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Live from New York June 3, 2006

Josh - 4:20 EST

Well, I'm up in New York now, at an internship studying cybersecurity. It's get job offers from here like candy. 10 weeks of this, though...might be a bit much. Ah well. But, guess what? I still managed to find some time to keep up with the giant throng of readers knocking at my door. Oh, and if you're a cute girl, send me your address near Central New York state, and I'll find some time during the weekend to come harass you. Maybe. I may just play "Ding-Dong-Ditch." Depends on my mood, really ^_^.

Space Mutiny!

Hi sir Josh (or as you seem to wish, Master),

First: please tell me Saturday's title was a reference to Mystery Science Theater 3000. I know this is completely unrelated to games but I just need to recognize kindred spirits here.


Good call. Thick McRunfast is my other favorite. you go: Enjoy. ^^

Second: is the system list for Wii download finalized yet? Far be it for me to decry the benefits of Genesis, NES, SNES, N64 and TG-16 games all in one - but there are a few other systems with worthy games that are getting mighty hard to find except through the evils of eBay. The Master System and Saturn might be obtainable if the Genesis is onboard... right?


Well, there's the chance. I personally don't see any problems with making the Virtual Console with the capability to emulate a Saturn. However, if it happened, it would probably be the case where you would still need to provide the disc.

So far, the listing of systems is such: NES, SNES, N64, TurboGrafx16, and Genesis. Of course, this could change in the future.

Third: a friend keeps singing the praises of World of Warcraft to me. I realize you're a Guild Wars backer, but what might I be missing through not joining in WoW?

I could go on to a lengthy letter like I love to generally: but for some reason I'm incredibly tired and rather than string together nonsensical prose I'd best end it here. Weddings for me are very boring, I rather hope such is not true for you.



While I do rarely miss a chance to tout the greatness of Guild Wars, I have to admit that I also play World of Warcraft. WoW is fun, I'll admit it, and the game is certainly more extensive than GW, but I find the combat in GW to be much more fun and fast paced. If you don't mind the monthly fees, and are prepared to waste hours of your life playing the game (which isn't necessarily bad... :P) I'd suggest picking up WoW.

And the wedding went very well! I had fun, and I can't complain about 10 hours of imbibing. ^_^ space bar is screwed up.

Hey there,

I haven't writen in or even look at this columb much since the days of google. But I've gotta say, you remind me of him/her/slime so I'll go ahead and put in my two bits with this question. Why do people think the Wii's controler is going to be so unique for long. Sony already proved they can rip it off, and don't get on me about how Sony's a punk for doing, they origonated backwards compatability (well actually PCs did from OS to next version OS, but oh well). My point with that is that everyone rips off everyone else, that's the way of the industry. So what's stopping 3rd party developers from making a Wii style controler for the 360 and the PS3? With the fact that all of the controlers have Wi-Fi capability options there really nothing limiting anyone from doing this. I'll give you that Nintendo thought of it first, and that fan-boys and girls will be fan-boys and girls; but honestly, it's the games that are important don't you think?

That guy doin' that things with that stuff...


I...remind you of googleshng? I...uh...thanks? I'm not sure how to take that! :P

There really isn't much that is stopping them. Sure, there are intellectual rights for the specifics of the Wii controller, but they certainly could make one of their own style. The PS3 controller is slightly similar, in fact, with its motion-sensing capabilities. However, most companies aren't just satisfied with ripping something off. They want to introduce something new to the arena so that gamers will be tempted to come to their side rather than another. Simply taking the idea won't bring more people over. Nintendo is trying to capitalize on the uniqueness of their idea (which it is), and Sony will try to capitalize on their already large fanbase, as well as their third-party support. But yes, it is the games that are most important, and honestly, it COULD happen that Sony manages to garner games that make better use of the technology. It's unlikely at this point, but it's not impossible.


Dearest Slimey Matt or Evil Ouro,

I hope this letter finds you well... and now time for some off the top of my head comments. The views expressed within this letter do not reflect those of RPGamer and in some cases even the writer of the letter itself.

1) Much like Belthasar2, I love Yasunori Mitsuda. I feel that the extreme lack of Yasunori Mitsuda has been the downfall of RPGs of late. Please Mr. Q&A, do whatever is in your powers to bring him back. Oh, better yet, go to Monolith Soft and tell them to remake Xenosaga Episode II, but the only change they need to make is to bring Mitsuda back.


Ahh...Mitsuda...probably my favorite VG composer. Chrono Cross is still one of my favorite OSTs, is Xenogears, which I'm sure he did as well.

Oh, and there is plenty of stuff I'd do to Monolith Soft, given the chance. Don't even get me started...

2) Why did I wait so long to play Wind Waker? Was I subconsciously avoiding it because of all the dislike over the "cell" Link? Was that a mistake if I was avoiding it for that reason, because I'm playing it now and loving it? Sure the sailing around can get annoying, but only because the ocean is so huge. I love that things can attack you and the weather changes are awesome. I can't wait for Phantom Hourglass now.


I loved WW, and the graphics worked well, I thought. The ONLY problem I had with that game was its length, as it seemed much shorter than practically any other Zelda game I'd played. If I owned a DS, I'd be on the ball for Phantom Hourglass as well, since it looks like it's going to be awesome. I'm talking flaming-turtle awesome.

3) Mobile phone gaming should die. Now. Painfully.


I still refuse to believe it exists. Honestly, the graphics are horrible, cell-phone speakers are tinny, and there's absolutely no comfortable way to enjoy a game on it. What the hell are companies thinking when they release these?

Head of S-E

Asian cell-phone market.

Oh. Yeah. I forgot. Sigh...

4) The RPG genre, as I see it, has four sub genres: action RPGs (Zelda, Mana), MMORPGs (WoW, FFXI), Tactical RPGs (FFT, Shining Force) and classic RPGs (FF, DQ, etc.). Now of course some of these can blend elements from the others, but overall how would you rank your like for each?

Mine would be (from favorite to least favorite)...
Classic RPGs
Tactical RPGs
Action RPGs


That's probably how I'd put it too...It's really hard for me to compare Tactical RPGs and Action RPGs, since they are both a really close second for me. MMOs are fun, but they definitely don't hold a candle to the certain feeling you get when beating a standard RPG. There's only so many fetch-and-gather quests I can do before I get bored and want some damn story progression.

5) Is the PSP ever going to put forth an RPG worth playing? I'm so glad I didn't buy one at launch.


No, never! Mwahahahaha!

Actually, there are a few on the way that seem like they're worth a look, or at least something to keep your eye on as information filters through - FFVII: Crisis Core, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, and maybe Konami will get off their ass and release Suikoden I&II over here. Blade Dancer might be pretty neat, too.

6) Dragon Quest Swords and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicals are coming to the Wii. What would you like to see out of each of these? I hated the GameCube version of Crystal Chronicals, at least the single player aspect. I would rank Mystic Quest higher. They seem to have lots of potential, but what will they need to do to harness that potential?


FF:CC needs to make it so that the game DOESN'T rely on multi-player. The game MUST still be fun while being played alone, and they also need to ensure that you don't need 4 extra annoying peripherals around to play it.

As for DQ:Swords - With the success of DQVIII, S-E really has all they need to harness the power behind it. It will sell well, and I'm positive it will actually be fun, too.

>_> <_< Is this letter over yet?

7) Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. I want to see some gameplay. Have I missed gameplay shots or details? Which of the two would win in a fight? Discuss.


I haven't seen anything either. And frankly, I'm annoyed. Lost Odyssey looks awesome, but Mistwalker is I say they both lose because they're making games for the damn Xbox 360.

:) Finally, should I even worry about picking up Dirge of Cerberus? I mean honestly, it's gonna bomb hardcore here right? RIGHT? I'd like to be wrong. I don't want any game to suck, but this one just seems to have it written all over it.

Now, I shut up.
- Macstorm


::points out Driving Emotion Type S, Ehrgeiz, and The Bouncer::
None of these games were great. In fact, 2/3s of them weren't even GOOD (Ehrgeiz was ok). Therefore, as history suggests, Square has issues with making non-RPG titles. Einhander was ok, though...but still.

My guess is that DoC is mediocre at best. And by that, I mean, I won't be purchasing it.

See? What's wrong with the REST of you??

Dear King Wadsworth Fifflemence Kirkpatrick the XVII:

What can I do for you? two cents...


First, you can scrub the column until it sparkles. Then, you can go out and spam the internets with tales of my glory. If the hits on these pages do not increase, then a punishment may be in order. Punishments may be performed in length, and may result in pain, bleeding, and the inclination to listen to Cher for random periods of time.

Go forth, my minion!


The real work doesn't start til Monday, when I get to learn an entire graduate course in 1 day. Then I have my internship for 3 days, then some lecture on leadership and such on Friday. Saturdays and Sundays will likely be spent writing papers. Don't worry, I'll find some time for you guys, I promise! Now make sure to send me letters to brighten my day!

Mac does bring up a good point, though. What do you guys think of Mobile Gaming? Is it even a viable option for games, or does it actually have a place in the world? Let me hear what you have to say!
***Josh has run 16 miles in 2 days.

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And played soccer. I get to run 8 miles every friday at dawn.


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