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G.R.O.S.S. April 8, 2006

Josh - 12:59 EST

Oops. This is going up entirely too late for my liking. Ah well. I have work all weekend, since I have to cover for my friend, so my mind is going nuts from how busy I am. Luckily, I get to come home and see what is going on with you guys! Don't disappoint me, now!

Oh, and I LOVE Calvin and Hobbes. ^^

Let's begin, shall we?

Funcoland was the most overpriced store...ever.

Dear Strong Bad,

How do you type with Boxing Gloves on and kick the Cheat at the same time? That's amazing!


Have you seen my bio pic? I could take on Strong Bad with one arm lopped off and a misplaced spatula in my liver. What a pansy.

If you've been paying attention to such sites as YouTube and WikiPedia, the Final Fantasy XII information circle is slowly but surely widening, definitely one of the benefits of being interconnected with the other side of the globe. Spoiler-ific of course to those who don't want to check said places out.

Famitsu apparently gave it a perfect score, so that has to count for something. So that got me wondering how/who rates/reviews the RPGs over at RPGamer?

I generally trust the ratings given by the reviewers, but lately it seems like a lot of disappointment and cave-in to hype has occurred lately, not necessarily here, but in several places where RPGs are reviewed.


I'm pretty adamant against spoiling games, because I NEED to figure things out for myself. If I know something beforehand, chances are I'll just say "screw it," and stop playing. If someone had told me the ending to Silent Hill 2, I would have mercilessly destroyed them with whatever instruments were available at the time. That game had an incredible plot, and one of the coolest twists in any game I've ever seen.

As for FFXII (Note: Please, stop fighting, all of you!), I'm looking forward to it. I'm honestly shocked that Famitsu gave it a perfect score, but hey, I suppose that has to mean something. I rarely read Famitsu, so I'm not really knowledgeable about their reviewing style or pattern, so, in my opinion, without that bias, I'm inclined to at least take their review under consideration. I generally need to see a demo before I tackle anything, or at least have prior experience with the series or company. I'm looking forward to FFXII, actually.

Also, is it just me, or is Gamestop the only place in America that sells games now? I haven't seen Babbages/EBGames/Funcoland in ages...where'd they all go? If I'm right, which I hope I'm not...would that be monopoly of the gaming industry?

Keepin' it Fantasy-like.


Well, EB is still around, because that's where I go to get my games. As for Funcoland...I'm pretty sure they became GameStop. Go to and you'll get redirected to the GameStop page. Same goes for GameStop bought 'em both.

You know, most keyboards have an 'Enter' key...

I'd like to begin by saying that I mean no offense in any of the rant your about to read and I'm sure that someone will undoubtedly misinterpret my views on other issues. Anyways...with that said: I was reading the QnA column and I figured I'd throw my 2 cents into the discussion about females. Keep in mind this is coming from a male perspective. Being a male when I look for RPG's I generaly try to find RPG's with interesting leads that I can successfully relate to (and hopefully carry on the illusion that I am that person) seeing how these are ROLE PLAYING games. Your supposed to put yourself in that persons shoes, pretend to be them. Now as much as I'd definitely love to see more RPG's with strong female leads, warrior type or otherwise, I doubt I'd ever play them. Seeing how I'm a male I just simply can't role play as a female seriously. I struggled to play through FFX-2 even though I'm positive that it was a great game. I think Rikku was the only one keeping me playing because I simply thought she was intriguing and I loved her character(...among other things). To this day I think I would have enjoyed the story more had I watched in in movie form the entire time. The point is I just can't role play a game through the shoes of a female. While I can relate to alot of girls in real life (I have a nice amount of lady friends) I just can't role play seriously as one at all. Not even MMORPG's. So my real question is this: Do you think that the lack of strong female leads or characters in general is due to a lack of female gamers? I mean I know that the amount of you gamer girls are growing but I've personaly only ever met one. Sure...I'm only 19 but I figure in 19 years meeting just one is kinda sad. At that rate I might meet 4 of you girls by the time I die. I know that there are males that can successfuly role play as females but I just can't do it and judging by alot of friends that I know I'm not the only one. I have a friend that absolutely loved FFX but refuses to play FFX-2 because he can't seem to get through playing as girls. I know that sounds bad but he's not sexist or anything. He rathered simply watch the game get played then said he enjoyed the story!! So we can only hope that as our number of gamer girls grows so will our variety of female characters, strong or otherwise, in our RPG's. Thanks for your time. ^_^.



Well, whenever I play an MMORPG (Guild Wars and WoW), I play as female characters. Why? Because if I have to stare at someone for so many hours, she's going to be cute. ^^

I agree that the lack of female leads probably stems from the majority of gamers being male. Males tend to have male role models; if they can play as a hero, they can live vicariously through the lead. It's rather difficult to transfer yourself into a game (as a male) if the lead is female and suddenly has a male love interest. As someone who is neither female, nor has an interest in guys, I can say that that would be rather hard to fathom. However, while it is theoretically hard to go through the same feelings and emotions that the female lead is having, it's far from difficult to understand the basics of what is going on. I was able to play FFX-2, knowing full well Yuna's feelings for Tidus and her people, without actually placing myself into the game. However, when I played FFX, I was more than willing to dive into the persona of Tidus and pretend as if I was running around saving Spira and falling in love with cute Summoners.

So, since the primary gender of gamers is male, most companies are going to stick with the tried-and-true "Male lead picks up a slightly weaker female who is either the love interest or healer of some sort" system. I'm not saying it's a bad system, but until demographics change, games will most likely follow similar set-ups.

Besides, Tifa was gorgeous. I didn't want to burden myself with trying to live through her, wondering all the while, "How am I going to defy gravity today?" :)

You get an 'E' for Extremely Lazy

I notice that RPGamer reviews all console games. Why not PC titles? I'd personally love to see a review of Maple Story :-). Granted, MS is a life sucking evil empire that has snared my wife and left me wanting dinner to no avail, but it is still kind of fun. Also, any news on if Sega is going to make a Shining Force Collection like the Phantasy Star Collection? I'd love to see SFIII come over here with all three episodes. Thanks and stay slimey!



Um...we don't?

::Peers at the "Windows" column::

And, in fact, we do cover Maple Story, but there aren't any reviews up, sorry.

I checked out Sega's site, and I don't see any news or press releases on a Shining Force Collection. I'd be ecstatic if they did, though. I'm sad that the series is one of the few TRPGs I've been unable to play since I never owned anything Sega. Keep your fingers crossed (and if you send me gifts of money and/or sacrifices, I can probably help Sega decide...)!

For the last time, my name is JOSH!! ;_;

Hallo Matt (and Bainick?) :D!

....What are the touchy discussions right now? :S

I have a few favorite "strong" women... you're right, there aren't a lot, I guess. Are we going by women who use swords and/or are tough? :O If so then my picks are Beatrix (FF9), Chris Lightfellow (Suikoden III), KOS-MOS (Xenosaga) and, of course, Terra (FF6). They don't usually have heroines like that, no? :O I wonder why... there's something uber cool about knightly women... They're a lot cooler than the main male characters...

Um.. as for wimply male characers -- ALLEN from Xenosaga Episode I ! :D You can't use him in battle, but he's so adorable! How can anyone not love him? And he's so wimpy.... Wimpy guys are so cute sometimes :D Better than the wimpy guys who whine and act all big and awesome and powerful and hide their insecurities with one-liners like "Whatever" ...and the numerous ".....".


Man, Beatrix was a beast. If you wanted whiny male characters, just take a look at my party after getting their butts handed to them by Beatrix. I know Zidane ran with his tail between his legs.

I personally thought Allen was annoying, mostly because he kept being a pansy about the same things over and over again - "Chief! No, no, you can't! Use the spoon, you'll hurt yourself with the spork!" It eventually just got on my nerves to the point where I'd pray for cinematics to get to the next plot point. Luckily, the problem was somewhat fixed in XSII, and I swear I saw pictures of Allen fighting in XSIII! I can't wait!

I'd like to see more females take the stand, if anything, for variety's sake. I say as long as the plot works well with whomever is in the lead...that's fine by me!

Gah. Um. *pause* I can't think straight. Suikoden V. *changes topic*

Are you planning on playing Suikoden V btw?!! I keep looking for reviews for it but it seems not a lot of news on it is floating on the net. It's been out for a while too now, ne? I'm hoping for more Suikoden V loving soon... I hear Suikoden V's actually good :D So yeah :D! I was actually thinking Suikoden III wasn't so bad really... never played IV... but yeah, looking back, Suikoden III was sweet, storywise, just too short. The characters weren't all memorable, I can't remember all of the stars and I still remember most of the Suikoden II crew...but the ones that stood out for Suikoden III, really stood out and stuck. :O Uwaah Suikoden V :O!!!!



The last Suikoden I played was II, which I LOVED. It had a great plot, battle system, and developed main characters. I may go back and play Suikoden III as some point, but...the battle system really bothered me, what with the uncontrollable back row. I've heard nothing good about IV, but I've been told by quite a few people that V is an incredible game. But right now, I have considerable backlog, so I don't see myself getting to V anytime soon.

::Casts Haste on his backlog!::

PS, what's the cutest videogame mascot character ever for you? I mean.. you know, something in the lines of Pikachu... or Mukumuku... or Cactuars....


Hmmm...I'm guessing you mean some sort of animal. If not, then I'm going to go with MOMO from Xenosaga (She's not human! :P)! For some reason, I'm drawing a blank, so I'm going to go with Munchie (!!!!!) from Dragon Quest VIII. That thing was just so darn cute...and the music was, too!


That was thrown together pretty fast. I've been busy all day, and it's not looking like I'm going to even get to taste any semblance of a weekend. Man...I'm too tired to even get up to walk to bed.

I'd like to announce that I will be bringing back Quickies! Yes, that's right...Matt is too lazy to add another table tag to the column, so I will go ahead and do it myself! Got a quick question? Send it in, but don't forget to give me plenty of other stuff to rant over!

Speaking of which...What's your guys' take on RPG weaponry? Are you sick of swords, or do they still hold a place in your hearts? Do we need something different? Let me hear what you think! See you all tomorrow!
***Josh made a steak stuffed with blue cheese.

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