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Mini August 20, 2006

Josh - 6:12 EST

Well, I don't have enough mail to post a full column today AND give Bainick some questions, so...I'll just post my contest stuff for today.

I simulated all of the runes with some other staff members in a mock game, and it turned out really well. Let me just say that even the most seemingly-harmless of runes can have quite an effect on the game! Also, you will be able to see everyone's TP level, but not what rune they have. However, you can discern that from the spells they cast!

Item list has been posted as well!


Previous THONG Rounds!

I learned a few things from the last round of THONG. The letters thing didn't work for all of the casual players, so I took a hint from Matt's brain and reverted to trivia! Seems to be a bit better! I hope this encourages many of you to play!

Selections for characters can be found at the following sites:

Suikoden Characters

Suikoden 2 Characters

Round 1 players have first dibs on characters until Aug. 25th. After that, anyone can take their pick!


  • Every player must select a character and a rune. The runes are designed to be balanced, so no one rune is better than all the others. Runes are unlimited in supply, and the option to change your rune exists somewhere on the new THONG board!
  • You may change your rune as many times as you wish BEFORE the game begins.
  • New runes and items may be added over the course of the game.
  • Everyone begins the game on START.
  • Every day, I will provide one trivia question. Answer it right, and you get to roll 1d3, which determines how many spaces you move.
  • As you progress down the board, you will pass some TP+1, TP+2, and TP+3 tiles. You will gain THONG points (TP) whenever you pass over these tiles. These points can be used to cast THONG spells, described later.
  • Spells may be cast at any time, provided you possess the necessary amount of TP.
  • TP for each player is capped at 29. To gain more TP, you must cast a spell.
  • Answering a question correctly will also net you 100 potch for purchasing items. For simply trying the question, you get 25 potch.
  • When you get near a prize that you want, you must email me to let me know that you want the prize. You may wait until after you have passed the prize if you wish.
  • I will provide a trivia question of variable difficulty whenever someone is going for a prize. The question must be answered correctly to claim the prize.
  • Once a prize is claimed, that character is sent back to START.
  • And remember, have fun! You may pound on each other as much as you like, and there is some strategy do your best!

Here is the list of spells and their descriptions:

Berserker Rune
4 TPGalePush target back 1 space.One
7 TPRushing BlastFeeling unlucky? Roll the max amount!Self
15 TPBlind RageRoll twice and knock everyone you pass back 1 space.Self

Thief Rune
4 TPDrainSteal 1 TP from target.One
7 TPMega DrainSteal 3 TP from target.One
15 TPPower LeakRemove a total of 10 TP from target(s).One to Five

Trickster Rune
4 TPLurePull target 1 space towards you.One
7 TPFreeze TrapStop all players who land on target tile for one day.Tile
15 TPFlame TrapAll players who land on target tile receive 1d2 rolls per answer for 3 days.Tile

Protector Rune
4 TPDispelRemove any harmful status effect on caster.Self
7 TPWallNullify one spell cast on you. Lasts 2 days or until hit with spell.Self
15 TPReflectReflect spell cast on you towards the caster. Lasts 2 days or until hit with spell.Self

Pyro Rune
4 TPInfernoPush target back 2 spaces.One
7 TPFlame BurstPush target back 4 spaces.One
15 TPFire StormPush two targets back 5 spaces each.Two

Manipulator Rune
4 TPFloatTarget does not receive TP when passing over tiles the next time they roll.One
7 TPToxicAll players who land on target tile lose 1 TP per day for 3 days.Tile
15 TPForceForces target player to randomly cast a Lv 1 or Lv 2 spell at a random player.One

List of Harmful Status Effects:

  • Frozen: Target cannot move for 1 day.
  • Burn: Target suffers from 1d2 rolls rather than 1d3, for 3 days.
  • Toxic: Target loses 1 TP per day for 3 days.
  • Float: Target does not receive TP when passing over tiles the next time they roll.

List of Beneficial Status Effects:

  • Reflect: Target reflects the next spell back at the caster. Lasts for 2 days.
  • Resist: Target resists the next spell cast on them. Lasts for 2 days.

Item List
EtherRestores 3 TP.600 potch
ScannerShow 1 player's items.600 potch
Lunar CurtainTake half damage for 3 days.1000 potch
Steal RingSteal 1 random item from a player.1000 potch
Power Drink2x damage for one day (attack spells only). Take one day to recuperate.1200 potch
Gold Hairpin1/2 TP cost for one spell, one day.1500 potch
RandomizerCast a random spell, no TP cost.1500 potch


Look for new prizes, including games, E3 swag, and your standard slew of hosting well as some interesting other items....^^


I know you're there, I can hear you breathing. Or packing for school. It's coming towards the end of the summer, folks! While many of you may be heading off somewhere, we'll still be here when you get there!

And Bainick shows up tomorrow to grace us with his presence. If you've wanted some RPG answers from Down Under, now's your chance!
***Josh mews loudly.

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