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Paws et al. - February 28 '02- Sometime in the not-so-far past

I think only those whom were present in #reviewhaven will fully understand the reference of today's column title, but that's the fun you miss when you're not on IRC. To join the ragtag bunch, head on over to any ol' PsoV update, and check the bottom of the page for connection information.

Castomel: Well, it's snowing, it's cold and there are wolves outside, so I'm in here helping Paws out for today. I'm also proofing a news story as we speak, so maybe I can share some hilarious news outtakes with you while I'm at it. Well... Actually that would require news outtakes being hilarious, so maybe I'll just stick to answering questions. If nothing else, it'll keep me from being eaten.

Amish: Take three for the RPGamer reviews staff! It's "Amish" Paul ready for another round of inquiries, and relieved of this week's batch of exams as of tonight. Until then...join us for chat on IRC.

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Right on Traks

Paws and friends,

What advice would you have for an aspiring reviewer who can keep up with current games yet seems to overrate?


Amish carriages:
Hey Traks, glad you asked that. For those lucky few who can keep up with some of the newer games, it makes your ability to criticize any game even better. When comparing any aspect of the game you're reviewing (e.g. sounds, visuals, etc.) compare it to similar games you've played before, preferrably on that system (like a PS2 vs. a PS2 title). Also remember that if you decide to go retro and review a game like, Dragon Warrior 1...Also remember that if you decide to go retro and review a game like, Dragon Warrior 1...consider the era when it was released. Compare it to titles you've played before, and most importantly, whether you like the game or not. A game may have great FMV's, great sound, and a great interface...but if you didn't enjoy playing it, what's the point of giving it a good score? Hope that helps.

Paws says:
Write the review, do the scores (in no particular order), go play the game again for two hours, then go back and read your review. Was that point you drooled over REALLY that good? Maybe you brushed over something you remembered was annoying. Maybe it really was that damn good. Try leaving the review for a day, then coming back to it. Or, my favourite, reading it aloud =^^=

Daily Kooshiness

Hey Pazu

It's nice and chilly here in Regina, Sask., and since my favorite Curlin' Kitty is doing Q&A, I considered sending in a question.....or four. :P

If you bought a PS2, what would the first RPG that you'd get be...besides the obvious, FFX?

If you bought a Gamecube, what would the first RPG that you'd get be?

Do you believe there will be a Harry Potter sequel?

And finally, on a totally unrelated topic...who is your favorite to win the Scott Tournament of Hearts


Paws says:
I don't like that nickname, and you know it Jay :P
1. I'm burning to play Shadow Hearts, as it looks to be an excellent game. Also considering Okage: Shadow King, and Dark Cloud now that it's a greatest hit. I like dungeon crawls =^^=
2. Gamecube would either go to Rune or Skies of Arcadia. Rune's just about the only game not being ported I've hear any noise about (not including the Zelda), and SoA I wanna play.
3. There are 4 books so far (with intents for more), 1 movie (with intents for more), and 1 game (with intents for more). I think that answers the question.
4. Easy. Ontario! *waves Ontario flag*'s all the same.

Paws, ASV, Amish, good evening to you all. :)

So you have taken over for Googleshng for the week, eh? Is 'takeover' the operative word?

1. Who is the greatest RPG villain ever? Who was the most unique; in both said villain's time and by todays standards.

2. What RPG Villain had the greatest voice; of those who had voices.

3. Ever play Vanguard Bandits? What did you think of it? Personally, I found having a finite amount of XP to reap an interesting challenge, and a definate block on powergaming.

5. Has there been any sort of news at all on Skies of Arcadia 2? I recall there being some words bout it in the past, then it all sorta fizzled out.

7. Chili, is it tasty or what?

11. Why is it so hard to find a good pic of Vinsfield Rhadamanthus?

And finally, what number would the question after my Vinsfield on be, if it had a number?

I hope I manged to ask a good question in there somewhere. Til next time. :)

Uncle Pervy

Castomel edits:
1. Golbez from FFIV would have to be the most annoyingly effective villain around. I still remember back when I was 11 and that disembodied hand came along and grabbed the crystal from right in front of me. In retrospect, I should've seen it coming, what with the seemingly endless string of mishaps involving Golbez outwitting Cecil just one more time, but I was still young and impressionable, and more importantly, gullible(for example, I also never caught on to how Inspector Gadget had the same plot every time.) That said, Lavos was far more evil and sinister, so as for the greatest villain, he'd have to get the nod. And unique! You don't see too many games about sentient meteors eating planets from the inside out. Well... except maybe Star Ocean 2, and it doesn't count because I never finished it.
2. Best voice would have to go to Ghaleon in the original Sega CD, mostly because of the unfortunate plays on his name that seemed really funny when I was 13 that it conjured up.
3. Nope... and incidentally, I hate any term that starts with the prefix "power". It calls to mind evil 30-something women glorifying their almost-lunches as some sort of ceremony.
5. Fizzled it was, and unfortunately, fizzled it remains. All there is to substantiate this is a rumour from way back in November of 2000. That said, if word of a sequel does come along, RPGamer's top notch news team will be there to bring it to you. </shameless plug>
7. Mmm... chili... is there anything you can't do? Too bad Dave Thomas isn't around to hawk it anymore ;_;
11. I don't know what you're talking about.. I found a perfectly good pencil sketch right here:
And it'd have to be... the number H. As in "Put it in H!"

Paws says:
1. Lloyd, from LoD. Just because he had the suckiest name for a villain ever.
2. Ghaleon. He gives me little shivers, it's cool.
3. I reviewed Vanguard Bandits. It can be found right around here.
5. Depends if you mean the port to the GCN or a sequel ;)
7. Yes, but only when it has ground turkey. And LOTS of chick peans. And diced onion, the maroonish kind.
11. Have you tried Altavista's image search? I did that once for Samurai Pizza cats pics =^^=

Well, if the sequence had been 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, I woulda known the answer, as that's one of those nifty things I picked up in Algebra, but the way you have it, sorry, I don't.

Sneaking one more in

Heya Paws!! How are you? I have one question that has been troubling me... maybe you can help me out:

For Final Fantasy 11, or any PS2 modem game for that matter, would we have to get a completely seperate connection? or is it possible to use our computers connection?... because I really don't want to be paying for 2 modem connections.


Castomel shuffles his news releases:
Well... as far as I know, Sony hasn't really been very specific on that. A number of companies have stepped up and revealed they are developing various modems of various goodness, but nobody's talking about monthly rates, connection schemes, or how much extra they'd like to charge you for a bonus connection. Even so, PSO was playable through pre-existing ISPs, so hopefully Sony won't be too money-grubbing (besides, they already have Square to do that for them.) Which is to say, I'd wait for the PC version of FFXI.

Paws says:
I believe this is one of those instances where I just...nod my head, and let the other person talk =^^;=.

It's that Imperial Time again!

Greetings (monks sing) PAWS
When is the Arc the Lad collection coming out? I have had it reserved as my birthday present but my birthday was in October. That and what would happen if Nall breathed in helium? You know I could deal with Happosai for you and just a note, I did find my monks for you since they vanished in September.
Imperial Mog

ASV wishy washies:
I believe Arc the Lad Collection has the nebulous release date of 'March' at the moment, but if the trend of pushing it back continues, it could honestly be anytime. I'd have to think that Working Designs is getting tired of it by now, though. As for Nall on helium... I don't want to imagine. It'd be like peppy the magical flying squirrel meets Mike Tyson... And that can't be a good thing.

Paws says:
Aww, Mog, I'm touched, monks just for me? You're making me blush =*^^*=. As for Arc, well, it's Working Designs, they strive for the best at the cost of time. But fret not, as we'll hopefully have a review right around the release date, so you know for sure it's out ;).

Teeny Tiny Text != Good.

Hello Paws and others,
I have a few questions, the first and main one is this; I heard that there was some things different with Grandia 2 for the playstation 2 compared to its Dreamcast version. What are these differences? and are they major?

My second question is, which do you think skies of arcadia will look better on the ps2 or gamecube? i dont know which one i should get it for, any reccomendations on that?

Thirdly, do you watch anime? if so what is your favorite. mines Slayers, i just love that series, especially Xellos, he is so cool, ^_^.

Fourth, I am not sure if you have told everyone yet, but which rpg do you have the most fondness memories of?
And lastly will you marry me?
~Niimaru Warumono

ASV reviews his facts:
1) I'm not 100% sure of the differences between the DC and PS2 versions of Grandia 2, offhand, although I seem to recall them being just superficial graphical updates and the addition of a couple cutscenes.
2) SoA will be awesome regardless of the console you buy it for. Although, with the extra texturing power of the GCN, I'd get that one personally. If you have both consoles you can either flip a coin or buy it for the one you have fewer games for, though, if you want to be democratic about it.
3) Doesn't everyone watch anime? Seriously, though. I do watch some anime (though nothing on the Cartoon Network thank the merciful Gods... DB and Gundam... Ugh...) and have found myself 'specially attracted to anything fantasy. So, that said, it almost goes without saying that Fushigi Yugi and Lodoss are pretty high on my list.
4) Do I say FFVI because I love it so, or AD∓D Treasures of Tarmin ('cause it was my first)? Well... Now that I think about it. Treasures of Tarmin gives me nightmares still... Darned minotaur. So, FFVI it is.
5) Nope. Can't say as I'll marry you.

Paws says:

Hunhn?! What?! MARRIED?! Uhm...can I think about it? =^^;;;=

I'm actually currently watching The Slayers, about 6-7 eps in. Lina rocks.
Fondest memories, I'm not sure if it goes to Shining Force, or FFIX. Yes, I know, weird combination.

Return of the Long Letters

Greetings Paws and Company!

Just an FYI yes, Sony did take away the licensing rights from MadCatz and Nyko to make their third party memory cards for PS2. I am not sure why, but we were told in the same update about stock coming in that it was true. The only company authorized currently is the Interactive brand. (Which by the way is absolutely horrible, requiring a boot up disc and having more returns in one day then XBoxes. For those not getting that joke, about 1/2 of the XBOXs shipped to the Best Buy Co. Stores on release date were defective. **Curses Bill Gates yet one more time.** ) So Sony has effectively taken out the only decent third party memory cards IMHO... **sighs**

As for my quickie questions....

1.) Have any of you staffers heard of a game called Forever Kingdom for PS2? Hit the shelves about two weeks or so ago and I was looking at it. Nice box art, but other then that I cannot seem to find a review before I spend the cash to try it. Seems to be a RPG where you control three characters, Darius (main character), Ryana (childhood friend), and a woman named Fillna to avenge his slain family. (Got all that from the box description =/)

2.)If anyone remembers this quote, considering you are taking WD game questions, I'll be pretty surprised. =)

"They maintain lowfat high-protein diets, and sprinkle wheat germ on everything..."

Essence Knight

ASV, for 3 points:
I can't say as I've ever been terribly impressed with ANY third party hardware, to be honest. But I agree that Interact makes some of the crappiest... Well... Crap, that I've had the misfortune of using.
1) In fact... I have heard of Forever Kingdom. But, as I don't own a PS2 I know virtually nothing about it. In fact, your knowledge far transcends my own. Good luck hunting it down.
2) You may have just totally snapped my rational mind. Now I must find the answer to this question.

Paws says:
I've, well, never used third party equipment until this december, when I received a pelican light for my GBA. It is unbelievably helpful, and since I already got one nasty scratch on the edge of the screen, I really appreciate the protection it gives to the monitor too.
Forever Kingdom...another game I'd like to try once I get a PS2. I believe Mikel has a copy and will be reviewing it, but don't quote me.

And Now, Vertical!

X doesn't merge with Rush, plain 'ol Megaman does. X has all those special armors from Dr. Light's capsules. (holds up one of Paws' bras) Oh, can I keep this?


Paws says: Yeah, yeah, I realized that after going back and playing. Too much time around M3 methinks x.x;; H-Hey! I need that, give it back! Great. Now I'm going to bounce all over the column.

"The Shockwave of the Second Blitz" comes from S.CRY.ed (or Scryed if you prefer the more conventional spelling/syllable arrangement).

Makes me wonder how many other people got this...

ASV quotes: Indeed, you are correct. I think Amish owes you some kind of grape jelly pastry... At least, as I understood the arrangement. Either that or a mention in the next PsoV update. I always forget which is which.

Hello Paws,
I have a problem that may interest you. I have almost complete reviews for Bahamut Lagoon, Dragon Quest 6, LiveALive, Rudra no Hihou, Treasure Hunter G, Front Mission, Star Ocean, and even a few for games that have already been reviewed. Actually, the Bahamut Lagoon one is done, but I need to find some decent screens. This leads to my problem. My perfectionism is conflicting with my lazyness. What should I do?
Also, what's ASV stand for or where's it come from?

ASV reveals: I'd go find some screens you like and attach them to those reviews. Why? Because every single one of those games is on the 'To Do' list. As for ASV. I've been wondering when a non-IRC person would ask. ASV are the initials of a character for a story that I wrote a long time ago.
Extended out the name is Arius Sergei Vaitso. Nonsensical, but the name stuck to me, because my friends are weird.

Paws says: Reviews can be done without screens.

The Last Laugh:

Tomrrow shall be Bullets back yet again, so he and I will be pairing up to answer questions. We've played a little bit of email tag, and you know, he's a really interesting if you couldn't tell from his columns. Write to us, you never know, your letter just might make it! =^^=

Paws "Record speed doing a column"
I think I'll go watch some Final Fantasy Unlimited now...

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