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Got a Little Captain February 11, 2006

Josh - 6:57 CST

Ahhh...and Josh is off the market. Sorry, ladies. But...let's talk about RPGs, regardless of how much mail is in the inbow (read: 2), ok?

Well, at least someone listens.

Well, the Wii isn't exactly teeming with RPGs, but there are plenty of cool games to get. Despite the reviews, I found Red Steel and Super Swing Golf to be ridiculously immersive experiences. Although not perfect, they definitely are a sign of what can truly be done with this system. Go ahead and rent them first, because I will admit they are love it or hate types of games. Looking at the reviews, however, tells me a lot about some gamers or people in general.

Some people just don't have the coordination to play this thing. So many people complained about the erratic aiming in Red Steel. No, you just need to be able to keep your arm steady. I'm sure if you wave a real gun erratically, you won't be able to hit anything. The remote is more of a pointing device than aiming a weapon, but steadiness is still key. Also, golf does require at least one athletic bone in your body to produce a fluid swing. Being an ex-powerlifter, I understand the discipline and mechanics of body movement outweighing sheer strength, so I was able to acclimate fairly quickly.

I'm pretty sure people are recommending the party games, but I just wanted to personally let it be known that these two games that seem to get slammed in reviews are executed quite well and are fun. You just can't suck at them.



Yeah. I heard Red Steel had some issues, but I've been meaning to give it a rent. As for Super Swing, WiiSports has Golf. Sure, it's nothing great, and it's only 9 holes, but as today has showed me (I went out and played 18 with some friends), I suck at golf. I'll stick to Hot Shots. ^^;

Party games are great, but those also involve finding other people, which is sometimes difficult. Come on, Nintendo! Where are my online multiplayer games?!

Thanks for sharing, Jonezy!

Because 7, 8, 9!

I do have to say that I, too, am one of those great and loyal fans to the Final Fantasy series. I grew up playing them and plan on growing old playing them. However, I would also be glad if they did NOT remake FFVII. I do enjoy the technical demo eye-candy. I watch it quite often just to regal on what it would be like. But I also feel that touching up or modifying some things should not be done. If you take into account all of the comic-mischief and not-even-side-story events they experience in the game (when things would be at their most serious, but then some people would do some silly stuff to make you think that Sephiroth will wait for you to get done snowboarding and piloting submarines), you come up with a lot of story that would need to hold up to the action-drama that is Advent Children and the OAV anime. I believe that Final Fantasy is among one of those games that will never budge from the top ten list of World's Greatest Games, but I also believe that Final Fantasy VII had its time in the spotlight... going on for ten years when it hits mid September this year! I think it's time to step aside and let some of the others have a turn.


Ditto. FFVII was a great game. There are entirely too many fanboys for it, though. I thought it wrapped up nicely, and there really was no need for a sequel (AC). I think BC, CC, and DC are all overkill.

In 1994, Final Fantasy V got a moment with a two-hour (or four-part) anime set 200 years into the future. It was a couple years before the game was released, but it wasn't franchised into a multitude of products. I think we got exactly what we needed from that game and its anime sequal. Nothing else was necessary.

My biggest concern is attention to Final Fantasy VI. When I heard FFVI Advance was coming out I though, "Oh, my God!! I must have that!!!"

FFVI is my favorite of the whole series, and I think it needs its turn of special treatments. The game had its ending. There was no cliffhanger, making you ask if everything turned out okay. It simply ended. But there were many things I feel could have been explained: the War of the Magi one-thousand years ago, the one year gap where Celes was unconcious... What adventure could have happened to the others during that time? I doubt it took Locke one year to venture all the way into the Star Mountain, and what other rebels may have come and gone during Kefka's rule? Another story to further tell could be the future life Clyde (Shadow) will lead in the New World of Balance. How will he learn to cope with the death of Baram, and what kind of factions and groups would he run across, trying to avenge his friend's death while fighting his own inner demons? These are all stories that could be explained. I would rather enjoy playing not a remake (as cool as one for FFVI would be), but a telling of these stories. Have you eve thought what it would be like, playing as Odin and defening the Esper world from the human invaders?


FFVI has a bunch of potential for prequels...not so much sequels. Come on, 14 characters to choose from? That's great. The Esper scenario would be good...possibly. It's definitely my favorite in the series as well, so I'd like to see something come from it, especially since S-E decided to give FFVII the treatment. I dunno, really. I'm a bit on the wall here, because pretty much every Final Fantasy was given closure somehow, and it just seems odd to have to deal with some extension of the stories. Also, most of the characters are pretty well-defined, it's not like we're going to learn anything exceptional about their pasts that would have made the original games any cooler. Ah well...


JuMeSyn will be doing a FULL Hosting next Saturday. Might as well start sending him some stuff!

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Answer to #L47: A. Res
Yep, Nei only has Res when you start out in PS2!

The hardest difficulty level in System Shock 2 is called...

A. Insane
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C. Hell
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E. Difficult
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Answer to #47:E. Hammer
This wasn't too hard...I thought. Pretty much in order to get anywhere, you need to have the Hammer. If you don't, you can't open the teleporter near Kakariko, and you can't get to the dungeon!

#48.Difficulty: Medium, Potch: 250
I draw a circle in the sky. What should happen?

A. The moon appears.
B. The sun appears.
C. The wind blows.
D. A cloud appears.
E. Rain begins to fall in a localized area.


Another day, that I check my Wii and look for an increase in my Mii parade? Stupid Miis.

Ok, I'm getting sick of ports and remakes. Some things need to be remade, sure. However, where's the giant slew of new games? S-E seems to be pounding out a ton of Dragon Quest games in the near future, but they've also made about a metric ton of ports. That's really just a rant, but...

How do you guys do multiplayer? Do you have significant others or family that you can sit down and play with? Do they play RPGs, and how do you manage your time when others want to play 'em? That should be good for tomorrow...see ya!
***Josh is ecstatic.

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