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Lost the Lead October 30, 2006

Josh - 9:11 EST

Halloween tomorrow! Yay! I'll take a picture of my costume for you guys and post it next weekend. Those of you that had childhoods will love me for it, the rest of you I pity and hope you find solace in the fact that you may have been doing better things than watching Nickelodeon. Speaking of which, Nickelodeon is one of the worst channels nowadays, and I'll be damned if my kids are going to watch it, as it would force them to lose brain cells. Seriously, what happened to quality, wholesome shows such as Salute Your Shorts, Pete & Pete, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? That is good TV, my friends, not the moronic drivel they show these days, where they just have kids running around flailing, and they pretend to call it a show. What a load of crap.

2,365 words...;_;

Johnny, you be careful out there!
I don't care!

Today's stingers are courtesy of season 3's massive dose of Sandy Frank films. What's that, says the Ouro? Did you want to view what makes a Sandy Frank dubbing of a Japanese movie memorable? Too damn bad! He showed his inability to laugh at himself by never allowing those movies in their MST3K incarnations to be broadcast or viewed again! If you don't do the Bittorrent or the fan copies on tape, you'll never see them, because he seems set to keep them locked away until death!


I actually just purchased Vol. 1 and Vol. 10. They should get here in a matter of days. ^^

Now then... Arpijy says it wasn't that hard to deal with my last letter, eh? In recognition of that, I'll have to work hard on making this one a truly memorable endeavor! *Cracks knuckles*.


...Fine, prepare to be defeated. I eat 2,365 word letters for breakfast.

We'll start off with a little experiment. The Ouro liked to see me sweat with regard to the Saturn, eh? Then I'll ask the Ouro what the big deal about Metal Gear Solid is. I played a bit of Substance on Xbox, and found it kinda dull. Why is everyone so fanatic in the defense of this stuff?


Because the strategy is intense, and if you were playing Substance...then that was MGS2...and the plot in that game was rather bland. I suggest playing the original MGS, or at least its Twin Snakes version on GCN. Sneaking around, dispatching your enemies without being seen...there's just a lot of fun involved with it. Boss battles are generally pretty neat, as there's some inventive way to take them out, usually. And Solid Snake is just plain awesome, period. MGS1 and 3 are two of my most favorite games, and I tend to always find myself playing them off and on again.

Mwa ha ha ha ha - and now I shall begin my assault upon your ears! Listen to it. Listen! That is the voice of Link in Link: The Faces of Evil for the CD-i! Are you getting a horrible flashback to Mark-Paul Gosselar in Saved By the Bell like I am? Feel the power!


This is nothing to me, as I've seen actual footage of the game being played. So while you only provide me with aural suicide, I was able to find a way to kill two of my senses. So ha!

One more time with my notion for an older hero: I think we need a truly old hero, as in past 70. In good shape, naturally, but beyond retirement age! His theme song will be 'Old Man' by Neil Young, because Neil Young is awesome.

Feel the fourth wall crack! MORE Faces of Evil voice acting! Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!

I'm kind of curious as to the quality of Final Fight's subsequent installments. We seem to be in agreement about the worthiness of 1. I haven't played 2 or 3 though. 2 seems to go for $30+ prices consistently on eBay, 3 is seldom seen and goes for better than $50. What can you tell me about these games? Oh, and I heard that new PS2 Final Fight sucked abominably.


I played a bit of Final Fight 2 back in my day, and I thought it was about as good as the original. Didn't really bring anything outstanding to the genre, but what was there was more of the same goodness. Never got around to playing 3, though.

And then there's my Sakura Wars obsession. Look, you don't HAVE to have a FAQ in front of you while playing: it is perfectly possible to click through all of the text while ooh-ing and aah-ing the pretty pictures while having no idea what you're saying to the questions of the girls and plowing through the battles. I've heard stories of people who have done just this and enjoyed themselves. For me though, being glued to a FAQ is the best way. And I well understand many people wouldn't want to go through this, but maybe my willingness to play through entire games in Japanese is a sign of how crazy/hardcore I am. I played through the entirety of Seiken Densetsu 3 on the cartridge with no idea what was going on - what does that make me?


I've said it before, I managed to play through the first disc of Chrono Cross entirely in Japanese. However, just from the actions of the characters and such, I was still able to get a good idea of the plot, and when I grabbed the US version, I was surprised at just how much I'd figured out.

Mmm - now we get to hear the CD-i Zelda too! And these things routinely go for +$70 on eBay? What a world.

Now then, after playing through the entirety of Sakura Wars 1, I can say that the ending would have needed some fairly major renovations to be suitable for English release. Here comes a Spoiler warning for anyone with an interest in playing through the game!


The final episode is quite intense - one by one, each member of the Teikokukagekidan save the member on best terms with Ohgami dies. Yes, 5 of the 7 playable characters die in the final episode to keep the mission alive. Then comes battle with Aoi Satan. His name is written in Kanji for the entirety of the game, but in the final battle he has 666 HP. Hmmm. Upon being defeated, his name ceases to be written in Kanji and is instead written in Katakana. To make the transition less vague, he also gains horns on his head and is referred to as Lucifer. Then Ayame (long story with her, but she just died) is reincarnated as the angel Michael, who bestows the Heavenly Father's blessing upon the battle to come, as all the fallen members of the Teikokukagekidan are revived to do battle with Satan. Not quite the sort of thing Sega would want to deal with fallout from, I presume. Oh yeah, I suppose I shall now remove the Spoiler notice. Sakura Wars 2 I am heavily into now, and enjoying possibly more than the first. I'll just say this; you haven't lived until you've heard Japanese spoken with an Italian accent. Soletta Orihime certainly has a unique method of speech: the only Japanese seiyuu I've ever heard even resembling her speech patterns is Pedro in Excel Saga. And incidentally, if the Ouro has not seen Excel Saga, go do it. I showed two episodes to a friend last March and he kept saying 'What? What is going on? Why did that happen? HUH?'


Yeah, somehow missed Excel Saga. I think I was watching Project A-Ko at the time. Oops.

Oh, and also in Sakura Wars 2 I met a trio of ... unusual fellows. Probably for the best that I can't locate a picture of them; but I'm now going to describe them instead! One fellow is stranded in the 70's forever, with Elton John's old outfit and Freddie Mercury's old hair. Another fellow has lipstick and a woman's haircut, but is oh-so-clearly a man. And the third... he's wearing a dress, he looks so much like a female it's frightening to hear him speak with a man's voice. These were the guys defending the Teigeki while the Teikokukagekidan took a vacation at the beach. I don't need to say any more, do I?


...but you're going to anyway, aren't you.

Ehe he he he he! I'm not done with subjecting the readers to this voice acting, no sirree!

If you don't take your GBA onto campus when there are hours to kill, what DO you do? PLENTY of good GBA titles to play. Do you stare at the plant life? Attempt to find people you know through random wandering? Try to sleep only to be interrupted by passersby?


I go sit in the IST building, plug in my laptop, and surf the internet/work on the column/goof off for 3 hours. I usually grab a soda, sit back, and just relax, basically. Sometimes I'll just go home and blow off the rest of my today. ^^;

And in case you couldn't get enough of the subject I brought up awhile ago - here they are again! (Replace this with pictures if you like - or let everyone gaze upon the entire page!) Yes, there is a Choaniki RPG! Look at it! And we WONDER why the WonderSwan didn't come to the US? You can also look at the bottom of the page for the actual scenes I mentioned in Langrisser 2, with the caveat that I didn't see them in English.


I'm starting to think you have something against me and your fellow readers. Shall we stage a coup against JuMeSyn, guys? I'll bring the tinfoil!

It's not over yet! Incidentally, have any Legend of Zelda games outside of the CD-i titles used real voice acting? Or did this scare Nintendo away from it forever?


Uh, not yet. Nothing more than little sound bytes (Hey, listen! *KILL*).

It's become something of a tradition for me to talk about incredibly obscure RPGs with you. And I can't stop now! There were a couple of Shin Megami Tensei titles on Saturn that mildly intrigue me. The one I find most interesting is Soul Hackers. Naturally they didn't come to North America - only recently has Shin Megami Tensei made an intrusion outside of Japan in a big way. And when one of the Super Nintendo titles had the final boss being Yahweh (aka God), who can blame English localizers? What else is guaranteed to inflame touchy people than having God be the menace most prominent in the world? Oh, and there was another title (too damn many of them for me to remember which, sorry) in which a subplot seems to have been neo-Nazis working to revive Hitler. Edgy stuff.


The Hitler thing isn't too edgy. I mean, come on...Wolfenstein 3D? I think Rise of the Triad had some weird demon-Hitler in the game too. Maybe I'm getting those mixed up.

Then there's Tengai Makyou. I submit to you this link: Look at the listing for Tengai Makyou 4 on the Saturn. This is the kind of thing I dig, and once I have a few spare bucks I will acquire it. Imagine; a game that makes Earthbound look restrained!


That's an...interesting world map there. I can't imagine doing battle in a dungeon based off of Carlsbad Caverns...

I don't know too much about the Dungeons & Dragons Collection that Capcom put out right around the time Dreamcast was introduced in Japan; except for it fetching ridiculous ($100 +) prices on eBay. Of course you COULD investigate it and learn why it costs so much....


It's just rare. It's the same sort of reason that Panzer Dragoon Saga fetches such huge prices.

Y'know, Albert Odyssey on Saturn is known in Japan as Albert Odyssey: Gaiden. Does anyone know anything about the two SNES predecessors to the Saturn edition?


Anyone? You there? Come out, come out wherever you are!

Random interjection: The Departed is a damn good movie. Anybody who can't handle a Scorsese film, stay away. Otherwise go see it.


If I could actually find the time to go see the movie, I'd go. That's one of the ones I've wanted to see recently, incidentally.

Did I thank you for finding that boot disc to let me play imports on my Dreamcast? I did not! Consider yourself thanked! My Sakura Wars obsession means I'll have to obtain 3 and 4 on Dreamcast.



Gimme your honest take on this: I now own Super Hydlide on Genesis, which was sold to me together with Sword of Vermilion. If Vermilion is supposedly better than Super Hydlide... ugh.


Reminds me of Quest for the Crown. Google it, you'll see what I mean. ^^

I have to relieve my sudden angst about the point of existence by making you hear another sample of voice acting. Can you feel the drama as Link investigates some evil plot?

Perhaps the Ouro has an idea of what to do should male pattern baldness find its way towards me. My maternal grandfather was losing his hair noticeably by the time he was my age, after all - and I think it's coming out at an unpleasantly high rate.... If you tell me to shave my head, I will know you don't take this seriously. My head ought never be shaved thanks to its inherent ugliness - which is why I have hair!


Genetics suck, don't they? The best thing to do is to just accept the fact, and don't do anything stupid like try to comb it over. Baldness happens, and hey, some women like that.

Should Guardian Heroes be listed on RPGamer? If you don't know anything about it - think of a beat-em-up with branching story paths, multiple characters, magic, experience and statistic enhancement ability. Or go look it up because I refuse to yammer on about it when looking at a few pictures is more effective. Go now! And tell me whether it could count as an RPG.


Reminds me of a side-scrolling Gauntlet. Experience and Statistic enhancement might nudge it into the RPG category, but it's nothing that many fighting games nowadays don't include.

Kim Jong Il may or may not be mentally stable enough to refrain from launching nuclear missiles at his neighbors. THAT is an issue we could debate ad nauseum. But I'm somewhat informed on this issue; one big reason older Koreans take issue with Japan is because Japan regarded Korea, at best, as something of its own 'white man's burden' (you know the origin of this phrase? If you don't, I'm disappointed). Especially when the military was calling the shots in Japan, Koreans were drafted into the Japanese military to perform the drudge work that no Japanese man wanted to do, because Koreans were perceived as being just good enough to do cleaning jobs. And there was the forced recruitment of Koreans as 'comfort women' (we shouldn't have to dig too deeply to unearth why this would rankle, now should we?)

Nowadays Japan has a constitution that specifically forbids armed engagement. Junichiro Koizumi stretched that a fair amount, putting troops in situations where they might be fired on, and Shinzo Abe seems set to follow along on that path. Pushing authorization of Japanese forces to fire when fired upon through the Diet will be a lot easier with North Korea presenting a plausible threat. Regardless of its actual nuclear arsenal, North Korea certainly has plenty of missiles that can reach Japan. But a rearming Japan is greeted with, at best, hesitancy by most of its Asian neighbors, and by considerably more vicious rhetoric from others. China in particular remembers very well what happened to it during the 8 years of active warfare with Japan, in which the rape of Nanking (which is exactly what it sounds like, terribly enough) just stands out as the most well-known of innumerable Japanese atrocities. Filipinos remember what happened to Manila, when Japanese naval troops set the city on fire while locked in combat with US soldiers and shot any Filipino trying to escape; roughly 100,000 Filipinos died from that one event.

And while Kim Jong Il has so far managed to refrain from anything too insane, what happens if the government collapses? Will all the soldiers pack up and surrender, or will some go rogue? Or if Kim Jong Il needs something, anything, to distract from the rampant starvation of his own people? Even the best-case scenario would have millions of refugee North Koreans stampeding into South Korea in search of sustenance, and South Korea regards this with horror because the country would then be compelled to impoverish itself for the cause of its beleaguered neighbours. Hm. Enough geopolitical analysis until the new Economist arrives. Instead; where's my Dragonslayer RPG? You've seen the movie, right? Surprisingly good fantasy movie without a hint of camp from 1981. Flesh out the concept and it could be really good.


I suck at history, so I'll leave that to everyone else. However, if for some reason North Korea would have its government crumble, I can guarantee there would be a giant surge from South Korea and its allies to have them rush up there and take over, uniting the whole peninsula. Just seems like the logical thing to do. China wouldn't do anything, since there would be no government for them to back, though they might get a bit irritated. Either way, they wouldn't gain anything from retaliating from such a maneuver.

I have an urge to fight kiwis (not our good friends in New Zealand, just the flightless birds!) What RPG can allow me to fulfill this urge?


I've got nothing. There's only so many HOURS I can spend per letter before I have to start hurrying up.

Is the Ouro feeling the urge for a new Rocky movie? What about a new Rambo movie? They're both coming - better get into the mood!


Screw that noise. Die Hard 4.0, baby!

The Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars (did I get that right?) title on GBA. I was intrigued enough to remember the name but no more. Whaddaya got for me?


Apparently there's too much dialogue and such, but the gameplay is solid. It's a combination of menu-driven fighting and twitch targeting using a crosshair. Here.

More Revenge of Shinobi music for you! That track is for the 'bad' ending, as the final battle takes place while spikes are slowly creeping down the wall with Shinobi's girlfriend trapped inside the room. Beat the final boss in time; she lives. Fail, she dies. This is the music should she live. Incidentally, beating her without a power-up to triple attack power is REALLY hard. I don't even know if it's possible, although supposedly throwing shuriken can be used to briefly stall the spike onrush. Which track sounds better to you?


First one.

And THIS is the boss music! Choose between it and the final boss music: Or admire both as I do, but you have to say so!

Aha ha ha ha ha - you're stuck here!


Aaaaaand, the second one is better, I think. I agree, they are both good.

It's spring! I swear!

Afternoon Ouro, on the second day of the diabolically evil daylight savings season. I swear it was only last week when this time would be 3, wait a second it was.....


I'm all for DST. That one day in the Spring is annoying, but the other 364 days out of the year are ok. Besides, the one in the Fall is great! Although...I suppose you're in Spring now, so you must be hitting the one where you lose an hour... ;_;

Anywho i'm going to ignor all talk on FF12 until it gets released out in Australia, you know the last place on which it will be released, and instead talk about the fact that i've had Suikoden 5 for 80 hours and have spent 40 of them playing it. The rest of the time's been spent working, sleeping (minimally) and playing sport.

And I'm so far much happier with this game then what I was with Suikoden 4. Now in this small time between play and work I write to answer! Oh and there are Kangacorns in Suikoden Tactics, as an answer to JuMeSyn's question a couple of weeks back!

Bainick reckons he'll miss just about every missable character in Suikoden 5!


Wow, that's some impressive gaming. Feel free to send me some of your free time, please! :)

Your opinion on Suikoden IV/V seems to follow suit with everyone else's. Most people have said that V is an exceptional game, while IV was lackluster at best. Hope you've made some good progress in it, as that game is still on my watch list! Of course, there are plenty on that list...stupid incoming onslaught of games...

It's coming...

So, it looks like I'm gonna schlep over to Gamestop at midnight tomorrow to pick up my copy of FF12. I figure, why not - I never do that kinda thing for anything else, so it might be fun to do it just this once. It's no Harry Potter release, but I think I'll enjoy it more for just that reason - fewer people, and I can go home at once to play if I so choose.

I'm actually kinda interested to see who shows up (as in what kind of folks), and how many. We'll see, I guess.


Good luck, glad to see you got a pre-order in! I mean, I would hope that you don't get there and find someone dressed up as Vaan. I mean, maybe there's the off chance that some really cute girl decides to dress as Ashe, but other than that, I'd probably find them creepy, and I'd lure them away from the line with promises of cohosting positions or acting work. There's always cookies, too. Everyone knows that FF Fanboys/girls' weaknesses are cookies, fake promises of grandeur, and of course, Chinese midgets dressed as Moogles. Of course, the going rate for Chinese midget Moogles is on the rise due to the economy, but they are effective when deployed.

Numbers go in increasing order. Honestly.

I still need to pick up Liberty City Stories, but I'll check out VCS too at some point. I dismissed GTA for several years as mass market drivel. Then I played GTA III and have been absolutely hooked on the series ever since.

I always thought the PS2 GTA games felt like RPGs in a way (well, at least San Andreas does). They definitely don't play like action games. There's too much character customizability and development. It seems like there could be a happy medium struck between Bioware and Bethesda Softworks games and GTA that would make for a decent RPG. I've never understood why a requirement of RPGs seems to be either limited or downright clunky control.

It seems like all of my RPG-playing friends are way more excited for FFXIII than XII. Apparently, I'll need to do some fanboy representin'...after I get some work done... How much of a FF fanboy are you? Will you pick up XII at launch?



Well, I don't know all about "character customizability." Sure, you can change their appearance, but short of going to the gym in San Andreas to increase stamina and bare knuckle fighting, there wasn't much other than running around finding whatever weapons you needed. I could imagine the game being a good action-RPG, though, once the proper stat management and such were included. They certainly are good at plot development, why not go the extra distance and make the RPG? I'd play it.

If you liked GTAIII, make sure to pick up Vice City. That one is the best out of the series, in my opinion. San Andreas may introduce more elements into the mechanics and such, but Vice City has the best plot and characters, not to mention the best music! 80s music all the way, man.

FFXIII does look pretty, but that's all anyone knows. Sheesh. It's not even slated for release until next reason to get worked up over it yet. I won't be getting FFXII at launch, mostly because I won a copy through other means, and a Collector's Edition will be sent to me soon enough ^^. I'm a fairly decent FF fanboy, but if I can get out of spending $50, then I'm all for it!

Gee, I wonder if he wants the game?

Sweet, one more day until FFXII! I have nothing noteworthy to say today, but Iím allowing myself another letter of FF fanboyishness.

Here are some things Iíve noted in early reviews:

1. The difficulty of some of the average monsters has been notched up.

Several of the reviews Iíve read have stated that weak and medium level monsters share areas with devastatingly powerful ones. Iím choosing to look at this as a positive, since, by and large, I like a certain level of danger and unpredictability. I could see how it would easily get annoying, however, to be ambushed by a freakishly strong monster while trying to collect bounty.

There is some discrepancy among reviewers about the difficulty of the game. Some claim that the game environment is unpredictable; some imply that the main quest is a pushover and you have to complete the side quests for a real challenge.


Well, any difficulty increase in an FF game would be ok by me. The games have been entirely too easy since FFIV came out. However, if you've played any of the NES FF games, the whole "weak and medium level monsters share areas with devastatingly powerful ones" thing isn't really a whole new concept! I remember wandering too far away from where the game wanted me to go, and just getting my ass handed to me by something I really shouldn't have been fighting. However, this will be great for me, as it'll let me fulfill little side challenges I create, specifically seeing if I can take out the hard enemies while I'm still at the point where I should only be fighting the lower level ones.

2. Apparently, some of the bosses and/or hunted monsters adjust attack methods.

Not much to say here, but it will be interesting to see if this is true.


That...would be AWESOME. I mean, finding a pattern is a good way to beat a boss, but relying on unpredictability...that would be fun, I think. Having to change your own tactics to compensate for the boss is one of the better ways to increase the challenge. Meta-game is what it's all about, my friend.

3. Immersive town environment.

Apparently, FFXII has fewer towns that normal, but the ones that they do have are brimming with life. The review on Gamebrink elaborated about all the touches and character animations that bring the environments to life. One example the reviewer mentioned was a skill shop which had itís second floor had been chained off. A moogle in front of the chain requested that the player not go beyond the chain, but the reviewer said that moving the game camera above the chain revealed a group of moogles working in the back, trading books and using magic as if they were making items for the shop. That sort of attention to detail is just too cool for words!

Anyway, Iíd write more, but my lunch break is over. Back to work!

~ Sundoulos


That's really neat. It's always the little things that impress me. I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for this Moogle scene now. Plot details and such are good, but seeing what itty-bitty things the developers threw in there to add that extra touch of coolness is what makes me drop my jaw in awe.


Uh, once I get around to updating the rule guide, it should be better, but here are some things I'd like to point out, just to let you guys know:

  • The Steal Ring can be used up to 3 times, until you steal something. That is, if you target someone with no items, you still get to use it two more times. However, if you fail to steal something 3 times, you lose the ring.
  • The Randomizer now encompasses the 29TP spells. There is a 1/32 chance of casting any of the spells, and a 1/8 chance of getting one of those powerful ones. It's cheaper than an Anima, but there's still that chance you won't get it. Also, casting one of those spells still does not unlock the spell for you, so if you want to use it more regularly, you would still have to purchase an Anima.

Combat Log

Luca Phase:
Luca Blight charges up!

Movement Phase:
Leaper moves to Tile 29.
BLG moves to Tile 18.
Slimey moves to Tile 28.
Draconn moves to Tile 36.
Slashlen moves to Tile 27.
PureLunatic moves to Tile 33.
William.T moves to Tile 25.
Vicissitude moves to Tile 21.
JDX moves to Tile 37.
Aurelius moves to Tile 30.
Tabor falls to Tile 27.
Sundoulos moves to Tile 27.

Previous THONG Rounds!

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Luca Blight

Let's see what you've got!

Answer to #L23: B. 10
Yes...that's right. I've somehow scored a 10 in bowling. Granted, I was about 9 at the time, but was pretty sad.

Bye, Chat, Fire, Fly, Heal, Rope
Cure, Exit, Help, Terrify, Trap, Wall
Cure, Exit, Open, Protect, Rise, Tele, Thunder, Wind, _______?

A. Bye
B. Heal
C. Trap
D. Fire
E. Help
F. Fly

THONG Question

Answer to #23: C. Eleni
Eleni is actually one of the members you get on your team, while the rest are those evil Crimson Guard members from Vandal Hearts.

#24.Difficulty: Hard, Potch: 450
Which of these disguised RPGs lets you play as either a street or a breath freshener?

A. Bold Swordsman Japanese Warrior
B. Farther than the Farther
C. Last Dream
D. Nuclear Aftermath 2
E. String of Destiny


Two more days until FFXII, guys! Can you feel it? I mean, I may have to pick up GTA: Vice City Stories as well, because let's face it, Vice City was the best out of the next-gen ones. :) Thoughts? Anyone? See you tomorrow~!
***Josh played some Volleyball today!

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