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Haunting Torgo Theme August 27, 2006

Josh - 6:53 EST

A New Rune has been added to the field! Remember, you can change your Rune as often as you like before your first roll. Say hello to the Gravity Rune! The Gold Hairpin has also been modified a bit, and some extra items have shown up! Lastly, the Blind Rage spell has been tweaked slightly.

Also...gaze in awe at the THONG board...2.0! I -think- I'm done...I had one or two more things I was thinking about. Also, I'll probably be starting the game before I have a finalized list of Items and Games, but I'm positive I'll have it before any of you come remotely close to it. ^^ Regardless, I hope to start this next Saturday, but we shall see...hehehe.

Vicissitude is cohosting tomorrow! Send mail! ^^

On questioning destiny.

Hey Josh/Ouro/whatever you want to be called,

And on your topic of finally overcoming big challenges in RPGs, I remember when I finished Dragon Quest 7. The final boss was giving me such a hard time that for the first several times, I couldn't get much into his second phase (of five or six). It seemed like I was going to have to level up for a long time, especially because the help I was getting trying to beat him suggested I was very much underleveled. I tried just building up experience in the area just before fighting him, and eventually my characters learned a few key spells (TwinHits in particular), and was able to finally win on my next try. The kicker was that directly after it told me he was defeated, the game crashed on me, and I was frantically checking a walkthrough afterwards to make sure he actually was the last boss and I really did beat the game, because I sure didn't want to go through that again.

-- Arpijy


"You can call me Susan if it makes you happy."

I did something like that with...I want to say it was Chrono Cross. I basically smacked the power button with my foot accidentally and just stared at the screen in disbelief. Luckily the boss wasn't too irritating, but man does it get frustrating when you do dumb things like that ^^;. I feel your pain, and offer e-cookies in return.

Lay it on me!

Hi there Ouro

I thought I'd chime in on a few things

First on the listening to the same song over and over for no bloody reason and staring off into space I do that darn near anytime I fire up my computer ^^;; I always play some uber cheesy song to try and draw or write to but end up with my brain turned to mush, spewing out lyrics that sorta sound like the song ^^;; and despite this I still don't know much of anything about music ^^;;

As far as a puzzle that kept me guessing for years it would have to be from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the gameboy, I got the game in either 95 or 96, played through it to the eighth dungeon, Turtle's Rock, I found the room with the magic wand in but it was locked, and I had no key so in order to get a key I looked everywhere in frustation, finally one day when OoT was soon to be released I finally found a place to bomb that got me to a room with one of those slidey things you have to fill in the floor with, I filled it in, got the key and beat the dungeon after being stuck for all those years, I was oh so very happy but oh so very dissapointed at my bad puzzle solving skills and if not for the internet and strategy guides I'd probably still be stuck in the Water temple in OoT ^^;; just cause I like puzzles doesn't mean I'm good at em


Hehe. I had issues with the 7th dungeon for awhile. Getting the stupid ball around the dungeon to knock down those pillars was a giant pain in the neck. If you ever want to pull your hair out, I recommend Alundra. ^^;

More recently there was the whole ToP puzzle in the evil dude's hideout and I never thought Arche could fly outside of battle but I shared that one last time ^^

Also due to the fact the power went out where I live earlier today I started playing Super Robot Taisen: Original Generation for the GBA, and so far I'm enjoying it despite having no idea what the pilot stats mean, I could have read the manual by candlelight but where's the fun in that


Oh, you're one of THOSE. My brother never read manuals, and it drove me nuts when he'd ask me the most rudimentary of questions that could easily be solved by cracking open the book. Unfortunately, he had to learn the answer by being smacked on the back of the head! :D

Even earlier today before the power died, I got in some more DoC, and thus far I still haven't died though I never seem to have money to upgrade my weapons but still, I'm just happy I haven't got my --- handed to me yet !.! *Arros sucks at shooting things outside of the ducks from duck hunt...*

And I uh don't really have a question so um uh yeah keep up the good work

Arros Raikou
*craves power to hide his shame of puzzle solving*


How are you enjoying DoC? I haven't picked it up because I'm still a tad wary of its gameplay and Square's track record of venturing outside of the RPG genre. Oh well...maybe I'll bite the bullet one of these days...

Who moved my cheese?

It’s not an RPG but this happened to me 2 years ago and I’ve never let myself live it down so…ONWARD!

When I was in elementary school I had a Nintendo and got into the groove of renting a Nintendo game every weekend or so from the local video store. One of the games I got was called Mappy Land (I hear people groaning already) and there’s 4 worlds with 8 levels (unlike a certain other classic Nintendo game where it’s exactly the opposite.) So. In these 4 worlds you have to get cheese in order to pass. I reached the last level of the 4th world and collected all the cheese in order to pass.


Or so I thought…at the time. I tried again and again…and again…and again…and started crying in frustration and eventually declared I would never rent or play this game again.

Fast forward about 15 years…I’m in my senior year of college, I’m bored, and I’m playing Mappy Land on an emulator. It is then when…


Please root for me to finally defeat the Bishop of the White Night in LostMagic so I’ll have a NEW story to tell!!

Bucket NezuMi


O_O Well, I find that what you just did is usually the best way to overcome irritating obstacles of that nature. Leave the game alone for awhile (say, a month. 15 years might be a bit extreme ^^;), and then come back. Usually something sparks in your brain that makes you suddenly realize, "Holy crap, are you kidding me? It was RIGHT THERE?" Of course, the next day, they find you dead in your bathroom, but hey, at least you finish the last level.

As for Lost Magic, keep it up! Rune him to death!

I wonder how long I can keep up these MST3k references...

Hei herra hyvae Josh!

At least we're in agreement on the despicable nature of McDonald's. Sadly, I have no In-N-Out access. Look up Eureka, California on the map mmmkay? Now look at how far it is from anything of note. North of San Francisco is a gigantic part of this state where almost no one lives and nothing happens! Jack in the Box only came here 5 years ago, begorrah! I will say that on the fleetingly few tastes of In-N-Out I've experience they were superior to any other burger chain.


I can beat ya. I used to live in Fort Irwin, CA. Look that one up. 40 miles to Barstow (nearest town), and 30 more miles to the first decent town, Victorville. God, that area was just DULL. Thank God I was in college at that point and it was only for family visits.

If the rumor mill is to be believed Nintendo is having a press conference on September 14 to unveil information regarding the Wii. This seems a bit late to announce the console's appearance, but Nintendo has somehow managed to keep everything secret this far so managing it another three weeks ought not be beyond them. It should be noted that if I were to buy a next-gen console it would probably be the Wii, though loan payments keep sucking up most of my income.


I will most definitely be getting a Wii. I'll be there with bells on. A secret conference, though? To say...what? "Mwahaha, we were just messing with ALL of you!! Here's Virtual Boy 2! Mwahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!"

RPGamer doesn't seem to have any coverage of the Age of Empires games. Do you have the expertise to denounce or respect this decision?

Drakengard. All I know about these two titles is their apparent mix of a number of elements from disparate games in a less-than-stellar fashion. Then I saw a random ad from a few months ago and got to thinking about them again. What do you know?


Well, we don't do Warcraft either (besides WoW), as they are more RTS than RPG. Sure, there are TRPGs, but there's a difference. Might not be TOO big of a difference, but it's not necessarily classified as an RPG. I enjoyed Age of Empires and its sequel, but I haven't had the chance to play the third incarnation, though from what I hear, it's pretty good.

Drakengard. I only played a little of the first one, and it was entertaining for awhile, however it got old rather quickly. It was more fun when I played them game when it was called Dynasty Warriors. ^^

Bill & Ted I consider less emblematic to any one decade. You're right about them being perfectly deserving of an RPG treatment though, far more than B&B. No matter what else he does, Keanu Reeves will always be Ted to me.



...uh...I have no idea why I just said that...

This probably comes from my extensive experience with the system, but here's a quick list of titles you will want whenever a Saturn shows itself in your life. Shining Force III - naturally. NiGHTS I'm still puzzling over but it's super cheap on eBay compared to a lot of Saturn stuff. Panzer Dragoon Saga is still different from anything else I've played, and superior to a lot of it - I'll write a review of it soon. Shining the Holy Ark I consider very enjoyable. Guardian Heroes is an interesting and crazy meshing of the beat-em-up and RPG genres which I come back to every now and again. Albert Odyssey is just really funny. Dragon Force will keep you busy for weeks, and no matter what comes out on a current console you won't care while playing that title. Hm - that short list by itself will drain your bank account probably as much as a PS3 will. Radiant Silvergun is brilliant but just as expensive as Panzer Dragoon Saga - ugh.


Good to know. I've always wanted to play Panzer Dragoon Saga, as well as Albert Odyssey. As I was a PSX whore in my heyday, I missed a few good games over on that Saturn side of things. Ah well...maybe someday...

*stares wistfully into the distance*

What's your Fire Emblem expertise?



I know Matt's big on those games, but I haven't played them, unfortunately. I still have my GBA sitting over there, so maybe I'll pick up one of those, too.

Quality RPG content on the N64 is to be found in Ogre Battle, Paper Mario, and the Zelda titles. Have I missed anything here? Incidentally I have never played anything on N64 - shall I be denigrated?


N64 had a FEW good games. That's it. Mario 64, Goldeneye, Zelda, and...maybe something else. Ogre Battle, yeah. Paper Mario was good as well. You weren't really missing anything, and besides, with the Virual Console on the Wii, you can pick them up then!

Oh dear - Jurassic Park IV is under production with a script involving the government making weapons out of the dinosaurs. The concept of Jurassic Park is not too bad for an RPG but do we really need ANOTHER movie?


No. No, we don't. Sigh.

Please, Marquis Ouro - reveal to us your expertise in RPGs that were never released in English. You have played Seiken Densetsu 3 more than I (I'll remedy that before the end of the year) but what other treasures denied to the unadventurous have you partaken of?


Bahamut Lagoon, Seiken Densetsu, Dragon Quest V and VI, Der Langrisser (I was one of those Langrisser games), and a little bit of that Sailor Moon RPG (in the words of Stewie Griffin: "I was CURIOUS!"). Nothing too grand, but still a bit more than some. I'm probably missing one or two, even.

Dragon Ball/Z/GT. We all know about it. Is it possible to make a good RPG based off of the series? Sound off!


I'm the wrong person to be asking, because I loathe that show. I love Toriyama's art, but I was never really a fan of his animation. The show was boring too. And, maybe they should make a decent fighting game before making an RPG ^^;

I tend not to notice blatant similarities between music (only upon close examination can I note the copyright infringment George Harrison perpetrated with My Sweet Lord upon the Chiffons' He's So Fine). I will relate that while playing Grandia 2 in the observation of some dorm-mates it was observed by one fellow that the battle music reminded him of You've Got Another Thing Coming by Judas Priest. Also some other music in the game reminded him of ESPN SportsCenter. Poor Noriyuke Iwadare, reduced to plagiarizing Judas Priest....

And yes, I consider myself a pretty good player. No one sounded off with a 'You suck! Gimme that!' while I was destroying Grandia 2's Pope. Admittedly no one else in the room was much of an RPGamer but still....

As for tough encounters, there's a nasty boss fight in Shining the Holy Ark that utterly destroyed me the first time I played the game. What makes it nastier is that it is impossible to escape once you've set out after it. Wandering through an area you've already been to with a new character to take care of, you're suddenly taken to a new area from which there is no escape. There is no way to save outside of a town in Shining the Holy Ark, and the spell and item to get your team out of a dungeon doesn't work in this place. So I did my best to get into a lot of fights on the way up and ran into a duo of nasty enemies that, if they both used Freeze level 3 at the same time, would have utterly destroyed me. They didn't, but I used up damn near everything I had taking them down. Then they were revived and got a boost from Rilix, one of the main enemies. She used Spark 2 and increased the attack of the evil spirits, signaling the doom of my healer. I had one revival item at the time and had already used it against the evil spirits. When everyone is taken up with healing using items, victory is impossible. So I died. I then spent about 4 hours running around getting into fights, and came back with a few new spells learned. It was still a rough fight and possibly the nastiest in the game - certainly the final battles aren't that rough.


Ouch, that seems painful. You know you're in for trouble when you have to say, "Ok, IF these enemies don't do this fairly simple combination of attacks, I'll be ok." Being a slow-to-level player, I feel that pain practically every boss fight I get into. Oops.

At this point in Princess Crown I've completed the main quest. Upon that task being fulfilled the option of playing through a shorter scenario detailing what one of the side characters was up to is opened, and I completed Edward's scenario also. Now Portgus the pirate and Proserpina the witch's scenario's are opened up to play. Portgus's is pretty short but fun - he's a pirate with a peg leg! Haven't tried Proserpina's yet because I need to open up a FAQ for it when she has to run around gathering ingredients for a potion. This is not easy to figure out when all the text that relates to the task is in Japanese.

If you haven't seen Monster A Go-go, I strongly encourage you to. It is, in my judgment, the worst movie they ever did. Say what you will about Manos (and there is a LOT to say) but it has continuity and Torgo and the Master can be said to be acting in some variety. Neither applies to Monster A Go-Go, literally constructed from unfinished pieces of footage.



Only MST3k fans would encourage others to see terrible movies. Hehehe. I may have to pick that up, though for some reason I never see these collections at stores, and it would just make it so much easier if they stocked them rather than ordering online.

Always a pleasure, JuMeSyn!


Previous THONG Rounds!

I learned a few things from the last round of THONG. The letters thing didn't work for all of the casual players, so I took a hint from Matt's brain and reverted to trivia! Seems to be a bit better! I hope this encourages many of you to play!

Selections for characters can be found at the following sites:

Suikoden Characters

Suikoden 2 Characters


  • Every player must select a character and a rune. The runes are designed to be balanced, so no one rune is better than all the others. Runes are unlimited in supply, and the option to change your rune exists somewhere on the new THONG board!
  • You may change your rune as many times as you wish BEFORE your first roll.
  • New runes and items may be added over the course of the game.
  • Everyone begins the game on START.
  • Every day, I will provide one trivia question. Answer it right, and you get to roll 1d3, which determines how many spaces you move.
  • As you progress down the board, you will pass some TP+1, TP+3, and TP+5 tiles. You will gain THONG points (TP) whenever you pass over these tiles. These points can be used to cast THONG spells, described later.
  • Spells may be cast at any time, provided you possess the necessary amount of TP.
  • TP for each player is capped at 29. To gain more TP, you must cast a spell.
  • Answering a question correctly will also net you 100 potch for purchasing items. For simply trying the question, you get 25 potch.
  • When you get near a prize that you want, you must email me to let me know that you want the prize. You may wait until after you have passed the prize if you wish.
  • I will provide a trivia question of variable difficulty whenever someone is going for a prize. The question must be answered correctly to claim the prize.
  • Once a prize is claimed, that character is sent back to START.
  • And remember, have fun! You may pound on each other as much as you like, and there is some strategy do your best!

Here is the list of spells and their descriptions:

Berserker Rune
4 TPGalePush target back 1 space.One
7 TPRushing BlastFeeling unlucky? Roll the max amount!Self
15 TPBlind RageRoll twice (1d2 x 2) and knock everyone you pass back 2 spaces.Self

Thief Rune
4 TPDrainSteal 1 TP from target.One
7 TPMega DrainSteal 3 TP from target.One
15 TPPower LeakRemove a total of 10 TP from target(s).One to Five

Trickster Rune
4 TPLurePull target 1 space towards you.One
7 TPFreeze TrapStop all players who land on target tile for one day.Tile
15 TPFlame TrapAll players who land on target tile receive 1d2 rolls per answer for 3 days.Tile

Protector Rune
4 TPDispelRemove any harmful status effect on caster.Self
7 TPWallNullify one spell cast on you. Lasts 2 days or until hit with spell.Self
15 TPReflectReflect spell cast on you towards the caster. Lasts 2 days or until hit with spell.Self

Pyro Rune
4 TPInfernoPush target back 2 spaces.One
7 TPFlame BurstPush target back 4 spaces.One
15 TPFire StormPush two targets back 5 spaces each.Two

Manipulator Rune
4 TPFloatTarget does not receive TP when passing over tiles the next time they roll.One
7 TPToxicAll players who land on target tile lose 1 TP per day for 3 days.Tile
15 TPForceForces target player to randomly cast a Lv 1 or Lv 2 spell at a random player.One

Gravity Rune
4 TPGravity WellAll targets up to 3 spaces on either side of target tile move towards that tile 1 space.Tile
7 TPSilenceTarget cannot cast spells for 2 days.One
15 TPMagnet HoldFor 2 days, whenever target rolls, the caster moves an extra (target's roll-1) spaces. Target is unaware of this.One

List of Harmful Status Effects:

  • Frozen: Target cannot move for 1 day.
  • Burn: Target suffers from 1d2 rolls rather than 1d3, for 3 days.
  • Toxic: Target loses 1 TP per day for 3 days.
  • Float: Target does not receive TP when passing over tiles the next time they roll.
  • Mute: Target cannot cast spells for 2 days.

List of Beneficial Status Effects:

  • Reflect: Target reflects the next spell back at the caster. Lasts for 2 days.
  • Resist: Target resists the next spell cast on them. Lasts for 2 days.

Item List
ScannerShow 1 player's items and their Rune.600 potch
EtherRestores 3 TP.700 potch
Banana PeelNext time target player rolls, they move backwards.800 potch
"Suck it, Trebek!"On target day, the user chooses the game from which the Trivia Question will be asked.800 potch
Lunar CurtainTake half damage for 3 days.1000 potch
Steal RingSteal 1 random item from a player.1000 potch
Power Drink2x damage for one day (attack spells only). Take one day to recuperate.1200 potch
Delay BusterHalt competition for a day.1200 potch
Gold Hairpin1/2 TP cost for one spell, one day. Only one spell may be cast that day.1500 potch
RandomizerCast a random spell, no TP cost.1500 potch
Spiky SapphireBy holding this, you have a 10% chance of gaining double potch every day (including consolation potch). You may throw this at a player to knock them back 5 spaces and cause Freeze status, but there is a 50/50 chance that the item will break or they will keep the item.1600 potch


Vicissitude is up to bat, so send letters! Give 'em something fun to answer, or poke the brain for a bit ^^

THONG2 is coming, no? More stuff will be added/changed before the start, and just a reminder, you can change your Rune at any time before you first roll. Hope you guys got some more challenges to divulge to us, as I take a break and see you guys tomorrow! Later!
***Josh has a 61 inch TV downstairs.

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I couldn't believe it when my roommate bought it. Not that I'm complaining. ^^;


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