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Why Don't They Look? November 20, 2006

JuMeSyn - 8:45 EST

Just about everyone reading Q&A knows me, I imagine. I'm the one always writing in about older games (mostly on Sega systems) and who has never owned a piece of Sony hardware. But rather than regale all the readers with how underrated Sega stuff is (I do that with my letters), I'll just talk about a fun little moment from when I was on Study Abroad in the Netherlands last year.

I was coming back to Leiden (the university I was studying at) from Amsterdam in early June, and there was an announcement in the train station. I paid it no attention, because these things almost always are repeated in English - the Dutch are really good about that. This one wasn't, but I still paid no mind. It had been a long but fun day and I tried sleeping on the train, only becoming distressed when I realized everyone had just left the train at a stop just after Schiphol airport. I still wasn't quite sure what was going on, but then the train pulled into the maintenance depot and I came to the distressing realization of being all alone on a train with doors that can't be opened manually. I was beginning to accept that I would be found in the morning, when my pounding on a door attracted the attention of some railyard workers. Then I got super lucky; there was a train heading to the airport in a few minutes, and because I was the only person on it I got to ride with the operator in the cabin. Turns out there was a break in the rail, explaining why the first train got sidetracked. That was one memorable night.

....Huh, that was pretty long. Anyway, I'm up to about 63 hours into Grandia on the Saturn and I think there could be 20 or more left.

It's strange that I can't initiate JuMeSyn into the cohosting club with a JuMeSyn letter. :)

Hey Ouro and JuMeSyn.

Dang the wait for FF 12 and the Wii is infuriaitng, knowing that somewhere in the world, someone's playing it makes life so unfair, although at least the Wii will be released in Australia this year, damnable Square.... The Wii is now available for bookings so if I can swindle my brother into contributing half the price I may.


Would that I had siblings to connive money from.... I don't have the Wii's Australian price in front of me, but I know Nintendo bumped it up for you. My condolences.

Anywho my current distractions from the worser aspects of life are Harvest Moon DS and Wild Arms 3, with Harvest Moon DS eating up an unwholesome amount of my time. Seriously if i'm still awake at 4 in the morning, whilst still thinking its 12 it must have something right to it, though I still don't know why my money suddenly jumped from $2000 to $1000000000, not that I'm complaining.


I'm impressed! I haven't been able to play a game into the truly wee hours of the night since... wow, I think it was Golden Sun: The Lost Age. And I was on UCLA dorm time back then. I suspect a DS will be in my near future, and I've always been curious about Harvest Moon ... If I get addicted the way you seem to be, prepare to receive heaps of irrational blame.

Where would I live? Most probably not in a Final Fnatasy Universe, they're towns have an unhealthy rate of death and destruction for some unknown reason, probably Matt's fault anyway! Maybe in Forget Me Not Valley, or Mineral Town. Although it seems that although things are dear, so to is the posiible income high. And also no monsters to break my spindery mage bones!


I can't fault your thinking process on declining to live in the FF universe. I'm inwardly cursing myself right now for not remembering which game Forget Me Not Valley was in - argh! Googling it would be cheating.... Y'know, I think I'd like to live in the alternate-version Tokyo of Sakura Wars that's powered by steam in the 20's. Everyone seems pretty darn happy there.

Bainick reckons most RPG lands are too dangerouse for him, but when Matt's second SOCK comes around with Class's. BooYAh

Oh, I'd die pretty darn fast in an encounter with any real adversary. Unless I got lucky, but luck only takes a person so far (even in an RPG).

Beat me to it. But I'll surpass him...

Well, I finished FF12 last night. Decided that I wasn't going to get anywhere just leveling up, so I went into the final dungeon with what I had (including finished quests) before I got TOO strong. And I enjoyed the whole experience overall. I'm not 100% sure if I'll go back for all the stuff I missed, though... Maybe when I'm more bored.


Nice. I'm thinking about doing the same, so that I don't get any stronger than I already am. I'm plowing through the bosses so far, as nothing has really given me that much trouble. Fighting marks certainly hones your playing ability. ^^

Let's get personal!

Hi there Ouro and JuMeSyn!


I can't speak for Ouro without great risk, but a Guten Tag to you, DMJewelle!



I forgot to send this earlier, so I'll be quick:

To JuMeSyn:
- Do you ever feel left out when you talk about old Sega games and there everyone is talking about the PS2 and Gamecube and PS3 and all that?


The best answer I can give is; sort of. Certainly when people talk nonstop about games I've never played, never even seen played, know only via screenshots, I feel rather alone. Which is why I always talk about games very few people on RPGamer know anything about and/or older ones. If I don't, the discussions revolve around stuff I have no comment on.

How much Japanese do you know?


Not that much. Sure I can say things like 'Kakugo nasai!' or 'Korede owari da!' thanks to hearing and seeing them frequently, but actual conversational Japanese is harder to pick up that way. Still, I can read Katakana and I'm slowly picking up Hiragana. And I even recognize a very few Kanji characters!

And to Ouro:
- Do you feel distracted by all the mob hunts FFXII has? My need for more plot is sidetracked by the mob hunts, which annoys me to no end because both are



Oh, absolutely. It's the only reason I haven't finished the game yet. I've completed 28 marks already, and I've still got aways to go in the story. Lately though I've decided to bite the bullet and progress the story so that the end bosses aren't so easy. However, I will continue hunting as I see 'em. I think I may play through the game again later without doing any hunts just so I can determine the difficulty of the actual story. There's so much optional stuff to do!

You too can import with abandon!

Yay, JuMeSyn is here! I have questions!


Well, that's good to hear! I can take an aimless rant, but anytime I can actually be of service, I'm happy to impart what I know!

Iíve been thinking about starting to import. My current knowledge of Japanese is close to zero, and in the case of written, itís actually zero. While this shouldnít be a problem for fighters and such, there are some more text heavy titles Iíd like to try.


When I first started playing imported RPGs, I actually knew no Japanese beyond the things I picked up from watching the entirety of Dragon Ball/Z/GT in the original language (which is a horrible story to think about now that I have ALL of that on my shelf in VHS format, but I get smarter as I get older). So it can be done without any knowledge, and GameFAQs is your friend in this case unless you pick something even more obscure than the things I've brought up!

Front Mission 5: Itís looking more and more unlikely that this is coming out over here. From the previous ones Iíve played, knowing where to go is never a problem, so I probably donít need to understand a lot of the dialogue. There are a lot of menus, though. Have you played this game, or one with a lot of menus? How problematic is it to navigate them usually?


Front Mission - it's funny, I have the first one sitting on my shelf of Super Famicom titles, but beyond making sure it worked I haven't touched it. HOWEVER - I just happened to find a link that should serve you well - I'm not sure on every title, but they do seem to use English text for the battle options, making this a good import choice. Give me feedback on how it goes!


WHOA whoa whoa whoa. Hold on one sec there. I knew it! You DO know how to use the internet! I've been doing your dirty work this whole time, and you find something on your own! Why I oughta...


Have you ever played one of these? If I started importing, Iíd defiantly like to try one, though I donít know much about them. Is there a particular one youíd recommend?


Sakura Wars is my newest love in the RPG world. 1 is less refined than 2, and 2 is so incredible as to make me have to give my strongest push to it, but since the games are closely linked in plot (kinda like seasons 1 and 2 of an anime), you may want to play the first in order to better understand the characters going into 2. By the end of the year I hope to have 3, and can give you a recommendation!

Thatís all I got for now. I still donít know if Iím going to import. Iím leaning towards it more and more, but just havenít dived in yet.


It's a slippery slope, I'll admit. You may become like me - so obsessed with discovering older titles as to not care much about newer ones. But maybe I'm just weird that way. I wish you the best of luck with the endeavor, though!

She can say "y'all" to me ANYtime. ^^;

Yo, Amanda here. How y'all doin' at Q+A lately? I'm doin' pretty good myself.

This question caught my eyes yesterday but I was far too busy to write in. Good to see it's still up. "Where would you live in an RPG?" So many places, each one with its own special allure. It sounds like a tough choice, but for a few years now, I've known the answer.

I would live aboard the Elsa von Bravant from Xenosaga. It's roomy, has everything you need to live (a kitchen, bed, showers, etc.), and is home to my favorite band of lovable idiots. Like them, I'm loud, boorish, perverted, can't cook, and often get into trouble and barely making it out alive (or at least that's how I feel). Living with Matthews, Tony, Hammer, chaos, Professor, Assistant Scott, and assorted droids named after drinks would be so much fun. Sure, it'd be dangerous and we'd nearly get killed on a daily basis, but that'd be a lot more entertaining than living anywhere else, in my opinion. Perhaps we could all get drunk and sing together.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for reading!

Amanda (In the process of stealing Matthews' hat)


Hey there, Amanda!

Ha! The Elsa. Nice choice, actually. It's a pretty good self-sustaining environment, and dealing with Mathews would be a ton of fun. And, all the HaKox you could ever want to play!

Personally, I'd have chosen the Durandal, since it's more of a community envrionment, rather than just several people and some droids. And the park in the Durandal is a nice place to relax, too! And who can resist girls with southern country accents? :)

Hope you have a good Thanksgiving as well!

All good things must come to an...oh! Rabid weasels! *runs*

Hey Josh (and JuMeSyn, I haven't forgotten your cohosting),
Well, I got my Wii system and I did not have to stand in the cold to get one (thank god for pre-orders). Right off the bat after playing it for about 2-3 hours, I have to say I right away see a lot of cool things about it and at least one bad thing. First - the cool: the controller is a lot of fun. Other than the Wii Sports the system comes with, I only had the money for one extra game, so it was obviously Zelda. Although the sword fighting is little more than you simply shaking the one controller back and forth (you actually don't even need to swing it - which kind of proves they added the controller functionality as an after-thought) it is still oddly fun to do so. Not as much fun as the point and click of the slingshot, but fun none-the-less. Now, the Wii Sports, on the other hand, is much more picky about how you handle the controller. You really do need to swing the controller like a baseball bat, or like a tennis racket, or a golf club. The boxing part is really interesting as you need to hold up your fists as if you were actually boxing.


I can visualize this to an extent, but actually doing it would be far more effective. Stupid Gamestop didn't have a Wii on display today, so my efforts to explain it to my game-ignorant father were a lot harder. And I'm pleased to hear that after all the development time Twilight Princess isn't a disappointment.


The other staffers here who got one at launch all seem to be pleased with the way it handles. Now if only -I- could get my hands on one...

And of course, we finally get to the bad part (in a matter of speaking): the Wii Sports can actually tire you out. Zelda didn't seem like much of a workout, but the other one certainly did (especially after the boxing). Nintendo did a really good job of capturing the feel of actually playing some of these sports, but for some people that won't be a good thing. Of course, I am also way out of shape, so I'm sure anyone in even partly good shape will have little to no problem with the little workout that is Wii Sports. But, I'm sure some people will simply set it aside and play something that requires a little less on their part. I just hope that doesn't stop developers form making more games like it, because in all honesty, I had a lot of fun playing it (despite feeling like I was actually exercising). Hmmm... wonder if this game will actually help me get in better shape.


Wowsers, forcing me to move spastically? How DARE Nintendo remove my right to sit and press buttons! But I feel the somewhat out-of-shape vibe, because even while walking everywhere I can (which is feasible in a town the size of Eureka) the ideal body shape still eludes me. But even though the Wii is significantly lower in price than the 360 or PS3, it cannot entice me to break my record of waiting for consoles to die before I invest in them! Most of the games that I would want on the Virtual Console I already own!


*imagines a slew of workout games*

Can you imagine a Parappa the Rapper-style game where you have to mimic the exercises on screen? It's pretty feasbile, given the make of the controller.

Oh - and to answer your question about where I would like to live if I was in an RPG (I love answering questions *S*) - I would live in Stormwind, one of the large cities in World of Warcraft. Why? Because the place is nice and busy, it overlooks the forest and there is very little likelihood of the Horde being able to attack you there since they would have to get past the army of guards and hundreds of adventurerers that occupy its walls any given time of day. You'll just want to stay out of the stockade - although thats good advice no matter what city you happen to be living in.


Blasted WoW - I have a friend who just managed to wean himself from it, and I learned a bit about the game from him. Never saw it in operation though. I'll stick to my notion of Sakura Wars' Tokyo for where I'd live, but as a second choice I'll throw out the Aspinian republic of Shining Force III. Although the Emperor is really pissed at the place, it seems set to stay peaceful for awhile after the events of the game end. Plus most of the characters in the game end up there thanks to Emperor Domaric wanting them dead if they ever set foot back into the Empire....

Here's a question for you (since this is a qna afterall): any idea on whether or not there is any chocobo raising in FFXII? I haven't bothered checking the guide at any of the stores and I just cleared the Osmone Plain, so I don't believe I'm really far into it. The only reason I ask is because I have those Greens the chocobos like (can't remember the name off the top of my head) and I wasn't sure if I should sell them or wait. Well, thats all for now - keep up the good work Josh, and hope your having fun cohosting, JuMeSyn.

Scott K


Uhhh - well, thanks for the kind words, but I have NO idea about chocobos in any recent FF. If I tried raising a chocobo it would probably mutate into something for Godzilla to fight. Josh?


Gotcha covered.

No, there aren't any chocobo breeders to be found in the game, but those greens do serve a purpose. However, you can buy them at certain points in the game, so it's not really necessary to keep the ones you find, although those are free :). But yeah, they do serve a purpose.


Alrighty, here's a list of the items I SHOULD have soon. Don't know why they haven't gotten here yet, but whatever. It happens. I said, if you want one of these at the Item tile, just let me know and I'll reserve it for you until it gets here.

  • Liquid Poison Babble Slime keychain
  • Tabula Rasa Skull Cap
  • 2x Bumpy Trot harmonicas
  • Harvest Moon Magnet
  • Soul of the Ultimate Nation Binder Organizer
  • Potentially one or two more things

Hope that clears everything up, and I'll get some pictures up once they get here.

Combat Log

Luca Phase:
Luca Blight charges up!

Draconn falls to Tile 36!
Tabor falls to Tile 39!
JDX resists a spell!

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Bainick moves to Tile 9.
Leaper moves to Tile 40.
Arros Raikou moves to Tile 6.
Bucket moves to Tile 5.
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Luca Blight

Wow, did we really already have 60 questions?!?

Answer to #L32: F. A tasty dip
Yep, Square translated 'Sarisa' as 'Salsa.' Sheesh.

Which of the following is not an anagram of an area of Secret of Evermore?


THONG Question

Answer to #32:A. Littering
If you litter around the town, people's affection levels for you will drop!

#33.Difficulty: Hard, Potch: 350
Which of the following games was also released under the title that describes "a set of pictures that create a phrase or a word?"

A. Dragon Valor
B. Tabula Rasa
C. Kartia
D. Chaos Legion
E. Azure Dreams


Well, that ends my time here for the weekend, guys. Thanks to JuMeSyn for a great job of cohosting, and I can't wait until the rest of you get your chance! Matt will be here tomorrow, so make sure you guys harass him for me! Later!
***Josh slept through 3 classes today.

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