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Of Popularity May 7, 2006

Josh - 11:21 EST

Well, here ends the weekend. But, E3 is this week! Yes!!! However, due to the entirely large amount of news that will be posting this week, Q&A will be halted until next weekend, when I will be free to answer your E3 questions to the best of my ability.

Only two letters for me, so I had to dig into the Q&A backlog. But, I managed to find some stuff, so here we go!

I'm not really sure what his title for me means.

To supreme overlord of backwardness Ouro!

A Role Playing Game is just that a Role that you play. But due to games such as Final Fantasy Role Playing Games must have HP, MP (Thousands of other stats Hidden and visable), a badguy, a reason and a story. But the only thing a Role Playing Game truly needs is THE story. As long as an RPG as a story that you participate in (as the role) I call it an RPG (Oh and giant monsters that are there for no reason what so ever but to be called a boss battle!).

Bainick, hater of all things fishing, even when its the only reliable source of income due to a poorly thought out game structure Natsume (Also hoping that the next one is THAT much better!).


By your first sentence, then every game I've ever played counts as an RPG. If I play ESPN NFL 2k5, and play as the Green Bay Packers, I'm taking on that role. When you just play a role in a story, then you have 'Role-Playing,' but you are still missing the key element - game. That's where the numbers, bad guys, reasons, and stories come from. This is why when Matt goes to E3 and sees all of the people cosplaying, he won't have to worry about them attacking him, demanding XP, GP, and all manner of items, because they won't have any stats anyway...


You know what? I can see that happening at a video game convention.

Scratch that. Hey Matt, if you can hear me, watch your back! They're after your GP! RUN!

It's like the High School Prom Queen!

Hi Matt, I write in search of your opinions on potential Final Fantasy game remakes. I've read rumours about Square-Enix remaking Final Fantasy 7 for the PS3. Though I'm not sure about the credibility of the rumours, it raises the idea of actual game remakes for a new platform, and not just ported re-releases (ex. FF4, FF5, FF6 for the PS and Advance). For me, however, it is disappointing (though unsurprising) that FF7 is the rumoured game to be remade. I've always considered FF7 to be overrated. While it is a great game, I believe it is many gamers' favourite FF because it is the first one they ever played, so the nostalgia factor is huge. However, since it is so widely popular and well-received, Square-Enix is willing to capitalize on that fact to a great extent. Advent Children and the multiple game spin-offs is evidence of this. To remake FF7, in my opinion, would be overkill.

I am of the opinion that Square-Enix should reach back a little further, and take on the greater challenge of remaking a pre-3D era game. My first choice for this would be FF6, considered by me to be the best in the series. The steam-era, fantasy aesthetic in the game, combined with original character design by Yoshitaka Amano would translate into one of the most visually beautiful games ever when combined with the capabilities of the PS3. FF6 had a great storyline, and probably the best musical score in the series. With a better localized translation, a remade FF6 would be the most exciting non-main series Final Fantasy release ever. What do you think?



Yeah, that's pretty much how I feel about FF7. It was probably the first RPG to experience wide-spread advertising, so the millions of people who had never even heard the words "Role-Playing Game" were finally able to pick up their heads and notice the genre. As an effect, these people suffer from the same nostalgia that RPG veterans possess (I for one remember and adore Chrono Trigger, which was my first RPG, not counting Zelda), except their frame of reference is Final Fantasy VII, rather than something from the pre-PSX era.

However, I seem to recall that they made a demo back before the N64 displaying the power of the N64 using 3D models of FFVI characters. I was immediately intrigued, and was determined to buy an N64 until I heard the announcement that Squaresoft was moving over to Sony's side.

As for the FFVII/FFVI remakes...I need to point out something to you. S-E is a business, with a major goal of turning profits. Final Fantasy VII sold about 5.6 million copies in the US and Japan alone, and FFVI sold somewhere around 3.1 million. That's a huge difference, 2.5 million. As much as many of us would love a remake of Final Fantasy VI, the fact of the matter is that FFVII is the most popular FF on the market, and with the slew of extra games they have been creating recently, they are garnering even more fans.

No! I thought I had left her behind. ;_;

Dear my most favorite not-partner-anymore, Ouro,

It is I, and I am writing you a letter! Alright, now, Iím not sure if anyoneís ever talked about this before, but this has actually been bothering me the last couple of days. Iím currently playing Kingdom Hearts II, and Iíve noticed something that kind of irks me! It seems like well over half the Final Fantasy characters in it are from Final Fantasy VII. Now, normally, this would not bother me, except that Iíve never played FFVII nor have I the desire to play it (ok, I did rent it once and started playing it, but after I got a little ways I had to take it back and had no real desire to finish it). I really just donít enjoy the game or characters or anything.

I think there must be something wrong with me though, because apparently itís just about the most popular Final Fantasy game! I mean, Squaresoft is making a large number of sequels based off of it, and then thereís, of course, the aforementioned Kingdom Hearts thing. So, I donít know, Iíd just like to hear your opinion on the matter. What do you think of the fact that FFVII has basically become the number 1 Final Fantasy game? Personally, Iíd love to see a bunch of FF characters in Kingdom Hearts from the games that barely get any characters out of them! I like how they put Setzer in (although Iíve never played through all of that either), except that they could probably have done him a little better. I meanÖ his clothes mixed with his voice mixed with his hand gestures makes him, well, seem a little bit effeminate. Iím not gonna' lie. And I like how they finally included someone from FFIX (although I do know why they hadnít before, with the character designer being different and all). I just wish that they could use more Final Fantasy game characters that arenít all from the same game (especially IV, because thatís my favorite one of all!).

So I guess thatís it. Just thoughts brought up while playing Kingdom Hearts II this week.

Your most favorite not-partner-anymore, Chinroku_sama


Setzer? An effeminate male? In an S-E game? Oh my god!

Well, Yoshitaka Amano's artwork made for some pretty girly looking guys to begin with, and since I'm sure they didn't have many other models from which to work with, they had to go with what they had. Besides, it's not like it isn't par for the course for S-E anyway.

And like I just mentioned above, FFVII is the most popular FF.
*beats Chinroku with the 'Duh' Bat*

Frankly, I'd love for another Final Fantasy to take the helm for awhile, because as good of a game as FFVII was, I'm starting to get sick of it. However, they probably won't dig into the older games, as people will take a look at them and go, "Who the hell is Rosa? I've never heard of her!!" Sigh...ignorance must be bliss.

I'll miss you! :P

Ah...temps are useful, too. :)

Hi there Matt

I've got a rather odd question for you

What are your top 5 limited use only characters, you know those characters in RPGs that join your group just for one dungeon or one fight and are never under your control at the end of it all?

Just curious because I usually like characters like Laguna or General Leo and their paltry one ability and unchangable equipment just as much if not more so than the main cast

Arros Raikou


Those guys are pretty nifty, aren't they? And the moment they leave, you think, "ARGH! If only I could have had that guy for THIS fight!!"

  • Ghost (Final Fantasy VI)- Infinite in supply, and Possess insta-killed enemies. Sweet.
  • Aeris (Final Fantasy VII)- Yeah, that's right, she's only a TEMP character to me. Nice invinci-Limit Breaks, though.
  • Jack Skellington (Kingdom Hearts)- Come on, it's Jack Skellington! That's just cool!
  • Jowy (Suikoden II)- The double attack between him and the Hero was one of my favorites.
  • Miranda (Grandia III)- A mom that kicks ass. A mom that clearly isn't old enough to be anyone's mom, too.

Yeah, I know that list is S-E-heavy, but they've done it a lot more than any other company.

Wii all live in the Yellow Submawiine *clapclap*

So what's in a name anyway? A quick recap of what I have heard from other sites:

Why does Nintendo have to explain the name / Why did they pick a name they have to explain? / What names were knocked down so that Wii could stand?
Why, in the explanation, is there extremely "Fluffy" language? We're talking extreme fluff here.
This is a coverage ploy / Nintendo is trying to get attention.
Nintendo will / will not / will have to / will at E3 change the name.
Wiii means different things in different languages. For example, in French it means yes (Oui).
Let me hear the best Wii jokes you've heard. "We're going to play Wii (Wee) after school today!"

I didn't think product names were very important, but this proves me wrong. GameCube was not sooo bad (GameRectangularPrism, anyone), but Wii is just terrible. I wouldn't be surprised if: They change the name (E3 anyone?), or their sales are hurt (compared to the GCN release numbers).

Also of note: Someone on the net pointed out that for console game systems, Nintendo has sold less units with each successive generation, starting with the SNES. What this guy didn't point out is that each successive generation has carried a higher price than the one before. The observation makes sense from a supply and demand point of view (higher price, less units). Also starting with this generation, there are more competitors, which tends to reduce sales for all players.

And while I'm talking about Nintendo: Why-oh-Why don't the display units at Best Buy have an actually good game on their Nintendo DS display units. I bought a GameBoy Advance because I had a good time playing SMB2 on a demo unit they had in the store. I have not had any such luck with the DS display units. The only games I have seen running are WarioWare Touched and Metroid Prime Hunters. WarioWare doesn't look like a fun game (I didn't even play it, it doesn't look fun). I did play Metroid, and had a bad experience. Basically they tried to shoehorn a first person shooter into a handheld and I don't think it worked too well. To be fair, there are four control schemes in the game and I only tried one. Why can't they demo a game that is actually good?



Well, here's an excerpt from a conversation on IRC:

<SlayerGhaleon> Keep your wiitarded sqwiigee away from me.
<Owiibolus> Hey, that's already been used. :P
<SlayerGhaleon> And it will continue to be used, for it is genius.
<Owiibolus> ^^
<SlayerGhaleon> Though I have to walk the fine line in using it so it's doesn't become wiipetitive.
<Owiibolus> That would be the wiisponsible thing to do.
<Carlisle> wiilly?
<Owiibolus> wiilly wiilly.
<Carlisle> I agwii.
<Carlisle> Fwii Wiiwii!!

Yeah, we're a little nuts here.

"Wii are the Knights who say 'Wii'" is also pretty good.

As for the DS, I still haven't found a game where I'll play it and not think that it's annoyingly gimmicky. Granted, most demos I've seen are of PacPix or something equally lame, but still. Metroid, though, I actually thought that it played well. It was really, really weird at first, but it grew on me. Still nothing good enough to warrant me purchasing the system though. Sigh.


If I somehow get a slew of letters before Tuesday night, I'll try to post a column then, since Matt will be away at E3 and won't be updating this week. If not, you guys get a whole week to think of things to ask me! So, like yesterday, I'll pose the same questions - What makes an RPG for you, and how am I doing, anything I should add? I suppose if you want to be like Bainick, you can give me some strange title...O_o

I'll see you soon!
***Josh is getting up early to go hiking and camping!

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Yessiree, probably about 15-20 miles of hiking. Yay!


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