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Hidden in a Blanket of Smoke December 11, 2006

Bainick - 10:20 EST

Its a-me, Bainick (aka Nicholas "Whiter then Sour Cream" de Leeuw), here again for what is my 7th or 8th (I've lost count) guest host position in the Q&A section. You may know me from the forum's (Where my name is bain_nick due to me creating it at the start of 2005 and not visiting this site until around Matt's apperaence) and the Saving Throw (Go me), and currently residing in the state of Victoria, which is currently being attacked by a multi-pronged assult by bushfires. Luckily, we have the best Volunteer Fire Brigade in the World!

Now at the start of the year I created a list of what games I wanted to buy this year. Now I thought I was only going to buy about 12 games this year but I have, up to this point bought in no particular order; Magna Carta (Terrible game), Dragon Quest 8, Suikoden Tactics, Sukoden 5, Samurai Warriors 2, Harvest moon DS, LOZ: Twilight Proncess, New Super Mario Bros.,Wild Arms 4, Children of Mana, Star Fox DS, Pokemon Mysterie Dungeon Blue, Mario 3 on 3 Basketball,Yoshi's Island DS, Xenosaga 2, Drakengard 2, Harvest Fishing, Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, Lunar Genesis, Galatic Civilization, Baulders Gate 1,2, and expansions, Settlers 5 2nd Expansion, Dynasty Warriors 2 (I wanted it), Snowboard Kids DS (Not as goos as the 64 games), Kingdom Hearts 2 annnnd the Wii.

A lot, isn't it?
I also increased my DVD collection from 3 to about 20!

Oh and I started these replys at about 10:30 and its now 12:30. And I'm only guest hosting. Respect increase towards Ouro and Matt jumps 30 points!

Oh and My Random 6 tunes from my PC (As i don't own an ipod) are: White and Nerdy - Weird Al, Float On - Modest Mouse, Pachelbel's Ganon- dj Pretzel, Bones - The Killers, El Manana - Gorillaz and Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin (The best song never to be released as a single).

So anywho on with the show and no eating my popcorn lest thee face the wrath of mister fork!

Bainick has never played a Silent Hill, but as watched his brother play EVERY second of all 4 of them.

Bainicks Top 5 games he wanted but did not get in 2006:
1: Final Fantasy 12
2: Harvest Moon: Magical Melody
3: Dynasty Warriors DS
4: Disgaea 2
5: Magical Starsign

Bainick's top 5 most played games of 2006:
1: Samurai Wariors 2
2: Harvest Moon DS
3: Pokemon Emerald
4: Suikoden 5
5: Utopia (MMORPG)

Gotta start somewhere.

Hiya Ouro and Bainick!

Through the glorious power of pre-ordering, I have finally got my hands on a Wii! And I have to say, it seems pretty amazing. I'm currently about 5 hours into Twilight Princess, and the controls work really well.


Yeah I Pre-ordered too, and even went to the store with my brother at 9 to pick it up. I only arrived 5 minutes early and still got 2nd in line. He went and grabbed Zelda (Of which there was twice the amount of copies than what the other games had) and I went and grabbed the Wii. Currently I'm 24 hours through it (taking in the fact that since Thursday i've worked 15 hours, slept 28, trained for 2 and watched my brother play for 9). I'll state this right here - the controls are extremely easy (WAY better than Wii Sports), and they are quite fun to use, especially the renowned Spin Attack.

So anyway, Bainick, question for you. What PAL RPGs can you recommend for me, outside of any Squenix games (I'm close to completing my collection of all PAL Squenix releases!!)?


PAL releases 'ay, well first, see my opening paragraph on what games I bought this year, other than those, I recommend Terranigma, any Suikoden game for the PS, and Wild Arms 4. Stay well clear of Drakkengard, Magna Carta, and test Pokemon Dungeon.

Also, Ouro, what would you recommend between Xenosaga Ep 2 or Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner ?


On a note about Xenosaga 2 for PAL, We get a DVD containing all the cut scenes from the 1st episode, and from what I can tell there's no plan on bringing over the 3rd, lousy gits!


Well, if you've played XSI, go ahead and get XSII. From what I hear, Devil Summoner isn't too bad either, but I'd recommend getting through the Xenosaga story if you can.

I have that DVD too, Bainick. :P

Genjuu likes 'em short and sweet. Actually, no he doesn't. He likes 'em tall, with long luscious legs that go on forever. He wouldn't mind them sweet, though.


I'm not touching that with a 10 foot pole!

What, seriously?

Dear RPGamer Guys..

I'm sure you guys get a ton of comments or have in the past regarding the Ratings system here at RPGamer, I'm not about to say what's good, what's bad, or not...but I will say what I think would make it better.

Just for an example, I realized that you recently rated Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 4.0 out of 5. Now, in your Rating Definitions section, 4.0 is considered Great. Now, I have no qualms with this, but the matter is this:

People might not bother to read the rating definitions or at least if they do, it's difficult to keep in mind when reading ratings. Your 4.0 might be different to another game website's 4.0, if you catch my meaning.

Now, I'm NOT saying that you should go back to the 10 Point rating system, far from it. What I AM saying, however, is that it'd be cool if you guys did something along the lines of what Gamespot does and put a big Word Label next to the rating, so that gamers have peace of mind as to what you think in a single word.

Basically, all I'm suggesting is putting the Definition next to the rating. Like so:

1.5 -- AWFUL
2.0 -- BAD
3.0 -- AVERAGE
3.5 -- GOOD
4.0 -- GREAT
5.0 -- TOP-NOTCH

You could also do this for the sub-categories as well.

or example, you could say that Zelda: TP has these ratings:
Battle System: 4/5 GREAT
Interaction: 4/5 GREAT
Originality: 3/5 AVERAGE
Story: 3/5 AVERAGE
Music & Sound: 4/5 GREAT
Visuals: 3/5 AVERAGE
Challenge: Medium
Completion Time: 30-45 Hours
Overall: 4.0/5

Just a suggestion.


Well, it's not too much to ask of us, but on the other hand, it's not too much to ask for people reading the reviews to do some basic mathematic calculations. Since the mean score a review can garner is a 3.0, it stands that that is "average." From that logic, a 1.0 is "piece of slime left on the floor for five days," and 5.0 is "buy this game now." Everything in between can be easily inferred. If you have to read the ratings definitions to figure this stuff out, there might be more of a problem than worrying about the ratings system ^^;

Also, there's no reason to go back to a 10-point rating system. IT'S THE SAME DAMN THING AS WHAT WE HAVE NOW. 1.0 = 1, 1.5 = 2, ... , 4.5 = 9, 5.0 = 10, and somewhere in there, one number on the 5-point scale equals 2 numbers on the 10-point scale. The fact of the matter is that they are both scales, from a minimum to a maximum. Gauging what the numbers in between mean isn't an exercise in neurology, it's common sense! ^^

zc = ec log z ;_;

Hi Ouro and Bainick.

Euler doesn't suck! You suck! Bah, never mind...


????? Go Geelong!


I read your email you sent me awhile ago about Euler, and I agree. However, with a Complex Analysis exam on the horizon, yes. Yes, he sucks.

I was pretty excited with the PS3's region-free properties. Because I live in Israel where we use PAL,


Not that there'a anything wrong with PAL, we just get short sticked with %50+ of all RPG's (And yet we still get Magna Carta?)!

I imported a PSX and PS2 as well as all my games. Granted, it usually is cheaper (at least the games. I always had someone coming from the states who could bring me the consoles), but it takes time and you always worry about packages missing and so on. More importantly, the no region policy means I won't have any problems with online capabilities or whatever. Unfortunately, the high price tag means I won't be buying one for a while. Do you know if that means there's also no region restriction for PSX and PS2 games?


I know that quite a few PS2 and PSX games don't work well on the PS3, and that Sony was an idiot for trying to sell their new CD format on a gaming system.


I've looked, but I can't find any confirmation on this. Anyone get a PS3 and test this out?

Bainick, how do you buy games? The most frightening thing about importing games is that you never know whether or not you'll be hit with an additional costumes tax when the package arrives. The first thing I imported is the FFVI OST. It cost around 40$ or something like that. When the delivery man got to my door, he demanded an extra 20$ because it was a CD. Go globalism!


Mostly I either go to the local "Archery" store and if I'm lucky they might have a few good games. If not, I head up the road for 1/2 an hour to the nearest "console program swapping" store, and they do have the RPGs I want, and if not, they'll try their best to get them for me. Rarely I use the Intraweb thingamabob, which is how we got Star Ocean 2. I might try again and get the Suikodens for PS, as it's still my favourite RPG series! "names altered to avoid advertising stores, why? 'Cause I can!"

Currently I'm supposed to be playing VP:Silmeria. However, I stop whenever I'm at a tough boss fight and switch to playing Heroes of Might and Magic V. The expansion pack has dwarves, how cool. Still, Silmeria is a great game. It's usually fun, the graphics are stunning, the music is good, dungeons long but sometimes too hard. It suffers from the same problem VP had, for me at least - some monsters are immune to almost every element and if you're not equipped with the appropriate sword or your mage has the right spell, it can get annoying/impossible to win. I need to finish it soon, so I can make room for Rogue Galaxy (when it comes out)


VP2 isn't coming out in PAL, at least to my knowledge, sigh.

Probably next year but there seems to be a bit of new content which seems fair for the 2 year wait!

and FFXII (when my friend finishes playing his copy). Also, I have yet to play Okami...

Zohar Gilboa


I don't know about Okami but I WILL be getting FFXII. The wait for the last day of Feb is quite painful, but at least I have a sizeable backlog to keep me occupied, so very very large!

Also music is one of my great deciding factors on an RPG. If the games so-so, but the music is great, I can still manage to play through the game. And then there's Magna Carta....

Look, the game sucked. Get over it!

Hello Ouro good sir,

I LOVE reading this column as much as I love RPGs, and that's saying a lot, so its really sad to see it in such a pathetic state. What's even more pathetic is that the lack of letters the column is completely reflective of how much people actually care about the column, so shame on you for lack of love toward OURO and MATT. They give you SOCK and THONG, and you can't even give them a quickie one-sentence question to help boost their letter supply?? FOR SHAME INDEED. >:-(>




I had a question about your remark about Legend of Dragoon... What exactly was so bad about it? I played it just a year or two ago, and it didn't seem THAT bad to me. Maybe it was because I was playing it "out of context" from when it was first released, when it was more comparable to FF7 and 8. Maybe I just spent so long hearing people rag on it that my expectations were lowered. Why all the hate?


It was boring, the plot was heavily cliched, the boss's name was frickin' Lloyd, for Christ's sake. The graphics were ok, the music wasn't spectacular, and the battles, while unique in some respects, quickly got old.

First, concerning your current question, what I would like to see in plots in RPGs is more orginal concepts in gameplay where everything changes on its head midway through the plot in more than one way. For example, say you played the game as a regular turnbased RPG where everything is perceived cel-shaded. Then, a twist occurs similar to FF6 where the world goes from being balanced to ruined, but it goes farther then that. The game changes into an action-RPG type similar to Okami or Shadow of Colossus with a whole new look similar to FF10 or FF12 with a real-life perception to it. Leading on from this, my question is besides LoZ:TP, does any RPG pull off anything like this or similar to this?

Josh Actraiser? It's sort of a sim that turns into a platformer. I honestly can't think of any that fit the bill!

Second, in RPGs, I would like to see more options that allow for interactivity from the outside. For example, say you play through an RPG, win the main story, and then open up a bonus sidequest where through your game console, you can interact with a web site that allows you to create your own summon monster and take it through a forbidden part of the game that's open now. On this web site, you could submit fanart that could then be remade into a summon that you and you could access only through your game console online with a special access code. Then, with that summon, you explore the forbidden part of that RPG you just played. I know this idea has probably been done before with previous RPG where you get to customize your summon from pre-existing options, but the new twist on this is that its 100% YOUR idea, without any suggestions or guidelines from the outside. Leading on from this idea, I ask you Ouro what RPG out there has taken this idea of limitless customization with your character or summon or beast and made it into one disasteriffic piece of crap?


That's insane to implement, but neat in theory. :P

The Front Mission games allow for heavy customization, Jade Cocoon is sorta like that, too. The Nippon Ichi TRPGs have a great system of customization, especially with the 'master-pupil' learning present in Disgaea. However, as far as physical customization, no, I don't believe there's been anything out there that specifically gives you absolute power over something's creation, short of, say, RPGMaker.

Third, for this question, check out, and then reply to this question...
If you could be any esper or race from the FF series, which one would you be? When I see this site, I think of how this relates to the furry phenomenon as quoted from wikipedia...

"A member of the furry fandom - fans of artwork, stories, and related products (comics, movies, costumes, et al.) which feature anthropomorphic animals"

...then I think of how most of the summons and races from the recent Final Fantasies could be the subject of furry fandom, so I ask you, if you could be any esper and/or race (like moogle or viera), what would you be and why?


...what the hell?

Uh...let's see. Ifrit, I suppose. Fire's just plain cool, and being able to toss your enemies into a supernova would be fun. Besides, then I get to show off my pecs. ^^

Finally, in regards to your game, what happens when a player reaches the GAME tile at the end of the path on THONG2? Does that mark the end of the current incarnation of THONG2, or do five people have to reach the end of it before this game ends? Or does it make any difference at all? That hasn't really been made clear in your intructions on how to play THONG2, so I might as well ask.

Hope this helps your column, and I hope my ideas make sense to you as they do to me,


THONG is basically going on indefinitely, until I decide it needs to end. Don't worry, there will be plenty of warning. Hopefully more prizes will show up here and there, and it can keep going, though I don't expect it to last anywhere near as long as SOCK did. Should I still be here, I'm sure a THONG3 will eventually arise...

I don't see the correlation between Irish Coffee and football...

Ouro & Bainick -

GO NINER'S ! Figured I'd get that out of the way. The game starts shortly and as always during football season I've already started off with some irish coffee. Lord it's fun to drink in the morning. Anyways I've got a little time to kill before gametime so I figured I'd send in some questions for each of you and if I have time before the game starts maybe I can come up with something for your prompt on plot.


Yeah, I know nothing on Ice Curling, i'm answering this at 11:19 at night, after washing dishes all night. Why do people think that because its daylight savings that restaurants want to be open til 10 I do not know.

I'll start with Ouro. Shadow of the Colossus was great, I picked it up during the summer slump month's when I saw it had made the greatest hit's program. One of the better twenty dollars I've spent.


Psssp, Beyond Good and Evil and Psychonauts are another 2 good cheapies that can be found. But you didn't hear about platformers on an RPG site from me.

So I'm curious which of the colossi gave you the most difficulty? Which one was your favorite? And what's up with the weird made up language they use with subtitles in the audio? They do it in Okami also and I hope it's not the latest thing to do in games from Japan because I personally find it annoying. Little laughs or groans or eeps a la Zelda or Paper Mario don't bother me, they serve to add some emotion. These are more like a constant anoying fake language to go with every word in the subs.


The most difficult one was definitely the last one, but only because the camera is horrendous. I fell so many times.

My favorite was undoubtedly the sand snake, though. That was so much fun. As for the subtitles/language...yeah, it's kinda irritating. I didn't find it nearly as annoying as Okami, though.

Bainick, the Wii just came out down there last week. Didja get one?


Is the Pope Catholic?

Or did you even want to?


Blasphemy to my Nintendo Fanboy ears!

And if you did, did you guys get any games that haven't come out here? Anything we (wii) should keep an eye out for? I know Japan got that Pokemon game from the gate...


Nah, just Zelda, though with my Wii I also got an offer from the store that if I show them the reciept I can get any game or controller for half price (so around $50 'cause we get ripped down here in Australia).

Umm, plot stuff. I think if more RPG's were just toned down some that would help a lot in my eyes, more save the kidnapped princesses, and a little less save the whole frickin' world/planet.


How about saving me from tidying my room, there's a reward (like a better cake then M64's).

Also anything current would be awesome. So much sci-fi and fantasy out there, why can't I have a team of spies roaming the former Soviet Union to stop terrorists from aquiring a nuke.


Shadow Hearts would probably be the closest, though I've only played the first one for PS2.

Still kind of saving the world, but a whole new setting. Or maybe I could be coach Mike Nolan trying to lead the San Francisco 49ers out of the sewers of the NFL. Oh, that's Madden, nevermind, must be gametime.

outee five-thou, with my dope & a smile,


Oh you meant the football that hardly ever touches the foot. Seriously, it should be classified in the handball section of ball sports. Now AFL, that's a true football code, with species, clashes, the odd melee, and average score lines of about 80 for each side. And much harder to get a draw in too. And far more interesting to watch, and baseball sucks!


Soccer is the real football, you two losers. :P

Another rite of passage...

Kathy Ireland says 'Yuck!'

Incidentally, Bainick, have you ever seen an episode of MST3K? That particular stinger comes from one where Kathy Ireland falls down a hole in Africa and winds up in 'Atlantis', which seems to be populated by Australians. Maybe a good introduction. Ouro?


Nope, though as a particularly not interesting fact, Australia has rights to more land in the Antarctic than any other country (and therefore more resources when we begin being controlled by Will Wright in his new version of Civilization).

All right Bainick, your mission is to convince me to play a Pokemon game when I've never taken up the challenge before. Better yet, can you convince me to pick one up immediately when my GBA refuses to recharge and I haven't yet upgraded to DS?


Okay. Firstly, GBA uses batteries, so go buy some new ones. Secondly, make sure that you have a friend that has it too (GBA's a quite cheap second hand, mine, bought after I had a DS, cost me $10). Thirdly, don't treat it like another RPG, it's meant to be played once and then, for 10 minutes to 2 hours. Play it, and then when you start to get bored, go kill something with your trusty Genesis Controller, maybe Sonic, or Tails! Play it when your traveling or when nature calls (which is where the GB was originally designed to be played). Lastly, use the Pokemon that you like the look of, it can be beaten with 6 water type pokemon, I know i've done it!

And I've done this with others before, so now it's your turn - gimme all your Sega experience! Yep, all of it. Think of this as a memory rescue operation.


Memory data searching. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Memory data found, opening. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Umm...there was this time when I was at this kid's place, I think he was a twin or something, and I played Sonic or something, but then I was tortured with videos of HR Puff'n Stuff. The horror, the horror..............

I'm gonna relate an incredibly frustrating experience from my recent Dark Savior playthrough, for your (hopeful) enjoyment. Dark Savior's isometric perspective and lack of diagonal movement were accepted by me near the end of the second parallel, up until I ran into the hardest part of the game, the Silver Castle. Not only is it the single biggest one-room area in the game, but there are countless opportunities to fall into a pit and have to start it over again, because all of it takes place over a neverending sky.

To put yourself into the proper mood, listen to the music that accompanies this area: It's nasty enough near the beginning with plenty of rapid movement and falling platforms, then we hit several parts where the walls are not lined up isometrically. Damn near everything else in the game is facing diagonally, but not these walls, requiring a very slow form of movement to make sure Garian doesn't fall off. After plenty of further sky-jumping which is a trial-and-error sort of thing, the final part requires absolutely precise timing to avoid some spikes that, if touched, cause Garian to involuntarily twitch back and probably fall off. Naturally the spikes must be circumnavigated.


Now I want to read Eddings...and on that song, it's not bad, though listening to it for as long as you say you did below would annoy me, now if it was DKC2 music, especially Brambles....

I must've fallen off between 30 and 40 times, with numerous restarts required because getting pulled out of pits is not cost-free. But I FINALLY did it. And then in parallel 4 I had to RUN through that thing thanks to a time limit!

Incidentally Bainick, which Australian musical group do you most favor? Australia has produced quite a bit of music I enjoy consistently. Hell, let's throw another dose of what's coming up on my random iTunes playlist out: 'I Believe in You' by Kylie Minogue, 'Elevator Chase' from Panzer Dragoon Saga, 'Magic' by Olivia Newton-John, 'My Head's in Mississippi' by ZZ Top, 'I Don't Want Your Love' by Duran Duran, 'The Dean and I' by 10cc, 'The Holy Intruder' from Secret of Mana, 'Life in the Fast Lane' by the Eagles, 'The Look' by Roxette, and 'Heartbreak Hotel' by the Jacksons (aka Jackson 5 when they grew up).


Kylie annoys me as she's part of that "Lets get on Neighbours/Home and Away to launch our music career" that just makes me want to vomit. Game music in general I like especially, any Warriors music from KOEI (Insert Dynasty or Samurai - I like both) and most OC REMIX stuff too. I don't listen to ZZ Top (My Dad does though) or Duran Duran (who?) I love the Eagles and have never deliberately listened to a Jackson 5 song. Though I did like Michael music when I was a young boy...

Now do tell me, Bainick: with all the shafting that goes on to PAL gamers, have you never been tempted to import? I know it's harder trying to get non-PAL electronics to work via your electrical system, but far from impossible.


Nah, even my small T.V. in my room can handle NTSC stuff, though I'd probably need a converter for the system (Note that Australia uss a much larger Voltage in their appliances than America), and even then I might just get it chipped as it's now perfectly legal to have chips in your sytems in Australia, just not copied games, which seems fair to me. I even have access to Chrono Cross, Wild Arms 1 and 2, BOF 3, LOD (My PAL copy's second disc doesn't work) because of it. Ahh Chrono Cross, your Alternate World music is still so grand!

What I'm currently playing: Tengai Makyou The Apocalypse IV. The mechanics have their own interesting points, but the setting and plot are the most notable. I just had to fight Candy in her Candy Tower next to Candy Land, erected on plastic over the Indian village of Seattle, Montana. Candy is an idol singer, and she serenaded me earlier with a strangely catchy ditty called 'We Want Candy!' Upon finding her she asked Rizing (hero) if he wanted to see her body, then during the fight itself she slapped most powerfully and used her horrible Endless Love attack. Now I have to head to California.



Oh, and could you give me a mini-review of Terranigma? I tried to play it... but the PAL electronics wouldn't work on my Region 1 SNES!


Yeah, Region 1 consoles will do that, find a PAL one on eBay, it will be quite cheap (less then $50 Australian though you'll still probably need the conversion power cables).

Anywho, Terranigma is akin to us PAL gamers not getting Chrono Trigger (Yes it's that good). Made by Enix with Quintet's help, it's an Action RPG where our hero Ark must resurrect the world to what it used to be (though he doesn't quite know why he's doing it, hence the enigma and the great story). It is a game where a single level can make a boss battle go from hard to easy, but is made so that it takes a LOT of working up to get that level. The puzzles are fun, the music would nearly match Square titles of that era (Here's a sample

Have a link that you just might find amusing: Maddox (Warning: NSFW, etc). I make no claim as to this being unbiased, but maybe you'll feel a little better by reading it.


Heh heh, I do. I agree, also. Who really wants to spend $1000 Australian on a system that was meant to be a gaming system, but is a Blu Ray system that can play games. It will all end in tears, mark my words, at least for Sony that is!

And since it's exam time, I have a question that could fit into an exam! I'll make available $2000 US to you - but there's a catch. It can ONLY be used to purchase Saturn stuff. I am the champion of the Saturn around here, and I KNOW you'll need most of that money to purchase a worthy library. So, Bainick and Ouro; what will you buy?

Moon rock?? Oh, wow!!


You ask a person who made sure he got an SNES for Christmas instead of some Sega system this question? Urgh, what games are even available? GameFAQs ahoy...

Okay Phantasy Star 1 through 4, Langrisser 1 and 2, Shadowrun, Shining Force 1 and 2, Uncharted Waters 2, Ys 3, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 2 and 3, Theme Park, Worms, Lemmings, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, Micro Machines 1 and 2, Bubsy, Castlevania, Disney's Aladdin, Earthworm Jim, Jurassic Park, The Lion King (One of the hardest platformers I've ever passed), Monster Lair (could never pass that place with all of the exits on the SNES), Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, and of course Zombies Ate My Neighbours! Is that okay? I don't know how much the games were worth (Australia had SNES games for $100 back in the day).


Exactly what is the difference between a wyvern and a dragon? And further more if there is a difference then what would a Wyvern rider be called? Wyvoon? Wyvernir?

Arros Raikou
*Has started another story type thing so um uh yeah ^^;;*

A Wyvern is generally a type of dragon with 2 legs and 2 wings. There are some slight variations on this theme, but that's the gist of it.


Man, this is gonna be it for awhile. I'll try to gather up some new prizes for when I get back, if possible!

Combat Log

Luca Phase:
Luca Blight charges up!

Draconn takes 0 tile damage.

Movement Phase:
Bainick moves to Tile 14.
Leaper moves to Tile 43.
BLG moves to Tile 33.
Draconn moves to Tile 55.
Slashlen moves to Tile 51.
William.T moves to Tile 31.
Arpijy moves to Tile 42.
Vicissitude moves to Tile 35.
JDX moves to Tile 50.
Aurelius moves to Tile 50.
Aurelius was wrong on the board yesterday. The log was correct.
Tabor moves to Tile 51.

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Luca Blight

I didn't have enough time last weekend to perform all the EVIL I wanted to!

Answer to #L38: D. 11
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No question today!

THONG Question

Answer to #38:A. Egress
Shining Force! Woo!

Vicissitude uses a Delay Buster! THONG is halted for the day!


Holy crap. I may need to start setting word limits on hosts! :P

Seriously, it was good having Bainick around!

However, time for the bad news...Matt has had a death in the family, so he won't be doing Q&A this week, and probably up to about a month. Also, I will not be here next weekend, because as much as I love you guys, I would really like to graduate, so I'll be studying for all 72 hours that weekend. The weekend after that is Christmas, so I know I'm not going to be the only one with my family. HOPEFULLY the weekend after that I'll be able to post something, but from January 3rd to the 11th, I'll be moving down to Georgia, so I won't even have a computer for a few days. So, my apologies, this is just a busy time of the year for all of us, and I hope you guys understand. I may pop up a column here and there, and some other staff members expressed interest in doing some columns, so stay tuned! Until then, take care, and happy holidays!
***Josh will be back, he promises!

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Gadget  TP: 11

11. Bucket
Millie  TP: 15

12. Draconn
Mondo  TP: 19

13. Genjuu
Pesmerga  TP: 6

14. Alan Tse
Hoi  TP: 14

15. TheBluick
Fu Su Lu  TP: 0

16. Gouden Draak
Rubi  TP: 1

17. Slashlen
Lorelai  TP: 23

18. JuMeSyn
Odessa  TP: 20

19. PureLunatic
Viktor  TP: 11

21. William.T
Killey  TP: 6

22. Arpijy
Hix2  TP: 15

23. Spiffyness
Badeaux  TP: 2

24. Reivax
Kasim  TP: 1

25. Carabbit
Viki  TP: 7

26. Vicissitude
Clive2  TP: 9

27. JDX
Kuromimi  TP: 8

28. Kupomogli
Kinnison  TP: 7

29. Aurelius
Kahn  TP: 11

30. Omm
Yoshino  TP: 2

31. Aylee
Luc  TP: 14

32. Tabor
Ted  TP: 4

33. TvsAdam
McDohl  TP: 2

34. Sundoulos
Hai Yo  TP: 15

Anyone else?

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