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No Standing July 23, 2006

Josh - 8:03 EST

New bio pic if anyone's interested.

So my trip to NYC was interesting. We went there to see Ground Zero, and that was only for a picture. Then we had 6 hours to do whatever we wanted. So, my troupe and I headed off to get a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. Neat stuff, but there was no way I was going to wait in line for the ferry. So off we went in search of a subway that would take us to Central Park. The first...oh...SEVEN stations were closed for some renovations, so we had to hoof it up to the Brooklyn Bridge before we even managed to get on the subway. Same old fare on the subway as anywhere else, until all of a sudden, a guy with a giant duffel bag stepped in front of everyone in the car and said, "Everyone, let me have your attention." I immediately went into "uh-oh" mode, as in Korea, sometimes that meant a fight was about to break out. Well, he was just handing out food to the homeless and taking donations so he could get more food for them. A nice gesture, but being as it was New York, my scam detector went off and I exited the subway.

We fumbled our way to Central Park (thank you, sense of direction) and got an entire ten feet into it before we got hit with a giant rain storm. No lightning, just lots and lots of rain. We found a tree that lessened our saturation, but nonetheless, we were wet. We eventually made it out and found some nice places to eat. Until we saw the prices. Then we departed, and much to my dismay, we ended up eating at McDonald's. I hate that place,, I'm not made of money. On the other hand, the London Philharmonic Orchestra is playing at Carnegie Hall on the 27th of November...I REALLY want to go, so here's hoping I suddenly start growing money out of my ears.

We ended up in Times Square, where there was no shortage of laughter due to the SNAKES ON A PLANE posters littering the corridor. We goofed around a bit, someone took tons of pictures, and we popped over to Grand Central Station to catch the subway back to the pier, so the bus wouldn't leave without us. I ended my trip by getting a pair of fake Oakleys (Foakleys) for $5, rather than the $35 they wanted. Thank you, haggling skills. I usually stick to the fake ones, since I've owned about 20, and the total price still hasn't reached the cost of one real pair. Woo!

Spells are now optional, with the exception of Haste, Slow, and Roulette. It's just getting disturbing how brutal this game turned out to, I'm making yet another change ^^;;;

The new board is currently under construction, so in the essence of time, I'll be granting 1d4 rolls.

Decisions, decisions...

Dear whoever gets this, ( I don't know if this will be answered Sunday or Monday...)

My only question is which incarnation of FF13 looks pretty good to you so far?

I know they're not going to be released for some time, but there seems to be little talk about FF13, so I thought I'd write in about which of the three looks appealing to you so far. The regular FF13 has the hot herone fighting against those soldiers in this technologically advanced world as shown in that trailer with a real-time ATB system and the creators of FFT at its helm, then you have FF13 Versus with this moody antihero fighting invading soldiers as the guardian of a magic crystal with the creators of Kingdom Hearts 2 at its helm, and finally you have FF13 Agito made for the mobile phone with the idea in mind that anyone with a mobile in proximity could help you out in a fight in a virtual world during rush hour on the subway or some other socially crowded place.

With all this in mind, which one appeals the most to you so far? The one from the developers of FFT and past FF's, the one from the developers of KH2, or the one with the idea of playing-on-the-go in mind on your mobile/portable?



Well, I can tell you right now that I won't be touching FFXIII Agito, simply because I think mobile gaming is an abomination and should be wiped from the face of the earth. Besides, it's hardly prevalent in America,

I'll undoubtedly get both of the ones made for PS3, should I get a PS3. FFXIII does look interesting, as I'm a fan of fast-paced battle systems. FFXIII Versus looks good, but I've just seen screenshots, nothing in motion. If its an Action-RPG, I'm looking forward to that, mostly since I've been without a good Action-RPG for quite some time. So let's go with that. If indeed it is an Action-RPG, then sweet, but I haven't been able to tell, as it just says it will have "Action elements."

There can be only one!

Overlord Ourobolus,

If I have no choice but to use Merton, I suppose I'll use it on Vicissitude since they're currently in first. So teleportation and mind reading eh? Those would certainly be pretty interesting to have. Then we wouldn't even have to write in; you could just answer things for us ^_~

To answer your question, the other Overlord that has impressed me as much as you have is Ailise/Alicia. While you have managed to take control of Q&A weekends, she has managed to become the current co-ruler of the People's Republic of New Updates. In less time even. You'll have to wait a bit for your epic battle since she's on vacation and all though.

Hmm, well, I seem to have run out of Overlord questions, and there doesn't seem to be a particular topic. Such you asked the question and I answered. Ah, I've got one. What are your thoughts on that there Jeanne d'Arc game? Does it alter your view of the PSP's future any?



Let me deal with Ailica...dinner and a movie always works.

Jeanne d'Arc! Or, Joan of Arc, to all of you who don't know the real French name. That game looks surprisingly interesting, despite the really odd premise. I can't imagine the game ending well, though...

"Congrats, Jeanne! You saved us all!"
"Well, it was nothing, I..."
"She's a witch! Buuuuuurn her!"
"That's a fair call."

But the graphics are nice, and once I learn how to read Japanese, I'll let you know more! ^^;;;

Stop making me cry!

Hello to whoever answers this, it's confusing living in a different time zone to you America/Canadian/anything else people!
I just wanted to chuck in my two cents about the upsetting games discussion thing.
I'll be honest, I haven't played many RPGs at all, and yet, it's my favourite genre of game. Half of the games I would like though, aren't so easy to get though, as they're all a bit older. Thank god for ebay and such things.

Anyway, as I was saying before I so rudely interrupted myself, the RPG moment thing. I just finished playing FFX for the 2nd time, and I get all emotional at the cut scene when all of your characters are sliding down those wires to stop Yuna from marrying that fool Seymore or however the hell you spell it. No idea why, must be the "heroic" feel to it or something? Have you ever got that? Naturally, I was bawling my eyes out at Yuna's speech at the end. But I reckon I would've cried more if she didn't annoy me with her whole one-green-eye-one-blue-eye thing. Other than that she was actually alright. There were many moving moments (check my alliteration skillz) in FFX, and it didn't help that the piano theme (To Zanarkand) was so damn sad! I have it saved to this computer too. Because I'm cool. Obviously.

I wasn't so bad with FFVII I don't think, although, i don't quite remember what was happening, but Cloud was in his wheelchair, a little bit on the insane side, and there was a scene where you saw him rolling away somewhere because soemthing was probably exploding or something. His face when that happened had me in stitches, his eyes were doing something mental and I just couldn't help laughing. I felt bad though, because I was meant to be feeling sorry for how confused he was bla bla bla.

A lot of people seem to think Chrono Cross was a sad game, I have to disagree, it was probably the lack of voice acting back then. I would have loved to hear it, then maybe I would have felt more. Now, don't think bad of me, but I am one of the very few people who enjoyed Legend of Dragoon. I know, there were a lot of errors in that game, the dialogue writing was atrocious! They stuck random speech marks in at some points, couldn't spell a few things, and the names of towns seemed to change in the menu screen, from what they were on the world map. There are other crap things about the game, but there are a lot of good things. I can't be bothered going into it mind you, as that's not what I was going to talk about.

There were a few scenes in the game where I felt so involved that I couldn't help shouting and swearing at some boss, telling him/her that he was a right maniputaltive b****** and such things. It was quite exhilirating at some points too!

Anyhoo, I also have a question, I was wondering what you thought about the ages of the main protagonist in RPGs. What is the youngest they should be? Can they be ancient and still be a decent hero? I know you get old and young people in your party, but I mean for your character, the game's hero.

Thanks for reading my rambling!
who has just eaten the yummiest yoghurt. I say yoh-gurt, some people say yoah-gurt, what about you?


FFX was outstanding in the music department for the most part. People of the North Pole still stands as one of my favorite tracks, and I get all a-shiver whenever I hear it or its piano counterpart. And of course, as mentioned before, the ending always makes my eyes water. I probably didn't get choked up during Yuna's speech because her voice acting blew in that game...I'm so glad it improved for the sequel.

It usually takes some pretty incredible music for me to get emotional over something happening in the game. FF7 never really had any of those poignant least nothing that comes to mind readily. I remember when Rinoa was drifting in space in FF8, and the song "Drifting" was playing...dunno what it was, but I grew a little sad due to the music.

Chrono Cross wasn't especially sad, except for the part where Kidd gets stabbed. But even then, I got over it quickly. Legend of Dragoon, on the other hand...Lavitz dies so quickly in the beginning, and it was a bit sad, but the laughably bad...well, everything, just made me ignore any other emotional aspects.

I don't really think it matters what the ages are, but the reason so many heroes are between the ages of 14-22 is that the majority of RPGamers are that age. The theory is that they can relate to the heroes better, since they exhibit many of the same outward and inward qualities of the people playing the games. I don't think any hero should be younger than 16, and none older than, say, 40 unless he or she is some kind of battle-hardened general. In that case, though, it's probably better for them to be a sidekick, since they probably aren't going to learn any large life-lessons or anything...^^.

YOH-GURT! Mm...vanilla and black cherry...yum!

Combination letter!


On July 22, the one letter about Chrono Trigger got me thinking of how much i love Chrono Trigger and even liked Chrono Cross. The reason im writing in is to tell the story of Schala.

If you played Chrono Cross, It goes more in depth of what happened to Schala. Schala got trapped with Lavos during The Mammoth Machine event in 12000B.C. At the end of Chrono Trigger for the PS, it shows a cartoon of Lucca finding a little girl with Schala's pendent that little girl turns out to be Kid in Chrono Cross which is Schala physical form being reborn. Schala's spirt stays in the void with Lavos which causes the alternate worlds. In the end of Chrono Cross when you cast the differnt element spells in order you free Schala from Lavos' control.

Its been about 5 years since I last played them so my memory might be a little off.

I know Crono, Marle and Lucca were killed off in Chrono Cross. My Question is what ever happened to Magus/Janus Schala's little brother

I was watching the movie the Running Man With Arnold Sweznager (how ever you spell it).The Running Man a little gem of a movie from the 80's. And the background music in the movie is the same as one of the theme music when your in Midgar in the beginning of Final Fantasy VII. Check it out.


Thanks for clearing that up, since I've played the hell out of Chrono Cross, but I couldn't for the life of me remember the specifics about Schala and Kidd. Those were mild spoilers, but I think it's been long enough for those games. However, yes, another plot hole continued, as nothing is known about Magus and wherever the heck he went. He may have been destroyed by Frog, depending on the ending, he may have just kept looking for Schala and was never found, but...who knows?

I haven't seen Running Man (which is really bothering me now, since I thought I did), so I couldn't tell ya. I have a hard time believing it's exactly the same song, but I'm going to have to check that out...thanks for pointing it out!

Combat Log

Macstorm moves 2 spaces to Tile 14.
Roku defers!
Vicissitude casts MERTON on Roku!
Roku falls 4 spaces to tile 11.
Vicissitude falls 2 spaces to tile 13.
Bainick casts BOLT 2!
Roku falls 2 spaces to Tile 9.
Roku moves 4 spaces to tile 13.
Vicissitude moves 4 spaces to tile 17.
BLG moves 3 spaces to Tile 11.
Alan Tse moves 3 spaces to Tile 11.
Bainick moves 4 spaces to Tile 17.
Wonderslime moves 4 spaces to Tile 12.

For lower resolutions, click here



Or, THONG for short. For now, the prizes will be limited to Guest-Hosting opportunities, since this is essentially an experiment. I'm positive that it will turn out well, though! Now, for the setup:

This is the game board. If you ever talk to CactuarJoe, make sure to thank him for the wonderful job he did! Thanks Joe!

If you want to join: Please send me your top 3 choices for characters for your game piece. A list of them that can be used can be found here. Please only choose from the "PARTY" or "NPC" links. Also make sure that the character has a left/right-facing sprite, and a front/back facing sprite. Thanks!

  • Everyone begins the game on START.
  • For every letter you write in, I will roll a 4-sided die (I'll use RPGamer's resident Random Number Generator, DiceyBot). That will determine how many spaces you move.
  • You may only get credit for one letter, per day - max 3 per weekend. Timestamps will be checked, and only letters sent during Friday - Monday before my column will be counted towards that weekend. Letters sent at other times during the week will not count until Saturday.
  • Letters must be addressed to me, at either or Letters will get credit even if they are unanswered, or even if Matt answers them.
  • If you land on a Spell Tile, you MAY use the spell listed on the Tile. You do not have to, Spells and their effects are listed after the rules.
  • The Trivia Tile MUST be landed on before you may enter the FINISH Tile. Answering the trivia question correctly will automatically grant you entry into the FINISH Tile, and you will receive the prize.
  • If you reach the Trivia Tile, another reader who is participating in the game will ask you a question. However, the person who lands on the Tile decides WHICH reader asks the question, as well as WHICH RPG from which the question will be asked (e.g. "Wonderslime wants Bainick to ask him a question about Chrono Trigger").
  • If the person who provides the question has not played the game, they may use anything necessary to come up with a question. Failure to provide a question over 2 days of my column will result in the same effect as if the receiver answered the question right, and he/she will progress to the FINISH Tile.
  • If you are on the Trivia Tile, you are invulnerable until the first question has been completed.
  • The Prize for this initial board will be 5 Guest Hosting positions. Once those are completed, a new board will be created, probably with more prizes.
  • The effects will go as such. Movement->Spells Cast->Effects. Everyone will move at the same time, all spells will be cast at the same time, and all effects will happen at the same time. Attack spells will be cast at the beginning of the day after they were landed on. Spells are cast only if the character is on the space at the -end- of the day.

Spell effects are as follows:

  • Bolt 1: Player chooses another player to push back 1 tile.
  • Bolt 2: Player chooses another player to push back 2 tiles.
  • Stop: The next time Player sends in a letter, it will take 2 days for the roll to take place.
  • Haste: Player receives an extra roll which will make him/her advance 1-3 tiles.
  • Slow: Player receives an extra roll which will make him/her retreat 1-3 tiles.
  • Merton: Player chooses another player to push back 4 tiles, at the cost of Player moving back 2 tiles. Can only be used twice.
  • Roulette: I roll a 20-sided die. Any players standing on that numbered tile are pushed back 2 tiles.

Ok, that seems to have spread out the board for now. Keep truckin','s still anyone's game!

Don't forget, Arros is at the helm with me tomorrow, so make sure to send us your letters!
***Josh is gonna have a guest-host!

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