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Rock and a Hard Place May 28, 2006

Josh - 5:18 EST

Tonight's column will be really short, unless someone wants to go ahead and explain to me the plot of the last 200 pages of The Killer Angels. Sure, I could go watch Gettysburg, but sadly there's more to the book, as is par for the course for book-to-movie translations. Blargh.

Luckily, I managed to have a good day, hanging out with a friend that I won't see for 10 weeks. I certainly don't call that procrastination. We've been friends for a long time, and I'll be sad to be apart for so long. Thank god for e-mail. ^^

Letters! Letterslettersletters! This thing is a high point of any day, for sure. In the future, I'll be implementing some system for guesthosting! Yes you, you can be put in a place where you can be harassed by me AND harassing our readers! Hooray!

A Witch!

Hi there. I recently bought the whole Suikoden series(parts 1 through 4) on ebay. I understand that these games have a collective story line and actually connect to each other storywise. My question is; to what extent? Will I spoil parts 1 and 2 if I decide to play 3 first? You see, I've just played through Xenogears(gah, how can the second disc suck so much? IHATEGIANTROBOTSIHATEGIANTROBOTSIHATEGIANTROBOTS) and I'm sick and tired of PSX games with ugly graphics and even uglier sprites. And since Suikoden 3 seems most intriguing at first glance I'm thinking of starting there to gain the strength to play the less cosmeticly flattering episodes.

Of course, if it turns out that part 3 tells me everything that happens in 1 and 2 I'll refrain from playing it first.

Carl Greder

Josh from...calling, dammit.

Well, the little I played of 3 deterred me a bit, since I didn't really enjoy the battle system all that much. However, I checked it out (thanks Aethel), and the plot in Suikoden 3 will probably spoil some plot twists and such in the first two games. Besides, the Suikoden games have really good looking sprites, I thought! I certainly enjoyed how they looked and played. I'd go ahead and play the first two first, since they are also generally considered to be better than Suikoden 3.

Yeah, Xenogears is my favorite game, but the sprites were atrocious. It's up there with Azure Dreams, in that department.

Let me know how it goes!

My keyboard is strange...

I played FF7 PC. I have not played the console version. YES, I played it on a home PC with a keyboard with a num pad.

Console version Pros: Play it on your TV!
PC version Pros: You can play if you don't have a PSX (I didn't, at the time), you get 150 game save slots (Each time I saved the game, I saved in a different slot).
PC version Cons: Crashes sometimes. Not a huge deal but it does happen (twice during my 25 hour playthrough).

I had watched a friend play the console version for about an hour (the 1st hour of the game). From what I can tell, the experiences are quite similar (YMMV). The only difference I actually noticed was the little [X] icon that looks like the button on PSX controller was replaced by [OK] in the dialog boxes. I don't think this change added to or subtracted from the overall game experience.



Well, the PSX can also crash. This has happened to me several times, although its frequency is much less than that of your standard PC. But, I can't really think of a reason where you'd need 150 save slots, either.

And, you don't have an 'OK' key on your computer? What kind of twisted reality do you live in! It's right next to the 'Menu' and 'Limit Break' keys!

And so I ring a bell.

Dear Ouro:


Ok, first off, when in my domain, you will refer to me as "Master," "Lord of Awesome," or "King Wadsworth Fifflemence Kirkpatrick the XVII."

So, Nintendo finally gave us the tentative price point for Wii. It -will not exceed- $250... so why are there still a few people complaining about the price? Someone even complained because they thought it should be like $150-200 because Nintendo was trying to aim for a larger market... but... like was pointed out to them in this thread. People have paid for iPods that cost far more than that. "Hidden costs" really isn't an issue either... every console has them.... so why is it that people still have to bloody complain about things (especially cost) when Nintendo is the cheapest of the three? two cents...


Well, for the most part, that thread makes my head hurt. $250 is incredibly good for the amount of potential that the Wii has. With what, 4 generations of games backing it up, the Virtual Console will give every gamer a ton of games to choose from. That's not even counting the new games that are being designed solely for the Wii.

That hidden cost argument is complete BS. Hidden costs exist with every system, whether in the form of a subscription to an online service, controllers, memory cards, or midgets. And since most of those components aren't exclusive to a single console, the pricing gets spread across the board and keeps the distance between prices constant. Sure, there are fluctuations here and there, but the range usually remains relatively constant.

And, people have to complain all the's human nature. It's sad, but true. ^^


That was short. Bloody lack of mail. Bloody Killer Angels. Bloody...blood?

Well, I have a wedding to attend to tomorrow, so the column won't be up until later. This is my first one, so I'll have to go get gussied up in my suit...maybe I'll post a picture or two ;) Wouldn't that be something?

Have a good night guys! Send me mail!
***Josh will be the only single person at this wedding.

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So of course I will be searching for the 'hidden' single bridesmaid.


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