Updated September 29, 2006

L U C A ' S   Q U E S T I O N S

Bow to me!!


#L1. (Number of SNES Megaman games in US) x (Number of FFVIII playable characters) x (Number of Dungeons in LoZ: Link to the Past (excluding the Pyramid where Ganon lies)) = ?

A. 225
B. 390
C. 660
D. 715
E. 810
F. 930

Answer to #L1: C or D.
5 Megaman games (MMX1-3, MM7, MM Soccer) x 11 FFVIII Characters (Squall, Rinoa, Quistis, Zell, Selphie, Irvine, Ward, Kiros, Laguna, Edea, Seifer) x 12 -or- 13 Dungeons (Hyrule Castle/Sewer. Could have been 1 or 2, since you go there twice, but in completely different parts, 3 Pendant dungeons, 7 Crystal dungeons, and Ganon's Tower) = 660 or 715.

#L2. Terra = G. Maxim = R. Lemina = B. Eclair = ?

A. G
B. P
C. R
D. Y
E. B
F. H

Answer to #L2: B. P.
The question referred to hair color. Terra = G = Green, Maxim = Red = R, Lemina = Blonde = B, and Eclair = Purple = P! Good job, those of you who got this one!

#L3. Complete this sentence: "Something of the Thread, Something of the Head, Something of the _______, and Something of the ______."

A. Lead, Dead
B. Dead, Bread
C. Body, Tread
D. Tread, Bread
E. Lead, Body
F. Body, Dead

Answer to #L3: F. Body, Dead.
That ones comes from Monkey Island II: LeChuck's revenge! Gotta love those monkeys.

#L4. How many punctuation marks are missing from this sentence: [It was and I said not are and and and are are different].

A. 3
B. 5
C. 7
D. 9
E. 12
F. 15

Answer to #L4: E. 12!
It was "and," I said, not "are," and "and" and "are" are different! This was implied as a non-quote, but I gave you credit if you said 16 and explained why, as well.

#L5. I just saw a kid get hit with a van. My friend Glenn then calculated the radius of a circle. Lastly, I came across a viper devouring a lynx. If numbers represent letters, what game am I talking about?

A. 15
B. 66
C. 33
D. 14
E. 25
F. 83

Answer to #L5: C. 33
Tricky, no? Kid, Van, Glenn, Radius, Viper, and Lynx are all characters from Chrono Cross. 33 = CC. A good number of you got this one right, though. But maybe this next question will decide whether or not Luca attacks...

#L6. In the woods where those crazy monkeys live, the door to the Great Tree is locked! What do you do?

A. Find the key!
B. Call a locksmith!
C. Bomb it!
D. Hit the switch!
E. Wait for a guard to open it!
F. Break it down!

Answer to #L6: B. Call a locksmith!
Hehe. This is from the Murgg woods in Alundra, where you literally grab someone from town to come and unlock the door for you.

#L7. What are the two major hidden statistics that every Pokemon has?

A. DVs and IVs
B. GVs and DVs
C. IVs and EVs
D. Nature and DVs
E. Nature and UVs
F. DVs and GVs

Answer to #L7: C. IVs and EVs
Individual Values and Effort Values are essentially hidden statistics in the later Pokemon games that affect the other statistics depending on each Pokemon.

#L8. Assuming that:

  • Yakra was going to die anyway the year that Crono defeats him,
  • That when a Yakra dies, another is born immediately,
  • Yakras live for only 35 years, unless killed. Assume none have died prematurely (other than the obvious).
How old is the next Yakra that Crono defeats when they fight?

A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20
E. 25
F. 30

Answer to #L8: C. 15.
You fight Yakra I in 600AD. You fight Yakra XIII in 1000AD. So there are 11 Yakras in between those two...35 x 11 = 385. So therefore Yakra XIII was born 385 years after 600AD, or 985AD. In 1000AD, he is 15 years old.

#L9. 4 men need to cross a bridge. Person 1 can make it across in 1 minute, Person 2 in 2 minutes, Person 3 in 5 minutes, and Person 4 in 10 minutes. They only have ONE flashlight, which they need to cross the bridge. The bridge is only wide enough that only up to two men can go at a time. They cannot throw the flashlight across the bridge, they must bring it across somehow. If two men are walking across the bridge, it takes them as long as it takes the slower man. What's the shortest time it takes them to cross?

A. 10 min.
B. 12 min.
C. 15 min.
D. 16 min.
E. 17 min.
F. 20 min.

Answer to #L9: E. 17.
This was NOT a trick question, people. :P - AB across, 2 min. B back, 2 min. CD across, 10 min. A back, 1 min. AB across, 2 min. = 17 minutes.

#L10. In Lunar 2, this city is governed by the True Holy Fist.

A. Dalton
B. Meribia
C. Larpa
D. Vane
E. Zaback
F. Pentagulia

Answer to #L10: B. Meribia.

#L11. One of these anagrammed games never made it stateside...which is it?


Answer to #L11: A. NAIL RAN COG GO.
Racing Lagoon. Some strange hybrid racing-RPG that Square created way back when. If you're curious, the other answers were Chrono Cross, Einhander, Guardian's Crusade, Parasite Eve, and Granstream Saga.

#L12. How many combinations of characters and classes can you have in Seiken Densetsu 3?

A. 6
B. 343
C. 4320
D. 6860
E. 25920
F. 41160

Answer to #L12: D. 6860.
Statistics time. 20 combinations of 3 characters (6 choose 3) x 7 classes for character 1 x 7 classes for character 2 x 7 classes for character 3 = 20 x 343 = 6860.

#L13. A very, very old Squaresoft RPG that never made it here shares some parallels with American Literature. What (relatively) recent major TV show has a prominent character that shares the game's main character's last name?

A. House, M.D.
B. 24
C. Lost
D. Grey's Anatomy
E. The 4400
F. The Sopranos

Answer to #L13: C. Lost
The game in question was "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," and for the life of me, I have no idea why the hell they would make a game with that. Anyway, there is a character named Sawyer in LOST, who plays a major role in the cast.

#L14. On which Japanese island is the shrine dedicated to the goddess portrayed as a wolf in Okami, torn down and rebuilt every twenty years?

A. Honshu
B. Hokkaido
C. Kyushu
D. Shikoku
E. Okinawa
F. Ryukyu Islands

Answer to #L14: A. Honshu
The Grand Shrine of Ise is in Ise, Japan, on the island of Honshu, dedicated to Amaterasu Omikami!

T H O N G   Q U E S T I O N S

#1. Who is the adopted daughter of Genkaku?

A. Lorelai
B. Nanami
C. Wakaba
D. Windy
E. Pam

Answer to #1: B. Nanami.

#2. Which Xenosaga term does not belong?

B. Peche
C. Albedo
D. Sin
E. Peach

Answer to #2: C. Albedo
Albedo is the only word that is not derived from some form of "peche." MOMO = peach = pêche, and Sin = péché. It was tricky, eh? ^^. Variable Difficulty, mein friends.

#3. In Crystalis, in Wind Valley, how many trees are there?

A. 43
B. 27
C. 10
D. 52
E. 38

Answer to #3: A. 43
I just want to let you know that I didn't pull out the game in ANY form to find this question. How did I do it, then...?

#4.Which of the following does not belong?

A. Animal Friend
B. Better Criticals
C. Mutate!
D. Scout
E. Master Trader

Answer to #4: A -or- D.
Sigh. I need to research more, apparently. My answer was D, as it's the only one you do not gain at Level 9 in Fallout 1. A, however, does not exist in Fallout 2. So, theoretically, both could be right. Now I know how Matt felt with his Lufia question. You limey bastards. :P

#5. If I told you that I was in the mood for sacrificial bacon, RPG-wise, what should be the first thing to pop into your mind?

A. A play by Shakespeare.
B. A giant tower being built towards the heavens.
C. A fanatical cult.
D. An evil chef.
E. A fortune teller's dying wish.

Answer to #5: A. A play by Shakespeare.
Ok, I'm REALLY, really surprised that more people didn't get this question right. Come on guys, haven't you played Illusion of Gaia? The Princess's pig, Hamlet, sacrifices himself so that the party can survive! Told you you'd be kicking yourselves. A few of you thought it was a reference to Roger Bacon in Shadow Hearts, but...he never really sacrificed anything (nor himself), and none of the answers really reflected that game.

#6.The following are IN ORDER: Resonance, Fusion, Selection, Conception, Liberation, ___________.

A. Obfuscation
B. Destruction
C. Discord
D. Evolution
E. Rebirth

Answer to #6: D. Evolution
Pretty straightforward...just the chapters from Parasite Eve. I was lazy and just looked at guides online, so the order of the chapters was wrong, but the answer was still pretty obvious. Pretty much all of you got this right.

#7.Difficulty: Easy
If you thought that this question was worth about 80 points, who would you be?

A. Ashton
B. Claude
C. Fayt
D. Maria
E. Cliff

Answer to #7: B. Claude
This refers to one of Claude's annoying after-battle quotes from Star Ocean 2: Second Story, where he says "That looks like it's about 80 points," or something like it. He says it entirely too often, so this question should have been a cake-walk.

#8.Difficulty: Medium
In 600AD, the following items are in the Queen's bedroom of Guardia Castle: Bed, Carpet, Table, Water Jug, Chair, Treasure Chest, and one other item. What is it?

A. Spinning Wheel
B. Suit of Armor
C. Dresser
D. Guardia Crest
E. Loom

Answer to #8: A. Spinning Wheel
You know, that thingy that Rumplestiltskin spins the gold thread on. It's sitting right there, in the bottom right of the room! :P

#9.Difficulty: Hard
Fei Fong Wong enters battle against three enemies. He dispatches the first one with Senretsu. He then destroys the next one with Fukei. Last, he utterly ravages the final enemy with Yamikei. How many buttons needed to be pressed for this sequence of events?

A. 10
B. 11
C. 12
D. 13
E. 14

Answer to #9: E. 14
Because you don't need to press any extra buttons to specifically select an enemy (unless you wish to change, which wasn't discussed), all you need to do is press Attack each turn, followed by the combo. Senretsu = 3 buttons, Fukei = 5 buttons, Yamikei = 3 buttons. 3 + 3 + 5 + 3 = 14.

#10.Difficulty: Relatively Easy
Which of the following games included a group of enemies that emulated a small group of teenagers that used to be seen on TV fighting enemies called Puttys?

A. Final Fantasy IX
B. Chrono Cross
C. Xenosaga II
D. Super Mario RPG
E. Dragon Warrior VIII

Answer to #10: D. Super Mario RPG
The Axem Rangers!

#11.Difficulty: Medium
The Dispel Illusion Stone most likely does what?

A. Allows you to cross a room that has invisible walls.
B. Allows you to fight a real boss rather than his doppelganger.
C. Allows you to cross a gorge (that isn't really there) that normally causes your character to freeze in terror.
D. Allows you to choose the correct door during an evil magician's show.
E. Allows you to see the tower covered in a shroud of invisibility.

Answer to #11: B. Allows you to fight a real boss rather than his doppelganger.
This is from Legend of Dragoon, and allows you to fight a giant pain-in-the-neck boss.

#12.Difficulty: Hard
In this game, three of the skills are actually named after things that you might find in a home.

A. Chrono Cross
B. Dragon Quest VIII
C. Saga Frontier II
D. Wild ARMs
E. Lost Kingdoms

Answer to #12: C. SaGa Frontier II
Skewer, Kitchen Sink, Lawnmower, Yo-Yo were all in the game as skills each character could learn.

#13.Difficulty: Easy
There is a specific order in which you fight the full-fledged dragon bosses in Secret of Mana. What colors represent this?

A. Blue, Red, Gray
B. Red, Blue, Gray
C. Gray, Blue, Red
D. Blue, Gray, Red
E. Gray, Red Blue

Answer to #13: E. Gray, Red, Blue
The colors of the dragons are these. The names are Snow, Red, and Blue Dragons.

#14.Difficulty: Medium
The Vault Dweller's attire most closely has the same colors of what state's flag?

A. Alabama
B. Indiana
C. New Mexico
D. Texas
E. Maryland

Answer to #14: B. Indiana.
Much like the Vault Dweller's Blue and Yellow Jumpsuit, the flag of Indiana is made up of only Blue and Yellow.

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