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PME February 12, 2006

Josh - 9:31 CST

Kid Icarus and Kirby! Woohoo! Other than that, my day has been largely I don't have anything to say, really.

Why does this game keep popping up?

I think Wild Arms: Alter Code F is the first and only RPG remake I've ever picked up. Haven't played much of it yet, but I've heard good things. I generally avoid remakes unless I don't have my copy of the original anymore. Remakes are kinda like stale bread: edible...if you're starving and there's nothing fresher to eat/play.


As someone who's played the original, though...I don't really like WAAC:F's gameplay at all. The upgraded music and graphics are nice, but the gameplay just feels like it's lacking. I'll probably finish it at some point, but it's not near the top of my list anymore.

The only multiplayer game I've played a lot of in recent years is Halo 1 and 2. Everyone has it. Everyone plays it. The last multiplayer RPG I can remember playing is actually Gladius, as lame as the multiplayer was. Tactics Ogre probably has the best multiplayer of a TRPG that I've seen, though the singleplayer was prett weak. I can't really think of an true RPGs that have multiplayer. I really don't do the MMORPG thing, so I can't speak to that.



Tactics Ogre did have great multiplayer...something I wish I'd see more of in TRPGs. Hell, I think Multiplayer Disgaea could be great, supposing people put limits on the levels of their parties! ^^;

A few Action-RPGs have multiplayer, but I haven't really seen anything stellar since Secret of Mana, unfortunately. As for MMOs...yeah, there's a bunch of 'em, but considering WoW has something along the lines of 8 million players, they must be doing something right (even though I can't stand WoW...anymore).


D'oh! Was very busy last night, and forgot to send in! Oh, well, not TOO much harm done, considering how things shook out for FF12.

Anyway, as for your rant, I don't see that there are many remakes being done of games that didn't need them, or weren't welcome. Wild Arms: Alter Code F is the only possible exception that comes to mind at the moment (and that may just be because of the execution). Which ones are you thinking of that you think are just not needed?


Yeah, after looking back, I think what I meant to say was, "I'm sick of all the ports, as well as people whining about remakes."

Because there have been quite a number of ports in recent years. Hell, the PSP has a TON. But people clamoring for an FF7 remake and such...they just need to shut the hell up. I want S-E to concentrate on continuing the franchise in its normal fashion, as well as starting new franchises. It's nice to see remakes every once in awhile, especially if the old game was just so flawed that it could use one, but...I dunno. I'm just a stickler for nostalgia, I guess.

A nice famiwii.

Whutitdo Ouro -

So the Wii apparently made a good impression at Thanksgiving. My Dad had seen some stuff before the launch and was hoping to convince my Mom to let him get one, so I brought mine over for the holiday. He didn't even get the chance to play since he's the cook in the family (he served on a submarine in the Navy when he was younger as a cook, and from what I understand the perk of being stuck in close quarters with a bunch of dudes underneath a claustrophobic amount of water is that you get some of the best food in the military) but we're a family of bowlers and that experience was enough to get my Mom (the ultimate non-gamer) to get up at four in the morning today and be first in line for the latest Wii shipment.

So next weekend when my aunts and little cousin come up from Oakland, I'm bringing my Wiimotes over and the family activity is going to be some Wii bowling, and Warioware (which I'm stoked that my parents picked up since I haven't had the chance to check out that title yet.) That's how we multiplayer in my family.


Awesome. My family is currently 6,000 miles away from me, so I haven't been able to get to play it with them. The last game I ever got the family to play together was Super Mario Kart. Man, my Mom and Dad loved that game. It would always be bad when my Dad would win in Battle Mode, though. That hurt. Hehehe.

Oh, and Wii Sports golf seriously sucks dude, coming from a person who plays golf for real. The fact that if you go too far over the power meter is what makes you slice or hook, as opposed to your actual swing plane is the problem. The hardest it will really allow you to swing is the equivilent to how hard you would swing if you were chipping from about five feet off the green, which isn't that fun when you're supposed to be driving. But my preorders already in for Tiger Woods golf next month, so hopefully playing Pebble Beach in my living room on rainy days when I can't play for real will be a little better. And that's not meant to be too harsh on Wii sports, since like I said I'm from a family of serious bowlers (leagues, and weekend tournaments) and from the begining we were all right around our averages (although slightly higher now).


I know WiiSports Golf sucks. However, as I also play real golf, which I am TERRIBLE at, getting a golf game that better emulates actual golfing would probably -decrease- my performance. I'll stick to a system where I can manipulate the controls :). Maybe some time, though...

Oh, and I figured out that FFIII thing you didn't post (although with your internet problems most of that e-mail wasn't too relevant by the time you were going again). Put some weapons in both hands, duh. And a question (since this is a Q & A), did you get Twillight Princess yet? Because if not, to quote 40 year old virgin "you need to get on that, man".

Going for a 300 next weekend,


I had weapons in both hands the entire game!! To this day, I still have no idea why that boss was so damn hard. I did win, eventually, but it was after levelling about 8 times and also a bit of luck. Sheesh, it was the first final boss in a LONG time where I felt that I was actually OVER-levelled. Disappointing, at least to me. Still was a challenge, though. ;_;

Nah, haven't gotten Twilight Princess yet. I'm waiting for the next paycheck, cause I feel like I've been spending money left and right when I shouldn't be...

More talk of this?

Dear Ouro

Hurting for letters? Well, I suppose I can contribute one today.

Those ideas for a FFVI OVA sound great to me. If it were to take place after the game, I'd also like to see if Relm ever figures out her relation to Shadow, who Locke winds up with, who Gogo really is (some have speculated that he/she could actually be Daryl), how Cyan deals with his grief, and lots more. With the huge cast, there is so much potential. Of course, there may have to be a new enemy to fight. Maybe Kefka's cult brings him back somehow?


An OVA might be neat, I'm just saying it doesn't really warrant another game. Although, Advent Children really wasn't that amazing in terms of story. It was pretty, but come on, there wasn't much difference between it and the game's version of Cloud vs. Sephiroth. At least with FFVI, you've got a host of characters that could be developed, unlike FFVII, where a good...half didn't really need anything else.

I know that every Final Fantasy does indeed have a closure, but still, each one has its own set of unanswered questions, and each one has the potential for an in-depth prologue story. I'd like to see Squall and Rinoa's future together, as well as Zidane and Garnet's. Each game could have an extra story or three to tell, and since it isn't too hard to do (as thousands of fanfic writers can attest to), if Square-Enix ever felt like milking a particular game's popularity a bit more, I'm sure they would do it. Who knows, if FFVI Advance sells enough copies, they may give us that OVA afterall! *crosses fingers*


Right, but a new conflict, with the same characters? Who cares? Because at that point, they have to go ahead and make up new stuff for the same characters (and the way I view the characters is based on everything I've learned from the information usually ends up conflicting something, and it's irritating), and throw them into a situation again. What, are you going to have to fly around the world, looking for the same characters? Maybe a few new faces, hopefully. In the end, you can update the gameplay, graphics, sound, and music, but as for story and character development, you're going to be hurting.

As for multiplayer RPGs, well, the only really memorable experience for me would be playing Secret of Mana with my brother and sister when we were still kids. Now that we all live apart, playing multi-player RPGs with them can only be possible when they visit. The last time we were all under one roof, we powered through Tales of Symphonia in just one week, the time before that, we powered through X-Men Legends, and the time before that, Four Swords Adventures. Since these were such rush jobs, they can hardly be called memorable. With Secret of Mana, we experienced EVERYTHING together and really took our time to savor it. Those were the days. Futhermore, both Tales of Symphonia and X-Men Legends aren't entirely multi-player games, as there were many times in both games where strictly player 1 did stuff while the other people had to watch and wait. They weren't games where all participants were onscreen and in control at all times. That's another reason why those rushed experiences weren't so memorable. Still, I'd prefer those times over being the ONLY one at home who plays games. If only I could afford an online RPG...

Speaking of OVAs and Tales of Symphonia, is anyone else also giddy for the one coming this April? For those who don't know what I'm talking about (those who reside under rocks), check this out



Yeah, my sentiments exactly. We need more multiplayer RPGs, if only for the reason that if we had a decent one that didn't require an obscene amount of equipment (FF:CC, I'm looking at you), then maybe we could actually expand the user base for RPGs. You know, 'cause there are definitely a large amount of people that don't play 'em.

Neat preview, by the way. That could be kinda neat...I may keep up with it, just to see what happens. I should also probably pick up Symphonia at some point ^^;


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A. 3
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Answer to #48:B. The sun appears.
Okami! You draw a crescent in the sky for the moon, a swirl for the wind. The sun however, is a circle.

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If one of the great Chinese thinkers was to be reincarnated in an RPG about jumping and cloud people, what animal would he be reincarnated as?

A. Frog
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D. Rabbit
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Long weekend, and THONG is starting to wind down, no? Just remember, JuMeSyn will be hosting on Saturday, so make sure to send him some mail! I'll see you all on Sunday, then!
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