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The Bullet-Dodger May 20, 2006

Josh - 8:19 EST

As hopefully many of you were able to tell, I've been watching Snatch, one of my favorite movies. It's got one of the best soundtracks to ANY movie, as well as some of the funniest lines I've heard. Definitely not a movie for the kiddies, though. But when you grow up, be sure to check it out! :)

Psh. Matt says 'wrap up a week of Q&A,' when there's a perfectly good weekend host here. I'll show him...RAWR.

I'm trying to think of some way to coordinate my column with SOCK, or maybe just starting my own thing. We'll see how it goes, I suppose.

I'm the king of wishful thinking.

Hey Ouro

What games, not mentioned at E3, would you like to see a sequal to? I'm still backing on console versions of Terranigma and Lufia sequals!

Bainick hates Rainbow Road DS!


Greetings again, Bainick!

Wow, you're right...there hasn't been a Lufia game in awhile. And Terranigma, I'm still waiting for that to come to the states. Good thing they still make SNES games...right? Right? ;_;

I'd like a new Lunar game, and not that crap they made for DS. A new Dragon Quest would be welcome, as I loved DQVIII to death. Great game, that one. Uh...Breath of Fire could use a new one - Dragon Quarter is one of the best games ever made, in my opinion. I suppose while we're dreaming, I'll go ahead and hope for a new Chrono game, one with preferably a battle system more like CT than CC, please.

And, a GOOD FFTactics. That GBA game was...really, really, dull. I just couldn't get into it, and it still stands as a huge disappointment to me. A Kartia sequel could be pretty sweet, though. That was an interesting TRPG.

Always a pleasure, Bainick!

More console wars.

Dear Matt of Ouro,

I've been reading over the past few days the debate over Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft with a great deal of interest. I am a Nintendo fanboy, so the Wii has got my jumping all over the place in joy. I really couldn't care less about the graphics because I have always found the games on my Nintendo consoles to be amazingly fun (there are scenes in Wind Waker which because of Link's expressions I continually piss myself laughing over), which is what I look for in games. The only reason i bought a PS2 was for some RPG fun (got DQVIII but haven't played it due to University exams).


The main reason I bought a PS2 over a GCN. Ok, 2. First - I knew the PS2 had a larger library of RPGs. Second - While I love the series that Nintendo has managed to perpetuate (Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc.), but really, there aren't many other games for the system that I could care about. The Playstation 2 gave me more of an opportunity to expand my gaming options due to the enormous library and the lack of a 'kiddie' image on its system. Yeah, I know games like Resident Evil 4 came out on GCN, but it still is seen to most as a system for kids, since Nintendo has a habit of maintaining that stigma.

Now, throughout my reading I've seen people complaininging about how Sony have stolen ideas from everyone, especially Nintendo. Now, I hate this as much as the next person, but my question is: has anyone actually considered what this means? A controller which everyone was scoffing at because of what it did, how it looked etc. has been copied by the biggest games console company out at the moment. That means they expect it to do well and help them sell games. Now, I may not like Sony for being thieving beeps, but theyre reaction to the Wii's controller just gives me all the more faith in Nintendo because it shows Sony were scared by it and thought it was going to help Nintendo surpass them.


I've got no problems with Sony stealing an idea. I've said it before, this isn't the first time, but it's the first time that they've done it and not improved on it. Remember, the Wii is basically two controllers seperated by a cord, so the difference between that and the PS3 controller is still quite large, allowing for more flexibility in the Wii controller's use.

Now, I still believe that the Wii is going to still provide more innovation down the road, but Sony is a business, and frankly, since the PSX, they have known what they were doing. Both companies are planning on using the hell out of the motion-sensing technology, and in the end, like always, it will come down to the games.

On the topic of price, how much do you expect the Wii to sell for? I do not think it will be that expensive, purely because Nintendo released ages ago it would cheaper, plus the benefit of not cutting edge technology means not cutting wallet prices. Nintendo have always been about making games for everyone, not the rich, so I say £300 will probably be the benchmark (if I remember correctly, that is what the Gamecube started at here in Northern Ireland). What do you think?



Well, as far as USD are concerned...Nintendo has speculated that the price will be less than that of the Xbox 360, so I'm going to guess anywhere between $250-$299. Considering that the Xbox 360 is selling for $299 for the core system, I imagine that the Wii will be somewhere around there. You're right, though. The technology in reference to the graphics is nothing phenomenal, so Nintendo can afford to keep their prices lower than the competition. Also, this will undoubtedly help their sales, especially with the PS3's huge price tag. Maybe the PS3 will come with cookies. Or balloons and pinatas!

HDTV is OK, U C?

At the moment it looks like I'm going to be a Wii (Wee?) fan, but a question about the strangeness about the PS3's specs...

Just a thought. Supposing you DON'T own an HDTV, like most people, what's the real difference going to be when you plug in a PS3 vs. XBOX 360, when you plug into an analog outlet? Just a thought, seeing as how it seems very funny that everyone thinks that the PS3 will look as good on their TV as it did at E3.



Well, the picture just won't look as crisp. All HD does is enhance the resolution of the image to a much larger size, enabling your receiver to pick up an image that is much clearer than normal. HDTV can show around 10x more pixels than a standard analog TV. When watching a television show on a standard television, it's easy to see that there are slight differences in the quality between the show and the world around you. HD lessens these differences.

Comparing it to Xbox 360's PS3 graphics specs are looking like they are better than Xbox 360's, so the games will supposedly look better, no matter what. HDTV won't increase the graphical technology, just how clear you get to see it. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, cause I don't own an HDTV either, but I've seen 'em in action.

This took me awhile. Watching Loaded Weapon 1.

Hi Matt,

What's your opinion on the naming of characters in RPGs? Do you like to name the characters yourself, or have the characters named for you by the developers. Also, if the characters are already named, do you like the option to rename them later.

Personally, I prefer the characters to be named and to leave it at that. When people would rename their characters in games like FF4, I'd always find that so wrong. It'd be like taking a book and writing your own names over all the characters in the story.


I always like playing through the game with the intended names first, just to see how the developers wished for it to be. Now with the advent of voice acting, if the characters are to refer to each other by name, they are going to require set names.

They have to do it one way or the other, though. The first few Final Fantasy games and such had no set names, but you could make your own. That was a pretty neat way to allow the gamer to put whatever they wanted in and make the story about their own characters, not characters that someone else invented.

As a side note, I do like how Dragon Quest 8 dealt with the issue of voice acting and the main character's name. They did a great job of acknowledging the character without using his name, while still using the name in the text, loved that. Yangus calling him "Guv" was a great idea. They did a better job of it then they did in FFX with Tidus. In FFX, it always felt like everyone had forgotten Tidus's name and were constantly trying to appear as if they hadn't.

Glad to hear you had a good time at E3 (lucky bugger),
Adam Hartling


Indeed, they did manage to make that work well. Tidus seemed like an afterthought, as if they put the name-changing option in and said, "Oh crap!" Then they had to overcompensate by just saying 'him' the whole game. Hopefully they fired that monkey over at S-E. :)


Saturday night...what to do, what to do...I suppose I should give that girl a call...

Argh! Answering machine. Well, I'll try again later.

So, it seems that E3 is starting to finally lose its buzz. We've got new systems, a plethora of new games, and tons of other bits o' info. Anything that you wished you had seen, or want to see in the future? Also, what do you think of something for this column? Should I harass Matt into pushing SOCK through the weekend, or should I start something myself? :)

See you all tomorrow!
***Josh definitely means business. Sometimes.

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