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And Then There Were None August 28, 2006

Vicissitude - 6:56 EST

Hey all! Vicissitude here, co-hosting for the very first time! Ourobolus' new Suiko-THONG game is looking pretty awesome. School rears its ugly head once more, so let's stick our collective heads in the sand and talk RPGs for a bit... :^D

Earthworm Jim? You win the intarnets.

Hey Josh,


*acknowledges Spiffy's use of the common alternate spelling of Vicissitude*

It has come to my attention that I have never played a Suikoden game, so I'm wondering, what are the best and worst of the series, and, more importantly, what would be a good introductory title? I've heard Suikoden 2 is great, but it's extremely rare, isn't it? I've heard good things about the most recent one, but how closely tied are the storylines? Loose enough to play each one individually? Hehe, now that I think about it, with the impending onslought of games in the near future, I probably won't end up playing any of them anyway. Whatever.


Suikoden II is hands down the best of the series, but it's rare and rather expensive. If you're new to the series, pick up Suikoden V. If you like it, then you can embark on epic quest of finding a used copy of Suikoden II for less than $70. Suikoden I is also worth playing and is slightly less expensive, but even harder to find (at least in my experience). Suikoden III is so-so, and IV is a waste of time. I never played Tactics because I was so disgusted with IV (the game Tactics is based on). The games all take place in the same world and are loosely connected but certainly capable of standing on their own. With VP: Silmeria and FFXII (among others) on the near horizon, you might hold off on the Suikoden saga until the next RPG drought though :^D


Side note: Suikoden III gives away a bunch of Suikoden I & II. Play those two first.

Any great trials that I overcame? Well, if we're including all videogames, not just RPGs, then I'd say the most memorable moment of that type would be from the NES Ninja Gaiden. Level. Six. Two. You have to play it to understand. In terms of RPGs, though? Braska's Final Aeon was a read pain for me in FFX, especially since I was horrendously underleveled. After that insane battle, I could've cared less that the Final Boss was a total pushover. Heck, I was almost grateful.


It's been too long since I've played the original Ninja Gaiden to know what you're talking about, but NJ Black is ridiculously tough. I'll give props to anyone decent at that game. FFX stopped being challenging as soon as I started charging everyone's Overdrives before any boss battle. Good game, though. Yunalesca probably gave me the biggest run for my money. Not a fan of status effects and bosses whose turns never seem to end :^<

At any rate, yesterday I happened to think about Twilight Princess, right? And all of a sudden I start to think: What instument will Link play this time, if at all? Personally, I think that a violin of sorts would be pretty cool, or maybe a trumpet-like thing. Although the best thing would be an electric guitar. And then Ganondorf would also play the guitar, and the final battle would be a 20-minute long guitar duel between them, and they'd like shoot lightning bolts out of their instuments at each other and whatnot. And then at the end they decide to put aside their differences and start a rock band with Zelda, who plays the drums.

Yep. That's totally what's gonna happen. Guaranteed.


With Tingle rockin' out on the tamborine and Christopher Walken yellin' “I gotta have more cowbell!”

What was it that Sony said a while back about continued PS2 support? Didn't they say that there could still be games being produced for it in '08? What do you think about that? While I'd LIKE to see that happen (because I won't be getting a PS3 anytime withing the next 3 years or so), I don't know that's how things will work out. Of course, maybe they never said that in the first place, but I believe I heard that. It's just, even if Sony "says" that the PS2 is still alive, what about the developers? Would they rather make games for outdated hardware, or will they prefer to be on the bleeding edge?


I imagine PS2 will experience a slow death much like it's predecessor. PSX games were still being made years after PS2 launched. Of course, most of them were crappy sports games and installments in the heralded Barbie's Bimbo Adventures series, but hey, PSX certainly received more software support than any obsolete console before it.

Oh, and Jim's now a blind cave salamander!

Until next time,


Yes. Yes, he is, Spiffy... Doctor, Patient #63852 is ready for his medication.


Earthworm Jim. YES! Also, have you seen this?

*giggles with glee*

This one came in a bit late...sorry Vic ^^;

Hey Ouro/Vicissitude/Whoever,


You may address me as "Overlord Ouro," "Ouro the Destroyer," and "That Little Knife in the Drawer that You Really Don't Need but It is Useful to Cut Apples With."

There have been a lot of rumors flying around about a FF7 remake for the PS3, especially since SE never really denied that they were making it, just that they never told anyone they were. Do you think they're covering up their project? If so, when do you think a likely release date is given their current remake/port patterns?



Rumors, shrumors. Did you know that Best Buy is actually taking pre-orders for it ALREADY? And that their projected date for release is December 1, 2006?


*wipes a tear from his eye*

Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, that just seems like a really silly thing to happen, and they've since removed it from their website. Whether it still happens in-store is beyond me. Covering it up is a great idea, since the moment they blow the lid open, gamers everywhere are going to need a change of underwear. I'm going to wait for the Tokyo Game Show, since S-E seems to throw out most of their big ideas out there. However, given the demand, I expect it to be released sometime after the first year of PS3, since they're going to want to concentrate their efforts on FFXIII and its incarnations.

The bitter rivals square off! I can't wait for them to duke it out again later...^^;

Hello there Ouro and possibly Vicissitude, I believe I attacked him during the contest ^^;;


Grumble, mumble...Yes, you did. I've got my eye on you... :^D

I thought I'd chime in on some more stuff

Since my experience with shooting games is limited to that old snes jurasic park game, doom, Metroid Prime 1 and 2, GITS:Stand alone complex, Transformers, and maybe one or two more I'm forgetting, I can't really compare it to anything but them, basically shooting is fairly easy when you get a lock on it stays there so that was nice, melee attacks are useful, there are healing items, on the downside finding ammo is getting to be quite hard, upgrades and buying items costs too much since I hardly ever find gil, and you don't level up automatically, the story so far has been so so, unless your brain secretes a it's by Square and says Final Fantasy on it I must buy it substance, it'd be better to wait til it hit bargain basement prices, also it is easier than any game with shooting in it I've ever played ^^;; which is a plus in my book, it also helps clear up some of those pesky pronounciation desputes, and caused me to find out my friends I had in school can't pronounce made up words for jack -.-;;


Good to know. I've been holding off on Dirge of Cerberus. I'm not willing to spend more than $5 on it, and yes, I will eventually be able to buy it that cheaply...*turns in direction of local Game Force and bows reverently*.

Drakengard - the first game was a mesh of hack and slash, air combat simulation on a dragon, and simon says(you know the hit the pattern games) what shone through to me was the story which got more weird ----ed and depressing and regardless of which ending you got none of them were happy... ever, it also hosts some weird depressing allies so uh yeah I liked the story far better than most, also when you kill enough baddies your weapon's history is revealed, that is pretty entertaining to me anyway, if it's cheap I recommend it


Never picked up Drakengard. I gotta say I usually don't spring for those gimmicky genre-hybrid games. I'm sure I've missed out on some bomb games, but I'm even more sure that I've missed a lot of games that bombed.

In regards to manuals I generally read most of them, but it was by candlelight, although a friend of mine doesn't so I feel your pain on answering dumb ass questions, like how do I save, or how do I get the skills to work, and getting responses like I stood on the purple thing then I turned off the power but it didn't save!! -.-;;;


I was hoping someone would ask me a sweet question like “how i beat boss with axe in dungeon?” or some such! The QnA host responses to that drivel are always awesome.


If only I had known! I had one saved for myself (See below) in case I didn't get enough mail to split the column! ;_; I would have gladly sent it!

I'm starting to think that I should dish those out just to see what other people say...^^;

OOH! IDEA! Stay tuned, folks.

Does anyone remember, in the PSX RPG manuals, they had cool artwork on the card paper for the registration survey? Those cool little dealies were the only reason I ever cracked a manual. I collected them and taped them on my wall in a cool little mosaic deal. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a Dorks Anonymous meeting to attend...

In regards to the game itself(SRT:OG) I'm a bit sad that there are only original creation mechas in it, I bought this for crossovers, but the combat is really easy so far and pretty fun too, then again i'm only on the 4th or 5th battle so uh yeah


*googles obscure acronym*

Ah, Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation. I don't play handhelds, so I got nothin'...

Recently I've been writing alternate timeline's for a story of mine, the story deals with how small events and characters from the past being altered can have a big effect on the future and could completely reshape the story which brings me to my question for the day

Question: Have you ever wondered what would happen if just one little near irrelevant point of the plot of an rpg were changed and how it could snowball into the game being totally different?

Arros Raikou
*thinks of weird things*


There are many games that claim to do this, but only couple games actually do it (to my knowledge). And one of them does so inadvertently. In Front Mission 3, you are faced with a seemingly harmless decision very early in the game. You must choose whether or not to accompany your friend Ryogo to the mall or not. Depending on your decision, you fight on a different side of the war. The battles you fight are entirely different based on this one stupid decision. Characters that are allies in one scenario are your enemies in the other, and vice versa. It's actually really cool to be able to play both sides of a conflict like that; it's just really weird how you end up choosing your side. An RPG that takes several little decisions and moves toward a certain plot would be interesting. Growlanser II does this to some extent (and does a much better job than FM3, I might add).

I'm sorry, Vic! I really am!

How do I beat the Magna boss in Painkiller/Hell Wars?


Well, first you...wait a sec. That's not even an RPG! I mean, come on! At least TRY, people! I mean, this one was a well-thought out attempt at divulging information from the recesses of my brain (read: GameFAQs), until that pivotal moment where he chose the game! I mean, there are hundreds of RPGs out there, and I get a first-person shooter. I'm starting to think that people just don't respect me anymore. Don't tempt me, I've got flaming turtles aplenty, all aimed for your homes. And I never miss...mwahahahahahahahaha!!!

*comes to his senses*

Hi. Why would you want to play a game about a battle between Motrin and Percoset in the Underworld? I suggest using your Acetaminophen Launcher at the beast. Might take him down. Good luck.

Slime-tested. Ouro-approved.

Hey, Ouro and Vicissitude! Congrats on winning one of the guest-hosting positions. Maybe you'll get the chance to do it again sometime soon.


Here's hoping!

I thought I'd ask you a fun little general question. If you had any spell or skill from any RPG at your disposal, what would it be and why? I once thought that having the spell of Return (or "Zoom") from Dragon Quest would be lots of fun, until I realized that I wouldn't get as much exercise that way. Now, I'd have to say that my pick would either be Vanish from FF games, or Transform from DQ games. How much fun could one person have with one of those? TOO MUCH!


I'm going to have to go with Dominate Mind from the KOTOR games. Hooray! A Bioware game where you don't need high wisdom and/or charisma to explore dialogue branches. “You want to give me lots of money for this worthless item.” “You want to jump into that bottomless pit over there.” “You want to resolve subquest #361 for me without me actually completing it.” etc. All kinds of fun applications for real life too! Why waste time and money doing annoying things like studying, working, and dating when you can just convince people to do whatever you want? :^D

Matt, the moderately-evil Q&A host


Previous THONG Rounds!

Selections for characters can be found at the following sites:

Suikoden Characters

Suikoden 2 Characters


  • Every player must select a character and a rune. The runes are designed to be balanced, so no one rune is better than all the others. Runes are unlimited in supply, and the option to change your rune exists somewhere on the new THONG board!
  • You may change your rune as many times as you wish BEFORE your first roll.
  • New runes and items may be added over the course of the game.
  • Everyone begins the game on START.
  • Every day, I will provide one trivia question. Answer it right, and you get to roll 1d3, which determines how many spaces you move.
  • As you progress down the board, you will pass some TP+1, TP+3, and TP+5 tiles. You will gain THONG points (TP) whenever you pass over these tiles. These points can be used to cast THONG spells, described later.
  • Spells may be cast at any time, provided you possess the necessary amount of TP.
  • TP for each player is capped at 29. To gain more TP, you must cast a spell.
  • Answering a question correctly will also net you 100 potch for purchasing items. For simply trying the question, you get 25 potch.
  • When you get near a prize that you want, you must email me to let me know that you want the prize. You may wait until after you have passed the prize if you wish.
  • I will provide a trivia question of variable difficulty whenever someone is going for a prize. The question must be answered correctly to claim the prize.
  • Once a prize is claimed, that character is sent back to START.
  • And remember, have fun! You may pound on each other as much as you like, and there is some strategy do your best!

Here is the list of spells and their descriptions:

Berserker Rune
4 TPGalePush target back 1 space.One
7 TPRushing BlastFeeling unlucky? Roll the max amount!Self
15 TPBlind RageRoll twice (1d2 x 2) and knock everyone you pass back 2 spaces.Self

Thief Rune
4 TPDrainSteal 1 TP from target.One
7 TPMega DrainSteal 3 TP from target.One
15 TPPower LeakRemove a total of 10 TP from target(s).One to Five

Trickster Rune
4 TPLurePull target 1 space towards you.One
7 TPFreeze TrapStop all players who land on target tile for one day.Tile
15 TPFlame TrapAll players who land on target tile receive 1d2 rolls per answer for 3 days.Tile

Protector Rune
4 TPDispelRemove any harmful status effect on caster.Self
7 TPWallNullify one spell cast on you. Lasts 2 days or until hit with spell.Self
15 TPReflectReflect spell cast on you towards the caster. Lasts 2 days or until hit with spell.Self

Pyro Rune
4 TPInfernoPush target back 2 spaces.One
7 TPFlame BurstPush target back 4 spaces.One
15 TPFire StormPush two targets back 5 spaces each.Two

Manipulator Rune
4 TPFloatTarget does not receive TP when passing over tiles the next time they roll.One
7 TPToxicAll players who land on target tile lose 1 TP per day for 3 days.Tile
15 TPForceForces target player to randomly cast a Lv 1 or Lv 2 spell at a random player.One

Gravity Rune
4 TPGravity WellAll targets up to 3 spaces on either side of target tile move towards that tile 1 space.Tile
7 TPSilenceTarget cannot cast spells for 2 days.One
15 TPMagnet HoldFor 2 days, whenever target rolls, the caster moves an extra (target's roll-1) spaces. Target is unaware of this.One

List of Harmful Status Effects:

  • Frozen: Target cannot move for 1 day.
  • Burn: Target suffers from 1d2 rolls rather than 1d3, for 3 days.
  • Toxic: Target loses 1 TP per day for 3 days.
  • Float: Target does not receive TP when passing over tiles the next time they roll.
  • Mute: Target cannot cast spells for 2 days.

List of Beneficial Status Effects:

  • Reflect: Target reflects the next spell back at the caster. Lasts for 2 days.
  • Resist: Target resists the next spell cast on them. Lasts for 2 days.

Item List
ScannerShow 1 player's items and their Rune.600 potch
EtherRestores 3 TP.700 potch
Banana PeelNext time target player rolls, they move backwards.800 potch
"Suck it, Trebek!"On target day, the user chooses the game from which the Trivia Question will be asked.800 potch
Lunar CurtainTake half damage for 3 days.1000 potch
Steal RingSteal 1 random item from a player.1000 potch
Power Drink2x damage for one day (attack spells only). Take one day to recuperate.1200 potch
Delay BusterHalt competition for a day.1200 potch
Gold Hairpin1/2 TP cost for one spell, one day. Only one spell may be cast that day.1500 potch
RandomizerCast a random spell, no TP cost.1500 potch
Spiky SapphireBy holding this, you have a 10% chance of gaining double potch every day (including consolation potch). You may throw this at a player to knock them back 5 spaces and cause Freeze status, but there is a 50/50 chance that the item will break or they will keep the item (Only one Spiky Item may be held at any time).1600 potch
Spiky RubyBy holding this, you have a 10% chance of gaining double potch every day (including consolation potch). You may throw this at a player to knock them back 5 spaces and cause Burn status, but there is a 50/50 chance that the item will break or they will keep the item (Only one Spiky Item may be held at any time).1600 potch
Spiky EmeraldBy holding this, you have a 10% chance of gaining double potch every day (including consolation potch). You may throw this at a player to knock them back 5 spaces and cause Toxic status, but there is a 50/50 chance that the item will break or they will keep the item (Only one Spiky Item may be held at any time).1600 potch
Spiky Rose PearlBy holding this, you have a 10% chance of gaining double potch every day (including consolation potch). You may throw this at a player to knock them back 5 spaces and cause Mute status, but there is a 50/50 chance that the item will break or they will keep the item (Only one Spiky Item may be held at any time).1600 potch
TransmogrifierHere it is, the chance to switch your rune! Once you purchase this item, you must also tell me the rune you'd like to change to. You may not 'keep' this item.2000 potch


Sweet, I hope Vicissitude enjoyed that as much as I did! Thanks a lot, and congrats!

Down to business. THONG2 will start on Saturday, so mark your calendars! I don't expect any more runes to show up for a couple of weeks, but items will gradually be added, so don't be surprised if some things become modified or changed. My fellow staff members are working with me to straighten out balance issues, as we don't want any runes more powerful than any others. I'll clean up the rules and prizes and such and place them on seperate pages to clean this up a bit! If you still would like to change something (character or rune), please email me before you answer your first Trivia question! Thanks! I shall see you all on Saturday, so keep Matt company until then!
***Josh is psyched for THONG.

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