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Paws et al. - February 27 '02- Sometime in the not-so-far past

We return for a second day of madness, mayhem, feline inclinations, and of course, your questions. We've added a fourth person to our roster today, with a possible fifth popping in randomly.

DragoonT: 'Rising in the East, The Burning Sun. Clan Dragoon T, Newbie Staffer. Confusion on Land, Chaos in the Heavens!'(And a Cookie to whoever guesses that refrence)

Ciddy: w00t w00t Ciddy in da howwwse! Everyone's least fave RPGrunt has slickly slid his way into Q&A, so let's raise the vertical limit of the ceiling and get those questions rolling! ^_^

Amish: Just like to remind our readers that we have a challenge for anyone who is interested in the honorary tilde. The quote is "The Shockwave of the Second Blitz!" Good luck, and tomorrow we'll be answering questions on Shadow Hearts and Working Designs games, among other things.

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Look! It's the Newbie!

Greetings (Googleshng sings in a fuku) Paws Have you ever had fun with those translator things on the internet? What's funny is how it makes perfect Daravonese. Also it's funny with Amish since oxymorinic terms are just funny. Am I also the only one who thinks that Kingdom Hearts sounds like some really demented fanfic that I could come up with? I mean having a screenshot of Winnie the Pooh and Cloud is just really odd. But then again, I made a joke about Solaris in Xenogears have Oompa-Loompas as the workers, complete with a song explaining the mystery meat. Have you even started college yet? Since if you haven't then I won't feel like a total failure and actually cheer me up since I do tend to sulk a lot. You can tend to find me online a lot.
Imperial Mog

DragoonT sneaks in:
Actually, despite the Prevailing Darvonese, I've found those translators to be quite useful. You just have to get used to Gundam being called the 'Cancer-Dam'. As to College, I currently can't afford to attend, but I hope that will change soon

Paws says:
For those of you not aware, DragoonT (Tony) is our newest addition to the reviews team. He sticks to import re(tro)views, as well as RPGuides. As for your questions, Mog, I have fun with those translators on a nearly daily basis, and my Japanese isn't even close to good enough to read it. One or two characters, maybe, but that's about it. Alas, I have not started college yet. I'm trying to figure out if I can financially be able to go back in September right now. We'll have to see how fast I get a new job.

Bringing Bruce into the fold.

Well hello Paws and the RPGamer crew,

I am a little new to the RPGamer site, never really looked around it until recently and I have to say I was quite impressed by the collection of feature art/fan art I've seen here. Being a fellow gamer and RPG fanatic one might ask, "What the heck is wrong with you?!" Well, I haven't had a need for it until now and its been a good help to me so far. Thanks to Paws for bringing me about it again. =) Keep up the good work! d-^_^-b I guess I could keep writing on, but this is a question and answer session. So let us pop to the questions.

#1) I have been a real fan of work of Working Designs and their partners in the past, it one game remains to hit above all and that was the Shooter/RPG, Elemental Gearbolt. Seeing how you guys have the hook up, is there any news of possible 2nd coming of such a unique concept to RPG gaming say to future consoles?

#2) Now I may be contridicting myself for asking something like this but as a fellow gamer I have to ask, What do the people of RPGamer prefer more, PC RPGs or Console RPGs? Tis an honest question, but don't hold back if you want to bop me for it.

#3) Now their are many concepts out there that one could base an RPG on, heck there was even a Samuari Showdown RPG back in the day. For our three hosts, if there was a concept (and im talking any concept) out there that you could base an RPG off of, What would it be? or if it has come about what is it?

I'll leave these for now, so have at em and I hope to see this up on the page.

-Bruce, The Gamer and MU*er with too many names.

Look, it's Ciddy:
1. Ahhh, Elemental Gearbolt... Such an underrated game, I must say. I *did* see it playing at this year's Katsucon, though, so it's not a total popularity flop. =) 'course, I'm not sure why it's branded as a 'Shooter/RPG' hybrid, since it's just a shooter that happens to use experience points of sorts... Though experience points tends to make any game an RPG in this day and age... Now for the actual question, I personally don't have the 'hook up' in terms of video game news but I really hope something turns up. Why am I suddenly picturing an online shooter reminiscent of Diablo with powerup items for your guns? o_o ::is dragged away in his straightjacket::
2. Hah, well I myself prefer console RPGs. Basically it all comes down to how relaxed I am when I play. I'm much more into menus and stuff that promotes the lack of hand-eye coordination, which console RPGs tend to incorporate (and are deemed 'Action-RPGs' as necessary). PC RPGs are more of a real-time point and click interface, which is fun, but doesn't let me snuggle in my bed at 3:30AM and play till I fall asleep. I can't do that with PC RPGs... My wrist gets cramped after only an hour of Diablo II when I can go for 10 hours straight playing a console RPG and have no joint problems. When those mentally-powered mouses start working effectively, I might reconsider. =)

Paws says:
1. I have yet to play Elemental Gearbolt, being that I only picked up a DC in...November. Shameful, yes, but hey, the price was right! I'm starting to slowly get my hands on DC games (ooh, time stalkers!), so be patient =^^=
2. Simply because we currently cover them predominantly, console RPGs. We do cover as many PC RPGs as we can, but consider this: the requirements of PC games are always on the rise. Specs for a PS2 game are always the same.
3. Actually, I remember writing up a news story about a pretend game I'd like to see in my application, and it was like a girl rescuing a guy. Lo and behold, Rhapsody came out. I found it quite disturbing someone had crept into my head and stole the idea!

More Turkey Stuffing

Dear kitty and slaves..

How many staff reviewers are there anyway? I always see more of them, are you cloning revieweres now?
I want everyone reading this to go to information on the side bar and visit my section, and editorials too. ( section whoring? Me? never. ) So what do you do if staffers don't update weekly like they are supposed to? I ask since... I forgot to last week. please forgive me! Don't use the whip again....

On Another note, do you think you will help anyone's love life in the round of Q&A? You always do so well with the staffers.

anyway enough sugar induced ramblin.

TRC Hail Scorpio!

Paws says:
There are currently 8 reviewers: Jake Alley, Mikel Tidwell, Zachary Lewis, Paul Koehler, Stewart Bishop, Andrew Long, Tony Green, and myself. Note only 4 of these people do current reviews. Some do import, some retroviews, some do whatever they can whenever they can.
As for Love Doctorin', well, I suppose if people ask I will.

Sneaking one more in

Hey-o Paws-san!

In response to Ziggy (the guy who asked if Skies of Arcadia is a better buy than PSO), it all depends on what you want in a game. Both are great, but PSO is mainly hack-and-slash. Lots of hack-and-slash. Lots of very ADDICTING hack-and-slash, so I'd say only buy it if you have a lot of time on your hands. PSO is basically the RPG equivolent of crack. So if you don't have a lot of time to invest in it, go with SoA. But both are a lot of fun, so it's a win-win situation.

(And to ASV: Dr. Wily rules.)

~Slightly Crazed Izlude Fan
(shameless plug to claim your own cute 'n' cuddly FF character below...)

DragoonT leaps in for one more:
Actually, to People who ask me, I've told them that PSO is basicly the Console equivilent of Diablo, at least in my eyes. Then again, I don't Like PSO or Diablo(Or any MMORPG) at all, so I might be abit biased. And Dr Wily has nothing on Dr. Cain. Chill Penguin...'Nuff Said.

Paws says:
Bah. Nothing beats Rush. Because Rush is cool.

Another letter just for me...

Three =^^=s in the last column.

That is all.


Paws says:
I do use them a bit less than I used to, but I'd just like to take this time to note it's probably because I tattooed it onto my arm. Yes, that would be my second tattoo. The first is right down there on my banner - I scanned a pic of the tattoo and Jay used it to make that banner for me. Jay also made banners for TRC and DragoonT. He's quite good. Oh, yes, and =^^=!



I'd just like to state that unlike what was implied yesterday, I am NOT a writing desk.

Oh, and just to put you on the spot, which one of my reviews is your favorite? It doesn't really matter what criteria you use to decide, but your answer would be entertaining to hear nonetheless.

-Red Raven

Amish paradise:
Straight from the man who wrote so much he has a category named after him ;-D. Well, my favorite of yours has to be on Legend of Mana, titled "Pretty. Plotless. Experience.". How appropriate a title, and what a shame to the Seiken Densetsu series.

Paws says:
Simon! :D I'd have to say my favourite review written by you is...tough choice. Just to be weird, I'll say either your Ogre Battle review (your first one, posted on my birthday), or your RPGMaker review (you brave, brave soul) =^^=

Long, long letters go all the quicker.


While reading the march issue of PSM I read an article that stated that Sony took away all licensing rights from third party hardware manufacturers. This means Sony is apparently the only ones making Memory cards right now. By the way I work in the electronics section at Wal-Mart and we have been told we won't get any until mid-April.

Rpg Question: In Grandia 2 what is the refresh rate of monsters in the areas where you can fight? I would like to level up more than I am able to, because the monsters don't come back when I leave the screen and come back. Any help would be greatly appreciated because Grandia 2 is awesome and I would like my characters to "whoop ass" as my 53 year old uncle who plays RPGs would say.

thank you for your help
Vlad the Wretched

Jake looks up from proofing a review:
A- I believe that, like the original, they come back if you save it and shut it off, or leave the area entirely...
B- Isn't it easy enough without extra character building?

Paws says:
So many little time. Interesting to know about the PS2 cards, but IMO, it's gonna work about as good as Square saying they don't want strategy guides or FAQs published.

And Now, Vertical!

Paws! (Happosai jumps up and clutches Paws) Ahh, sweet Paws, let me rest upon your soft busom...


Paws says: I'm never sure if I should beat him off with a stick, or just leave him there, since you KNOW he's gonna be back... =^^;=

For Amish: What is the longest you have taken to complete an RPG the first time through? For me it is Dragon Warrior VII, which still is not complete. I absolutely must master every human class ;)
For all: Do you think you can invade the Q&A more often? Thanks guys and gal!


Amish quotes: Final Fantasy X, believe it or not. The first time through, I spent 76 hours before finishing it. Great stuff, but my Final Fantasy Tactics game will probably break that record at this rate. As for Dragon Warrior VII, 30 hours...and nowhere near the Teen Idol class ;-D
Paws says: Well, I can't borrow it too often...I do have my own section and media to run.

A word about your banner:

A question: Mega, Zero, or X?

A caricature: x()~

Paws says: MOUSE! *chase chase chase*
Oh, and X. Cuz he combines with Rush.

The Last Laugh:

Ah, yes, in Google's spare time, a rant appeared. You can find it right about here!

Tomorrow shall be coined love life questions, working designs, games you'd like to see reviewed, and anything else you feel like asking!

Paws "Record speed doing a column"
I say hello to FFMUSH. Though I bet many of them will not notice =^^=

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