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Prisoner Descendant August 21, 2006

Bainick- 8:42 EST

Hey everybody, Bainick here again from the future (for the fourth or fifth time, I'm losing count of them all), to bring you half the answers at twice the cost.

Anywho it's getting exciting in the life of Bainick at the moment, 95 local league AFL games umpired, thousands of new RPGs being released at the same time. wait, that was my sister, nope you would never catch me at a height above the third rung on the ladder, ohhh the vertigo.

Ohh and the Australian Pokemon tour is coming up soon! Defintely going to that, it's even possible that I won't be the oldest there, which would be nice.

Anywho without further Apu, bring on the questions!

This opening paragraph proudly brought to you by Scum-Rid, good for bathrooms, toilets and the occasional bad date. Scum-Rid, now in all good stores not near you.

Aw, look, they're PALs. ^^;

>Hey Ouro,

First, THONGwise, I wish to be Sid from Suikoden 2 (if possible). I hope that's character is available to claim. He looks cool!


Probably, just don't take my Hero2! Tonfas are so cool!

Second, RPGwise, I have a question for you concerning save transferring from one game to another. You know, like the save transfers for Arc the Lad, Xenosaga, and dot hack? Well, I was wondering which game series makes the most out of this option?


Hmm...well I've played Suikoden 2 quite a bit and its transferrable data was quite minimal, one character I think. I don't know anything on Xenosaga as 1 wasn't released here, and 3 looks like it won't be either! Suikoden Tactics had a bit from Suikoden 4 which made it a little more interesting, especially using your named hero from 4! .hack was essential, but only in the fact that they liked money. It should have only been 2 games at most! Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance was meant to have transferrable data so you could play as the original 3 heroes, but it ended up not happening. Hmm...does LoZ: Oracle of Ages/Seasons count? If so it's probably had the most amount of transferable data i've seen in 2 games, and in fact it pretty much gives you 4 games for the price of 2!

To give a few examples, when you transfer data from Golden Sun One to Two, you get to use the Djinni and higher-leveled characters and rare items from the first game to find secret bosses and powerful items.


Haven't played them properly, and I don't even own them!

With my copy of Xenosaga 2 I got a bonus disc featuring the cut scenes and movies from 1, lucky us the PAL region right!


See above!

In Arc the Lad, transferring data from one to two yielded in some kickass bonuses like a complete Romancing Stone and a few playable cutscenes, I think. It has been a while since I played the game.


Only played that Twilight game, and I didn't really like it that much anyway.

Anyway, in your opinion, what game series makes the most out of this data transfer bonuses? The reason I ask this is because I think if utilized right, this could make more out of the RPG you're playing now. As an example of this, say in game one of an RPG series, you collect the ultimate weapons and armor for each character in that game, you beat the final evil boss, and then you get a save file to use when starting game two in the series. Now, say when starting game two of the series, you play through as the main character from the first game for a little while as a game introduction, then you experience a cutscene where you face down the main villain from the first game after thinking he's dead from game one, he destroys your armor and weapon and throws you off a cliff into the ocean or does something equally dramatic. NOW say you transferred the data from game one into game two, and when you reach the cutscene, instead of being wiped out by the main villlian, your ultimate weapon and armor from game one helps you hold your ground, and you wind up entering a secret battle with this main villain that alters the course of the game and opening up bonus areas and secret minigames that you didn't know existed in the game had you not transferred the save data from the end of game one. I'm sorry for that lengthy example, but what's your opinion on which game series right now make the most out of save transferring from one game to another?


Again I'd say LOZ: Oracle of Ages/Seasons. Let's see what I can remember.

===Warning: possible spoilers===

Passwords hidden strategically amongst the second game. A change to the story of the second game. You keep all of the rings you had collected. You can fight Ganon as a second end boss, which is pretty awesome. There's more but I haven't played it much since the GB Colour went out. Yes, the GB Colour made better connectable games than any modern system!

Third, any chance RPGamer has a myspace page or a faceboook club? I'm just curious if you have one or not since social networking sites seems widely popular now, and it might help attract more role playing gamers to your site.


Ask Ouro, i'm just the eye candy.


Uhhh...not yet? ^^ It didn't really cross my mind, as I hate Myspace. It's filled with nothing but annoying people who randomly want to 'friend' me, as well as crappy bands that want me to listen to their music. However, as a place for this site, that might not be a bad idea. I'll send that on up! Thanks!

Finally, any chance quickies could make a comeback? I see all these long letters on your column these days ( NOT that's a bad thing), but I'm just wondering what happened to all those quickie letters people would send in. You think someone would offer a challenge to all those who read this column to send in the shortest letter possible asking questions or giving comments on the obscurity of RPGs, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. OH well..


Heck what do you think half of my letters were that I sent in to keep my THONG die rolling (damn did it again). I am glad Ouro's changed the rules for those of us that find it hard to write the amount JuMeSyn writes for 1 letter that we write for 3.


Yeah, I think I changed it for the better. It was an evil plot to garner letters, but of course, it backfired. :P

So enjoy the trivia, because I think that'll pan out better for those that don't have the time to send in letters. However, that doesn't mean you can all just stop writing!! RAWR! ^^

That's all I got. I would say I'm 30 seconds to mars now, but that would be a beautiful lie now, wouldn't it?



30 seconds to mars? Hmm...maybe it's a local joke. Make note to self, study the customs of non-Victorians more closely!

Right, like we need two of them.

To Bainick (and maybe Ouro)

I know your so deliciously evil and i'm wondered what games are you playing at the moment?


Oh stop it you. Well, I'll answer just because you asked so nicely. I'm playing Pokemon Emerald, Pokemon FireRed, Pokemon XD, oh and Morrowind, but the last one comes with many swear words!

Also I hear that the Pokemon Tour is coming to Australia, are you going?

And will you be the oldest one there?


Yep, 10 years in the making (Well since I last went to one). Day after the local grand final too! Just a 2 hour drive to a place I've never been to, to wait in line with squarking kids and the few fat nerds like myself. If the Pokemon line's not too long I might even try the Battle Event and see if I can win a trip to Japan, my level 60s versus their lv 100s EV point managed beast. I'll still win though!

With the sudden amount of RPG's being thrown up onto Australian shores, what games are you likely to be getting in the next few months?


See previous letter or upcoming letter, whichever order Ouro puts them :)

Don't say Kingdom Hearts!


Kingdom Hearts.

I mean it!


So do I.

Damn you.


Already there, Diane. Already there.

Will your wallet handle the onslaught of RPG titles?


Hopefully, if I can halt my impulse buys. Must have sparkly colours!

Are you likely to be getting a PS3 or Wii when they come out and if not why?


A Wii, 'cause my wallet won't handle $1000 for a Blu-ray machine.

What's your backlog look like?


Umm Paper Mario TYD, Poemon XD and Colliseum, LOZ OT and MM and WW, Morrowind, Xenosaga 2, Suikoden Tactics, Kingdom Hearts, FF X, Lunar Genesis, Legend of Dragoon, ://hack, Baulders gate Dark alliance 2, Baulders Gate 1 and 2, Icewind Dale 1 and 2, Neverwinter Nights, Dragon Quest 8, Drakengard 2, Makai Kingdom, Legaia 2, Magna Carta (wretching sounds) and there are the ones I have access to at the moment!



Final Fantasy 7.

That feel better?



Anyway hope you go well in Ouro's new THONG.

Bainick casts confusion on everyone, including himself.


Damn you, Bainick what did I say about those jokes!

I guess...

hi im zach ihave a play station2 and i also have kingdom hearts and i would like to know the secret ending to kingdom hearts2 if you do know please tell me im DESPERATE!!!!!!!!! to know its ok if you dont know i just would really love to know my e-mail adress isrdmmlm@shawnee thanks.


...Well, I don't see why not. You seem like an ok fellow. Why on earth am I feeling generous today? I don't know...maybe because I wiped the floor with Grandia 3 today! Oh yeah, level 42, baby.

Wow, this column is gonna be LONG.

Bonjour Josh!

So the mailbox is depleted... well, why don't I do what I can in my small fashion to amend this grievous oversight. I'll probably not go for too long today though. I have to let others get some Q&A space.


Oui. Allons-y.

I'll begin with a horrid memory of the past I unearthed in my closet today. There is a very good reason I rarely look inside my closet, and every time I forget it gets thrown back into my face. Poking around found me a gift of a well-meaning relative from 8 years ago- that chihuahua of the 'Yo quiero Taco Bell' ads that were ubiquitous in the late 90's. But it gets better - this was a promotion for the Godzilla movie, with the chihuahua saying 'Here lizard, lizard, lizard...' I hope that by forcing everyone else to remember this misbegotten ad program my own pain will begin to fade.


Wrong! You will suffer, ever onward, the face of that Chihuahua staring at you as you sleep, until one day, you wake up, and you find yourself working at McDonald's for upwards of 3 years. That's when the binge drinking begins, my friend. Good luck.

Now then. I have begun Princess Crown, which no one reading Q&A is apparently familiar with, and can say it would be a definite boon to the PSP game library should Atlus be allowed to bring it over to English speakers. It's a 2D action RPG with some of the cutest graphics I've ever seen, battles taking place in a pseudo-fighting game layout and fittingly the sprites are the size of those in a fighting game. Can't figure much of the story out yet but oddly enough locations on the map and menu options are often in English. So, Josh, have you researched this one yet?


Just a little bit, as I'm hurriedly trying to balance my backlog and my hygiene. Um...the game looks interesting, even though it's just a port from an old Saturn game. However, the borders around the screen would really bother me. The battles remind me of Actraiser, since it was just some side scrolling action. I'm not sure about the whole thing, though. Many sites reviewed it well, but unless I get some hands-on action, I dunno.

Riviera is being remade for PSP also. I confess it seems a touch pointless to me, but if you haven't played it on GBA a strong case could be made for it brightening the RPG horizons of Sony's portable. Did you have any strong thoughts here?


It does seem rather silly, since I own both a GBA and a PSP. Nothing really wrong with it, I suppose, since they are just trying to hit both sides of the market.

One more PSP item. Blade Dancer got EGM's Shame of the Month award recently. I don't automatically stand by their reviewers but a unanimity of disgust can't be discounted easily. Additional information is welcome. I stand by my earlier though about blind RPGamers - could anything be done to facilitate their partaking of the experience? I know a woman who for all intents and purposes is blind, the paucity of jobs available for the blind in this area means she gets government assistance for the most part. Is there anything she could do to pass the time in the game world?


I saw it played, and wasn't impressed. The game looks a little nice, and I do like how weak enemies run and get help on the field, but it just looked like a cliche in a box. Everything else about the game seemed average, but nothing really stood out that made me want to pick it up. Sorry. ^^;

Bainick - my experience with Morrowind is limited to wandering about with no idea what to do using a friend's saved game three years ago. I might know enough about it to compare it with Romancing Saga - but no promises! What the hey - I asked this of Matt but your reply would be fascinating also. My Grandia 2 experience of having perhaps 10 people in the room to watch my destruction of the game's Pope - would you have partaken of this showcase also?


Sure, if you are any good :). It's always nice to watch someone that knows what they're doing.

Sarge inspired that actually. I'll partake of the additional remixes when able (currently sponging off wireless in a cafe). I reiterate the goodness of some content on Some of the Chrono Trigger remixes are really good, I find.

I think the underlying concept of Blade Runner could be made into a fine RPG. The underlying concept, mind you, not the specific plot of the movie. But how might it be done? Clearly a standard movie-based game would be utter crap.


Man, it's been awhile since I've seen that one. Great, great movie though. Um. I suppose it could be rather interesting. Sorta like a more futuristic Parasite Eve, where you're just running around one big city, hunting down the robots (I forget what they were called), instead of Eve. And then you could have a fight against Roy on the rooftop! I think that would be best as an Action RPG. The fight against what's-her-name alone would be awesome as an Action-RPG.

A movie that would NOT be any good as a game is Masculine/Feminine. This might be the single weirdest movie I've ever seen, and that's factoring in a lot of competition - but Godard made one oddball, disjointed mess here. Is Zelda: the Minish Cap worth playing? I was in Europe when it was released and somehow forgot to pay any attention to it until recently. Everyone probably remembers my lengthy discourse in the middle of my much lengthier letter describing my family's general aversion to anything game-related. What about your family, Josh? Can you play a title with your parents or must it always take place in another room?


Minish Cap was a lot of fun, so yes...go play it!

The only games I ever got my family to sit down and play were Super Mario Kart, and also Super Mario Land for Gameboy. I tried to get my mom into Katamari since it's a simple concept, but I forgot to turn on Mute, and the really oddball music in the training level turned her away. Oops. ^^;

Shining in the Darkness. I tried playing this a few years ago and just couldn't get into it. Shining the Holy Ark I find to be a far better expression of the play concepts tried out in Shining in the Darkness. Are you familiar enough with either title to praise or disparage my action? Odd that Shadowrun's mention didn't prompt a response. I thought it was relatively well-known among the 16-bit players.


Sorry, can't help you here...I've never owned a Sega system, and the only titles I've played on the Saturn was...uh...Nights. Now there was a fun game...

Everyone had best believe I have more to say - but what I haven't put down can wait for another day. For now I'll keep my letters somewhat shortened.
For now....


Always a pleasure, JuMeSyn. Take care!

I know I've said it before, but this letter is rated ARRR!

Yo ho ho an' a bottle of rum!


Well that doesn't help, I don't drink!

Aye! I be speaking in pirate-speak, so shiver ye timbers and watch the yard-arm!


Is it National Pirate Day already? Argh!

Ooaaargh! I be believing meself to have already sent that scurvy scoundrel, Ourobolus, the characters I be wishing to represent this here terror of the oceans. So draw your cutlass and prepare to meet your maker. Arrrgh!


My makers love me very much, and I meet them every day, thank you!

Whew! It's hard speaking in Pirate-speak when your not actually a pirate. I bet you those blighted sea-dogs spend hours practising their lines, holed up in their piratey pirate ships. Anyways, my plans for the tidal wave of RPGs later this year? Well...considering a lot of the games that were mentioned porbably won't make it over to the UK in time for Christmas, I'm just gonna spend my food budget for the next 3 years on getting whatever does come over. So my question is, does anyone actually know what RPGs will be released on PAL? I had a look, and I couldn't find any confirmation of anything anywhere, although that may be cause I was looking in the wrong places, like in my girlfriend's knicker drawer.

Captain Genjuu just started playing Skies of Arcadia Legends.


What's coming out? Well let me check my list, that's right, my list, and don't worry...whatever's on my list will probably come out in the UK a couple of weeks before Australia.

I've got for September...FF3 on DS, and Harvest Moon: Magical Melodies. Suikoden 5 on the first, Wild Arms 4 and Steambot Chronicles on then 15th and supposedly Kingdom Hearts 2, but even the retailers are unsure on that one! And also Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. In October, Disgaea 2 will be smacking against our keyhole. LOZ: Twilight Princess has been given a 11/26 release date but I wouldn't trust that completely yet. The 4th quarter releases include FF 12 (worse than KH2 in finding a proper release date) Harvest Moon DS, Children of Mana and probably a couple of others!

Oh and even more importantly, Project Exile for the DS, which is looking like an early 2007 release. Indie gaming at its sweet SNES-looking finest! It was going to be a GBA game but Studio Archcraft decided to release it on the DS. Lastly I can't be blamed for the wrong release dates, I mean it, hey look over there!



Hello there Ouro,


Nope! You only have the second evilest guest cohost to deal with, not that it will save your SOUL, mwah hah hah hah hah!



Cool it, you. Don't make me get the dogs.

While wasting time on the internet today, I discovered that there is in fact a game for the DS called Chronos Twins, and I had quite the hearty chuckle when a good many idiots thought it was a new Chrono game and were then disapointed because it wasn't so,


So did I, even if it did get my hopes up for a nanosecond, but Square seems loathe to continue on with what could be a great series to match their FF range, sort of like Nintendo with Mother!

which leads me to one conclusion people on the internet don't know the Chrono refers to time, so yeah before any ---hat starts spreading rumors that game has nothing to do with Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Square Enix, anyone connected to the Chrono games in anyway, it isn't even an RPG so yeah just wanted to share that if only so people don't "get fooled" into buying it out of rumors and stupidity like some moron that watched Chrono Crusade because they thought it had something to do with the games only to figure out it didn't ^^;;


Chrono means Time, as in Timetrigger. Hmm..just doesn't have the same impact does it?

Now I'm off to sell my idea of Skies of Chrono it'll crush the dreams of two fanbases waiting for a new game... brilliant, by the way it's about a time traveling jetplane, I am a jerk sometimes


Hmm...a time travelling jetplane, that's gold, Jerry! Now to steal the idea and sell it to Fox, they'll buy anything...

Let's see I uh sorta ran out of questions during the week so...Rehash of an already asked question!!! (it's like a Square PS1 port job only with less lag):


And more bonus content!

Out of all the quotes for spells and abilities in RPGs which is your all time favorite one? Mine would have to be "Discipline feels good! Ha Ha!" from Lunar 2: EBC ^^ I love that quote


"Turns on thinking music." Hmm...I think I remember laughing at a few of Rikku's lines in FFX-2 but if so, it was the only laughs that game gave me, and yet I still passed it!

Arros Raikou
*really should play Suikoden ^^;;*


Blashemy! Wait, I haven't played Suikoden yet, well number 1 and 3 anyway, not that I can play 3, grrr! But anyway, I need a credit card so I can find Suikoden 'cause none of the gamestores seem to have a remote chance of ever seeing it on their shelves!


Previous THONG Rounds!

I learned a few things from the last round of THONG. The letters thing didn't work for all of the casual players, so I took a hint from Matt's brain and reverted to trivia! Seems to be a bit better! I hope this encourages many of you to play!

Selections for characters can be found at the following sites:

Suikoden Characters

Suikoden 2 Characters

Round 1 players have first dibs on characters until Aug. 25th. After that, anyone can take their pick!


  • Every player must select a character and a rune. The runes are designed to be balanced, so no one rune is better than all the others. Runes are unlimited in supply, and the option to change your rune exists somewhere on the new THONG board!
  • You may change your rune as many times as you wish BEFORE the game begins.
  • New runes and items may be added over the course of the game.
  • Everyone begins the game on START.
  • Every day, I will provide one trivia question. Answer it right, and you get to roll 1d3, which determines how many spaces you move.
  • As you progress down the board, you will pass some TP+1, TP+2, and TP+3 tiles. You will gain THONG points (TP) whenever you pass over these tiles. These points can be used to cast THONG spells, described later.
  • Spells may be cast at any time, provided you possess the necessary amount of TP.
  • TP for each player is capped at 29. To gain more TP, you must cast a spell.
  • Answering a question correctly will also net you 100 potch for purchasing items (will be released later). For simply trying the question, you get 25 potch.
  • When you get near a prize that you want, you must email me to let me know that you want the prize. You may wait until after you have passed the prize if you wish.
  • I will provide a trivia question of variable difficulty whenever someone is going for a prize. The question must be answered correctly to claim the prize.
  • Once a prize is claimed, that character is sent back to START.
  • And remember, have fun! You may pound on each other as much as you like, and there is some strategy do your best!

Here is the list of spells and their descriptions:

Berserker Rune
4 TPGalePush target back 1 space.One
7 TPRushing BlastFeeling unlucky? Roll the max amount!Self
15 TPBlind RageRoll twice and knock everyone you pass back 1 space.Self

Thief Rune
4 TPDrainSteal 1 TP from target.One
7 TPMega DrainSteal 3 TP from target.One
15 TPPower LeakRemove a total of 10 TP from target(s).One to Five

Trickster Rune
4 TPLurePull target 1 space towards you.One
7 TPFreeze TrapStop all players who land on target tile for one day.Tile
15 TPFlame TrapAll players who land on target tile receive 1d2 rolls per answer for 3 days.Tile

Protector Rune
4 TPDispelRemove any harmful effect on caster.Self
7 TPWallNullify one spell cast on you. Lasts 2 days or until hit with spell.Self
15 TPReflectReflect spell cast on you towards the caster. Lasts 2 days or until hit with spell.Self

Pyro Rune
4 TPInfernoPush target back 2 spaces.One
7 TPFlame BurstPush target back 4 spaces.One
15 TPFire StormPush two targets back 5 spaces each.Two

Manipulator Rune
4 TPFloatTarget does not receive TP when passing over tiles that day.One
7 TPToxicAll players who land on target tile lose 1 TP per day for 3 days.Tile
15 TPForceForces target player to randomly cast a Lv 1 or Lv 2 spell at a random player.One


Look for new prizes, including games, E3 swag, and your standard slew of hosting well as some interesting other items....^^


Alrighty! That was quite...a long...column. Hope you guys are ok by the time it's over. Have fun with Matt! Until next weekend!
***Josh is gonna go out...

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