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Just Here for One November 26, 2006

Josh - 6:36 EST

So, I beat FFXII last Tuesday, and it took me around 50 hours or so. But that includes the 28 marks I did in that time, so the story probably only took me around 40 hours. I was about level 50 when I beat it. Let me tell you...I give pretty much everything in that game a 5/5 except for the PLOT. What the hell was with the characters? A few of them had absolutely no reason to be in the game.'s just a minor annoyance. The game still has a better plot than many games out there, it just didn't seem up to par with Final Fantasy. Anyway, I'm up to 31 marks down, and I'm going to get the rest!

And, I did it all on Active Mode at full battle speed. I used Wait Mode for some marks, but not for the plot. That's for wimps. ^^

Also, Roku is going to be doing the column tomorrow, since I'll be heading up north to Carnegie Hall! I can't wait!

Nitpicky. A bit.

Hey Ourobolus.

Is Square the last rpg devloper left that will not give me an option to shut off thier music in thier games? Don't get me wrong the music is fantastic but when I'm simply leveling up or wandering it drives me crazy to hear the same repetivie loops over and over again. I always turn it up if a major event is at hand hoever. During the 8-16 bit era constant music was of course necessary as voice acting was impossible as was ambient sound, without the music you would be left with a silent movie. I know Square is probably proud of their music and rightly so but give me the option.

Josh could always hit that ever-so-handy Mute button on your remote.

But I understand. You only want to hear sound effects, VA, etc. However, if you're just levelling up, why have sound at all? You've heard the same clang of the sword 4000 times, and the same whoosh of Firaga. I suppose it's nice to have the option, but still...this is soooo minor. ^^

Second why in this day and age when I walk into a town my party turns invisible? Its wierd walking alone have Basch pop up to point something out and dissappear again.


Less characters on screen = less polygon count = less slowdown.

Most town areas are filled with many other people and more detailed textures, far more so than the field areas of the game. So decreasing the amount of on-field characters makes sense, technologically. However, it is rather weird, no? It would be nice to see all of the characters, but they do just clog up the screen.

Lastly something odd about Fran. She has a modern, common name! Is she the first FF character to have one? Did Square run out of wierd names?

Sorry so long!!!


Heh. Well, let's see. Cecil, Rosa, Edward, Edgar, Locke, and Irvine all had relatively normal names. I suppose it's just time for yet another one to grace the tables of Square's series!



I got me one of them fancy Wii consoles by waiting in line forever. Well, just from midnight to 7, but still. It was actually pretty fun, but I wish they'd release these things in August so I wouldn't need to dress like Santa Claus in order to survive the wait. It was just below freezing but when you're sitting still for 7 hours, it feels really cold. The best part was about five minutes before the store opened: suddenly all the lights went out, and every last person in line was like, BOOOOOO!!

They came on again promptly.



Anyway, Wii is great. I've been waiting a long time for it, and I love it to pieces. Zelda and Wii Sports are both great. I wanted Rayman too, but Wal-Mart didn't have it.


Good to hear it! I get a little excited whenever someone mentions that they're enjoying the Wii. It's nice to see something good come of all of this hype.

So to answer your other question, I'd love to live in Ordon village from Twighlight Princess. It's so beautiful and peaceful. There's a nice little river, and a big water wheel and north of town they have a great water fall that restores your health. The only problem is that there's only one girl in town who's old enough to date and she's still kinda she has the hots for Link. How can I compete with that well-groomed hunk o' man?

- David


Well, you could not wear leotards, and as long as you maintain your ears in a fashion completely unlike a shovel spade. I've also heard great things about the environments from TP, and all I can say all suck. ;_;

*sulks* I want a Wii...

100,000 needles?

So apparently, there is now a date for FFVI Advance, and it's 2/05/2007, and also I see screens of Leviathan, Jumbo Cactuar(!), and Gilgamesh, 3 new espers? Wowzah, but Jumbo Cactuar? I mean come on SE, now Leviathan is cool, and Gilgamesh is REALLY cool, but I'm just not digging the Cactuar, and didn't in FFVIII either.

But ah well, I'm glad to finally have a date for it, and it should be plenty of time to finish FFXII, FFIII and FFV Advance, now to get more info on the bonus dungeon, and if there are any, new party members.



Sweet. Yeah, I saw the screens for the new espers, and I'm excited. However, I never used Espers as summons in that game (except for Ragnarok), so I'm more interested in finding information on what spells the new Magicite will provide :D

But a Jumbo Cactuar? Yay! I'm sorry, but the way he jumped in front of the screen in FFVIII always made me giggle, so I'm looking forward to seeing him again.

After Crisis.

I haven't heard anything about the English release of Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis since E3. I'm going to go ahead and assume that it's not coming out this year as was previously announced, but have you (or anyone else) heard anything about it's release, what phones will support it, or, even better yet, if the FOMA P900iv phone from Japan will be coming over with it?

hanks for your time,


Well, technically, it was supposed to be here last summer...but...

I couldn't tell ya, bud. Sorry, but considering how pitiful mobile gaming is over here in the States, I wouldn't expect it any time soon.

Beards and Useless people? A connection?

Hey Josh!

Someone sent in an email about FFXII having random characters join in for no apparent reason, and Matt mentioned Amarant and Quina in IX. But there have been other characters in the series who join for a weak reason (if any). In VI, there's Mog, Umaro, and Gogo, who seem to join because they feel like it. In VII, Yuffie just tags along for the materia. Hmm, that's the end of my list... But anyway, why can't people join in on a journey to save the world just because they're bored? If I were hanging around in a musky cave which can only be entered by getting swallowed by a giant worm, I would most probably choose to tag along with the first group of people who can get me outta there just for a change of scenery.


Amarant had a vendetta against Zidane (I...think it was Zidane), so he was there for that. Quina was useless. Something about being a gourmand or something. Lame.

Sure, it's ok to join the party just for the hell of it, but from a story perspective, it's useless. You've got this extra persona hanging around doing nothing productive. Now, Gogo and Umaro were just fine, since they joined at the end of the game anyway. However...*looks at Penelo accusingly*.

Another character with facial hair is Fargo from Chrono Cross! I always liked him 'cause he reminds me of one of my uncles. There are a few with hair in CC actually, but when you boast a 40+ cast of playable characters, you gotta make them differentiable any way possible (like a skeleton clown, or a mushroom-man).


I missed this letter 'cause I was busy eating turkey, so I'll just list a few that I can name.

Barrett, Strago, Galuf, Fargo, name a few. Pretty much any old guy in a game has a beard or a moustache, though.

About people feeling sick from the camera moving around in games (and epilepsy i suppose) it's probably the quick change in what is being seen that makes the person feel funny. I'm no doctor though, I'm just guessing about it.

Personally I'm looking forward to FFXII because it's most of the same team members who made FFTactics, which I'm absolutely nuts about. I've been thinking about Tactics for the past week or so and drooling over it... I need my fix!


A lot of the game certainly feels Tactics-ish, so I think you'll be quite satisfied. ^^

Question: am I the only one in the world who likes FFX-2?? I mean, I don't think it's the best out there or anything, but it's fun. I love job systems, and being able to change right in the middle of a fight is pretty cool to me (the first FF with a job-system since V actually Ė excluding Tactics). I really like the slightly revised ATB system, it feels very fluid and natural. The music is really different for an FF game, but it's funky and I can appreciate that. I don't know if there were people who complained that the three playable characters are girls, but this isnít a problem for me. Anyway, thatís what Iíve been wondering about for a little while. Tell me whatís up!

Take it easy,


Hey, I liked FFX-2. The plot was stupid, but the battle system was fantastic. The music was all right, and the characters were actually pretty good (the protagonists, anyway). Most people who say they hated FFX-2 are mostly referring to the plot and characters anyway, and the fact that it feels like a J-Pop video. Ask anyone who played the battle system though, and I guarantee you'll find that about 75% of people enjoyed that aspect!


What games's from the Wii's Virtual Console list would you like to see being used with the Wiimote?

Bainick's cricket team won there first cricket game of the season today YAY!

Sheesh. Well, they're played with the different controller, but...

Duck Hunt. Punch-Out. Pilotwings. F-Zero. ^^


Alrighty, here's a list of the items I SHOULD have soon. Don't know why they haven't gotten here yet, but whatever. It happens. I said, if you want one of these at the Item tile, just let me know and I'll reserve it for you until it gets here.

  • Liquid Poison Babble Slime keychain
  • Tabula Rasa Skull Cap
  • 2x Bumpy Trot harmonicas
  • Harvest Moon Magnet
  • Soul of the Ultimate Nation Binder Organizer
  • Potentially one or two more things

Hope that clears everything up, and I'll get some pictures up once they get here.

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Luca Phase:
Luca Blight takes a moment to rest (11.74% HP remaining).

Slashlen falls to Tile 43.
JDX falls to Tile 42.

Movement Phase:
Leaper moves to Tile 42.
BLG moves to Tile 27.
Draconn moves to Tile 41.
Slashlen moves to Tile 45.
JuMeSyn moves to Tile 32.
PureLunatic moves to Tile 37.
Arpijy moves to Tile 38.
Vicissitude moves to Tile 29.
JDX moves to Tile 45.
Aurelius moves to Tile 41.
Tabor moves to Tile 49.

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Luca Blight

Wow, did we really already have 60 questions?!?

Answer to #L33: D. A ONCE GILT HO
Technologia was not an area of SoE. Antiqua, Omnitopia, Prehistoria, Gothica, and Podunk were, though.


A. Tabula Rasa
B. FF Legend III
C. Secret of Mana
D. Great Greed
E. Metal Saga
F. Jade Cocoon

THONG Question

Answer to #33:C. Kartia
Kartia was released as Rebus in Japan!

#34.Difficulty: Medium, Potch: 600
If you were getting a Puff-Puff, what would you be wearing?

A. Handcuffs
B. Blindfold
C. Leather
D. Nothing


Sorry for my brief appearance this weekend, but I'm a bit rushed due to my engagement tomorrow! Send Roku some love at the qna@ mailbox! 'Til next week!
***Josh will be enjoying glorious music tomorrow!

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