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When Professors Attack! October 23, 2006

Arpijy - 6:53 EST

Uh, hey everyone! You may or may not know me as Arpijy, the guy who won the side contest last weekend, or the several names people call me in real life. For the curious, I'm from the South Jersey shore, I'm fresh out of college, and I'm in that fun transitional phase between thinking I know what I want to do with my life and actually finding out I don't. Fun stuff. Of course, I'm also an RPG player, just like you all! See! We have so much in common, so let's all be friends, kay?

Oh yeah, you're not interested in me since I'm only here for this one day and I'm probably only recognized here as a participant in the column side games anyway. So...why don't we get to what we're really here for now? *nervously grabs first letter*

The first response (am I supposed to be coming up with titles for these things)?

Hi there Ouro


Sorry, Ouro's not here to take your letter since this cohosting day kinda happened suddenly and without announcement. With the right question, I might be able to help out, though.

You dare call yourself an overlord with dance moves like that? For shame, anyway that was some pretty funny stuff I hope there are more Ouro in Actions

Sadly my greatest fear is doing something really goofy on a whim and not only have a lot of people see me make an --- of myself but also to have it taped so it can continue to hunt me


I wouldn't worry about it. Sure, you'd look and feel dumb then, but give it enough time and you'll probably sit back and laugh like everyone else. I can't promise they'll necessarily be laughing with you, though.

And I had thought of some stupid question but the dancing made me forget oh oh now I remembered

*possible spoilers I guess*

Have there been any rpgs where where the hero is/was the main villian's right hand man at some point but then saw the light and became a hero? The closest thing I can think of is FF4

*Possible spoilers are over I think?*


*wait, hold on, spoilers might still be in effect*

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but the Suikoden series comes to mind, particularly Suikoden 1 and 5. In the first game you're the son of the corrupt empire's most decorated general who finds out about two game hours in that the empire's corrupt, and your character in 5 is the prince of a different yet equally corrupt empire who, again, finds out quickly that there aren't too many people pleased with them.

*okay, now spoilers are definitely over*

Arros Raikou
*thinks there are no more overlords but can't resist dancing Ouro-style*


Look, Josh, you started a trend! Aren't you proud of yourself now?


...dammit. >_<

I knew this was coming.

Ouro asked "also, did FFIV allow you to switch between characters if several characters were 'ready?' I completely forget"

No, that was from FF6 onwards.

Also said: "I know it bothered the hell outta me when Rosa would somehow get skipped, and Cecil would get something like four turns in a row. Sure, I was doing a ton of damage, but I wasn't getting HEALED."

Yeah, you probably had Cecil in the middle slot and Rosa in the one below!
(Might of been Better to put Rosa in the middle, with Edge as the third back-row character!)


Well that's just silly. Certainly not my fault. ^^

"Hm...well, the original let you save on the world map and at save points...but that's really no different than any other FF game (except FFI, of course. FFII maybe as well, I forget)."

Again no, Save points were from FF4 onwards. FF2 & FF3 can be saved on the over-world(/world map), while FF1 was at an Inn, or with a Tent type item on the over-world.


Yeah, I checked on that after I posted the column. D'oh!

I also heard FF3DS also has a temporary quick save, just like the other GBA remakes have. (I.e. Can save anywhere, but will disappear once it's loaded up again.)


Excellent. That should fix most people's problems.

As for not needed the FAQs for Final Fantasy games: I read this as meaning that you went without such guides whilst you completed FF2 then.

That was probably a good idea anyway, most of them skim over how to actually play the game properly and jump straight into long sections of how to powergame your stats! (Even having you believe that you couldn't make any real progress, if you weren't beating yourself up over it. Sillies!)


Yep, you read that right! The mechanics weren't too hard to figure out, so once I figured you could just damage your own party members in order to increase their HP (and the other stat-mechanics, too), it wasn't too bad. Still hate the...oh, look below.

Yes, I had noticed you aren't particulary fond of FF2 itself (I guess it is a little unbalanced, despite the remakes making feeble attempts to improve that). But I imagine you had a better time than those wasting their hours away, over-building stats they didn't really need in the first place (and rarely the stats they do).


I hate levelling up magic. It takes so long, as you have to wait for the animation (the FF2 GBA version of Ultima? Sheesh), and not only that, weapon damage clearly outdoes magic, 99% of the time. The other 1% are those few enemies that are resistant to physical damage. Overall, it was a decent story, battles weren't anything spectacular, and the mechanics of the game were ridiculously dumb. Other than that, yeah, it was an amazing game. >_>;

Dancing, sports, RPGs...they're all related somehow, right?

AIEEEEEE!!! My eyes! My ears! My spleen! Ye gods! I will be haunted to the grave by images of the prancing Ouro! Other than that, your performance was beautifully inspiring and brought tears to my eyes., that's or something. By any chance, are you one of the featured dancers in this little number?


After watching that, I have decided that I am happy that the only dancing I do is as a result of playing those dance games at the arcades. You know, those games.

I don't know if Josh is involved with that video, but if I wasn't complaining about needing more money, the $5 in my pocket would say he would say "no."


Hey, I know how to dance properly. :P I just had a random act of goofiness! And those people in that video are really creepy. I certainly don't dance like that. ^^

I've decided we need a football RPG. Next time I take frickin' UCF to the National Championship against Texas and am looking down the barrel of a 21-point deficit, I want my lineman to bust out their zweihanders and cut Colt McCoy down. How sweet would that be? Have you ever played Mutant League Football or that even more awesome Viking Pigskin game for Genesis?

Football + weapons = world peace. Think about it.


I haven't played those games, but if they're anything like what I'm imagining them being like based on the context of your letter, they sound pretty good, and this is coming from someone who generally doesn't go for sports.

The closest thing I've played to a sports RPG was FFX. Blitzball is awesome. Way too easy, but awesome. It's the only reason I ever play that game anymore.


I still find it amazing that people have more fun with some of the minigames than the games they're contained in. And before you start yelling about that, I have no problem admitting that a good 20 or 25% of my first run through Final Fantasy 8 was spent playing Triple Triad.

Seriously, though sports RPG. How 'bout it? The dungeons are stadiums. The lackeys are the crappy teams. The bosses are the dynasties. The crystals are the championship trophies. Suikoden -style recruiting to flesh out your 108-man roster. Equip your players with items bought from your game winnings or stolen from opponents. Use trophies to summon legends of the game to play by your side. Players with HP, who get injured when HP = 0. Spend MP to break game physics and do psycho stuff. Ever play that NES Dodge Ball game with the team that travels the world and has special moves like igniting the ball, killing opponents, etc? "Awesome. So sweet, you guys," says Cartman, and he's always right. Always.



Sounds like it could be a winning idea. Or, how about this: random encounters are exhibition games that only run for a few minutes. After a winning game, your team members get EXP and can use them to build various stats. Perhaps also some sort of team morale stat that could get higher after beating that team your city has the biggest rivalry with? You could even cause some unnecessary but press-worthy controversy by trying to tie in the whole performance enhancement drug fiasco! Maybe you're really onto something here!


Dear Ouro,

FFXII is almost here!



- Macstorm


You know, sometimes I wonder why I let you live.

*plots Mac's fanboyish downfall*

Oh, sure, bombard me with questions, why don't you.

Hey Ouro,


Um, I do believe I said a few letters up that I'm not Ouro...*smiles* but I'll let it go for now.

I was having some high hopes about a difficulty leap in Kingdom Hearts 2 but it sems that they've decided that hard and interesting doesn't go together, which is a shame as certain battles could of offered a lot more in challenge and in reaction commands to really create something epic. Though I did like that Shadow of the Collosus like battle in one of the last places to visit twice.


Note to self: make amends with that guy I pissed off in all the drama with my ex-girlfriend. Then offer to trade games with him so I can play Kingdom Hearts 2 and actually have something thoughtful or witty to say here. Hey, wait a minute...

Anywho I think i'll bombard you with some questions, just because I can!

What game (RPG or other) has offered you the hardest leraning curve so far?


The first game to pop into my head was Ogre Battle 64, and that was mostly because there were so many different options on that game, some of which I don't think I even tried to do anything with. Legions? What do I need legions for?

What game always brings back memories for you?


Mario Kart 64 brings back some memories of having semi-weekly matches with my brother and neighbors. We would go against each other fairly often, almost always fight over who gets to be Yoshi, get all these claims about how I play cheap just because I have no problem hitting the guy who just did something that gave me an advantage, and everyone else having a two or three minute party anytime I came in last place.

Chrono Trigger brings back a lot of memories too since it was the first RPG I really got obsessed with, but that wasn't necessarily a good story, and I'd kinda rather you not psychoanalyze that out of me. For now.

Do you have any game music playing at the moment? (I've listening to Room of Angel of Silent Hill 4 fame)


Nope. Probably wouldn't hurt right now since all I'm really hearing is my typing and a clock ticking...

Have you ever been scared by a video game?


Nope again. I never really got into the whole survival horror game genre, so about the closest I can come to that is playing Parasite Eve 2 and Koudelka. Granted, they had the atmosphere to pull it off, but nothing spectacularly freightening out of either.

That'll do Ouro, that'll do.

Bainick casts Haste, RUN AWAY.


Wait! Come back here! Apparently I'm still not who you think I am! ...gah, he got away. Can we switch to FF4 game physics so he might've dropped some money? *searches ground near where Bainick was*

Recycled mail

Yo Ouro,

I'm back! And better than ever! Hopefully, anyway. Sorry about the sudden drop-out of THONG, but I kinda never got around to sending an email in after the first couple of weeks. Anyway, let's get THONG out of the way:

L20) C
20) D
21) C


Don't worry! It's easy to catch up. Hehehehehehehehehehe...

I'll just copy and paste this excerpt from an old email I sent Matt last year; it kind of freaks me out that even I was that random:

"Now onto another random tangent that doesn't actually touch the circle, so is not a tangent at all. After all, all tangents subtended from a single point outside a circle are of equal length, so they must be of equal importance. Therefore let us proceed on enunciating the topic of animals in rpgs. Moogles don't count. There was Shadow's dog, Rinoa's dog, various dogs, a monkey and a parakeet. This letter probably won't ever see the light of day.


After my math weekend, I hope you die now.

As further proof of the stress I'm under, let me relate a slightly RPG-related dream I had last night.

“I was in the school grounds at dusk for some reason, and there was a circus blocking the school gates so no-one could leave. So, me being my usual intrepid self, I decided to take a gander at the circus. As I was looking at this 6 armed strong man lifting elephants and juggling them, I felt a flush of hot breath on my neck. I turned around slowly, and nearly wet myself, as there was this huge dragon, black as night. I was about to do a runner, when this weird voice in my head said "FEAR NOT, LITTLE ONE. I WILL NOT HARM YOU. I MERELY HAVE A REQUEST FOR YOU. I WISH YOU TO TAKE THIS PACKAGE TO THE CAGE IN THE CORNER, OVER THERE.” What else could I do but obey, especially since it was a huge dragon commanding me.

So off I went to that cage, carrying a small foil wrapped package with me. As I got nearer the cage, I could see that there was a slight shape moving in the shadows at the back. I held out the package carefully, my throat frozen in fear. As I neared the bars, the shape moved faster than I could have imagined, and swiped the package from my hand. To my utter surprise, it turned out to be a giant kangaroo, grey furred and covered in scars. As it tore open the little package, I finally got to see what I had delivered. It was a packet of cookies! Not those little, cheap ones, but the ones as big as a man’s head and twice as tasty, all soft and chewy. You know the ones I’m on about. After it had gulped down the first cookie, the kangaroo turned its head towards me and I saw that it’s eyes were glowing bright red. Suddenly fearful, I backed away, but the demon-kangaroo just kinda, I dunno, melted and slipped through the bars of the cage. I can’t explain it any better than that. It lifted its head towards the stars, or it was dark by now, and let rip a blood-curdling roar. I ran for my life for the school buildings and didn’t look back. I could hear a soft thumpety-thump, as if it were leaping along behind me, and heard it occasionally stop and sniff the air, like it was hunting for something. I ran towards a group of people and pushed through them towards an open door, to find myself in a packed science lab, full of other pupils watching a badger being forced to dance by the head teacher, Mr. Matthewson. I pushed towards the front of the crowd, to get myself as far from the door as possible, and saw that Mr. Matthewson was taunting the badger with a packet of cookies exactly like those I had given to the demon-kangaroo.

I heard a scream by the door and knew that kangaroo was here. Before I knew what was happening, Mr Matthewson chucked the packet of cookies at me, which I caught out of reflex, saying “Well, must be off! Here, son, have a go at teaching Boris over there to dance”, pointing at the badger. I stared at the dancing badger, and it turned to look at me. I immediately noticed its eyes were blood red. Something huge and wet hit me on my back and I fell over. When I looked up again, the demon-badger and kangaroo were standing over me…..”

And then I woke up. I swear that all of that dream was true, as in that I really did dream it. And I remember it crystal clearly. God, it seemed so awful at the time.

Well, no one else will probably see this letter, so feel free to laugh at my overworked imagination. I hate those English papers.

Josh I giggled at first, but then I felt bad and sent a care package to the asylum where you're held. Expect a package of really big cookies in the coming days. XD

You know, we have a fanfic section here at the site... ;)

Oh yeh, almost forgot. Question Time!

What do you think I should spend my money on? Buying a brand-spanking new 32" TV, replacing my pokey little 19" portable, or buying around 10 new games (all RPGs)? It's the dillema of a lifetime. I know its not strictly to do with RPGs, but you seemed so wise....

Genjuu needs around a spare 1.5k. Anyone got one of those lying around?


Welllll...let's see. There are a ton of new RPGs coming out soon. Literally. A ton. I counted and weighed them. So, getting 10 would be great. However, a 19" TV is fairly small. And, if you're like me, you have a pressing backlog to attend to. My suggestion is to grab the new TV, play what games you have, and hopefully by the time you get to where the games are coming out, you'll have some cash to pick up one or two! Trust me, any more, and you'll never finish any of them, since you'll want to play them ALL. ^^ Good luck!

Ah, a JuMeSyn letter. It's like a rite of passage for us cohosts!

Bring out my fiancee! (any way you could add the hyphen-like mark that Hotmail won't let me do, to make the spelling accurate? If not just delete this text, please!)


Let's is it again...é...think that's it, right? Go ahead, take it and fix your old message!

Once I'm done with Sakura Wars (not sure how much is left, a whole lot more plot came up in disc 2), I'll probably go on an action rampage before either replaying it or going on to Sakura Wars 2. Perhaps it is time I give Demon's Crest the proper chance it deserves, my earlier efforts to complete it failing due to annoying events interfering! Damn you annoying events! Or perhaps I'll wait, given the pain disconnecting the Genesis is, and play through Sunsetriders again. Not a long play, that one, so I'll need something else. Such as Rocket Knight Adventures. Mmm, yes, the Genesis has such a library of quality action titles. Not to knock the SNES - Run Saber is a lot of fun. The Genesis/SNES war is long in the past, I acknowledge the presence of many quality titles on both systems!


Agreed there, that was one of the golden ages of games in my opinion too. Also agreed that sometimes you need a break from the RPGing and just need some pure action. Been through that phase quite a bit after trying to finish a bunch of RPGs all at once.

Speaking of the SNES, do you know anything about Robotrek? I never heard much that would incite me to seek it out on eBay, but then I never devoted myself to the task.


I haven't played it, if that's what you're asking. But I do remember hearing things about it in this column's past. In particular, I remember that the main draw of it is your characters are your own robots created from whatever spare parts you can find, which in turn would imply a pretty good level of character customization. I don't think the game got a lot of critical praise, but there's definitely a fair share of fans who will defend the game, and probably also add to or correct what I said above. Right, fans?

And now I come to a figure I think everyone reading would be VERY happy to destroy in any encounter. (This is the link I would like you to replace - it's more effective that way: ) Consider how much more effective many villainous plots would be in the player's mind if HE was the architect of them! Can I get a second to my motion?


I dunno, depends on the game. Not to say it couldn't work, he definitely ended up as a great surprise villain in the movie.

Continuing to bound from topic to topic - Roku said Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest is painfully average, and was so even when it was released - meaning it doesn't have much pull nowadays. Have you, Ouro-san, played it? At what price would it be worth acquiring, or is a 25 cent garage sale too expensive?


I have played it, a couple times actually, and yes, it is pretty average. And by average, I mean there's not really a whole lot of strategy involved with any of the battles, but enemies took different levels of damage from different weapons -- imagine the basic elemental system applied to weapons -- something I wish more games would take a hint from. In spite of that, it's probably not worth much more than maybe $10 or $12.


Or, you know, $0.

Next topic - cosplay. Got any thoughts upon this activity? I'll just say I'm not intrinsically opposed to it, save for my unwillingness to devote much time to my wardrobe and hairstyling.


Never tried it. Probably would be fun to do as a group. Maybe I should talk to some friends about cosplaying as the cast of whatever RPG we can agree on.

I hope you weren't planning upon Spectral Souls to relieve your PSP RPG surfeit, because the EGM reviewers have one ENORMOUS complaint: maddening load times. If their reviews are to be believed, the game actually has to load between lines of dialogue. In a portable game in particular, that seems horrible. The thing didn't get Shame of the Month only because there was an EVEN WORSE title on PSP this month.


Not being a PSP owner, I can't really say much, except that that's a difficult-to-forgive mistake because it's probably so easy to fix, even if it's by preloading a good portion of the game when it's first turned on.

Also in the latest EGM - FFXII garnered the Game of the Month nod. As one would hope, given its high probability of dominating the charts soon.


I'd like to agree, but let's also remember: it's football season, which means the Madden games seem to be on the top of the charts until December or so. But yeah, Game Informer also named it Console Game of the Month, so I'd expect hearing a lot about that one in a couple weeks. For a couple months.

Now for a subject completely absent of any humorous overtones. Regardless of who you talk to, it's acknowledged that North Korea has a few nuclear weapons. It also has missiles that can reach the majority of Japan easily. Kim Jong Il is a very unpredictable fellow lately, and might just be completely insane enough to launch nuclear weapons against Japan. A nuclear weapon exploding over Tokyo would more than likely eliminate the Japanese game industry, along with most of its staff. And it would most likely be a harbinger of an enormous military operation against North Korea. Drafting is probably beyond the immediate political reality, but we would all feel the effects of such an action by one very unstable man. Any further thoughts on this current affairs issue?


I never really gave it much thought besides it generally being a bad thing. Funny, last night I was talking to an old friend who's in the military and in Korea right now, really should've asked him his thoughts...


Having lived in artillery range of North Korea for 4 years, I think I get to have some say here. :)

While Korea was occupied by Japan back between 1910 and 1945, and also while the world has progressed and there will always be some bad blood (especially between those Koreans that lived during that era), I don't think the Kim Jong Il will attack Japan. Not really because he can't, so much as he has no need to. He's a complete idiot, but even he's not going to bother to do something that moronic if it serves no purpose.

Abandoning serious issues for awhile... how accurate did you feel the South Park depiction of WoW was? Never having played an online game, I found it hilarious - and a friend of mine who does play WoW found it fairly funny also.


I don't watch South Park, but also last night, a friend told me about it. And yeah, that was some funny stuff. I can't stand people that let themselves get sucked into MMOs like that.

Where's a GOOD Star Trek RPG? I've not paid too much attention to recent Star Trek series, but the concept is quite deserving of a quality RPG. Instead of the by-and-large crap that Trek has seen in its game representations (unless the Genesis/SNES editions were good? I've avoided them so far).


Couldn't tell you, sorry. Anyone else wanna take a stab at that one?

What is your stance on the hairdos generally seen in Japan-developed RPGs? Think we need to see some new hairstyles, or is the bed-head syndrome adequate? Or - better yet - shall we have heroes who are old enough to be balding? Actually, there are a few unfortunate men whose hair is already thinning out before they hit 18 as it stands....


Some of it's ridiculous, sure. Some of it looks cool, though...I still think Brave Fencer Musashi-era Musashi had one of the coolest hairstyles out there, impossible as it was. I think the part about having older heroes would be a welcome change, though I think most of the reason they all seem to be in that 14-21 age range is that's the age range of the people playing. I wouldn't mind it myself, though, as long as the hero's likeable.

I submit this link as a public service. I only wish to grant you insight into possibly the worst quasi-RPG I have ever heard of. Read about it and give me your own take. Hell, take it out for a trial if you wish. I don't feel like it though. Nope, I've had enough bad games recently for awhile.


That intrigued me, in the same way that you watch a car crash in morbid curiousity, so I Wikipedia'd it to find out if the things that review claimed were accurate. It said there was some hidden formula involved, but even then, games should be considered bad if they never adequately explain how the game's supposed to work. Anyone out there play Beyond the Beyond, and never figured out what that whole Active Playing System thing was all about? Same deal.

Have you ever seen the short Chrono Trigger OVA? It's a cute thing, although not really worth paying money to see.


Haven't seen it and never really cared enough to take a look, so I'll just take your word for it.

Speaking of Chrono Trigger, you haven't heard the non-MIDI version of the unused second battle music? Then here it is: Along with the other unused piece of music - 'Singing Mountain:' I'm interested in where you think this piece would have been used had the game incorporated it....


I've heard the alternate battle theme before, and still believe it's a much better than the one they used for the game. The other one seems like a great soundtrack for Death Peak, or perhaps the cutscene after reaching the end of it. I wonder why they never used it...


Ok, I have heard that version. I just forgot for a sec that music back then was pretty much equivalent to MIDI. I also do like it better than the original version. As for the other one...I'm going to have to go with Mount Woe or Death Peak.

Mmmm, just watched most of The Blues Brothers. That's a fun movie. Full of good music.


I don't think I saw the original, but I do remember some of the songs from it. And yeah, good music.

Do any RPGs let you beat up koalas? I hear those marsupials are a lot meaner than they look - time to teach them a lesson!

'N' he didn't steal no bike neither


Off the top of my head, no. But you know, I could see an Earthbound game doing that...or a Shadow Hearts game. Maybe the next Shadow Hearts will explore the continents the other one hasn't gotten to yet? That would be pretty cool.

Hey, I reached the end! Those letters aren't nearly as intimidating as they look! Time consuming, sure, but not intimidating!


So, a little explanation is in order here...

Let me give you a little rundown of my schedule from the past few days.


6:00PM - Get done with class and have arrived at home.
6:30PM - Get a call from a co-worker and find out that he can't work on Saturday and needs me to cover for him. My thoughts - @$%^.
6:35PM - Due to impending work, I decide to work on my Complex Analysis homework.
9:00PM - My roommates leave to go drinking. Those jerks.
10:00PM - I pass out because I'm dead tired and have only finished about a third of my homework.


8:00AM - Wake. Shower. Eat.
9:30AM - Try to get a little homework done. Get about 1 more problem finished.
10:30AM - Holy crap, Football game. PSU vs. Illinois. It's my only amount of fun I get this weekend, so off I go.
12:00PM - Game starts
3:15PM - End of Third Quarter, we're winning, but I need to be at work at 4:15. Off I go.
4:15PM - At work. Hate everybody. Get a little more math homework done. At this point, I've finished half, and have gotten about halfway through the remaining questions.
10:30PM - Get off work. Go home. Roommate leave to go drinking. Those jerks.
2:00AM - After doing more homework, I pass out.


8:00AM - Wake. Eat. Shower. Curse at everyone loudly.
9:00AM - Try to get a little of my Theory of Automata, Language, and Computation HW done before I meet with my friends in that class.
10:00AM - Realized that I apparently don't know anything about the current homework. Luckily, this feeling is shared throughout the class because our professor is terrible.
11:00AM - Meet friends.
3:00PM - Actually finish the first problem. 7 to go.
5:00PM - Finished 6 of 7 problems. I have to go to work, since I normally work on Sundays.
10:00PM - Get off work, hurry home to change.
10:20PM - Meet other friend at library to finish math homework. Huzzah.
12:00AM - Bed. I have to get up in 5 hours for PT.

So yeah, I think that covers why I didn't do the column the past two days. ^^;

Anyway, I (and some of you) noticed a problem. Since sometimes I have to miss a column for some reason, I've been doubling and tripling up on the questions. While this allows you to advance faster, it also provides less turns for attacks, purchases, and such. It's a trade off, but I do need to fix that. So. Here are the changes:

  • There will be a maximum of one question a day. One Luca, one THONG.
  • In the event that a day is missed, there will still be only one question, but potch levels will be scaled up somewhat. The difficulty will still be determined based on which day the question is presented.
  • Luca's attacks will still go into effect, and if there are only two days, the same rules apply, but his attacks will only target 10 tiles. If there is only one day, his attack will target 5 tiles.

Combat Log

Luca Phase:
Luca Blight attacks!!! (30.21% Health Remaining)
Tiles 2, 6, 10, 17, 18, 23, 29, 30, and 31x2 are affected!

Xlash is knocked off the board!
Aylee falls to Tile 15!
Vicissitude falls to Tile 16!
JuMeSyn falls to Tile 16!
BLG falls to Tile 16!
Bainick falls to Tile 16!
Aurelius falls to Tile 21!
Arpijy falls to Tile 27!
JDX falls to Tile 28!
PureLunatic falls to Tile 27!

Spell Phase:
Arpijy falls to Tile 22!
PureLunatic falls to Tile 22!

Movement Phase:
Bainick moves to Tile 19.
Leaper moves to Tile 23.
Draconn moves to Tile 31.
Genjuu moves to Tile 9.
Alan Tse moves to Tile 9.
Slashlen moves to Tile 25.
JuMeSyn moves to Tile 17.
PureLunatic moves to Tile 25.
Arpijy moves to Tile 24.
Vicissitude moves to Tile 17.
JDX moves to Tile 33.
Aurelius moves to Tile 27.
Tabor moves to Tile 27.
Sundoulos moves to Tile 22.

Previous THONG Rounds!

Selections for characters can be found at the following sites:

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Click here to see previous trivia!

Luca Blight

You're just barely got me last won't be so lucky this time!

Answer to #L20: C. Cliff Fitter
The attacks in question were Acrobat Locus, Aerial Assault, and Infinity Kick!

Answer to #L20: A. Cascada
Yep. Sorry you had to witness that feat, guys.

#L22. Mary and Tom go to the bookstore, hoping to each buy a copy of the same book. When they get there, Mary finds out that she is 7 cents short, and Tom finds that he is 1 cent short. Unfortunately, they didn't even have enough for one book! How much does a book cost?

A. 6 cents
B. 7 cents
C. 8 cents
D. 9 cents
E. 10 cents
F. Impossible to know

THONG Question

Answer to #20: D. Speed
Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Answer to #21: B. Claudia, 2
Claudia has 17 TP, while the highest non-main character, the Red Mage, has 19 TP.

Meant to go up yesterday, so...Medium. Potch value: 400
#22.Difficulty: Medium
The warlord in charge of the major enemy army in Dragon Force 2 shares a name very similar to an enemy in this famous piece of literature:

A. The Count of Monte Cristo
B. 1984
C. Emma
D. Beowulf
E. The Odyssey


Got a midterm to work on for the week, but it'll be done by Friday. ^^

Anyway, thanks, Arpijy! Great having you cohost for a day, and I wish you well in THONG! Well, aside from getting smacked around a bit today. ^^;

See you all later!
***Josh finally has time to himself!

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