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Field Day Wet Edition November 11, 2006

Josh - 7:34 EST

Man, today was incredible.

I'll never get over standing in the middle of Beaver Stadium (which holds 100,000+ people), part of a Color Guard, and having everyone look at me while singing the Star-Spangled Banner. On Veteran's Day, no less. Normally we stand near the sideline so we don't get run over by the Blue Band, but it was raining today and the band didn't take the field. So what do we do? We move out further. All eyes are on us, and it's such an amazing feeling. And let's not forget the fact that I get to stay on the field for the entire game! much as I complain about the whole ROTC thing, there are some pretty sweet things that I get to do with it.

Use the force, Vaan.

Is anyone else feelin Star Wars from FFXII? I'm not a Star Wars nut, I promise. Just hear me out.


My theory is "Star Wars crossed with Lord of the Rings," but that's just me.

  1. Evil Empire => check
  2. The fleets of airships => check
  3. Han Solo/airship bandit => check (Balthier)
  4. Chewbacca/airship bandit's alien cohort => check (Fran)
  5. Leia/whiny princess in need of rescue => check (Ashe)
  6. Luke/whiny male lead in need of masculinity => check (Vaan)
  7. Obi-wan/Yoda => check (Dalan)
  8. All the "races" remind me of aliens mainly because the stereotypical fantasy races aren't represented.
  9. Judges remind me of Vader and Imperials remind me of stomtroopers, namely because they all talk into their helmets
  10. Everyone inexplicably has a British accent except the male lead, who is represented with the worst acting of the production (Anakin and Vaan tie for worst acting by a male lead in an epic series; just kidding, Vaan...your gay lisp is "fabulouth")


Well, they are stereotypical races for Final Fantasy. So why it's not generic fantasy, they've rather created a realm all of their own.

Vaan doesn't seem TOO bad to me. Although, I find him having less talent than the guy who did Tidus, but I honestly thought Tidus was ok, despite being whiny. His character was whiny, so it wasn't bad. Fran's voice drove me nuts for awhile, but I finally got used to it.

And Ashe being whiny? What? Have you actually -played- the game? ^^

Yeah, Balthier does rather work as a Han Solo. The fact that his voice is pure aural sex is a nice touch, too. Uh...don't read much into that last statement. >_>;

You don't have to dig very deep to see all the similarities. I fully expect that at some point Vaan and Vayne are going to bust out light sabers and duel. It is is their destiny. And you KNOW somebody has gotta be somebody else's father. There's too many orphans running around for it fall out that way.



Vaan vs. Vayne...hehe, that would be interesting. Actually, at the outset of the game, I initially thought of the movie Aladdin. Please tell me I'm not alone in this.

As for the father'll just have to wait and see. ;)

*Ouro keeps his secrets to himself*

Stolen! Woo!

Hi Matt


This was in the communal mailbox, so it's fair game! Mwahahahahaha!

It is funny to hear all the hoopla about the new systems (either Wii or PS3) and realize that there is nothing in the launch lineup that I find fascinating. Indeed, more than a year after the launch of the Xbox 360 there are not enough titles I find interesting to even buy that. I mean, I would be surprised if I am finished FF12 before the end of the year and the backlog includes Tales of the Abyss and Marvel Ultimate Alliance (I know, not an rpg!).

PS3 looks like a real power house but the launch lineup looks like last weeks fish. Yuck. The Wii looks better from a launch game perspective due to the presence of the Zelda title but I am still uncertain about something that uses a TV remote to control things. My game space is packed into a corner where I canít swing a cat, let alone dance around with a remote. Besides I do have to have enough use of my hands to be able to go to work the next day.

I think that I am going to remain calm and wait to see how things shake down. The whole thing about gaming is to remember that it is the games, not the systems, which are important.

Angus Creighton


I completely agree. Despite a few launch titles, there's nothing I'm really, really looking forward to. Zelda might be the only one, actually. As much as I'd love to have a PS3 as soon as possible, there just aren't any games for it! I'll be picking up a Wii first, and then once the PS3 gets some titles (MGS4, FFXIII, etc.), then I'll probably go ahead and get that.

However, from what I've seen, the Wiimote really doesn't require you to get up and look like you're at bat. Twilight Princess, for instance, really only requires flicks of the wrist to manipulate Link, rather than a full arm swing. So I understand your reservations about the remote, but honestly, I haven't found any problems with it. Also, if you swing a cat vertically, along your side, I find that you need less room to maneuver, thus allowing for optimum cat-swinging.

The PS3 is gorgeous. They've got a display up at Best Buy, and it made me wet myself a little. Apprently the larger version comes in a chrome finish, too. At least at Best Buy. The games -will- look amazing, and if you're a graphics whore, I'd be on that system like white on rice. The Wii's appeal comes from its ingenuity rather than its processing power, but there will be people who will fail to see it. Either way, I'm just like you - I'll let the games speak for their respective consoles. ^^. Thanks for writing in!

Difficulty difficulties.

I have to say, I'm a bit further than you in FF12,


Also yanked from the communal box. I'm much further than I was, and still just as happy with the game. :)

and just before starting it I completed Valkyrie Profile 2. You want hard? That's the game to try. FF12 is challenging, but nowhere near the difficulty level of this game. I can't recall a recent game where I honestly dreaded the regular battles so much. Unfortunately much of this difficulty is rather cheap and due to the fact that it's so hard to get monsters to drop items (and impossible to even find out which items are dropped), resulting in perhaps lower stats than the developers expected; but I did manage, after investing 75 hours of play-time, to beat the bonus dungeon, so it's obviously doable. Just really frickin' hard. I was actually looking forward to a simple FF-style gameplay game after that gauntlet. FF12 is better, but it's no cakewalk.



Challenging games are tons of fun to me, but only if their challenging in the sense that it's doable by skill rather than luck. Silly things like enemies exploiting cheap tactics that are unavoidable are rather dumb, honestly. I want an enemy that uses some tactics to destroy me that I have to find a way around. Take the most recent boss fight I fought in FFXII. It was optional, but the boss had spells that targeted characters with levels that were multiples of 2, 3, 4, or 5, as well as Prime Numbers. Prime killed you, and the others gave you some annoying status effect. It was a hard battle, and my Balthier decided to level up into a Prime Number halfway through the fight, but I managed. There wasn't anything cheap about the boss's tactics, but you did have to know when to anticipate incapacitation, and then keep your characters alive while they bombarded the enemy with attacks! Nothing too grand, but I was quite satisfied once I beat him.

Hier kommt die sonne. (If you can spruce this up a bit, go for it. I can't with my shoddy Hotmail technology).


Dear god. >_<

Eins: Are you, in your inimitable way, able to unearth a comprehensive translation of Sakura Wars 2? If you just poke around on GameFAQs you will see several Episode 10 sub-FAQs. That is because Episode 10 is spent in the company of the girl Ohgami has made the best impression upon, and each of them is doing something different on New Year's. Only three of them have their translations up, and they were done years ago.


I tried looking for one for your last letter, and my efforts were defeated by the almighty Internet. It was a devastating feeling, finally not being able to find something.'s all your fault. ;_;

Zwei: two bands I really like that never had hits in the States: XTC and Slade. In XTC's case, no real hits at all. Investigate if you like.


Oh 80's British band! Ruuuuuuuun!!!!

Ah well, at least Quiet Riot's version of "Cum on Feel the Noize" was really good.

We'll get WILD WILD WILD!!!

Drei: I extend the invitation to you for a 2 player Guardian Heroes day, should you ever find yourself in Eureka. Your presence could only be beneficial when this town is doing its best to make me wish for its destruction....


Hey, if I ever end up there, feel free to drag me over for some gaming action. I'd love to show you what I'm capable of. have NO idea what you're getting yourself into, my friend!!! ^^

Vier: Regarding Dragon Force II: Grandel is indeed the technical leader of the Zeldokian forces, but he only shows up twice in the game; once when the hidden continent surfaces, again for the final battle. His lieutenants take the fore during the game; and the chief among them has a name that can be translated in four different ways, so pick from Orvo/Olvo/Orbo/Olbo.


Orbo! Because it makes me think of Ouro, which is the best name period. Ever.

Fuenf: I am enjoying Grandia quite a bit, but I'm somewhat irritated that the PS version came along and ceased the translation project. Is there a transcript of the Sony translation I can use? And the Japanese voice acting is a lot better, naturally, although Justin sounds like a girl.


I'd look for it, but I'm a bit confused as to what you mean. The game WAS translated into English...hence the English game. Please clarify for me, then I shall be off to look!

Sechs: Aethelred seemed to find it odd that I would hand down so many high ratings in my reviews for RPGamer. I look at it this way: games I choose to complete will have a higher average than games I have played. Crappy games I play for a bit and give up on. Look at the thread regarding last week's PoV to see what was said.


Well, since it's a requirement that you beat the game before we post your review, then I see no problem. Some people are masochists and like beating horrible, horrible games. And there are also those games out there where they slowly become horrible, and you only beat them because you don't like leaving things unbeaten!

Sieben: Why did you deem Christopher Columbus as a hypothetical RPG villain unsuitable for print? Are you unaware of everything the man did?


I didn't print that? Oops. Eh, I'm not big on history, although I'm sure he and his men committed all sorts of atrocities among the peoples of the New World when he came over. Seems to be the way of Man anyway.

Acht: A few remixes for you. First a Chrono Trigger: Then a Lufia II: And a Seiken Densetsu 3: How do they fare by you?


I really, really don't like the instrument they used for the tune of Frog's Theme. The rest of that song is ok, I guess. Not that impressed. The Lufia one is pretty good, although the harmony could use some fine-tuning. The 'electric guitar' section of the Seiken Densetsu one is awesome, and overall, it's the best of the lot.

Letzte: It finally happened. My GBA-SP recharge has been fritzy for over a year now, and my effort to get the damn thing to recharge fully by moving the cable around spastically appears to have rendered ANY recharge impossible. Damnation - this means I have about 4 hours left before it's dead. Suggestions?

Matt, it's time for you to decide if you're going to be one of my team players or not.


4 hours left? Hm...that's not much time. I suggest...getting Sheep and playing Arrange Mode, and seeing how high you can get your dog's level! ^^


Anywho Ouro, how's FF12 treating ya? By the time Saturday comes rolling through I SHOULD have passed Suikoden 5, without a guide, with all characters, which could explain my 60+ hours spent in it thus far! Then i'll travel on to Wild Arms 3 as i've yet to pass it yet, and I hope that there might be some connection with Wild Arms 4 that's sitting patiently on the shelf. (Note to oneself, borrow friends NTSC psONE, with Wild Amrs 1 and 2). Ahh tired, Bainick need sleep now!

Congrats on Suikoden V! And enjoy WA3, as it is a fine game. I too have WA4 sitting on my shelf, waiting to be played...

As for FFXII, I'm loving it. I keep drifting from the story (which is still good) and going back to kill marks. There's so much to do, I think I'll be playing it for some time to come...


Two people have nabbed Cohosting positions! Also, tomorrow, I'm going to post a list on the ITEMS I've been trying to get ahold of for the contest. If they ever get delivered to me, I'll put them up immediately. Until then, if you want one of these items, just let me know (if you want to claim it), and I'll reserve it for you once it gets here.

Combat Log

Luca Phase:
Luca Blight takes a moment to rest (11.9% HP remaining).

JDX falls to Tile 41.

Movement Phase:
Bainick moves to Tile 2.
Leaper moves to Tile 29.
BLG moves to Tile 20.
Draconn moves to Tile 40.
Slashlen moves to Tile 32.
JuMeSyn moves to Tile 21.
PureLunatic moves to Tile 25.
Aurelius moves to Tile 36.
Tabor moves to Tile 32.

Previous THONG Rounds!

Selections for characters can be found at the following sites:

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Luca Blight


Answer to #L27: D. Fire and Earth
Apparently, when they are at the end, Saturos and Menardi scream out that these two elements will restore their Psynergy!

When THONG and THONG2 were first started (the first day anyone moved for THONG, and the first day questions were asked for THONG2), who was at the top of the SOCK board, respectively?

A. Dermot, Aurelius
B. Macstorm, Kanato
C. Xlash, JokingChimer
D. BigWook, DMJewelle
E. Erika, Kanato
F. Bainick, Aurelius

THONG Question

Answer to #27:D. 5
There was the main character, 3 extra characters, and a final book containing the conclusion!

#28.Difficulty: Easy, Potch: 150
The friendly angel in the first Disgaea shares a name that sounds similar to what other real-world thing?

A. A tasty, creamy dessert
B. A gardening implement
C. A computer part
D. A type of clothing
E. A guitar manufacturer


I'll have the results of the contest up tomorrow, guys. Until then...

So yeah, Final Fantasy has rather stolen the spotlight of late, but there's gotta be other stuff out there, right? The PS3 is on its way, and despite pricing concerns, it's going to hit gamers hard. Any thoughts on this? Will it be Sony's downfall, or will it give birth to a new era of gaming?

Until tomorrow, have a good night!
***Josh didn't get to see JoePa.

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