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Passing It On March 5, 2007

Josh - 9:48 EST

My girlfriend is currently playing Xenogears in the living room. I've never been more proud. She'll then play the Xenosaga series...however, in return, I have to go through the .hack series. Should I be scared?

Dear God, is this it?

Well? *Spaz attack!*

Alright, Lord Ouro. I'd like to think we've had fun along the way. All I can say to you is: whenever you get deployed, try not to get killed. That may be a very big downer of a concept, but I truly wish you well (regardless of how peeved I've appeared on occasion) so have what fun may be had during this martial phase of your life.


Eh, I'll be ok. Not something I'm worried about, but when certain things happen, there's not much you can do afterwards, Thanks, though.

Captain, I've got it fixed! It's all working again!

That lengthy bit on final bosses made me think of a few examples. The boss from Shining the Holy Ark (remember me describing, way back when, the boss battle that destroyed me in that game?) at the end is actually really disappointing. Sure he's got the spell that could kill everyone in one shot, but it always misses. Panzer, I expected better of your enhanced form.


And then there are those bosses like Zarathustra, who if you fail to figure out how to disable their big whackin' spell, ALWAYS hits. Those are problematic.

You know captain, each year of my life I grow more and more convinced that the best and the wisest is to hang onto the good and the beautiful, if we can only find it.

On the somewhat flipside: Bulzome of SFIII is a worthy contender if you're not incredibly overleveled for the Premium Disc, while he goes down very easily if (like me) you just spent many hours abusing the ruins. The Sakura Wars titles all have pretty epic and worthy final battles, the final battle of Golden Sun: The Lost Age is only a disappointment if you fought the very tough optional battle of Durahan, Skies of Arcadia's final battles are worthy, Panzer Dragoon Saga's final battles are downright surreal, Lufia II's final battles were far too easy, and I'll cut it off here rather than use up my space allotment describing everything I've played.


I thought the final battle of the original Golden Sun was fairly difficult. Though, my brother was about 10 levels higher than me at that point and had no problems, so...I dunno.

For the most part, from what I've found, penultimate bosses are generally much more difficult than their upper-tier brethren. I don't know why it always ends up that way, but...sheesh. I know I've been annoyed countless times by this oddity.

*Aztec man throws man out of window - spastically!*

Awhile back I brought Sigma Star Saga up to you. Having played it, I can say that it's probably worth playing - but with reservations. The central caveat is that I would start to get into 'shooter playing mode' with every random battle, then it would end after killing a set number of enemies and wrench me out of that mode. Thus the random battles are even more annoying than usual. The proper ship battles that end all the chapters, though - those feel like a genuine shooter (with bosses powerful enough to pose a threat no matter how much leveling you've done).


There were few RPGs on the GBA that really grabbed my fancy...Zelda, the FF remakes, Tactics Ogre, and possibly one or two more. It's possible that I'll go back and look for others, but my backlog is up to about -thirty- now (damn you, holidays and the fact that I've gained 2 more systems in about 3 months) ;_;. Might check it out at some point.

There's a dead man! ... Thank you.

I've given thought to picking up a Gamecube for about $45 off eBay lately. There are a few titles I know are worthy, but some others I'll inquire of you about: Lord of the Rings the Third Age, Mega Man X Command Mission, X-men Legends, the two Lost Kingdoms, and FF: Crystal Chronicles. You're a neverending fount of information when I ask about stuff like this, so shoot.


LotR was fine. Nothing great, though. Pretty standard fare, actually. X-Men Legends was "all right." I say that because you need to be an X-Men fan to really enjoy the game, I think. Crystal Chronicles is need SO much hardware to really enjoy the game, though, but it can be an OK single-player game. I might grab it for my Wii at some point. While I love Mega Man games, I've for some reason never picked up MMX:CM. I've heard decent things about it, however.

Honestly, if you like any of the games for the Wii, I recommend just getting it rather than a GameCube. Sure, $45 is tempting, but when you think about all of the games you can get with the Wii (including VC games), the value is pretty good. I'm also addicted to the News Channel ^^;.

*His voice cracks when exiting a floor sweeper - must be our hero!*

I would recommend you steer clear of the KTMA and first seasons of MST3K. The first season was very clearly before they figured out the best way to do this, and it shows. KTMA is pretty much like watching the movies without any commentary, since it was totally improvised at that stage. And the original voice for Servo (Josh Weinstein) was pretty good at that, but it doesn't even compare to season 2 and beyond. Get and watch season 7 though (only six episodes, none on Rhino).


Well, considering the way the DVDs are released, I'm gonna have to take some good with the bad. They just come in packs of four, and they span several seasons, rather than restricted to a single one. I suppose I can go see if I can bum a copy from someone, though...

*Toblerone laughs as only he can laugh!*

At last the backlog of things at the import shop has been cleared, and my Saturn will return to me shortly. At which point I may resume Tengai Makyou IV, which I KNOW you've been eagerly awaiting word from! Texas is due to be visited next! Gotta figure out how Mount Rushmore figures into things!

*Dimensional rift opens! A watch that fell into a pool is grabbed before it fell! WHAT?*

Ich hoffe dein Leben in den Armee sehr schoen gehen. Bis spaeter!
It stinks!


You scare me in ways I've never thought possible. As this will probably be the last time as a permanent host that I answer your questions, I can only leave you with this:

"He doesn't speak your language, dickweed!"


Hey Ouro, thought I'd send you a letter just incase the caring public doesn't send me any (or if I can't answer them due to no internet at Uni House yet.

So what's next for you?


Gonna enjoy my job, enjoy my paycheck, and hopefully earn as many certifications and degrees involving networking and business in the years to come. While I do like the idea of making a ton of cash, it's mostly stuff that I like to do, so it's just a little convenient that it's a pretty lucrative opportunity :).

What are you aiming for this year?


The guy who is shooting at me from across the sand dune.

Are you still going to be around the site?


Yeah, I'll be working under Content, which basically means making sure the site actually WORKS. I'll be proofing stuff, making gamepages, and probably do a whole host of other jobs, but all of which can be spread out, making time constraints that much easier to conform to with my work.

How's the house?


The apartment is great, though I still am waiting for the furniture store to ship my couch and loveseat. As it stands, I have to sit on the floor if I want to watch the ol' idiot box or play games. Other than that...I'm enjoying having my own kitchen, so now I can cook to my heart's content. The garden-style (or whatever they called it) bathtub is verrrry excellent as well.

And finally what are you playing at the moment?


I finally got my hands on a copy of Digital Devil Saga, so it's a combination of that, Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 2, and everything else in my frickin' backlog. I need to finish Disgaea 2 one of these days, too. Only a couple of battles left.

I did beat Rocket Slime and Hotel Dusk, though. Both pretty good games. RS is pretty easy, but different and quirky, and the direction and story of Hotel Dusk is outstanding. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Oh well, if I don't get the letter's have a great time in Q&A retirement!

Bainick is sad to see you go, but the future awaits!


I'm workin' on it, buddy, but I already warned Matt just in case.

Good having ya, Bainick, I've enjoyed reading your letters. :)


virtual console, simply needs hot girl on donkey action, Oh god that's hot.


I personally want the Princess Peach night vision video. It was pretty funny when Mario called her right in the middle of it.


Bainick will be cohosting Monday, unless he doesn't get any mail, again. If that doesn't work, then we'll move him to cohosting with Matt or something. Sheesh, guys. :P

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Macstorm is Mute!
Arros Raikou is Frozen!
TheBluick resists!
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JuMeSyn is Toxified!
PureLunatic is Frozen!
William.T is Floating!
Arpijy is Frozen!
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Leaper falls to Tile 58.

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It's over! It's finally over!

Answer to #L51: E. Vern Vern
In Star Ocean 2, to get back to Nede, you need to tell a penguin "You silly Vern Vern!" Don't ask me why.

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Answer to #51:B. Rosen Queen
'Nuff said.

That's it, you guys. I'm out of prizes. Congratulations to the winners! And of course, thanks to all who played...I enjoyed it, I hope you all did too.


THONG is over. That's weird. It's just so odd, the column is going to look so freakin' bare tomorrow. Remember folks, Bainick is cohosting tomorrow (hopefully), so send him some mail! Make it a good last column for the both of us! Till then, take care!
***Josh is felling.

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Yay! Another convert! Soon she'll know the awesomeness of Xeno....mwahahahahahah!


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