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Monsieur le Comte May 21, 2006

Josh - 8:19 EST

I was apparently very easily distracted today. I've had this file open for hours, and then finally decided to block out everything around me and pound this out. Argh, summer! Thine vices doth tempt me so!

So a pirate walks into a bar.

Hi there Ouro, oro orooooo

Regarding the set name vs no name vs changable name thingy here's my 2 cents

In games with voice acting they should give characters a first and last name, have the first name be changable and have the other characters refer to the renamable hero by his last name

Like if say they remade FF8 with voice overs the characters should call Squall, Leonheart during cutscenes with talking in them in place of Squall or angsty mc whiny pants or whatever you rename him

Ah Hey you, Star Player of the Zanarkand Abes, that guy, him good times good times

Arros Raikou


That' interesting idea. Not sure how many people would take kindly to having the characters in-game refer to each other by last name. Don't get me wrong, it happens plenty in real life. Most of my friends refer to me as least my guy friends. Of course, that's probably because I'm also heading into the Air Force with most of them, and we've called each other "Cadet So-and-So" all the time.

Honestly, I'd probably find it aggravating. It would just be odd...I mean, come on - Locke from FFVI had a last name (so did most of the characters), but no one in game ever referred to it.

Maybe they could do something where you name the character, but for whatever reason, he's forced to use an alibi which stays with him for the entirety of the game. Then, in the ending or something, the rest of the party can receive a letter from the hero with your name signed at the bottom. Just a thought.

Angsty McWhiny Pants...ok, that made me giggle. ^^

With a giant steering wheel in his pants.

Hi.... err... ...Hiya Mash.
(what's this other bit, Jo tt?!)


Jott here. R ady to ans er yo r q es  ons.

If you can't read that, someone probably spit on your monitor. :)

Maybe I'm just reading to much into things, but I personally didn't think Sony was actually trying to steal the Wii Motion-Sensor idea. Instead I think they had already planned to put a Motion-sensor inside their controller, but Ninteno announce theirs first (even making one of its major features, instead of a novelty). Just take a look at that Boomerang controller idea: It almost looks like half a steering wheel and was (apparently) meant to be "comfortably held" just like a steering wheel. Thus I had already convienced myself that it would have a "steering wheel" turning function. (It isn't like there are many other new features you can design for a control pad.) My own surprise at the "news" was that they hadn't already announced it! I assume that was mostly due to teething troubles (maybe that rumble interferrence?).

So no, I don't think Sony was trying to steal the idea from the Wii's remote. No, I think they were just trying to steal it off the GBA games. ;)

As for the expensive price news. I suspect that is just a sneaky smokescreen to escape from the bad publicity of having PS3 shortages. Now that fewer people can buy the machine at launch, they can safely make that Worldwide release without a repeat failing of the dreaded sold-out-syndrome. Then after they have managed to produce a proper amount of stock, they can start balancing the prices out, (probably gaining some good publicity for doing so) and quickly reclaim their fan-base.

I guess it's a bit of a risky strategy, but if I were Sony then I would be pretty confident I could pull off this sort of thing.

Note: I actually don't approve of either of these tactics, true or not. But big corporations are typically evil, so you half expect it anyway!


Huh. The controller idea is an interesting theory, as that original design undoubtedly had some devious features hidden beneath its oddly shaped exterior. If that was honestly the case though, then it was IDIOTIC of them to withhold that information. Motion-sensing technology in a controller? They should have been all over that like Nintendo.

I'm going to have to disagree with you on the pricing thing. If they lowered a price so soon after release, they'd completely piss off the buyers of the initial system. They'd be much better off waiting to release the system once they realized they had enough units. Imagine have a system release that actually had enough'd be insane! And to have Sony do it? Wow. However, what will probably happen is that enough people will purchase the system, cause a shortage, and I'll make a lot of money on eBay. :)

On a lighter note, the complimentary RPG question:
Seeing that RPGs have managed to incorporate the DS touchscreen quite well, what methods are likely to be carried over onto the Wii?

I can imagine drawing runes (to cast a spell), or tracing out your path to move through a maze. But I'm sure there's more.

Seeya later ..Mash!


The touchscreen's effectiveness is quite relative, let me assure you. I find it to be considerably annoying, as holding a stylus in one hand while holding the system aloft with the other is quite uncomfortable, in my opinion. But if you like it, by all means...

However, I expect that waving your arm/hand around to perform actions such as casting a spell will become commonplace. The maze thing possibly, as actions such as moving a boomerang around a room have already been shown in the new Zelda game.

Hope to hear from you again!

Bartender asks him why he as a steering wheel in his pants.

There is a game for the PlayStation (the first one) that I am looking for. You could choose from a number of different characters to play a story. I remember a guy with a gun that did very little damage. That is about it. If you can tell me, please do. Thanks.


I'm gonna go ahead and guess SaGa Frontier. I never played it (I played the second and loved it), but that seems like the best guess. It had several characters to choose from, and guns were also available weapons. Hope that helps!

And the Pirate says...

My question: How many games do you have in your backlog right now, and how long do you think it would take to clear them all if you didn't buy any new games? Are you still going to pick up a new console this holiday season, or will you be holding off until you've exhausted the current generation's offerings?



*points to the sidebar*

But, uh...I haven't made -any- headway. I've been completely obsessed with Guild Wars: Factions. And I don't see myself getting the chance to do anything about it until August, when I'll have my PS2 back (stupid internship). As for a new console...I'm tempted to get a Wii, but I'll be graduating, moving, and trying to take care of all sorts of stuff, so it'll probably have to wait till a few months later.

I'd love to finish my backlog before then, though. Ideally, I'd like a PS3 and a Wii, but I'll have to go finish selling everything I own to make money first.

"Arr, it's drivin' me nuts!"

Bithday on The RPGamer quotes from LOZ: Link to the Past from on eof the guys on the Mountain in the Dark World!

Bainick gaining his secong tilde and nearing the 10,000 mark for his Mario Kart DS game!


Yep! You got it right. That nasty bully up on Spectacle Rock...kicking that poor pink ball around. Here's your well-earned tilde! ~


Ok, short outro here, I gotta get back to studying up on XML and all the little nuances of C I forgot. Sigh...send me cookies, and I'll see you tomorrow!
***Josh parle français aussi!

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