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Liter of Cola November 12, 2006

Josh - 11:02 EST

Story time!

So I went to Wendy's today since I was in a rush before work, and found that it was pretty busy. I somehow was fifth in line, and about 30 more people showed up. At a Wendy's with just one register...that's a lot. Most of the workers, it seemed, were concentrated about the drive-thru, too. You could tell the cashier (whose name is Dylan) was getting more irritated by the second. Finally, someone from the back asks him to do something, when he grabs the microphone and yells, "Yeah, sure, I'll get right on that ONCE I GET SOME FREAKIN' HELP UP HERE!!"

Everyone in line just died laughing, and started ordering Liters of Cola. It made me giggle. ^^

I'm waiting for more star systems to slip through his fingers.


Regarding the recent letter about FF 12 and Star Wars. Actually someone at Square must be a Star Wars nut because practically every numbered FF after 2 seems to have some kind of reference to Star Wars. (I could not find one in 10 however). I think the line "I've got a bad feeling about this" appears in almost every game. Biggs and Wedge being probably the most obvious reference.


Ah yes, Biggs and Wedge. Whether they're members of a resistance, Magitek Armor-suited Empire soldiers, or just trying to fix a satellite dish, they've been there for us all. The fact that you couldn't find one in FFX just makes me want to play it just to see if I can find one, now. ARGH! You are forcing me to go play a game! How dare you!!

It irks me when everybody compares Fran to Chewbacca I understand the comparison but I am in deep denial about this personally. Quite simply Fran is hot, Chewbacca is not. I don't want to think of Chewie every time I see Fran especially since she is my party leader. Yeah I am strange but when you spend 40-100 hours with these characters you can sometimes become attached. RPGs are like Soap operas with a battle system. Hopefully the TV networks will implement battle systems in "General Hospital" and "Days of our lives" after reading this letter. Joking!!!


Hey now, I'm sure there's some furry out there that thinks Chewbacca is all that and a bag of potato chips, so I'd watch out.

They do have battle systems, akin to Persona 2! They all run around, negotiating with each other, trying to do or say something devious in order to gain the upper hand, and every once in awhile, someone dies! On the other hand, I would like the creators of the soap operas to have a battle system where the only spell they have is Merton and they are all weak to Fire. If you get my drift. ^^

I know some people are not warming up to the Gambit system in 12 because of the loss of control. I simply think of the battle system in terms of a srpg. In a srpg the fun comes in planning the battle rather than in directly controlling the characters. FF 12 feels like a simplified srpg in real time. The alternative could have been a hack and slash type of combat system and I am glad it not because hack and slash games get boring really quick. Square never completely reuses a battle system twice so I wonder what in the world they have in the works for both FF 13 games?



The combat to me isn't so much of a simplification as it is a relief. Honestly, for every battle other than boss fights, you do the EXACT same thing you do in every other RPG. You get into battle, spam the Attack command, and heal every few battles or so. This system greatly reduces the tedium involved with such crap and allows you to focus more on tactics that will be useful for the more difficult fights ahead. Besides, in boss fights, I guarantee that for most of them you switch your Gambits up mid-fight. Honestly. Thanks for writing in!


I was actually okay with Tidus too. His appearance annoyed me way more than his voice did. The whole wanna-be Meg Ryan wearing lederhosen just really wasn't doin it for me. Plus, and I do realize it's just a silly game, but Tidus' sword stance takes the cake as the most improbable and inefficient possible. He's one-handing a zweihander and it flailing around in time with the music BEHIND him. Shouldn't the sword be between him and the enemy??? I guess Auron's stance wasn't much better, but at least looked cool while he was doing it :^D.


Yeah. Agreed on the stance thing. I first saw it and wondered what the hell was going on. It does make a little sense, cause he's a frickin' Blitzball player, not some warrior-in-training. And it's not like Wakka's or Lulu's weapons were any more useful. :P

Go Moogle doll, go!

Yes, I think Ashe is whiny. Boo hoo, Dalmasca. Boo hoo, Rassler. Her deep voice does not absolve her from my whininess label, so there.


Well, it does seem that crap is rolling downhill and she's standing at the bottom with a giant baseball glove. Her whining, in my opinion, isn't so much an effect of her personality so much as an effect from the fact that everything she used to know has suddenly decided to explode.

Hmmm...can't say I'm getting Lord of the Rings from FF12. I can kinda see Aladdin in hindsight...sorta...kinda. Vaan's vest getup makes him sorta look like Aladdin, and there is some small Arabic flair to Dalmasca.

I'm psyched for PS3! The price bothered me at first, but I realized something. My PS2 will someday bite the dust. If PS3 is backwards compatible, then it's a no-brainer purchase. Last I heard it was, but I'm kinda out of the know these days.



I finally saw a PS3 in person today. I didn't realize how damn HUGE that thing is. It's seriously a gargantuan system. Looks sexy, if only I had money...

And yep, it's backwards compatible, all the way back to PSX, so don't worry!

It's coming this way!!

Hiya Ouro,

Meh, I have written in for quite a while. I bet your all feeling really smug, sitting there cosy with FFXII and all the other games you get before us poor PAL gamers, who end up just watching from the sidelines. AND we get delayed hardware, with a month to go till the Wii, and unconfirmed March date for the PS3.


All this smug is causing a Smug Storm. Better hope that George Clooney isn't nearby.

Anyway, I just read a report on the PS3 launch in Japan, and it looks like Sony have managed to cock-up what could have been an otherwise amazingly big event. Apparently, most shops only got a 100 or so units for the launch, and Sony only started advertising a coupla days before the launch. Also, most of the shops were sold out a few hours before the stores actually opened. Feel free to prove me wrong, bearing in mind this is just wat i read.


That may be bad, but come on, like Sony NEEDED to advertise.

They actually told us awhile back that there would be less systems than anticipated (I forget when). It's going to be the same around these parts as well, I can guarantee that. Unfortunately. ;_;

Oh yeh. Since this is a Q&A, a question.

****Possible Spoiler*****
I've been playing Skies of Arcadia Legends recently, and being the completionist I am, I'm trying to get everything in the game as soon as possible. Only problem is, I'm looking for the bounty on Vize the Legend, but he won't appear where he's meant to. I've scoured the world for him, but he still won't appear. I'm due to go after the Yellow Gigas now, by the way. So if anyone can help me out, I would be extremely ecstatic.
****End Possible Spoiler****



Not having played the game, I hope this helps. See ya later!

Almost oops.

Because I don't want to say too much more until I've played some more! I'm not too far away from being strong enough to take on my huge backlog of level V marks, and I'm very excited about it!

Speaking of levels, can I say your progress is pretty unbelievable to me? I'm about your level, WITH an additional 20 hours gameplay! Is that good or bad, I wonder? I'm certainly getting my money's worth, I suppose... How much sidequesting and going back and forth and such are you doing?


I generally open up a new area, then go see if there are any new marks to be had. Then I'll go tackle a few, and if I can defeat one in a new rank, I'll go destroy the rest I have opened in that rank. Then more story, over and over again. I probably could have beaten the game by now if I had just played the story.

And please don't give away any more optional bosses! I know you didn't say anything important, like name or where to find it, but I'd like to be as surprised as possible! I'm playing through with NO reference to guides or forums at all! I want to see how much I get! (Please don't take this as a rebuke - or if you do, consider it extremely mild - you were extremely considerate, all things said!)


I'm playing through with no guides either (because I hate them), although I did buy the strategy guide, and I have it locked away until after I beat the game. Then I'll go through and get everything I can't find on my own. Don't worry, I won't give away anything important here. I want this game to be as much of a surprise to anyone else as it is to me!

As for the Star Wars comparison... Remember that it was WRITTEN to follow certain classic archetypes of storytelling and fiction. Of course there'd be a lot of resemblance between it and practically every popular saga you can name!


Yeah, but Star Wars just seems to keep popping up in the FF universe! Ah well...we'll see if it pops up again. Thanks again, Leaper!

The Winner is...

when the pinnion is used, does the gf become permenent like odin or is the gf a one timer

First Place - JuMeSyn

*Begins speaking in dry Richard Attenborough voice*
What is most fascinating about this entry into the subconscious of the writer is the underlying assumptions it reveals. While the term 'pinion' is clearly understood amongst the general intellectually-capable population, the writer's use of 'pinnion' illustrates one of two possibilties; either he has a private definition of the word (unrevealed to the layman), or it denotates an incapacity to accept the popular spelling conventions. Still more intriguingly, the writer seems to assume that Odin would in fact be a permanent 'gf.' Based upon observations of Odin the faithfulness of the Norse god is to be put under a very high level of unsustainability, for Odin is far more often observed being a 'one-timer.' This piece of composition has clearly come from the mind of an unstable individual, one unable to distinguish between reality and delusion. I recommend a team of naturalists be dispatched to observe this subject and establish the inner workings of his mind; such an endeavour promises to yield MOST fascinating footage.

Second Place - Bainick

Geez, i'd be happy if I could summon a GF ever, let alone one time. Though once I came close when I offered my shiny rock as a sacrifice, but she just sent it straight back at me for a counter attack! Did I ever tell you about the time when I was a pirate.....

Third Place - Arpijy

I can use a pinion to get a girlfriend? That seemed a little too good to be true, so I tried to get some more info about it from my ex-girlfriends. One of them just said she didn't know what I was talking about, one was drunk at the time and gave a completely incoherent response, and the other just reminded me that she wants to kill me. Trying to put everything together, my answer is that if you use a pinion to find a girlfriend, she'll wonder how or why she's even around you in the first place and kill you in a drunken rage. And remember, death is permanent and not a one-time thing.

The short version of what I just said: whatever you were thinking, don't do it.

Honorable Mention - Bucket

Don’t give your GF a pinnion—give her the Blue Feather. Otherwise she’ll be your BFF.

*Ouro: This just made me giggle.

Thank you to all who entered, and I'll contact JuMeSyn about a cohosting position!


What is the role of a merchandiser in textile field?

This was seriously a letter in my inbox. Someone actually clicked the mailing link on this column and sent this in, and therefore it's not your ordinary spam. I really have no idea, whoever you are. I imagine it's someone that deals with textile merchandise. That could be any number of professions, be it cashier, sales associate, or even textile truck driver. This sounds like one of those questions of life that are best left unanswered. So go, my son...climb the nearest mountaintop and ask the nearest guru of his thoughts. Just don't fall on your ass when you get kicked off.


Alrighty, here's a list of the items I SHOULD have soon. Don't know why they haven't gotten here yet, but whatever. It happens. I said, if you want one of these at the Item tile, just let me know and I'll reserve it for you until it gets here.

  • Liquid Poison Babble Slime keychain
  • Tabula Rasa Skull Cap
  • 2x Bumpy Trot harmonicas
  • Harvest Moon Magnet
  • Soul of the Ultimate Nation Binder Organizer
  • Potentially one or two more things

Hope that clears everything up, and I'll get some pictures up once they get here.

Combat Log

Luca Phase:
Luca Blight charges up!

JDX falls to Tile 39.
Draconn falls to Tile 37.

Movement Phase:
Bainick moves to Tile 3.
Leaper moves to Tile 31.
BLG moves to Tile 23.
Arros Raikou moves to Tile 21.
Slimey moves to Tile 28.
Genjuu moves to Tile 10.
Slashlen moves to Tile 33.
JuMeSyn moves to Tile 24.
PureLunatic moves to Tile 28.
William,T moves to Tile 27.
Arpijy moves to Tile 28.
Aurelius moves to Tile 37.
Aylee moves to Tile 22.
Tabor moves to Tile 34.

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Luca Blight


Answer to #L28: F. Bainick and Aurelius
Yep, these two were rocking SOCK back when this contest was just a wee 'un!

During the initial teleport from Walse to Karnak, who are the first person and the last person to enter the teleporter, respectively?

A. Bartz, Lenna
B. Lenna, Faris
C. Faris, Galuf
D. Lenna, Bartz
E. Bartz, Galuf
F. Galuf, Lenna

THONG Question

Answer to #28:D. A
Flonne, the angel from Disgaea, is closest to Flan, a tasty dessert!

#29.Difficulty: Medium, Potch: 150
This staff was handed down through the Tycoon family:

A. Mythril Staff
B. Staff of Kings
C. Healing Staff
D. Golden Staff
E. Staff of Prominence


No time to think of a topic for tomorrow, folks, so let's just keep up with the current trend of goodness! I shall see you all tomorrow, and I bid you all good night!
***Josh rushes to fall asleep.

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