess? I miss her...

5. This one's for the review crew (did I just say review crew? ugh). What else do you do other than review games, if anything? Also, I see there is a quote from an review on the back of Shadow Hearts, and was wondering to whom it belonged.

6. While it seems there is a continent-wide PS2 mem card shortage, some schmuck brought 15 or so brand new, unformatted cards into our local Software Etc and sold them all. Hmmmmm...

You should visit Michigan. Not only is it like a little slice of Canada in the states, but Dow Chemical also controls our weather. That and half of the change in our pockets at any given time is Canadian.

The Crusader

Paws says:
You missed the train on Bullets (no pun intended), but you still do have me. That's good enough, right? =^^=

1. Is it worth the wait? I've played Lunar:SSSC, Lunar 2: EBC, and Vanguard Bandits, the three big titles outta WD the last couple years that I can think of, and thoroughly enjoyed all three (in fact, I reviewed two of them, and will review the third once I'm done playing). Yes, any wait I endured for these titles was well worth the enjoyment, but that's something that'll really vary from person to person. You may think it's a pig in a poke; if so, move on and buy other games. Maybe you'll have the money when it comes out; maybe not. But at least you won't be stuck hanging.

2. I'm just really getting into music from the games outside the games, so I haven't really followed trends The stuff I've been listening to recently have been FF vocal collections and Valkyrie Profile music. I'm afraid I can't distinguish artists' names yet =*^^*=

3. I got my teacher hooked into a GBC game...does that count? I was also at one point the only person actually allowed to tote a GB into class.

4. Xenochick? Hmm, dunno, haven't really seen her in the columns lately, have you?

5. We review everything we can get our greedy little mitts on. That's what PsoV is for - not just for reader reviews! Any staff review over, well, floating six months, would go into PsoV rather than onto index (depending how popular the game is), and only the first review. Games over a year old (retroviews), also go into Points of View updates, and we do them often enough, since we didn't have a stout review team back before 2000 really; more ragtagish.

6. I think it may just be regional. I phoned up a couple places locally, just for interest, and found that not only is there a 15$ difference between the higest and lowest price, most people have half a dozen mem cards or more with more on order.

I should visit lots of places. I'd like to do a tour all around the states by bus, but haven't gotten enough money or stopover points yet ;)

Moogle Moogle?

Greetings (monks sing) PAWS
I've been watching Slayers too the last few days. I just need some more money so I can get the third season of it. It's funny since it seems to poke fun of the RPG cliche's since many do occur. It's real scary since Lina reminds me of my ex-girlfriend since she looks and acts very much like her. Especilly since I saw her kick some guy in the groin for making a small chested comment. I've noticed that many females are sensitive about that.
What would you do if you had magic powers? I would be rather scary since I got a Linaesque temperment, appetite, and lust for valuables where I'd likely just fireball everyone that annoys me. I'm surprised you haven't Dragon Slaved Happosai yet?
Imperial Mog

Paws says:
Woo, sweet, a double dose of monks. I'm so honoured, Mog =*^^*=
I actually have kicked many a groin in my time; it was a phase when I was a young teenager (Now that I think back on it, I really pity my ex-boyfriends), but never for being called small chested, oddly enough.
Magical powers, eh? Well, I dunno what I'd use them for. Parlour tricks, maybe? Things to simplify my life. Instacooking! :D

The very Essence.

Greetings Paws-sama and Company!
Just so you know, my quote was from Albert Odyssey. =)
And here are my questions:

1.) Since I am currently thinking of music, what might your favorite, most moving song/scene, in a RPG be? If its a spoiler, don't bother with the scene.

2.)What is your opinion regarding anime to video game or vise versa ports? Honesty, I have to say its a different answer for every time myself.

3.)And for a bit of difference, what is your LEAST favorite RPG (not MMORPG since they all seem to go stale eventually. **cough** **cough** Evercrack **cough** **cough**)?

4.)In what game do these all appear? A young blond hero and his princess, and elderly scholar type, a phoenix, a transport shaped like a snail, an ancient sealed tower, the gems of light and darkness, and a rat-man who steals afore mentioned gems. (This one is for my own amusement. =) )

"The essence of imagination is to defy the boundries of reality."

-Essence Knight

Paws says:
1. Nothing beats the music from Chocobo Hot and Cold! Well, actually, some does, but I'm listening to it right now, so I'm prejudiced.
2. I'd have to agree with your disagreeing. It really is a case by case thing. It's just like every other video game, just with a more obvious source. You can't expect all games to be good. Well, you can, but you may end up being disappointed...
3. LEAST favourite...tough. I like just about everything I've played. Maybe Vandal Hearts. Some of those levels really ticked me off.
4. Sounds like Rhapsody, honestly. Maybe Rhapsody 2?

No underwear is safe...


First of all, Scavenger382 is not the only one who misses Quest for Glory. That's probably one of the most underrated RPGs... ever! Kids today complain about there not being any good games around... But that's an editorial, not a question. Sigh.

Hey, have you ever had a favorite RPG series that was really interesting and engrossing at first, and then the general public discovered it and it became such a hot property that it ostracized the niche market that made it popular and the series just became about wowing the audience and no longer about the actual story which became the least developed part of each game as time went on?
Then can I have your panties?

Paws says:
I had the distinct pleasure of watching one of my friends play it back in November. Those puns were wretched, in a good way. I just need to find a computer to run it on without speed adjustments. Probably mine x.x;

I've heard that gripe about Final Fantasy quite a bit. I've also heard it for the Lunar games/remakes. Depends whom you talked to and how long they've been an RPGamer for. If you had one specific in mind, feel free to toss it at me for tomorrow's column ;)


Heya peeps. Remember me? Anyway, I have a few Q's.

1) What is THE single most annoying scene from an RPG you know of? I'd have to say the Black Ship from BOFIII. *!*

2) Umm, I have some funky PS2 memory card by a 3rd party licenser, MagicGate, and it works perfectly fine! I recommend 'em. Though I don't know if they got banned too.

3) What kind of music do you wish they'd put more in RPGs?

4) Oh, and should some songs in RPGs have vocals? There are VERY few RPGs that have songs w/ vocals in other places than the intro and ending.

5) IS THERE an RPG where you steal cars for most of the game OTHER than GTA? (And GTA is BARELY an RPG...)

6) What's yall stance on MMORPGs?


8) Schnopps for all!


Paws says:
1. The single most annoying scene in an RPG was when I was on Disc 3 of FFVII with no memory card, and I smacked into Ruby Weapon.
2. I'm guessing you picked it up before the ban was in place. That, or they slipped through the cracks.
3. Stuff you can sing with or to. I love to sing, and I think it'd be nifty to sing to a video game =^^=.
4. Whoops, skipped ahead a question too fast. I think it'd be great to see it more often, but I suspect it would take both more time to produce and more time on the game itself, which would be major drawbacks.
5. I'll say the same thing to you I said to the last person who tried to convince me GTAs are RPGs: "Excuse me while I go laugh myself silly". I'm not gonna argue it isn't a good game series, they're really enjoyeable games...but they're not RPGs ;)
6. Too expensive. Otherwise, pretty darn cool.
8. Mmmm *slurp* Fuzzy navel.

And Now, Vertical!

Out of curiosity, what would you say is the most powerful magic item you own? (holds a pair of Paws' undergarments) Oh, and can I have these to go with yesterday's bra?

"Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black, White... this Time they're all mine!"

Paws says: You know, I answered this the last time I did Q&A to boot, but I'll change my answer:
It's this heavy metal Bra I'm going to beat you with, you old pervert!

Bet you didn't expect me to wrie my WHOLE letter in the subject line, and NOTHING in the letter itself, huh? Wait, I just... damn it...


Paws says: Except print nothing but the body, thus leaving everyone in confusion to point and laugh at you! See what an evil kitty I am?

The Last Laugh:

I'm beat, my reviewers all went out for the night. Tomorrow shall be my final column in this little stint, so be sure to send in any questions, comments, and the ilk, for me to print up a nice big juicy column =^^=

Paws "Bang up job"
Who wants to count my =^^='s today?

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